January 2020

A picture says a thousand words, more if I have anything to meme about it.

Share: https://archive.is/hloUM

Also keep an eye on the .org/FOSS situation and share:


A lot of things are up in the air for me at the moment, like usual, so if you find anything here helpful, I have added some new ways to contribute. So please do.

I only ask for .25 cents for every 10 minutes you read or every meme you dowload, or every time you laugh. You may also want to check my journal over at soylentnews.org for some conversations I have been having and to see the types of obvious yet still degenerate trolling I am having to put up with. But there are also some real people there who cime in every once in a while that makes it worthwhile.

If we do not make our own alternative networks of information distribution, which no longer really require centralized talking-dead stations, then we will be stuck with the same ones who give us this, this, and this.

yes, brace yourselves, these memes are coming.

And if you are a shill, agent and/or just can’t stand what I am saying yet don’t have the guts to send me an email, I even thought of one for you:


Happy 2020, I hope you are seeing clear.

I am.