September 2019

Wowzers, what an August. The world will never forget this month, that’s for sure.

I travelled to London and Amsterdam. I rode on the bus for about a year. I was fined for protesting Victoria’s Secret at the Amsterdam airport once I learned Jeffrey Epstein was involved with Les Wexner and Ehud Barak. I will have to pay 140 euros and I will gladly do so to make sure no one ever thinks that I approve or allow the human trafficking mafioso turdstorm that is this company.

You can read more about the movement to close Victoria’s Secret here:

In light of all of all of the problems, so many problems, I have decided to pull out all stops and continue to provide solutions no matter if it seems no one is paying attention at all.

If you look at these initiatives, you will notice how they all work together in the same direction, against forces that have accurately been described as dark, which is another word for bad or morally reprehensible, or maybe we can just say evil. Til now I simply have not seen any efforts that actually stand up to these forces directly, and so this is my contribution. More of the same will not succeed.

You will also notice that these ideas actually suggest changes to your specific personal life, there are things you can take and use on your own, or you can be part of what I’m starting here. Nothing I am writing about here however depends on me personally in any way, I am just someone with an analsysis who happens to see ways forward through the intentionally crafted confusion and bitter conflict.

This is a time where you really have to pick a side and determine if you are going to be on the side of people with positive energy or negative energy. If you are going to sit on the sidelines and let your energy be passively absorbed by someone like the current occupant of the white house, you need to be warned not to consider yourself as being one of the good guys. Passivity defaults to evil in our time, unfortunately.

But this is probably not your fault, it is just the world we were born into.

So first, remove yourself from the old, awful system, stop watching CNN(!), stop shopping at Victoria’s Secret and similar companies, start reading intelligent articles from people who are working on the problems, connect with old friends you know aren’t cops, and then start contributing to the solutions the best you can.

And if you find anything here to be useful, I can tell you I have spent a lot of money I shouldn’t have to set this all up and communicate it clearly like this, and to give it away. I am not independently wealthy and I will promise you that running this website has affected how much food I am able to purchase due to my status of being in between jobs. That’s around 20,000 free words given away that I wrote this year, meme collections, original drawings, and several synergistic movements to directly confront the worst problems in the world. Plus daily writing at under my own name, things that are certainly not going to please the police state and which inform in the clearnet of the real nature of the threat we are facing.

But as yet, not a single coin donation.


September, do your thing.

JMH 9-2019