January 2020

A picture says a thousand words, more if I have anything to meme about it.

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A lot of things are up in the air for me at the moment, like usual, so if you find anything here helpful, I have added some new ways to contribute. So please do.

I only ask for .25 cents for every 10 minutes you read or every meme you dowload, or every time you laugh. You may also want to check my journal over at soylentnews.org for some conversations I have been having and to see the types of obvious yet still degenerate trolling I am having to put up with. But there are also some real people there who cime in every once in a while that makes it worthwhile.

If we do not make our own alternative networks of information distribution, which no longer really require centralized talking-dead stations, then we will be stuck with the same ones who give us this, this, and this.

yes, brace yourselves, these memes are coming.

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Happy 2020, I hope you are seeing clear.

I am.


New updates:

Submitted some of my work to publishers even though it is a very long shot.

Submitted a business idea to a startup incubator, was told I do not have enough money. Incubators nowadays only help the strongest of babies.

With much trepidation I have returned to reddit/u/jmichaelhudsondotnet

I have updated my journal with some of the happenings at soylentnews.org. Fewer people are calling me crazy at this point, which is nice.

I have made dozens of memes over the last few weeks and worked dilligently on writing projects, including some new expanded definitions.

I am currently unemployed and this will only be sustainable for a while, but this is how I have the time to focus and do this work.

It is also out of the bag that I operate victoriaisepstein.net and weknowthesecret.net, as I cannot tolerate companies tied to sexual slavery, rape and zionism, especially not all three at the same time.

At the moment there is a massive propaganda effort underway to give people the impression that there is no way epstein is alive, which is the most evil I have yet seen in this world.

This meme is the one that describes the current situation best, one in which I am in the frying pan while some very bad people get to fly around with impunity.

Silently Censored at reddit without explanation, https://archive.is/Wuvnk
I wonder why.

Cost of operating this site and the domains: approx 300/year.

Time spent writing and sharing this content, nearly 100k words, dozens of original memes, hundreds of community memes, posting and sharing on intellectual forums: Countless hours, it has been full time work.

Chances I have of having a normal job after posting this content on the internet: Zero

Contributions towards my work to date: Zero

Money I have made in this life as a writer: Zero

Money I have in my pocket right now: less than a hundred dollars

Holiday presents I will receive at this rate: Zero

Correspondences I have sent out attempting dialogue this year, as well as to warn journalists about the totalitarian and paramilitary experiences I am having: hundreds

Number of experiences being followed and harassed in the city: Dozens

Chances of me being arrested or harassed if I return to the United States: 60/40

Countries where one can request assylum from the united states and israel: To my knowledge Zero, excepting the countries that are about to be bombed including Iran, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Responses to correspondence: Maybe 5? Stallman and Paul Craig Roberts wrote back which was nice.

Future outlook of the United States and western civiliation at this rate without my memes: Grim

Yearly contribution income of Jordan Peterson which he uses to spout juvenille idiocy(youtube):7 million dollars. (see new cultural marxism definition in expanded definitions…)

Response that Jordan Peterson likely has to this site: clean your room

Number of links I can find to Jordan Peterson’s discussion of Jeffrey Epstein, to date: Zero

My response, My room is clean, try cleaning yours you crypto-zionist child trafficking apologist scumbag: https://archive.is/FMvgZ and https://archive.is/7UA6C https://archive.is/kJKap https://archive.is/blM4a https://archive.is/EHo3s https://archive.is/kd65L https://archive.is/l7KRl https://archive.ph/cVZBQ

My second favorite meme of late: https://archive.is/x5dMp

Winter Frog Bonus: https://archive.is/rIxnI

Happy Holidays!

October 2019

A life like mine resists summarization. (I write after trying to think of an opening sentence for probably 10 minutes)

Our times also resist easy summarization, what is even going on?

In my case, the two go hand in hand. In the United States, allegedly a free country, there are secret police now and this is causing all kinds of problems, especially because for some reason media organizations and lawyers refuse to see it. And so I am telling my story, that I am one of the people who they have stalked and harassed. It has to stop and I am going to do what I can to bring sanity back to policing in the United States.


I have been posting a lot at Soylent News because I find the community has its eye on important tech news, it is heavily lurked, and it resists censorship with sane, credible, verifiable moderation.(so far, mostly). While I have seen evidence of consensus cracking, forum sliding and other slimy tactics, it is expected and negligible. In the sunlight, it can only do so much to prevent rational discussion.

I am also closely following the Epstein scandal, as it is demonstrating some really wacky coverage and lack thereof from clearly reluctant sources who are themselves implicated in the scandal, including the New York Times, Fox and CNN.

I am also closely following the work of Ronnan Farrow, who has encountered bizarro resistance in the pursuit of the Harvey Weinstein story.

Both of these stories have a lot in common. Both Weinstein and Epstein are closely associated with and have clearly direct access to Israeli state spies operating with ease in the United States. Both had tremendous power in important American industries, modelling and entertainment. Both are Jewish when it helps them and rich white guys when it does not, which is clearly enabled by sites aligned with Israel, such as Huffington Post, The Hill and The Daily Beast. Both investigations are nearly completely hampered by the media, police and various justice departments for reasons that are part of the scandal.

Both are zionists, meaning they have a strong allegiance to the Israeli state.

Both are clearly mafia figures who were able to move seamlessly through civilian society.

I am aware of no actual work done by either person, they function nearly exclusively as gatekeepers and lived lives that were basically one extended party. In the case of Epstein, gatekeeping who can be a model and in the case of Weinstein gatekeeping who can have a movie made, be an actress or work in the industry. In both cases, people who are in any way not on board with an expansionist and racist Israeli agenda, have been silently excluded from their ‘networks’ in a form of McCarthyism perpetrated by a cultural hegemony in the United States that is undeniably Jewish.

When these people commit crimes, it is blamed on white male patriarchy but while they are commiting the crimes they are protected from accusation because everyone except Ronnan Farrow was afraid of being called an anti-semite. As if it is almost illegel to point out bad jewish behavior, even if it is serial rape and child abuse.

This moral absurdity from Jewish people has to come to a stop. Sure Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, MIT and Matt Groening are implicated, but what cannot be denied at this point is that major media institutions are attempting to completely whitewash Ehud Barak, Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret, and the alleged U.S. ally, Israel from any involvement with Epstein when this is the primary fact of the entire affair. The same sources are also shutting down any talk that Epstein’s suicide was an escape, when it clearly was.

Meanwhile Israel, who has benefited the most from the clown Trump presidency, having gotten numerous Israeli-first administrative appointees, the relocation of the U.S. embassy, and a big step towards possession of the long-sought mineral-rich Golan heights, now spins the Turkish invasion of Kurdistan as something they had nothing to do with. They spin the Trump presidency and impeachment as due to the racism of poor white people, not Israeli or Jewish racism. In Israel I have seen headlines of people gloating at the stupidity of the United States under Trump and at the same time Netanyahu winks that this rube is under his control.

So in the United States we are looking at a near civil war, with people like Chuck Schumer on one side and Jared Kushner on the other, while the actual conflict is being experienced as white vs. black and citizens vs. immigrants. As an American, I am disgusted and revolted by this, even more so because Jewish people themselves seem unable to see it and want to remain permanently on the offensive, admitting nothing about the strong hand of zionists throughout all of this.

We have no use for 24 hours a day of elite propaganda, endorsing bogus official stories, whitewashing the depravity of elites, and spewing aggressive expansionist propaganda from a distant theocratic, apartheid foreign government that makes everyone in western civilization hate each other and setting back 50 years of advance towards racial justice, but that is all we have on offer.

And doing this while accusing everyone who points it out of being a nazi. This is really atrocious behavior, behond the pale. If you have ever wanted to say ‘who do you think you are?’, now is the time.

Spread the word. The United States will continue falling to pieces if this isn’t stopped. Sure, impeach Trump and get the Republicans out of office, I fully support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But there is a problem here with a zionist cultural hegemony and it will not go away on its own.

Americans need to adjust to a world where it is not intelligent to allow another country to freely spy and infliltrate your country, no matter how friendly they are, no matter how difficult it is to say no to them, no matter what names they threaten to call you.

I am going to be writing more about what it means to be an anti-zionist, as this has so many applications around the world. The zionist idea is at the heart of most nationalism and therefore nazi-ism, and should be addressed as as root cause. Chinese ‘communists’ like Xi the Pooh is also in a way a zionist, except in his case China is zion. (and of course a few more islands, a few more miles in this direction, you always want a 2 foot bigger boat, right?)

This anti-zionist position naturally hinders my career, but I have decided I can’t stand for this and must speak my mind.

Pick a side, but be apprised Epstein and Weinstein are on the Israeli Zionist side, there is no escaping this bare fact and what it will portend for the future if we do not protect ourselves. This applies to everyone pursuing freedom and sane globalization, which I believe includes the European Union and many other countries.

I wish I had easier news to bring, but this is October 2019 and I did not make things this way.

Quite the opposite.

The memes tell the true tale. I did not put these together lightly, consider them before you attempt to talk to me on the subject, and I will consider your memes as well.

J. Michael Hudson

Oct. 2019

note: major edits due to me being really ticked off about epstein and weinstein and how many jewish people are trying to pretend it didn’t happen or spin it in a way that no jewish people were involved. I’ve never seen anything so obviously dishonest and manipulative, it is difficuilt to respond to because the lies are so vast. Talking about anything in regards to jewish people, zionism and israel is a mineflield, of their own creation, so anyone attempting to say something should be given a wide berth, rather than the opposite.

note: I am also ticked off how israel does not let immigrants in and meanwhile encourages immigration in every other country, and how the refugees relocated from their Syrian aggression through their US proxies are being by used by Turkey to threaten the EU. And no one even discusses them ever returning to Syria.

September 2019

Wowzers, what an August. The world will never forget this month, that’s for sure.

I travelled to London and Amsterdam. I rode on the bus for about a year. I was fined for protesting Victoria’s Secret at the Amsterdam airport once I learned Jeffrey Epstein was involved with Les Wexner and Ehud Barak. I will have to pay 140 euros and I will gladly do so to make sure no one ever thinks that I approve or allow the human trafficking mafioso turdstorm that is this company.

You can read more about the movement to close Victoria’s Secret here:




In light of all of all of the problems, so many problems, I have decided to pull out all stops and continue to provide solutions no matter if it seems no one is paying attention at all.







If you look at these initiatives, you will notice how they all work together in the same direction, against forces that have accurately been described as dark, which is another word for bad or morally reprehensible, or maybe we can just say evil. Til now I simply have not seen any efforts that actually stand up to these forces directly, and so this is my contribution. More of the same will not succeed.

You will also notice that these ideas actually suggest changes to your specific personal life, there are things you can take and use on your own, or you can be part of what I’m starting here. Nothing I am writing about here however depends on me personally in any way, I am just someone with an analsysis who happens to see ways forward through the intentionally crafted confusion and bitter conflict.

This is a time where you really have to pick a side and determine if you are going to be on the side of people with positive energy or negative energy. If you are going to sit on the sidelines and let your energy be passively absorbed by someone like the current occupant of the white house, you need to be warned not to consider yourself as being one of the good guys. Passivity defaults to evil in our time, unfortunately.

But this is probably not your fault, it is just the world we were born into.

So first, remove yourself from the old, awful system, stop watching CNN(!), stop shopping at Victoria’s Secret and similar companies, start reading intelligent articles from people who are working on the problems, connect with old friends you know aren’t cops, and then start contributing to the solutions the best you can.

And if you find anything here to be useful, I can tell you I have spent a lot of money I shouldn’t have to set this all up and communicate it clearly like this, and to give it away. I am not independently wealthy and I will promise you that running this website has affected how much food I am able to purchase due to my status of being in between jobs. That’s around 20,000 free words given away that I wrote this year, meme collections, original drawings, and several synergistic movements to directly confront the worst problems in the world. Plus daily writing at soylentnews.org under my own name, things that are certainly not going to please the police state and which inform in the clearnet of the real nature of the threat we are facing.

But as yet, not a single coin donation.


September, do your thing.

JMH 9-2019

August 2019

I have begun writing regularly on Soylent News and I’m considering several other platforms as a means to get my work out there. I am trying to get past the idea that I need to have a physical book, I just think this website makes books redundant unless all books are prepping for solar flare events. I have published a books worth of content here already, for free, this year. Why do I need to get anyone else involved and beg for the right to ‘be published’?

You will notice that as a comedian and writer I am talking about some very difficult topics including human rights, police state surveillance and religion. There doesn’t exist a model for making money doing this. Usually writers and comedians keep their political views either non-existent or silent for a few decades at the beginning of their career, which is one of the blatant idiocies of the current system. In my case though, these topics came to me and became unavoidably integrated with my work.

I’ll be doing some travelling and writing in the next month, hopefully playing some music and telling jokes at seemingly random places.

I watched the new season of Orange is the New Black and I liked it, not in that I enjoyed it because in general it was very sad, but because the writers and producers found a way to present the viewpoint of the oppressed and didn’t put a cherry on top to give it a sanitized happy ending. What is going on in the world right now is tyrannical and anti-human, people are trying to take over who have a radically different vision of the future, and that future will be unpleasant at best. It is time to be taking action to prevent this future from happening and speaking out at every opportunity. All of our institutions are there to prevent totalitarianism and today they are failing to do so, it’s time to get off our butts.

The rest of the month I will be posting informative snippets from all over the internet as well as working on new ways to express alternative solutions to the present crapola.

And if you want a voice like mine independently broadcasting new perspectives and answers to difficult questions, find a way to help me produce my plays and films, send some coin, or maybe just say something nice instead of lurking like the lurking lurker you are.

July 2019

I am writing some new essays and preparing for a performance at a private party next week. I enjoyed playing for the picnickers at Staden Pavillion for the Feta De La Musique for the solstice, it was really fun and I met some new friends. I just put up some new memes and quotes, check them out.

The crisis in internet trust is on my mind, but this is overshadowed by the extremely disturbing situation with the disappearing human rights of all humans on planet Earth and the re-emergence of concentration camps.

How do you react when the morals you were taught your entire life to uphold put you in physical danger?

How do you react if the same countries we celebrate for liberating people from concentration camps and establishing a ‘free world’ are themselves building concentration camps?

How do you react when the Jewish people who were liberated from concentration camps start building THEIR OWN concentration camps, and then call YOU the nazi for pointing it out?

How do you react when it seems like everything you say is a drop in the bucket of piss in the wind versus a mountainous flood of state propaganda telling you 2+2 isn’t 4? When a literal army of liars are being paid to work full time jobs negating whatver you post in the few spare minutes you have after work? (true story…)

You tell me.

Where do you stand when all the cards are on the table?

Are you a lemming or a human being?

Who out there believes in Freedom and who out there is just following orders and covering their ass?

These and other answers we will learn by what you do on record in 2019.

And if you do nothing, you might as well be pouring gasoline on the fire of human suffering and giving tyranny a high five.

What could you do for freedom and reason on planet Earth this month if you really tried?

Do that thing. Let me know how it goes.

June Update

I’m getting ready for a big show at the Feta De La Musique on June 21st in Saarbrucken, I’ll be on the main stage at 3pm playing some of my favorite songs and my originals. I’m also getting ready for a private performance in July and another later in the summer.

I have been filling out the Important Definitions page. It’s sad that it has to falls on little ole’ me to set the record straight, but I guess it makes sense at this point. So many people wrapped up in propaganda, it’s almost like the english language itself is under attack! (it’s actually that, the english language is under attack)

There is something unique about the role of a comedian in society. You are the one who watches the language, and there is no way to be a group-comedian, you will always at the end of the day stand alone. Because of this, you just end up seeing things other people dont. You have to be the most observant person, reading between all the lines. You have to call people out, you have to call it out. You can’t endorse the propaganda or spend your whole life avoiding the elephants in the room, the naked emporors, the sacred cows, otherwise you’re a propagandist, not a comedian.

I am also working on a relatively serious essay about technology, hopefully I’ll be able to post that soon. There is a crisis of trust in the world and technology does not work well without trust. We are unfortunately trapped in a giant mania on this topic which I’d like to help resolve.

Because the freedom of speech is under attack, globally, this is time, I believe, for real Americans and other believers in freedom, to speak up lest the chance to speak up forever be lost.

J Michael Hudson


May Update

It is neat to see the Overton Windows of the world shift such that things I was saying about the world 20 years ago are now actually being discussed on mass media channels as if they were recently invented. Climate change, actual social democratic policies, the influence of foreign money in American politics, the danger of totalitarian China, the unsustainability of an interest based economy, the cruelty and evil of drug prohibition. It may be by design that when your associates and various institional players declare you a wingnut for having off-the-menu political beliefs and daring to speak of them(in a country where speech is allegedly free), no one updates your socio-economic status when what you have been saying for decades suddenly becomes obviously correct in the eyes of people who get all of their ideas from a centralized fountain of precise ideological programming.

At least I live in Europe now, Germany has been treating me fairly. I feel so much better being on the side that is calling for elections in Venezuela instead of for political violence. Check out my ‘Open Letter to Ethnic Nationalists” for more on this topic.

I have plans to play some music this summer and tell as many jokes as I can, spread some ideas around. I have a job I really like helping people answer questions about technology. I finally have an internet presence(post facegag) that aligns with my values and gives me a way to call things as I see them. Also, you will find me posting around Hackernews at ycombinator as my very own self, shoving overton windows around in real time.

Notably, I recently called for Mark Zuckerberg to be imprisoned for 10 lifetimes and fined for the entire value of everything he has, for being awful in every discernable way and using his shitbrained “technology” to make the world a much more awful place. Will someone explain the meaning of the symbol on his hoodie to me? I think I will put that on my open questions page.

Have a nice May, write me a letter using pgp if you’d like to chat.

April 2019 Update

I think I can take the ‘under construction’ sign down now, the site is operational. I filled out the gallery and wrote my human rights essay. I have plan for several expansions and I think I can get a lot of that done this month, so check back in a few weeks and maybe there will be some surprises. Also expect integration into some new decentralized platforms and my appearance on some of my favorite forums. Really hoping to find some collaborators.

Right now I am actively seeking:

-music, comedy and storytelling performance opportunities in Europe

-a team to produce some amusing and poignant music videos with my songs

-stages where I can produce the plays I wrote in 2018 and actors interested in independent theater

-an end to political persecution and assassination on planet Earth

-to starve all forms of economics that are not symbiotic and/or that do not fully count ecological effect into cost

Well, those last two are going to be kindof a reach, but better to aim for the stars while people throw things at you and then maybe land on the moon than stare at your shoelaces, even if it means someone is going to eventually tell you to stay in your lane and you might have to argue with them.

Under Construction, but Hi

Hi, I’m Jeremy Michael Hudson. I work under the name J. Michael Hudson because it sounds better to me and I’m the one who has to say it and hear it the most. My friends call me J. I hope we can be friends. I’m a musical comedian who also likes to give motivational talks and help people who get stuck. Most single word categories feel like a straight jacket to me, so I have to forge my own path outside of the normal comedy channels. This took a long time to figure out and I am still working on it, obviously. To get by I have to have a day job which I keep seperate otherwise it is too many expectations to manage. For now.

Through some of that stuff and switching continents, I lost my .com domain, which I didn’t like anyway. Now you can probably buy it for a million dollars from some taiwanese guy if you want but it is all to see on the wayback machine if you want to know my wayback. I left tombstone profiles on the major corporate sites, have fun if you want but I am done with centrally censored mystery algorithm bullshit. I am going to do something bigger and better here.

I am into integrity, authenticity, morally sharp satire, melody, ethical technology, mediation, free thought and a bunch of other neat ideas. I don’t get along well with mean people who think ideas alone can be harmful. I stand up for unjustly oppressed people wherever they may be in the universe even if it ‘hurts my career.’ I have, like Thomas Jefferson, an eternal animosity towards all forms of tyranny over the human mind.

What comes next will follow along those lines, cards fall where they may. And as nice as it might be to hide or be anon, I am an actual person who exists and I am completely independent of all mafias, cults, orders, agencies and/or any other thing that would give me any other allegiance to anyone other than myself and the public. I am from the United States of A. but I am uncertain if my values align at all anymore, we’ll see.

I would like to just tell jokes and stories and sing melodies, but the times we are living in call for all artists to take a louder stand for the rights of the individual otherwise we will lose our freedom to even be artists at all, and all that will be left is propaganda. Public intellectuals of all kinds have responsibilities to the public in which they live and breathe, there is no artistic tora bora in which art is absolutely pure or something.

My ideal show would have jokes, stories, monologues, characters, musical numbers and some audience participation. But I will play a music-only show of all my favorite songs or do a set of just comedy or just storytelling. All comedians can act and write, so I do those things too. I’d like to make my plays and screenplays into movies and shows but I might as well attempt to swim the Atlantic. Can’t stop me from trying.

We have to get our hands dirty, no one else is going to come along and rescue us from bad ideas. The best people have to be pulled to the worst problems otherwise they really aren’t that good after all. Comedians of all people should be taking difficult positions on the difficult issues but it seems to me that may simply be an aspect of culture that might fizzle out if people like me don’t do our thing and push the envelope.

So here I am. Let’s talk.