New updates:

Submitted some of my work to publishers even though it is a very long shot.

Submitted a business idea to a startup incubator, was told I do not have enough money. Incubators nowadays only help the strongest of babies.

With much trepidation I have returned to reddit/u/jmichaelhudsondotnet

I have updated my journal with some of the happenings at Fewer people are calling me crazy at this point, which is nice.

I have made dozens of memes over the last few weeks and worked dilligently on writing projects, including some new expanded definitions.

I am currently unemployed and this will only be sustainable for a while, but this is how I have the time to focus and do this work.

It is also out of the bag that I operate and, as I cannot tolerate companies tied to sexual slavery, rape and zionism, especially not all three at the same time.

At the moment there is a massive propaganda effort underway to give people the impression that there is no way epstein is alive, which is the most evil I have yet seen in this world.

This meme is the one that describes the current situation best, one in which I am in the frying pan while some very bad people get to fly around with impunity.

Silently Censored at reddit without explanation,
I wonder why.

Cost of operating this site and the domains: approx 300/year.

Time spent writing and sharing this content, nearly 100k words, dozens of original memes, hundreds of community memes, posting and sharing on intellectual forums: Countless hours, it has been full time work.

Chances I have of having a normal job after posting this content on the internet: Zero

Contributions towards my work to date: Zero

Money I have made in this life as a writer: Zero

Money I have in my pocket right now: less than a hundred dollars

Holiday presents I will receive at this rate: Zero

Correspondences I have sent out attempting dialogue this year, as well as to warn journalists about the totalitarian and paramilitary experiences I am having: hundreds

Number of experiences being followed and harassed in the city: Dozens

Chances of me being arrested or harassed if I return to the United States: 60/40

Countries where one can request assylum from the united states and israel: To my knowledge Zero, excepting the countries that are about to be bombed including Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Responses to correspondence: Maybe 5? Stallman and Paul Craig Roberts wrote back which was nice.

Future outlook of the United States and western civiliation at this rate without my memes: Grim

Yearly contribution income of Jordan Peterson which he uses to spout juvenille idiocy(youtube):7 million dollars. (see new cultural marxism definition in expanded definitions…)

Response that Jordan Peterson likely has to this site: clean your room

Number of links I can find to Jordan Peterson’s discussion of Jeffrey Epstein, to date: Zero

My response, My room is clean, try cleaning yours you crypto-zionist child trafficking apologist scumbag: and

My second favorite meme of late:

Winter Frog Bonus:

Happy Holidays!