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Hi, I’m J. Michael Hudson.

J. stands for Jeremy, but J. Michael Hudson sounds better. My friends call me J., my dentist calls me Michael, shills call me every name in the book, so read some and then pick which category you would like to be in.

I’m a musician, comedian, writer, public interest technologist, archivist and motivational memologist.

I’m a U.S. citizen living in (that is all up in the air, who knows, and considering all invitations) pondering a future in the E.U. because an iron curtain is falling over my country and iron curtains are dangerous to people like me. Probably people like you too.

AT Mastadon.

ON PATREON: Although I am highly doubtful about the platform given the associations of who owns it, I am now on Patreon.

MY BOOKS FOR SALE: Expanded Definitions for Important Words and my collection of essays and memes, Mental Self Defense and Reverse Social Engineering for Human Beings, as well as my Book of Long-Form, Fair-Use Memes and collection of experimental plays are for sale at Leanpub. (sadly integrated with oligarchic surveillance platforms, but besides this site and library genesis that is the best I can do for now.) Also check the March blog post for the word map illustrations that are in the back of Expanded Definitions.

I left most social media sites behind in 2018 and consider myself part of a movement of people away from the surveillance web and anything that might be data-mining my personal information, or integrated with any police state. I left my profiles up as some sort of proof that I exist, but I have no guarantee these platforms won’t edit or erase them. I have been posting at,,, and and at without much success. Say hi if you run across this(but maybe not, these sites are not what they claim to be.) Reddit is now retroactively censoring the accounts I used back when I just had an alias, which is a worst case scenario for that site’s evolution.

As always though, welcome to my static, self-funded, non-interactive site! I think of it more like a multi-dimensional, multi-media, hyperlinked superbook of The Future. No small boxes here, no disappearing history, no thumbs pointing any directions, just content. Free content here for you to put in your brain and consider(whether to contribute….).

Note: Latest blog posts are on the right.

You can find some of my demos and an actual performance over at soundcloud. I bet I will get a few laughs from you but I am trying to get away from all ‘clouds’, I don’t trust their statistics, or anything about them.

Here is a speech I gave at the University of Missouri to protest the second inauguration of a fascist in January 2005, and a paradigm example of the reasons I believe I have experienced problems at the hands of the new american gestapo(if that is even possible, gestapos are so decidedly unamerican even if you drape them in all manner of colorful garb)

I am a self-actualized artist. I will not ask for permission to do my work. I am not seeking an agent or corporation or something like that to crown me a comedian or musician. I am these things because I work on them every day of my life. I have a full hour show ready to go any day of the week on a moment’s notice, with music and my cousin the sheriff.

You, too, can be whatever you want to be and I encourage you to do so.

Once I wanted to be a traveling comedian, but at this point I think my work is better done in the safety of my own home, with occasional public shows or small tours. I want to direct my plays, music videos and maybe films. I want to publish some of what I write on this site in paper but maybe not, maybe this site is the book. I don’t see why anyone is demanding some further ‘publishing’ step, seems redundant to me unless they expect an EMP wave to destroy the internet.(Which it might)

I am also an activist against the permanent American wars, the drug war, militarism, racism and tyrannical bullshit in general. I also believe that Palestinians are human beings with rights and that their land can not be stolen without making a joke of the United Nations mandate to promote world peace, as well as the consensus against totalitarianism and international aggression that ended the 2nd World War. My beliefs are effectively censored from American mass media, (update: and now perhaps also Germany) so it is no wonder that I face obstacles and harassment.

I also believe privacy is a human right and that therefore most of what we know as the internet today is near hopelessly evil. I’m trying to be part of a movement to fix this. As someone who works in the technology industry, it is part of my job to explain difficult concepts to people without this background so that they understand their rights and when bad technology is trying to trick them into an abusive situation.

I am often able to maintain a day job so that gives me more freedom to talk about what I want to talk about, but that independence effectively gives me a whole lot of more work to do. And there are often typos…

I would like to be able to write and speak freely as my main job some day.

Your donations to the BTC below or paypal at my email address could help me someday achieve this.

I have shared a lot of myself and my work here, and much more is to come. As a comedian, I do not have the ability to be anonymous. I must stand up in public and take responsibilty for my identity and the things I say, even when it is difficult and when it means I have to argue with all of the most unreasonable people in the world. Even if they harass you and try to undermine your life. (like they continue to do)

But this is my work and I am going to do it. There will always be a place for anonymity and pseudonames, but the parts of the internet that require trust and consistent function operate because there are actual people with actual identities in public who stand up and do the work, with all of the risk that brings.

So check some things out in the menu on your right, memes and essays abound. The expanded definitions project has something for everyone. Currently this site is at around 60,000 words and 300 memes, all freely shared. This does not include, of course, my fiction and screenwriting or other essays written prior to 2019. As of November 2019, I have received no contributions and this project has not been exactly cheap either. If nothing else, my work demonstrates that quality work and prolific contributions are for some reason often not rewarded in the United States, and that even while people tell you you are a nobody and have no talent, you are dangerous enough to someone or something that they will cause problems in your life.

Zersetzung and persecution is real, free speech is not.

I would appreciate if the people who like what I have to say would help me find more performance opportunities and find a way to contribute. We need to build an art community that is more independent and vibrant, not one with receded institutional gatekeepers, blatant censorship and mystery blacklists. Otherwise what we consider public culture will disappear entirely and our only options will be state and cult media parading as a fake public.

That said, let’s keep on rocking even if the world isn’t quite as free as we would like, and with every step keep pushing in the direction of freedom, even when it looks like we might not win.

Because the good guys are good even when it would be a lot easier to be bad, and everything good we have in this world stands on the shoulders of such people who came before us.

In peace, solidarity with the oppressed, and universal revolt against tyranny over the human mind,

J. Michael Hudson


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