May 2020

I have been busy engaging, investigating, promoting, informing, and encountering pretty stiff obstacles from the faceless army of nonsensical shills.

You can now find my work at,,, and under the username jmichaelhudsondotnet and see what it is like to post as your real self with you real ideas online. I am also at twitter as @decultification, but I am phasing this out as it has been a waste of time, I am silo’d somehow and see no indication the people I reach out to are seeing what I post.

The vast majority of my encounters are with people who hate me and refuse to discuss any idea whatsoever, and all of these sites have admin teams that refuse to enforce any moderation standards. Each of these sites has enforced rulesets that simply enable trolling, shilling, harassing, sliding and all of the known tactics of paid operators who are simply there to destroy any chance of real dialogue and cloud any truth in a maze of lies.

See for yourself:

I am of course at reddit and twitter as either jmichaelhudson or jmichaelhudsondotnet, but both of these platforms censored me immediately for criticizing zionism. has not responded to inquiries about their true nature, and the social engineered sociopathy I encountered at the “”. Be warned, either all of the numundo recommended places are copshops in their entirity or they are infiltrated, and should you encounter social engineering there, harassment, batshit gaslighting, numundo will go “who us? why are you being paranoid?” and other obvious cop outs. Everyone associated with the administration team on their homepage should be assumed to be agents of the state.

This indicates a lot of work for the decultification effort, but at the same time it explains how so many organizations are completely ineffective at their stated goals. Just like the mods and admins at websites, leadership roles are taken over in every attempt at alternative culture.

Some of the responses I have received threaten outright violence, such as “Mr. Obvious” at saidit who wants to fight me and “Patella.whack” at soylent(patella is a kneecap, whack is a euphamism for assassination), both accounts which come out of the woodwork and harass as if they are paid to do so while the admins and mods wring their hands are evade direct questions on the matter. At it is of course worse, as I have been called “faggot”, “niggerlover” and been accused of being an israeli shill, and the name of a mass shooter was dropped in a completely non sequitor way.

Further I can report that I was followed home by someone as recently as May 1st, and that was really the last time I was out.

Now would be a good time to contribute to my work, unless you would like to be on the front lines of this once they silence me.

Feel free to use the following links in my shill response package, as well as to share my warning about zionism’s clear and present danger to western civilization: standard response forums jtrig explained eglin info voat shills admitted shill cointelpro facts twitter bots academically analyzed open letter to chuck norris

A better illustration of these dangers is difficult to imagine, than the demonstration my attempt to share the truth here and at many places on the web.

The more truth you share, the more dangerous and difficult your life becomes. Meanwhile people who lie and ignore all of the things I am telling you here actually are often making significant donations(many of which are probably also fake if steemit is any indication)

At this point updating my negative trust zone page would take a while, and I have found very, very few new things to add to my recommended sites page.

2020 is shaping up to be an awful year, except for those causing the problems.

From the band aphex twin
Fauci cannot be trusted.