October 2019

A life like mine resists summarization. (I write after trying to think of an opening sentence for probably 10 minutes)

Our times also resist easy summarization, what is even going on?

In my case, the two go hand in hand. In the United States, allegedly a free country, there are secret police now and this is causing all kinds of problems, especially because for some reason media organizations and lawyers refuse to see it. And so I am telling my story, that I am one of the people who they have stalked and harassed. It has to stop and I am going to do what I can to bring sanity back to policing in the United States.


I have been posting a lot at Soylent News because I find the community has its eye on important tech news, it is heavily lurked, and it resists censorship with sane, credible, verifiable moderation.(so far, mostly). While I have seen evidence of consensus cracking, forum sliding and other slimy tactics, it is expected and negligible. In the sunlight, it can only do so much to prevent rational discussion.

I am also closely following the Epstein scandal, as it is demonstrating some really wacky coverage and lack thereof from clearly reluctant sources who are themselves implicated in the scandal, including the New York Times, Fox and CNN.

I am also closely following the work of Ronnan Farrow, who has encountered bizarro resistance in the pursuit of the Harvey Weinstein story.

Both of these stories have a lot in common. Both Weinstein and Epstein are closely associated with and have clearly direct access to Israeli state spies operating with ease in the United States. Both had tremendous power in important American industries, modelling and entertainment. Both are Jewish when it helps them and rich white guys when it does not, which is clearly enabled by sites aligned with Israel, such as Huffington Post, The Hill and The Daily Beast. Both investigations are nearly completely hampered by the media, police and various justice departments for reasons that are part of the scandal.

Both are zionists, meaning they have a strong allegiance to the Israeli state.

Both are clearly mafia figures who were able to move seamlessly through civilian society.

I am aware of no actual work done by either person, they function nearly exclusively as gatekeepers and lived lives that were basically one extended party. In the case of Epstein, gatekeeping who can be a model and in the case of Weinstein gatekeeping who can have a movie made, be an actress or work in the industry. In both cases, people who are in any way not on board with an expansionist and racist Israeli agenda, have been silently excluded from their ‘networks’ in a form of McCarthyism perpetrated by a cultural hegemony in the United States that is undeniably Jewish.

When these people commit crimes, it is blamed on white male patriarchy but while they are commiting the crimes they are protected from accusation because everyone except Ronnan Farrow was afraid of being called an anti-semite. As if it is almost illegel to point out bad jewish behavior, even if it is serial rape and child abuse.

This moral absurdity from Jewish people has to come to a stop. Sure Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, MIT and Matt Groening are implicated, but what cannot be denied at this point is that major media institutions are attempting to completely whitewash Ehud Barak, Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret, and the alleged U.S. ally, Israel from any involvement with Epstein when this is the primary fact of the entire affair. The same sources are also shutting down any talk that Epstein’s suicide was an escape, when it clearly was.

Meanwhile Israel, who has benefited the most from the clown Trump presidency, having gotten numerous Israeli-first administrative appointees, the relocation of the U.S. embassy, and a big step towards possession of the long-sought mineral-rich Golan heights, now spins the Turkish invasion of Kurdistan as something they had nothing to do with. They spin the Trump presidency and impeachment as due to the racism of poor white people, not Israeli or Jewish racism. In Israel I have seen headlines of people gloating at the stupidity of the United States under Trump and at the same time Netanyahu winks that this rube is under his control.

So in the United States we are looking at a near civil war, with people like Chuck Schumer on one side and Jared Kushner on the other, while the actual conflict is being experienced as white vs. black and citizens vs. immigrants. As an American, I am disgusted and revolted by this, even more so because Jewish people themselves seem unable to see it and want to remain permanently on the offensive, admitting nothing about the strong hand of zionists throughout all of this.

We have no use for 24 hours a day of elite propaganda, endorsing bogus official stories, whitewashing the depravity of elites, and spewing aggressive expansionist propaganda from a distant theocratic, apartheid foreign government that makes everyone in western civilization hate each other and setting back 50 years of advance towards racial justice, but that is all we have on offer.

And doing this while accusing everyone who points it out of being a nazi. This is really atrocious behavior, behond the pale. If you have ever wanted to say ‘who do you think you are?’, now is the time.

Spread the word. The United States will continue falling to pieces if this isn’t stopped. Sure, impeach Trump and get the Republicans out of office, I fully support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But there is a problem here with a zionist cultural hegemony and it will not go away on its own.

Americans need to adjust to a world where it is not intelligent to allow another country to freely spy and infliltrate your country, no matter how friendly they are, no matter how difficult it is to say no to them, no matter what names they threaten to call you.

I am going to be writing more about what it means to be an anti-zionist, as this has so many applications around the world. The zionist idea is at the heart of most nationalism and therefore nazi-ism, and should be addressed as as root cause. Chinese ‘communists’ like Xi the Pooh is also in a way a zionist, except in his case China is zion. (and of course a few more islands, a few more miles in this direction, you always want a 2 foot bigger boat, right?)

This anti-zionist position naturally hinders my career, but I have decided I can’t stand for this and must speak my mind.

Pick a side, but be apprised Epstein and Weinstein are on the Israeli Zionist side, there is no escaping this bare fact and what it will portend for the future if we do not protect ourselves. This applies to everyone pursuing freedom and sane globalization, which I believe includes the European Union and many other countries.

I wish I had easier news to bring, but this is October 2019 and I did not make things this way.

Quite the opposite.

The memes tell the true tale. I did not put these together lightly, consider them before you attempt to talk to me on the subject, and I will consider your memes as well.

J. Michael Hudson

Oct. 2019

note: major edits due to me being really ticked off about epstein and weinstein and how many jewish people are trying to pretend it didn’t happen or spin it in a way that no jewish people were involved. I’ve never seen anything so obviously dishonest and manipulative, it is difficuilt to respond to because the lies are so vast. Talking about anything in regards to jewish people, zionism and israel is a mineflield, of their own creation, so anyone attempting to say something should be given a wide berth, rather than the opposite.

note: I am also ticked off how israel does not let immigrants in and meanwhile encourages immigration in every other country, and how the refugees relocated from their Syrian aggression through their US proxies are being by used by Turkey to threaten the EU. And no one even discusses them ever returning to Syria.