April 2020

After leaving my apartment for the road and adventure, I spent March at ecohackerfarm.org where I had a truly awful time. See the decultification blog for details on the social engineering and cult behavior I experienced there. A longer essay about the experience is on the way. Numundo.org is also under investigation by me for potentially being a #copshop.

Hot tip: Anyone who tries to tell you that you need to see a psychiatrist because you are not comfortable eating with people who are on their phones at the dinner table, especially if these people claim to be part of the “hacker” community, should be avoided with extreme prejudice. That is what a cop looks like, not a hacker.

I did, however, enjoy the door to my room and playing guitar in the open fields under the moon. I was able to edit my leanpub works and so now I have four books for sale rather than just a bunch of long essays on a wordpress site.

I am now tweeting as @decultification on twitter, with mixed results. Very few humans encountered, so far very little confirmation my attempt to reach out to other humans I would like to have conversations with has actually reached them. Everyone who is semi-famous appears at least to treat everyone who is not famous as if they do not exist or must be faking.

The decultification.org and thesesystemsarefailing.net projects are my ongoing protests. These are not intended to be art, they are political speech filling in the blanks where people who get paid to do journalism are pretending the most important topics do not exist.

They say there are “black holes” in journalism, where anyone who even asks those questions finds themselves unable to exist as a journalist. It appears to me that these holes have expanded to where now the only thing that can be discussed is how many new virus patients we had yesterday, and then intense arguments over those figures.

A real curtain has fallen over what life in the united states is actually like.

If you don’t like staring at the back wall of the theater, I suggest you pick up my books, read the memes, and pay attention to @decultification.

And contribute to my work. It is not much fun being poor after having published 500 pages worth of books and assembling the most eye-opening meme collections available on the clearnet.

The truth is though that the people I am writing for are the oppressed, the people like myself who have never really had a chance to exist in the real $$$ economy, the one that exists for the goodthinkers who never ask unwanted questions, who accepted the programming to always look to the individual for their failures, and never the failures of the system and those who lounge at the top of it.

And so I understand if my audience doesn’t have the bucks to pay, and that is why all of my work is also available for free.

But does anyone actually read anymore? Can anyone tell if something is good unless some cultified new york publishers give you permission to consider something?

Can you?

This site has been up for about a year now and not a single person has contested any fact or statement, although ample opportunity has been given to tell me if I am wrong.

Actually, if I were going by just the response to my work as a writer on the internet, I would not be able to discern a single other living person had read a single thing that I had written, at all.

JMH 14-4-2020