Before we start, a reminder of actual American values as an anchor point.

I will collect all of my writing and meme work that is against zionism and the racist state of Israel, as well as my work to end the alliance between the United States and Israel, and thereby end the farcical ‘War on Terror'(sic). Also to support BDS and the rights of Palestinians, and prevent Israel from stealing more of their land, and to facilitate the return of what has already been stolen or an acceptable selling price for fair purchase. Unless otherwise stated these graphics are not my creation. Finer points are, as always, open to discussion. But the big point here is not. These people are trying to take over the middle east, the United States and the english language, and we should not let them, because they are a tyrannical cult and international mafia by all accounts other than their own.

The zionist problem is however just a subset of the wealth problem and oligarchy and cult problems, but a big part of it, as zionists protect all of the broken and predatory parts of the system tooth and nail. That is their only chance at power, because their ideas are very old and say genocide is legal, and clearly condone the work of Jeffrey Epstein.(if all of the other options are too expensive, of course)

If you came to my site for only this page, and are unable to discuss anything else on my site, then I will not be able to take you seriously. This is where you should arrive after you have read all of my other meme pages, especially motivational memology, top smart quotes and these systems are failing. My thinking is all linked together and I have no single hobby horse issue, but as an American I have to stand up for american values against zionist ones, due to the course of events, not choice.

Also before reading this, I recommend the following 3 scholarly discussions, 2 of which are jewish viewpoints which I have no trouble supporting:

Also, if you want to read this prior to reading Jewish Voices for Peace, reading Mondo Weiss or 972 mag, I will not be able to take you seriously as Hasbara’s primary tactic against its opponents is to pigeon-hole them with anti-intellectual slurs. And if that doesn’t work, they resort to paramilitary violence and blame it on someone else, which all activists in the world need to be aware of because there is real danger here that I have seen with my own eyes. Further, contact me if there is something here you thinks is wrong, dangerous, oppressive, racist, or whatever. I am open to dialogue and I am seeking dialogue, and I must because otherwise too large of a sector of the english language is surrounded in barbed wire, just like Gaza.

Also: Be careful out there anti-zionists! The Irgun is sadly real and they murder their most effective opponents going all the way back to the King David hotel, and they are in my opinion far more dangerous than neo-nazis in 2019, to all western countries.

Note: I am not in any way a supporter of national socialism, white supremacy, racism, or ethnic nationalism. I support Bernie Sanders for president of the United States as well as other progressive candidates in the Democratic party and the Green party as well. There is, however, a very well coordinated effort to brand people like myself nazis and provoke us into saying things that appear so. Anyone who does not acknowledge this, throws slurs and in any other way refuses to provide cultural space for the discussion, cannot be trusted and is themselves assisting zionism and thereby the national socialism, apartheid and aggressive expansionist wars of the rogue Israeli state.

Note: If there are any factual errors on this page, please let me know by email, stating your full name and link to your work.

Note: This is the second most popular page on this site after but not a single person has contacted me to suggest a correction or request dialogue. The entire global jewish community pretends this page does not exist and I find that odd, considering on sites like reddit there is a literal army of people posting pro-israeli propaganda. But I cannot find a person who will stand up with their real name to discuss these points. I find this indicative and alarming.

JMH updated 12-2019

Start here.
You tell me who is the aggressor and who is the victim.
Continue when you know which button you would press in answer to each.
Meanwhile, in Israel, Trump is a hero but in the United States jewish people call him an anti-semite! Who to believe!?
This is the dialectic at hand. The people behind it will go to extreme lengths to distract you from this meme, and probably erase it. So please save and share. Meta:
They run this obvious double standard, israel gets an exception to every rule, like usual.
The above situation is the result of the zionist faction not being criticized in western civilization for about 50 years. So we get epstein and war with iran, and a migrant crisis, and locked into debt vassalage and slavery.
From one day in Gaza. These murderers are making it illegal to even talk about their murder in the United States. They do not share western values, they share national socialist values more in line with the 3rd reich with different colored uniforms.
A religion that ranges this far into contradiction has an uphill struggle to convince me of anything, much less that they should be trusted to own the news channels I watch. To me, judaism looks like a religion based on loopholes that wants to tell everyone their religion is best. There have been 0 takers to convince me otherwise, it is more like judaism pretends its critics do not exist and works to make it that way. Which is disappointing to see in any person that spends a lot of time at church.
The moment I lost all respect for Bill Maher. A true shame, the outsider became the shill for the insiders, and a pedo enabler. smh. Across the board, jewish media cannot admit Epstein was jewish. I will trust no media institution or person who is unable to state this fact and discuss the implication ever again. This is the biggest gaslighting operation in the history of the world, and I am sick of it.
Thought I would fill in some blanks so it would be absolutely clear to everyone who was intentionally trying not to understand. Reddit mods are on record saying this is too close to anti-semitism, but refused to define exactly what besides to say they percieve this as ‘hatred’ growing naturally over time. This is the feigned reading comprehension of plausible deniable zionist mods at reddit, covering up for epsteins zionist child abuse network for greater israel. That is how they choose to be, I did not make them so. (mod responses, one is at least acknowledging what is going on)
Update: And now white people who are called antisemites are on the same FBI watchlist as ISIS, and that watchlist is controlled by Stephen Miller and co. This is even more blatant and obvious than I ever would have predicted. Zionists are trying to take over the united states, there is no other explanation.
Child abuse in Israel is systemic, epstein is not an isolated incident, at all. I stand in solidarity with anyone who opposes child abuse anywhere.
My work. If anyone wants to argue about the details of this, that is an admission that they admit the substance is true. There is no more important fact regarding the dysfunction of the United Nations than this one. As such this is something that concerns the entire planet, no other big problems will be resolved if this is not resolved. This is the historical perspective that is most repressed in media owned by Jewish people, we are always supposed to see the conflict as recent and unforseeable, not as a long intentional process actually planned by the zionists themselves while pretending to want peace. Until this is addressed, telling syrians and other neighbors of israel to want peace is nonsensical.
This was silod at reddit epstein_memes, it disappeared from the new queue without explanation, demonstrating reddit covers for epstein and the didnt kill himself meme is propaganda narrative they need to protect at all costs. Truly frightening. See for yourself:

Message to Israelis and Jewish people:

Over and over again I have experienced this line of non-reasoning in conversation with zionists.
my work. I am still deciding whether I despise Judaism, but it is my right to despise any religion just as Jewish people are free to despise any religions. No exceptions. The truth is that I do not despise judaism, I just don’t like it. I don’t like hardly any religions though, I am very hard to please when it comes to such things.
Keep this in mind while you read the rest of this page and wonder if you want to be turned into a client tributary or vassal state.
If this sounds like someone, I did not make it that way. However, I do not intend to apply this to any group exclusively, the mennonites or rotary club could do something like this if they were taken over by bad people.
Ever wonder why Netanyahu sold furniture? Ever heard of Moshe movers? Ever wonder how empty mattress stores make money? Makes you wonder. Again this is not exclusively applied to any group, any group could use cult tactics to undermine and try to take over anything. But if it sounds like someone you know…..
If I had to explain to someone in one drawing why I believe zionism is a threat to the entire idea of world peace and the United States constitution, this is it. I tried to exist in this system for many years without acknowledging or mentioning how fucked this is, but post Epstein, I have to realize there is no way these people will ever be fair to me or give me a chance to exist.
Amdocs, they know everyone you called, ever.
They find the best people to put the kids in cages.
Sure cut a lot of costs there. These are the same people who let epstein get away and they are in charge of teenage girl immigrant detentions. What could go wrong?
well said veyron! true story.
fun facts
member when trump made actual antisemitic jokes in front of zionist donors and they didn’t care?
When hasbara came to my journal at soylent news.
My questions about NCR, waiting for answers.
Pass this on to the people who need to hear it. (if they can take a break from shitposting idiotic responses to my comments)
This is who is in complete control of the entire american police state, the borders, the secret service, the secret police.
Get some glasses.

Worst person ever.

Not my work but it fits here. Beware intel.
Not my work but fits here.
my work.
my work.
My work.
Can you argue with this? d2500
Do you see?
What? An exception for zionism? You don’t say.
“I am his people” wtf! That is a cult.
Common knowledge, Israel is a rogue state.
Paid hasbara, they go to every thread and say if you don’t accept that jewishness is a nationality, they call you awful names.
Facegag is republican, is trump, is zionist.
Facegag works great for trump.

Then once Trump is in flames, pretend zionists and Israel had nothing to do with him. This takes a lot of gall and a total disrespect for Americans. See next clip, these people have no connection to reality or the truth. Does his religion condone this lying and murder? I have to wonder.

Many jewish people in Israel are racist and teach racism, and when they are called out, the zionist online army is paid to apologize for them.
They show up in every thread, it is their day job.
Just like they do to Bernie.
Hasbara all day long.
Occupation Explained.
Psygroup and Facegag work together for Trump, then pretend Trump is white supremecist when convenient.
The most racist things I hear come out of Israel, and are jewish supremecist.
Everything they do they try to blame on someone else. Settler is just another word for thief. They have money to pay for the land, but they would rather do this for decades to save money.
Ben Shapiro should not have a platform, he is not in any way representative of the United States or Americans. His voice is shrill, he is not intelligent, and he is a propagandist for a foreign country. I want to punch him every time I hear his voice, and I have started to believe this is intentional.
I do hate this guy.
Gloating. We will see.
They will turn on anyone, they will call anyone anything to get their way. They will tell any lie, spend any amount of money if they don’t get their way.
If you look into it, this is some spooky cultish stuff behind the friendly face of judaism. And it is more bizarre than anything I have read about in scientology, and it is apparently another form of Satanism, or worshipping evil.
This guy is in on it without any doubt. Posterchild for treason right here.
When israelis say the word ‘equal’ or ‘proportionate’ you should stop listening.
“fuels anti-semitism” is not the same thing as ‘diminishing support’ or ‘makes brainwashing people more difficult.’
The facebook cult hoodie. This is being erased from the internet as we speak.

NOTE: Meme that was previously here has been removed because it had elements that were antisemitic in that it used yellow instead of blue stars to denote jewish people. It is difficult to however see a symbol as one of oppression when it is found on the elite executive-ware of zionist companies like facebook. In the case of the removed meme, over 30% of men accused in the metoo movement were jewish even though jewish people make up less than 2% of the U.S. population. Is it ok to be angry about that? Is this statistic illegal?

Zionists patrol in Germany and other placeds as well, this is also a terror threat. Look up ‘Shomrim’ and ‘Jewish Defense League’. They follow me in Saarbrücken, Germany in 2019 and try to start fights. It is really annoying.
Cultural Hegemony.
Hear, hear.
End facegag, arrest zuckerberg.
All shared directly with israeli spies.
All american calls are logged in israel, so israeli spies know every phone call you have ever made when Harvey Weinstein decides he wants to rape you. Soon, Carbyne will handle your 9/11 call in Israel too. What could go wrong?
A palestinian voice reminding us to keep the context in mind.
Miller is a jewish person inciting white supremacy for the advantage of zionism, something they have been accused of doing for years. Miller is not a white supremacist, he is jewish so that is not even possible. Knowing this and his breitbart emails, is proof of some real sinister zionist shit.

At same time he is being called a white supremacist in jewish owned media, this. Beyond the pale.
All most radical israeli zionists are welcome at harvard.
Hedges writing about how zionists operate. But not all rich people are zionists.
Really nyt.
If you watch christian broadcasting, there are always zionist commercials begging for donations for poor jewish people in israel. Also beyond the pale.
Good job well done! /s
Yowsers. What will they think of memes then if they are afraid of babies?
Not my work but this should epxlain a lot.
Election won’t change anything, Israel is just like this.
Not accidents.
There it is, cultural hegemony. Is this all made up? Is this a ‘Theory?’ Is this a cross-section of America? Could this be an accident, random or coinincidence?
I have decided that I disagree with this meme, the people causing the problems are using jewish people for their goals. I doubt epstein went to synagogue, or netanyahu for that matter. But this should be here because this is how people feel about jewish people, watching tv channels owned by jewish people, a trump administration populated with jews, while trump is called a white supremacist on tv channels owned by jewish people. How are we supposed to celebrate this culture, or even have any idea what it is? When we are attacked for even asking? For stating the barest facts as I am here?

Day 1 at comedy story starts on the phones, sounds legit. /s Also, his ‘comedy’ is degenerate programming to be a good drone. I sure have a lot of questions about this guys easy career.
In israel you face the threat of death for advocating an end to genital mutilation. They also accuse you of being ‘german’ in a very racist way.
Hm microsoft is also indifferent to the horror. Actually, it seems to be willfully and enthusiastically participating for profit when it has plenty of other options, in stark comparison to the prison guard during the actual holocaust.
Which is to say, I have evidence of jewish people advocating to end my race, but I do not know of any actual people in my time advocating for culturally ending jewishness.
This is all wrong. Some jewish people say whiteness is bad, like Jordan Peterson, this guy wants jewish people to just be white now. smh
Rolling stone covering for zionists here, gross.
Ronan describes how the system works.
The real meaning of anti-semitism, they are trying to change this so zionists can exclude everyone but themselves from the definition. This spearheads an effort to undermine english as a language.
Many claims of white nationalists, white pride and real antisemites are spurious, I am trying to get to the bottom of this one however. I would like to hear from anyone who has an argument that this is made up. From what I have learned of judaism and zionism, running a slave ship is exactly something they would do. That is, in essence, what Epstein’s plane is.

Enjoy the boycott Colbert, and the loss of my respect, a fan of decades. But hey, you made some money right? sad. you might as well drop some ordinance on the next frame while you are at it, there is not much difference morally, despite appearances. Also, your show has been going downhill anyway, you are peddling false hope. I would resign if I were you, you are holding a center that is already madness.
A Palestinian family sits in their destroyed home in the At-Tuffah district of Gaza City, which was heavily attacked during last Israeli offensive, September 21, 2014. These people are framed as the aggressors of the conflict.

I have written a few essays but for the moment, I think the memes should speak for themselves.

If at this point you are still a zionist and believe that god or someone gave you holy land for your people, and this makes you an exception to every rule, and this gives you the right to infiltrate and subvert other countries, lie and murder, and epstein, and weinstein, then go to the top and start again.

But I have no more words for you, it would just be a waste of my time.

At some point in time the propaganda monkey stops playing the music and you must pick a side.

I have picked mine. It is possible I made an error here, please let me know if I did, but when you are looking at mountains of evidence it is best not to quibble or it will look like you are someone who is unable to see a mountain.

Also, my position on these issues makes it difficult to exist economically as I am in stark opposition to a very powerful and evil cultural hegemony. I have also experienced electronic and physical harassment in public, on my way to work, and at my workplace. Zionists play extremely dirty and have no respect whatsoever for civil law or open culture, all of that will be used and degraded so they can persecute their enemies. They do not believe in tolerance, and the pattern of their actions is one of provocation, they try to start fights.

So beware, to the extent that you wake up on this topic, it is not a distant enemy, and the United States National Security Administration shares all of their information directly with these people, which is still, in my opinion, the stupidest decision the United States has ever made.

If this in any way helps you, contributions would be appropriate, especially from jewish people who have taken advantage of this situation or come to recognize that they do not have to be like this, or part of zionism.

Sincerely and in solidarity with the oppressed, and in rememberence of the millions of civilians and Americans soldiers who have needlessly died in the pursuit of mad zionist goals.

JMH 11-2019

If I had to summarize my message to jewish people in one image, this is it. Wear it with pride or change.
True story. You made the be israel, now lie in it. You can’t poison all of our toothpaste.
Another little reminder.