April 2020

After leaving my apartment for the road and adventure, I spent March at ecohackerfarm.org where I had a truly awful time. See the decultification blog for details on the social engineering and cult behavior I experienced there. A longer essay about the experience is on the way. Numundo.org is also under investigation by me for potentially being a #copshop.

Hot tip: Anyone who tries to tell you that you need to see a psychiatrist because you are not comfortable eating with people who are on their phones at the dinner table, especially if these people claim to be part of the “hacker” community, should be avoided with extreme prejudice. That is what a cop looks like, not a hacker.

I did, however, enjoy the door to my room and playing guitar in the open fields under the moon. I was able to edit my leanpub works and so now I have four books for sale rather than just a bunch of long essays on a wordpress site.

I am now tweeting as @decultification on twitter, with mixed results. Very few humans encountered, so far very little confirmation my attempt to reach out to other humans I would like to have conversations with has actually reached them. Everyone who is semi-famous appears at least to treat everyone who is not famous as if they do not exist or must be faking.

The decultification.org and thesesystemsarefailing.net projects are my ongoing protests. These are not intended to be art, they are political speech filling in the blanks where people who get paid to do journalism are pretending the most important topics do not exist.

They say there are “black holes” in journalism, where anyone who even asks those questions finds themselves unable to exist as a journalist. It appears to me that these holes have expanded to where now the only thing that can be discussed is how many new virus patients we had yesterday, and then intense arguments over those figures.

A real curtain has fallen over what life in the united states is actually like.

If you don’t like staring at the back wall of the theater, I suggest you pick up my books, read the memes, and pay attention to @decultification.

And contribute to my work. It is not much fun being poor after having published 500 pages worth of books and assembling the most eye-opening meme collections available on the clearnet.

The truth is though that the people I am writing for are the oppressed, the people like myself who have never really had a chance to exist in the real $$$ economy, the one that exists for the goodthinkers who never ask unwanted questions, who accepted the programming to always look to the individual for their failures, and never the failures of the system and those who lounge at the top of it.

And so I understand if my audience doesn’t have the bucks to pay, and that is why all of my work is also available for free.

But does anyone actually read anymore? Can anyone tell if something is good unless some cultified new york publishers give you permission to consider something?

Can you?

This site has been up for about a year now and not a single person has contested any fact or statement, although ample opportunity has been given to tell me if I am wrong.

Actually, if I were going by just the response to my work as a writer on the internet, I would not be able to discern a single other living person had read a single thing that I had written, at all.

JMH 14-4-2020

Decultification Op 1 – Ecohackerfarm.org

“If you are facing the end of trust, the difficulty is going to be finding a beginning for trust, and before you can find any beginning for trust, you have to stop trusting the untrustworthy.” – me

I am sure you have been wondering where I have been weathering the storm, the ones of you who are not sociopaths and/or paid operators, of course.

I was invited by the kuckucksmuhle ecohacker farm in Brandenburg, Germany, where I have spent the last month and will be spending the next. See url in title.

I hope every agency and anon in the world is paying attention to this spot now because there are some things you will find of interest, to all communities.

Here at the ecohacker farm, we have a beaufiful place for gardening, a workshop, a rental property for workshops and retreats, and two dogs. I live here in this really neat house with the owners with 3 sortof strangers, and one Ms. Aimee Fenech.

To date only one of the members of the community is of interest to the decultification operation, Ms. Aimee Fenech, formerly of Spain and Malta.

After 1 month here, Ms. Fenech has begun to “glow in the dark” so to speak. The incongruities inherent in her presented background and activity in this community stack up a mile high. Something is rotten in brandenburg.

Oddly, she operates the community email address and did invite me here because they are trying to earn income in the guest room. Due to the wonders of onion routing and other skillful action, and the openmindedness of the owners, I was invited with little scrutiny. She refuses to read anything I write and is profoundly incurious, so she is willfully unaware of the decultification project, and her tangency to it, and what this scrutiny brings.

Ms. Fenech displays all, and when I say all, I mean all, classic traits of a narcissistic sociopath, which is abundantly incongruous with her role as manager of an intentional community, teacher of permaculture and operation of a hacker space.

She “manages” the collective with abrasive authoritarianism which she somehow considers incorrectly to be permaculture, or an attempt at long term sustainability. Under her management even prior to corona the community was barely scraping by with financial difficulty. After studying the dynamic here, I decided to treat her as a subject of scrutiny in the form of journalism and this essay.

As a guest, she has treated me rudely and without respect. She states openly she does not care what I think, about anything.

She speaks abusively to her partner, one of the other members of the community, and the elderly person we care for here. She claimed at the beginning to know what non violent communication is but practices the opposite. I told her I was watching out for manipulative behavior and that I was starting a project to investigate degenerate interference with human organizations, which she categorically dismissed as a non-starter topic.

She raises her voice, condescends and patronizes at will and with neither awareness or remorse. Despite it being a hacker collective she has no technical knowledge or skills, and rapidly ends all discussion of technology and really anything, with classical logical fallacies and rhetorical tactics which steer the conversation into inanity. She screams at people for her own mistakes and neither thinks to apologize or believes an apology is due when told she is being awful. She to date has apologized one time for being antagonistic towards me, but has continued with the same behavior and otherwise admits no wrong and evades scrutiny with numerous offensive misdirection tactics.

I cannot figure out her larger agenda, although her specific agenda appears to be to prevent any good conversation from developing. Also, that I leave here as fast as possible despite all lockdown warnings and no other visitors being invited, and that every thing that I say is negated directly or redirected to a personal attack. She has sympathy for the other guests, but none for me. She wanted to talk about my visa status extensively prior to learning that that the EU would extend due to the virus. When I learned that visas were being extended, she forgot that key development within 24 hours, and her next question to me was whether I had bought a plane ticket, and with no sympathy for the current risks of going back to the usa or through airports.

I played a 3 hour guitar concert for a social event she hosted, which would cost at least 300 euros, and she expressed no appreciation and was derisive. I spent hours on her projects for the community and she also showed no appreciation, or ever mentioned my suggestions and contribution again. That my extensive experience in these areas would give a substantial dollar value to my work does not cross her mind, and she is hypercritical about trivialities like printing 5 pages.

Ms. Fenech has also been an attendee of European Rainbow Gatherings and the CCC. She is about 5’2″, brown curly hair, glasses and looks kindof like a popeye character. You can find her on discord meeting with her network of permaculture enthusiasts, although her interests are limited to gardening. She is very, very bossy and maxes out abrasiveness in a way I have never seen quite so perfected. She claimss to have worked in financial services in spain and malta before becoming an organic farmer, although she never speaks of this in any specific way and has expressed none of the ideals one might expect to hear from someone who left the bourgouis for life on the farm. She said one time at dinner, “there is no free money”, and had to be reminded that some people inherit money at birth.

Credit where credit is due, she knows her gardening and the garden is in good order even if nothing else. She is interested in making a discussion web application for communities but has no interest in privacy whatsoever, her inclusive decision making project would be fully open to state surveillance.

She sits in the “hack center” with 3 cell phone on all of the time, and my shot down my suggestion for a cell-phone free dinner by suggesting I need to see a psychiatrist, and conflating that request with putting cell phones in the microwave, which I never suggested. Discussion of the recent revelations of NSO group offensive malware is out of the question. As all narcissists she is charming to everyone who gives her what she wants, but if you question her she gets a very ugly grin and repeatedly says she does not care what you think.

When in a discussion about epsteins work raping for israel and the crisis of international oligarchic child abuse, she responded with numerous attempts to shut down the discussion, such as, “but what about ancient greece, this has been going on forever, what can you do?” and “but what about thailand, if people can just go there, why bother trying to do anything”. She may be unaware that she was arguing against he protection of children, logical consistency and clearly stated beliefs are not her strong suit(but she thinks it is), but as such she is not welcome to do active work with or for decultification.org for life and on the subject she will be granted zero credibility.

She also did not seem to notice that her rhetorical garbage distracted from an otherwise productive discussion about westworld season 3 in which big data limits the social lives of people automatically, or punitively, and how the oligarchic interests would live in the opposite world where everything has a price, and they can have anything they want. She thought I should just relax and watch tv for enjoyment, in her typical degenerative, anti-intellectual way.

This discussion that she repeatedly tried to shut down and ruin happened almost at exactly the same time as this twoot event,

So, in comments, why do you think someone like Ms. Fenech is at the ecohacker farm? Does she sound like an eco hacker? Why would someone who has no interest in hacking, no intellectual curiosity, no interest in protecting children from depraved rich people, and narcissitic personality disorder want to manage this community?

Or might she have some other agenda? The weaponized hypercriticality, weaponized douchebagery, knownothingism, and tactical undermining are textbook social engineering examples of how to divide groups of intellectuals, which I have sadly seen many times before, including at this place called Eastwind in southern, MO and in many circles.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but in all frankness and honesty, what an awful person. I just want to make sure you know in case she ever wants to try to manage your hacker collective, you know what you are getting into. She has antagonized me continually since day one, with the typical hot/cold unpredictability of sociopaths. When she is caught and called out, the next day she is friendly, then it repeats.

Everyone else here has been nice, but there is a good chance more of them are also agents, as their backgrounds make no sense and their contribution to any ideological discussion is non-existent. They also contribute generally to the gaslighting by being completely unaware of social engineering and manipulations that happen in front of their face.

But we are still getting to know each other. Trust is a step by step process, but once you identify a sociopath you have to stop trying. You have to learn that, better the easy way, let me tell you.

Decultification.org is operational, I hope you enjoy the information and know what to do with it. Open to all questions and all interviews with all journalists who are not part of the elimination of civilian society in the western world.

This is a public investigation of a public place, and information on a public person damaging a public organization, potentially for private or government reasons, but maybe just by the sheer power of being awful.

Bad behavior deserves publicity, Ms. Fenech, so enjoy your moment in the spotlight. If the kitchen is too hot for you, you are welcome to leave at any time.

An example of Ms. Fenech’s disruptive social engineering is here, the conversation where she explains why she voted to rescind my guest invitation during the coronavirus lockdown, for exaggerated fictions of her own creation. A better example of a malignant narcissist destroying a community I could not present to you.

ps someone pass this on to barrett brown plz thx, he needs to know the neighbor giving him trouble is one of them too.
pss i would just like to get out of this without being poisoned at this point, but otherwise it has been a very good time to write.
psss sorry about leanpub using google and aws, I try to warn them but they are still living pre parnas vs google, and everything else
pssss anyone who can post to any of the chans without “connection errors” after they already grabbed your post, feel free to discuss this happening at length. I for one welcome your scrutiny, long ago real privacy and anonymity became impossible for me for reasons I describe at length in my previous posts, website, and the near 500 pages I posted at leanhub this month
psssss I never set out to write myself into the canvas, but it is either this or be completely silenced, which I reject, for reasons of my safety and that of others.




I testify all of this is true and I am not an agent of any kind, and that I work for the public. JMH 4-2-2020

March 2020

Good times. Now that we are all not-safely locked down in our cage/homes underneath the mysterious satellite ring and “space force” hoping that if anyone up there decides to explode our dog with a turbolaser or sick a swarm of nanobots on us that there is an actual living journalist left alive who would are report it, I have finally published my first book at Leanpub:


I have also been working on the semantic map that underlies all of those definitions, with the success I was hoping for.


And for the bad news….we need to get up to this blue orange stuff, from this grey purple stuff. And it is going to take some doing, as some real psychopaths have been hard at work programming this into us linguistically with degenerate mass media.

Febuary Memes 2

The latest:

The EU may be groundbreaking, but compared to the Berlin Wall?
Zionists pretending to be white supremicists antagonizing poor hispanics, as part of their master plan to ruin America.

February 202020202020

This website is not propaganda. No one is putting me up to this. This is my voice, I am a single person with a single viewpoint, trying to understand what is going on and say something intelligent about the world I live in.

Look around, who else is writing their own viewpoints directly to their own site? A small handful, but those are the people I am most interested in communicating with. The exodus from the psyop platforms has begun, maybe some people will see a way out for themselves by our example.

I challenged everyone to debate me and went quite public with my stance on things, and there have been no takers. But many label-makers and sleepwalk-talkers think they can just write everything I have to say off with a single label.


I made this to explain what is going on, so maybe you can stop being so easily manipulated by tyrants and cults.

I am not a racist. I have written on this very site at least 20 pages of words explaining why I am not.

The zionist project, the yinnom plan for israeli expansion and islamic genocide, can only continue if the people criticizing israel are allowed to be demonized for standing up for human rights and western principles.

This is the world upside down, the people murdering without accountability are defininig your language and the people standing up for the oppressed are finding they can hardly speak without being deplatformed. This is not western civilization, this is eastern civilization.

To illustrate further:


I refuse to let my language be ruined like this, so that tyrants and cults can get away with their crimes. I refuse. Put me in jail if you have to, kill me if you have to, but I will not stand for this.

English is my language and I will defend it from people who want to firehose nonsensical garbage into my dictionary. To this effort I have created a page of Expanded Definitions which you will find on the right side of this page.

On the right side of the page you will also now find a player with a speech I gave in 2005 against the stooge president and the permanent war against islamic people. I did not realize at the time this was all just part of the yinnom plan, but now this is undeniable.

But I stand by every word I said in 2005, how many people do you know who can do that? And who were on record in public?

I bet none.

No wonder I experience cointelpro and all manner of other harassment, which I illustrated with this new meme:

And then I made this one as a bonus:

And perhaps my great masterpiece, alongside Expanded Definitions for Important Words, this should be the illustration.

Tip: right click, save, download, magnify, share. This one is a thinker. You have to decide, are you going to be ready to toe the line with all of those big lies and do whatever those people on the left side of this want, forever? This may be our last chance in 2020 to say no to this, and cult infiltration of our republics as the permanent way of life.
My suggestion for an alternate future. btw avoid the new picard show, that is propaganda for the lefthand side, because they prefer we do not rewatch the old TNG because they are trying to change our values to relativism and exceptionalism, for which Picard would previously not stand. The same people are doing the same thing to Atticus Finch, and this is dangerous cultural imperialism writ large. Beware.

Have you ever seen Mindwalk? If you like seeing people predict the future 40 years ago, you might like it. So I am memeing this movie as part of my work. Enjoy, and think.

These issues are not separate, the constitution is failing due to zionism and the treacherous sellouts in the republican party, not a failure of the constitution.
There is a push on all fronts to say #epsteindidnothingwrong spearheaded by Biden kissing his granddaughters at every chance. This is sickening and if you would prefer that the 60 year olds not be able to buy 12 year old prostitutes, now is the time to stand up and be heard or get ready for that to be normalized.
Tip: right click, download, save, magnify in viewer

#wagtehepstein Epstein is not dead. The world is at war. The world is experiencing the worst virus in human history and the worst environmental catastrophes in our history.

Institutions are failing. the economy is failing, and people are losing hope, falling apart. And propagandists are right there waiting, to steer them into a caracatured racist agenda manipulated by secret police, see Rebel Wisdom(sic) and Project Veritas(sic), (and of course their zionist ringleader stooge, Stephen Miller)

This is the world that I predicted in my speech on the right, and this is the world that the people who have power have made this way while, by, silencing everyone with an alternative.

I know of no better way to explain this to you and show you what is going on than what I am doing here.

I hope it helps someone, it has sure helped me. To find out who I am, to know what I am, to take a stand for what I believe, and to call out the truly depraved people behind current events.

So pass it on, and if you can, I could really, really use a contribution to my work at the moment, and I have yet to receive one.

I wonder if people are so broken that they assume even this site is all lies, and I must have some agenda, and I must be an agent. I can understand that, easily.

But if so that is your extreme paranoia, your incapacity to believe.

This site is my response to the questions:

What can you do right now to most benefit the world and upset the plans of degenerate power-mad lunatics?

What is the most truth you could give to the world if you put your mind to it?

What does the world need that is not there?

So here you have my answer and so now you at least know where one person stands, and that there is at least one oher person who hasn’t given up yet.

Not just Bernie.


Feb 6 2020

January 2020

A picture says a thousand words, more if I have anything to meme about it.

Share: https://archive.is/hloUM

Also keep an eye on the .org/FOSS situation and share:


A lot of things are up in the air for me at the moment, like usual, so if you find anything here helpful, I have added some new ways to contribute. So please do.

I only ask for .25 cents for every 10 minutes you read or every meme you dowload, or every time you laugh. You may also want to check my journal over at soylentnews.org for some conversations I have been having and to see the types of obvious yet still degenerate trolling I am having to put up with. But there are also some real people there who cime in every once in a while that makes it worthwhile.

If we do not make our own alternative networks of information distribution, which no longer really require centralized talking-dead stations, then we will be stuck with the same ones who give us this, this, and this.

yes, brace yourselves, these memes are coming.

And if you are a shill, agent and/or just can’t stand what I am saying yet don’t have the guts to send me an email, I even thought of one for you:


Happy 2020, I hope you are seeing clear.

I am.


New updates:

Submitted some of my work to publishers even though it is a very long shot.

Submitted a business idea to a startup incubator, was told I do not have enough money. Incubators nowadays only help the strongest of babies.

With much trepidation I have returned to reddit/u/jmichaelhudsondotnet

I have updated my journal with some of the happenings at soylentnews.org. Fewer people are calling me crazy at this point, which is nice.

I have made dozens of memes over the last few weeks and worked dilligently on writing projects, including some new expanded definitions.

I am currently unemployed and this will only be sustainable for a while, but this is how I have the time to focus and do this work.

It is also out of the bag that I operate victoriaisepstein.net and weknowthesecret.net, as I cannot tolerate companies tied to sexual slavery, rape and zionism, especially not all three at the same time.

At the moment there is a massive propaganda effort underway to give people the impression that there is no way epstein is alive, which is the most evil I have yet seen in this world.

This meme is the one that describes the current situation best, one in which I am in the frying pan while some very bad people get to fly around with impunity.

Silently Censored at reddit without explanation, https://archive.is/Wuvnk
I wonder why.

Cost of operating this site and the domains: approx 300/year.

Time spent writing and sharing this content, nearly 100k words, dozens of original memes, hundreds of community memes, posting and sharing on intellectual forums: Countless hours, it has been full time work.

Chances I have of having a normal job after posting this content on the internet: Zero

Contributions towards my work to date: Zero

Money I have made in this life as a writer: Zero

Money I have in my pocket right now: less than a hundred dollars

Holiday presents I will receive at this rate: Zero

Correspondences I have sent out attempting dialogue this year, as well as to warn journalists about the totalitarian and paramilitary experiences I am having: hundreds

Number of experiences being followed and harassed in the city: Dozens

Chances of me being arrested or harassed if I return to the United States: 60/40

Countries where one can request assylum from the united states and israel: To my knowledge Zero, excepting the countries that are about to be bombed including Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Responses to correspondence: Maybe 5? Stallman and Paul Craig Roberts wrote back which was nice.

Future outlook of the United States and western civiliation at this rate without my memes: Grim

Yearly contribution income of Jordan Peterson which he uses to spout juvenille idiocy(youtube):7 million dollars. (see new cultural marxism definition in expanded definitions…)

Response that Jordan Peterson likely has to this site: clean your room

Number of links I can find to Jordan Peterson’s discussion of Jeffrey Epstein, to date: Zero

My response, My room is clean, try cleaning yours you crypto-zionist child trafficking apologist scumbag: https://archive.is/FMvgZ and https://archive.is/7UA6C https://archive.is/kJKap https://archive.is/blM4a https://archive.is/EHo3s https://archive.is/kd65L https://archive.is/l7KRl https://archive.ph/cVZBQ

My second favorite meme of late: https://archive.is/x5dMp

Winter Frog Bonus: https://archive.is/rIxnI

Happy Holidays!

October 2019

A life like mine resists summarization. (I write after trying to think of an opening sentence for probably 10 minutes)

Our times also resist easy summarization, what is even going on?

In my case, the two go hand in hand. In the United States, allegedly a free country, there are secret police now and this is causing all kinds of problems, especially because for some reason media organizations and lawyers refuse to see it. And so I am telling my story, that I am one of the people who they have stalked and harassed. It has to stop and I am going to do what I can to bring sanity back to policing in the United States.


I have been posting a lot at Soylent News because I find the community has its eye on important tech news, it is heavily lurked, and it resists censorship with sane, credible, verifiable moderation.(so far, mostly). While I have seen evidence of consensus cracking, forum sliding and other slimy tactics, it is expected and negligible. In the sunlight, it can only do so much to prevent rational discussion.

I am also closely following the Epstein scandal, as it is demonstrating some really wacky coverage and lack thereof from clearly reluctant sources who are themselves implicated in the scandal, including the New York Times, Fox and CNN.

I am also closely following the work of Ronnan Farrow, who has encountered bizarro resistance in the pursuit of the Harvey Weinstein story.

Both of these stories have a lot in common. Both Weinstein and Epstein are closely associated with and have clearly direct access to Israeli state spies operating with ease in the United States. Both had tremendous power in important American industries, modelling and entertainment. Both are Jewish when it helps them and rich white guys when it does not, which is clearly enabled by sites aligned with Israel, such as Huffington Post, The Hill and The Daily Beast. Both investigations are nearly completely hampered by the media, police and various justice departments for reasons that are part of the scandal.

Both are zionists, meaning they have a strong allegiance to the Israeli state.

Both are clearly mafia figures who were able to move seamlessly through civilian society.

I am aware of no actual work done by either person, they function nearly exclusively as gatekeepers and lived lives that were basically one extended party. In the case of Epstein, gatekeeping who can be a model and in the case of Weinstein gatekeeping who can have a movie made, be an actress or work in the industry. In both cases, people who are in any way not on board with an expansionist and racist Israeli agenda, have been silently excluded from their ‘networks’ in a form of McCarthyism perpetrated by a cultural hegemony in the United States that is undeniably Jewish.

When these people commit crimes, it is blamed on white male patriarchy but while they are commiting the crimes they are protected from accusation because everyone except Ronnan Farrow was afraid of being called an anti-semite. As if it is almost illegel to point out bad jewish behavior, even if it is serial rape and child abuse.

This moral absurdity from Jewish people has to come to a stop. Sure Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, MIT and Matt Groening are implicated, but what cannot be denied at this point is that major media institutions are attempting to completely whitewash Ehud Barak, Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret, and the alleged U.S. ally, Israel from any involvement with Epstein when this is the primary fact of the entire affair. The same sources are also shutting down any talk that Epstein’s suicide was an escape, when it clearly was.

Meanwhile Israel, who has benefited the most from the clown Trump presidency, having gotten numerous Israeli-first administrative appointees, the relocation of the U.S. embassy, and a big step towards possession of the long-sought mineral-rich Golan heights, now spins the Turkish invasion of Kurdistan as something they had nothing to do with. They spin the Trump presidency and impeachment as due to the racism of poor white people, not Israeli or Jewish racism. In Israel I have seen headlines of people gloating at the stupidity of the United States under Trump and at the same time Netanyahu winks that this rube is under his control.

So in the United States we are looking at a near civil war, with people like Chuck Schumer on one side and Jared Kushner on the other, while the actual conflict is being experienced as white vs. black and citizens vs. immigrants. As an American, I am disgusted and revolted by this, even more so because Jewish people themselves seem unable to see it and want to remain permanently on the offensive, admitting nothing about the strong hand of zionists throughout all of this.

We have no use for 24 hours a day of elite propaganda, endorsing bogus official stories, whitewashing the depravity of elites, and spewing aggressive expansionist propaganda from a distant theocratic, apartheid foreign government that makes everyone in western civilization hate each other and setting back 50 years of advance towards racial justice, but that is all we have on offer.

And doing this while accusing everyone who points it out of being a nazi. This is really atrocious behavior, behond the pale. If you have ever wanted to say ‘who do you think you are?’, now is the time.

Spread the word. The United States will continue falling to pieces if this isn’t stopped. Sure, impeach Trump and get the Republicans out of office, I fully support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But there is a problem here with a zionist cultural hegemony and it will not go away on its own.

Americans need to adjust to a world where it is not intelligent to allow another country to freely spy and infliltrate your country, no matter how friendly they are, no matter how difficult it is to say no to them, no matter what names they threaten to call you.

I am going to be writing more about what it means to be an anti-zionist, as this has so many applications around the world. The zionist idea is at the heart of most nationalism and therefore nazi-ism, and should be addressed as as root cause. Chinese ‘communists’ like Xi the Pooh is also in a way a zionist, except in his case China is zion. (and of course a few more islands, a few more miles in this direction, you always want a 2 foot bigger boat, right?)

This anti-zionist position naturally hinders my career, but I have decided I can’t stand for this and must speak my mind.

Pick a side, but be apprised Epstein and Weinstein are on the Israeli Zionist side, there is no escaping this bare fact and what it will portend for the future if we do not protect ourselves. This applies to everyone pursuing freedom and sane globalization, which I believe includes the European Union and many other countries.

I wish I had easier news to bring, but this is October 2019 and I did not make things this way.

Quite the opposite.

The memes tell the true tale. I did not put these together lightly, consider them before you attempt to talk to me on the subject, and I will consider your memes as well.

J. Michael Hudson

Oct. 2019

note: major edits due to me being really ticked off about epstein and weinstein and how many jewish people are trying to pretend it didn’t happen or spin it in a way that no jewish people were involved. I’ve never seen anything so obviously dishonest and manipulative, it is difficuilt to respond to because the lies are so vast. Talking about anything in regards to jewish people, zionism and israel is a mineflield, of their own creation, so anyone attempting to say something should be given a wide berth, rather than the opposite.

note: I am also ticked off how israel does not let immigrants in and meanwhile encourages immigration in every other country, and how the refugees relocated from their Syrian aggression through their US proxies are being by used by Turkey to threaten the EU. And no one even discusses them ever returning to Syria.

September 2019

Wowzers, what an August. The world will never forget this month, that’s for sure.

I travelled to London and Amsterdam. I rode on the bus for about a year. I was fined for protesting Victoria’s Secret at the Amsterdam airport once I learned Jeffrey Epstein was involved with Les Wexner and Ehud Barak. I will have to pay 140 euros and I will gladly do so to make sure no one ever thinks that I approve or allow the human trafficking mafioso turdstorm that is this company.

You can read more about the movement to close Victoria’s Secret here:




In light of all of all of the problems, so many problems, I have decided to pull out all stops and continue to provide solutions no matter if it seems no one is paying attention at all.







If you look at these initiatives, you will notice how they all work together in the same direction, against forces that have accurately been described as dark, which is another word for bad or morally reprehensible, or maybe we can just say evil. Til now I simply have not seen any efforts that actually stand up to these forces directly, and so this is my contribution. More of the same will not succeed.

You will also notice that these ideas actually suggest changes to your specific personal life, there are things you can take and use on your own, or you can be part of what I’m starting here. Nothing I am writing about here however depends on me personally in any way, I am just someone with an analsysis who happens to see ways forward through the intentionally crafted confusion and bitter conflict.

This is a time where you really have to pick a side and determine if you are going to be on the side of people with positive energy or negative energy. If you are going to sit on the sidelines and let your energy be passively absorbed by someone like the current occupant of the white house, you need to be warned not to consider yourself as being one of the good guys. Passivity defaults to evil in our time, unfortunately.

But this is probably not your fault, it is just the world we were born into.

So first, remove yourself from the old, awful system, stop watching CNN(!), stop shopping at Victoria’s Secret and similar companies, start reading intelligent articles from people who are working on the problems, connect with old friends you know aren’t cops, and then start contributing to the solutions the best you can.

And if you find anything here to be useful, I can tell you I have spent a lot of money I shouldn’t have to set this all up and communicate it clearly like this, and to give it away. I am not independently wealthy and I will promise you that running this website has affected how much food I am able to purchase due to my status of being in between jobs. That’s around 20,000 free words given away that I wrote this year, meme collections, original drawings, and several synergistic movements to directly confront the worst problems in the world. Plus daily writing at soylentnews.org under my own name, things that are certainly not going to please the police state and which inform in the clearnet of the real nature of the threat we are facing.

But as yet, not a single coin donation.


September, do your thing.

JMH 9-2019

August 2019

I have begun writing regularly on Soylent News and I’m considering several other platforms as a means to get my work out there. I am trying to get past the idea that I need to have a physical book, I just think this website makes books redundant unless all books are prepping for solar flare events. I have published a books worth of content here already, for free, this year. Why do I need to get anyone else involved and beg for the right to ‘be published’?

You will notice that as a comedian and writer I am talking about some very difficult topics including human rights, police state surveillance and religion. There doesn’t exist a model for making money doing this. Usually writers and comedians keep their political views either non-existent or silent for a few decades at the beginning of their career, which is one of the blatant idiocies of the current system. In my case though, these topics came to me and became unavoidably integrated with my work.

I’ll be doing some travelling and writing in the next month, hopefully playing some music and telling jokes at seemingly random places.

I watched the new season of Orange is the New Black and I liked it, not in that I enjoyed it because in general it was very sad, but because the writers and producers found a way to present the viewpoint of the oppressed and didn’t put a cherry on top to give it a sanitized happy ending. What is going on in the world right now is tyrannical and anti-human, people are trying to take over who have a radically different vision of the future, and that future will be unpleasant at best. It is time to be taking action to prevent this future from happening and speaking out at every opportunity. All of our institutions are there to prevent totalitarianism and today they are failing to do so, it’s time to get off our butts.

The rest of the month I will be posting informative snippets from all over the internet as well as working on new ways to express alternative solutions to the present crapola.

And if you want a voice like mine independently broadcasting new perspectives and answers to difficult questions, find a way to help me produce my plays and films, send some coin, or maybe just say something nice instead of lurking like the lurking lurker you are.