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This website is not propaganda. No one is putting me up to this. This is my voice, I am a single person with a single viewpoint, trying to understand what is going on and say something intelligent about the world I live in.

Look around, who else is writing their own viewpoints directly to their own site? A small handful, but those are the people I am most interested in communicating with. The exodus from the psyop platforms has begun, maybe some people will see a way out for themselves by our example.

I challenged everyone to debate me and went quite public with my stance on things, and there have been no takers. But many label-makers and sleepwalk-talkers think they can just write everything I have to say off with a single label.


I made this to explain what is going on, so maybe you can stop being so easily manipulated by tyrants and cults.

I am not a racist. I have written on this very site at least 20 pages of words explaining why I am not.

The zionist project, the yinnom plan for israeli expansion and islamic genocide, can only continue if the people criticizing israel are allowed to be demonized for standing up for human rights and western principles.

This is the world upside down, the people murdering without accountability are defininig your language and the people standing up for the oppressed are finding they can hardly speak without being deplatformed. This is not western civilization, this is eastern civilization.

To illustrate further:


I refuse to let my language be ruined like this, so that tyrants and cults can get away with their crimes. I refuse. Put me in jail if you have to, kill me if you have to, but I will not stand for this.

English is my language and I will defend it from people who want to firehose nonsensical garbage into my dictionary. To this effort I have created a page of Expanded Definitions which you will find on the right side of this page.

On the right side of the page you will also now find a player with a speech I gave in 2005 against the stooge president and the permanent war against islamic people. I did not realize at the time this was all just part of the yinnom plan, but now this is undeniable.

But I stand by every word I said in 2005, how many people do you know who can do that? And who were on record in public?

I bet none.

No wonder I experience cointelpro and all manner of other harassment, which I illustrated with this new meme:

And then I made this one as a bonus:

And perhaps my great masterpiece, alongside Expanded Definitions for Important Words, this should be the illustration.

Tip: right click, save, download, magnify, share. This one is a thinker. You have to decide, are you going to be ready to toe the line with all of those big lies and do whatever those people on the left side of this want, forever? This may be our last chance in 2020 to say no to this, and cult infiltration of our republics as the permanent way of life.
My suggestion for an alternate future. btw avoid the new picard show, that is propaganda for the lefthand side, because they prefer we do not rewatch the old TNG because they are trying to change our values to relativism and exceptionalism, for which Picard would previously not stand. The same people are doing the same thing to Atticus Finch, and this is dangerous cultural imperialism writ large. Beware.

Have you ever seen Mindwalk? If you like seeing people predict the future 40 years ago, you might like it. So I am memeing this movie as part of my work. Enjoy, and think.

These issues are not separate, the constitution is failing due to zionism and the treacherous sellouts in the republican party, not a failure of the constitution.
There is a push on all fronts to say #epsteindidnothingwrong spearheaded by Biden kissing his granddaughters at every chance. This is sickening and if you would prefer that the 60 year olds not be able to buy 12 year old prostitutes, now is the time to stand up and be heard or get ready for that to be normalized.
Tip: right click, download, save, magnify in viewer

#wagtehepstein Epstein is not dead. The world is at war. The world is experiencing the worst virus in human history and the worst environmental catastrophes in our history.

Institutions are failing. the economy is failing, and people are losing hope, falling apart. And propagandists are right there waiting, to steer them into a caracatured racist agenda manipulated by secret police, see Rebel Wisdom(sic) and Project Veritas(sic), (and of course their zionist ringleader stooge, Stephen Miller)

This is the world that I predicted in my speech on the right, and this is the world that the people who have power have made this way while, by, silencing everyone with an alternative.

I know of no better way to explain this to you and show you what is going on than what I am doing here.

I hope it helps someone, it has sure helped me. To find out who I am, to know what I am, to take a stand for what I believe, and to call out the truly depraved people behind current events.

So pass it on, and if you can, I could really, really use a contribution to my work at the moment, and I have yet to receive one.

I wonder if people are so broken that they assume even this site is all lies, and I must have some agenda, and I must be an agent. I can understand that, easily.

But if so that is your extreme paranoia, your incapacity to believe.

This site is my response to the questions:

What can you do right now to most benefit the world and upset the plans of degenerate power-mad lunatics?

What is the most truth you could give to the world if you put your mind to it?

What does the world need that is not there?

So here you have my answer and so now you at least know where one person stands, and that there is at least one oher person who hasn’t given up yet.

Not just Bernie.


Feb 6 2020