2018 Presentation

In April 2018, I gave the following presentation at Studio 30 in Saarbrucken, Germany. Some of the slides are in German, if necessary you should challenge yourself to translate.

1 I introduce myself 2 The Problems 3 Some Solutions
Who is J. Michael Hudson, what is he all about?
I stand firmly on the right hand side of this equation.
If I absolutely had to summarize the way I see the world, this graphic somehow does it best.

(which also includes Musician and Writer) (and he also has a boring day job)
Sysadmin with some distracting hobbies that he generally has to be discrete about when around his day job boss. These hobbies are music, comedy and writing but please do not mention this to any of my day job business associates, unless they are like, really cool.)
Science, Art, Sysadmin, Writer, Musical Comedian
My favorite.
If I had to pick a single hero, it might be this guy.
A thousand years in the future, I think they will look back on our time and look for the people working to make this happen. And I do not mean rich people building spaceships for themselves, that is just more dickishness.
The best people should be attracted to work on the most difficult problems.
Why did you leave the united states? I am afraid of the insane clown outbreak, which includes trump, undercover police and numerous coworkers. Update: Sadly, I have not entirely escaped them in Germany.
Everybody now knows the government is dealing the drugs it forbids, but are afraid to speak it out loud.
Yes, there are concentration camps that are hidden from us and therefore the same questions apply to us as applied to the actual citizens of the third reich? What are we doing about it? If German citizens were responsible for Buchenwald, American citiens are responsible for the black sites and I see precious little difference. We are just at the stage where only political opponents are being disappeared, but mostly of a specific undesiraable religion. In this case, muslim people but this group of enemies is expanding rapidly and in many countries. China, Palestine, the US. In many ways the black sites are worse, they are like secret concentration camps.
What is the responsibility of an artist or scientist when the civilization is crumbling before his eyes? Make fun of everyone? Success at any price? Distract from uncomfortable themes? To not disturb the functioning of the system?
I work based on these principles: everything is not ok, the world is in a crisis and the crisis is not funny. it is not hopeless; also, people who are awful really want the good people to be hopeless and give up. if i don’t really try, whatever I do will be simply absorbed in the ocean of absurdity and injustice. I must say something intelligent about the problem without simply contributing to it.
This website, including my recordings freely available on soundcloud, as well as my numerous unpublished works I am trying to publish, acoustic concert at Feta De La Musique and my successful teaching of LF426 for the Linux Foundation last year, is my attempt to do so.
Important Note: I have experience a lot of persecution from the american undercover police over the course of my life, and almost nothing about this sort of thing ever comes out in the news. I am not at all violent and I have never made any violent threats, I just speak my mind in public because that’s what comedians and technologists do, but I believe I am perceived by the system as some kind of terrorist or criminal when I am basically powerless, isolated and just scraping by. What is even stranger is that people like Nicholas Cruz and Stephen Paddock who are in the same surveillance system were able to loudly threaten and openly prepare for extreme acts of violence which the system did nothing at all to prevent. And not only them. My experiences are of a system where people would attract immediate law enforcement attention, unless it is not the violence they fear but the ideas. Or unless we are not at all being told the truth about how these events actually occurred. I suspect actually both.
I suspect that my political beliefs, some of which I have held since high school are the true reason I have had so many undercovers wanting to be my friend, roommate, girlfriend or associate.
Not really an aside but whatever, I made this meme my own self. Screenshot it and spread it far.
Getting real sick of this shit. If you are under investigation, there should be a time limit and after a time the records must be revealed, otherwise it is a truly monstrous prison mechanism and there can be no freedom in society, at all. Everyone I tell my story to is afraid to even make the FOIA request and they should be. I would like help requesting my records though.
I also believe that there is no true separation between CNN and ISIS. Once the propaganda no longer works on you at all, the system really has a way of not wanting to let you on TV. The guy in the background here is showing us all how it’s done.
Actually, this is the problem. But this is what most of the world believes, because the evidence supports it. ISIS drives trucks from Texas used car lots.
This should have been a front page story in all of the newspapers, but it was not. Because it proves that a thousand headlines of the same papers were outright lies.
No one believes the 9/11 story but everyone is afraid to talk about it.
This is why they are afraid to talk about it, this is what the system looks like to anyone who studies it over time. It is scary and you should be scared of it.
It is not as if a mob is going to improve the system, that would only revert it to something much worse. But if those people, we, are organized and offere an alternative form of organization, then the action or project is worthwhile.
immigrants, transsexuals, intellectuals, liberals, 8chan, vaping, drugs, reggae, rap, interracial relationships, boycotters, conspiracy theorists…
So yes, when you write in any journalistic capacity, which includes internet commentary and also comedy writing, some people are going to see you as a ‘combatant’ and think they can use actual weapons on you. Just like the actual nazis did to their political opponents when they were getting ready for their big time atrocities.
If you think you would have opposed Hitler’s invasion of Poland but you are not opposing Israel’s annexation of Gaza, The West Bank, Jerusalem, the Golan and Syria, then you are mistaken and are just a nazi wearing modern clothes. Boycotting is the primary way for civilians to express their political views and anyone who wants to outlaw any boycotting of any kind is also a nazi.
See with your eyes. Read between the lines.
Our planetary society’s failure to stop these expansionist wars in the middle east is the primary reason we don’t have time to talk about how we are destroying our only means of survival.
If anyone asks you for a defintion of anarchism, refer them to this. But also, anarchy is the absence of coercion. In the absence of no coercion, there is no hierarchy. In the absence of hierarchy there is just teamwork. If we are all on the same team, then there’s nothing to fight about. Also, I refuse to be ruled. I was not born under a king, and I will not live under one. I am a citizen.
We can argue about the numbers, but these are the top 6 I’m pretty sure.
But how will someone fight for women’s and children’s rights, equal rights for all people, and ecology if we are ruled by insane clowns like Trump and Epstein?
When you see the clown faces for the rest of the presentation, imagine Epstein’s face there also.
I don’t have a real approach to mysogyny, racism and ecological destruction because that isn’t my identity or specialty, but I do everything I can to support the many people working for improvement in these areas and I intend my work to compliment theirs.
But I have to say if problems 1-3 were solved and we were still ruled by cruel idiots who use spytech to prevent their power from ever being questioned, life would still suck pretty bad.
In a balanced system, there are equally powerful billionaires on both sides who hold each other in check.
Graph 2 is the nightmare world in which Epstein gets away with it and all of the bad guys have more money and power than the good guys. We unfortunately live in this world and this is ultimately why Trump.
If you don’t own a company and inherited no money, you need to put this power on the back of your door so you see it every time you leave the house.
This one too.
I want to like President Obama but I feel sold out.
I can promise you this is how the system works and I know the left side very well. You should add the undercover cops though who throw things at you in ways that look like it was just bad luck, aka gaslighting. They will also try to keep you occupied on the level you are at and dissuade you from any attempts at progress. The higher up you get the more of them there are.
We are trying to, against all odds, change this graph to something more desireable where the bad guys are on the run and have to really hide and can’t have islands and yachts where they can act above the law. And also where no one can be kidnapped or disappear from an orphanage.
Activists in the developed or western, whatever, world, face this problem, that the oppression is built into every choice we make. To make the iphone even chinese worker protection laws have to be broken.
Everyone who is not rich in the entire world has been under actual attack by actual class warfare, and they told us it was for our own good. We need to get this money back. Hint: Panama Papers
The prevention of that is the cause of nearly all other division and emergency.
This image was added in 2019
Also new in 2019
Watching this or cnn will have the same result on your life.
That’s a tower but it has nothing to do with ‘freedom’
uh don’t go to facebork though, that platform is in every way part of the cancer, and operated by people trying to kill the actual doctors.
How a source of information handles this and other facts will tell you all you need to know about their credibility and courage. Anyone who wants you to pretend to believe a lie for your advantage, is actually attacking your ability to think, and therefore they are attacking you. Defend yourself.
3 solutions, the work of others and my work
Now that we know that the surveillance of everyone doesn’t make anyone safer, like in Parkland, Las Vegas, Pulse, Eagles of Death Metal, 9/11, Epstein, Christchurch, you can freely annoy/evade/frustrate the people who are spying on us
Replace this face with that of Epstein, or Trump, or Netanyahu, or Putin, or….
Tor is your friend. But neither can it be absolutely trusted.
I am of course not 100% on protonmail or tutanota, actually you should operate your own. Torguard and NordVPN I have learned are not trustworthy at all. Verarcypt for personal files. Companies owned by any of the big players are just going to send your message to the police. But if you operate at all in a remote virtual environment(vpc, vps, cloud storage), the government and other oligarchic types have the ability to flip the off switch.
Windows, Ubuntu and Os X cannot be trusted. Anything from the USA, China, Israel or Russia cannot be trusted without intense investigation.

Tails, Qubes, obscure linux, I’m not sure about fedora anymore though. Devuan has no systemd, open/free bsd are great options.
Qubes is the future. Operating Software completely isolated from hardware and the network. That americans are relying on polish developers for this is a clear signal of the downfall of american freedom.
My work. Not participate in the building of the prison or torture chamber the internet and human institutions are becoming. Remain a real, independent person in public. Explain, teach, study. Auditing methods and services.

The End.

Thanks to all of the artists whose work found their way into this. If anyone would like to be credited, please contact me.