4 Drawings – Internet Freedom Meta-meta

Technology is complicated, there is an IQ barrier to entry. The power of technology makes everyone with higher intelligence essentially a force to be reckoned with from the day they are born, a blessing and the curse of being on the government’s radar for your entire life.
Systemic aspects of capitalism often, very often, make it easier for sociopaths and other jerks to accumulate wealth, and this has ramifications for all technology in any such system.
The dialectic at work is will technology provide freedom to everyone equally or will it be used as a tool of tyranny. This has yet to be determined but in 2019 the outlook is grim. The good guys need bodyguards because their work threatens decades of secret plans to comprimise the public’s privacy and the bad guys are operating above the law, often invisibly, or pretending to be someone else. Journalism is overwhelmed, corrupt in its own ways, and fields such as processing are so spectacularly complex that literally only a few thousand people on any given Friday understand the most significant issues in computer security. Yet as the funcitoning of our computers is now absolutely interwoven in the backbone of nearly every human endeavor, these issues govern and affect every human endeavor. So the stakes and leaverage of the security discussion of intel and amd processors is a place where a billion people are directly affected by the actions of a single person, yet people like myself who take the trust issues here seriously and at least conceptually understand the forces at work are not exactly fun to invite to dinner parties. People don’t want to read about this stuff and they don’t want to hear mini lectures unless you’re on a fishing trip. But no one goes on fishing trips. The result of this is an invisible technocracy with a lot of power. And the history of this technocracy which I have observed my entire life has educated me that it cannot be trusted and should be heavily scrutinized, otherwise someone is taking rights that we didn’t even know we have a chance to ask for. Someone is abusing the latency of the law in reaction to Moore’s law to try to have a little door into every computer in the world, every mind in the world. Your mind.

The people fighting for the user to be able to use their technology without it betraying them are under direct and indirect attack, using all of the otherwise harmless appearing tools of the asocial media. A phone with facegag app installed will have drastically different significance to people on the right and left side of this drawing. I was rushing here and misspelled Duncan Raich’s name, see typo page. Jeremy Hammond made a great sacrifice in order to determine, verify and publicize the nature of this framework and he, like myself, will deal with advanced persistent threats our entire lives. Duncan Raichs will continue to rake it in so long as he ignores this entire drawing and focuses his critical attention on abstract layers of the system where systemic moral of the effects of whatever he is doing can hardly be seen. In this way, it could be that the actual best people, who care about rights and ethical governance, are being attacked in ways that the people who have the most to gain from their work never see or notice until it is too late. Good people who are helping you, who need help themselves aren’t getting it when they need it while masses of people take pictures of food and toy flamethrowers. Michael Hastings, Sandra Bland, Edward Snowden, Aaron Schwartzman, Barrett Brown, Daphne Caruana Galizia are some names that come first to mind.