“If they don’t like you, they will just steal your stuff.” – Andrew Wollman

“If any other comedian would have enough balls to perform it, then it bores me. One’s ability to generate jokes cannot be stolen.” – me

(btw Andrew, I never got to ask, who is ‘they’?)

I am a comedian and therefore as part of my work, I can act, sing, write and criticize powerful people who do not deserve their power and use farcical propaganda to keep the world from progressing out of tragic misery. Lately my focus has been on memes due to the closing down of open culture and the fear of talking about nearly any significant topic.

I have spent decades now honing these skills. However, some people only believe a person can be a Comedian when they are bestowed this honor by an agency or club somewhere. If such credentials are an absolute requirement for you and you simply cannot accept that the comedy industry could ever be corrupt or decadent, you will find all the Top 100 Comedy Hits right here that I am certain will be up to your exacting standards.

I have recorded quite a few of my shows and have experimented with putting clips online, however I find clips on the internet of this or that performance do not age well, for me or anyone.

Standup comedy is an animal that you kindof don’t want to let out of the zoo, it belongs in a live setting and it takes really a lot of production to make specials like Bring the Pain or The Bird Revelation. We want to package it up and say ‘here I am! I’m a comedian!’ but it just doesn’t work, and the second time you watch it, it always kindof sucks.

And for me, to see myself the nth time on the same clip, is just painful. I want to improve it! But it’s chiselled in stone! And people who come to see me the next time will have already heard it, when the new version is so much better, and on and on.

I have made the comprimise that I have left a single 15 minute performance up, forever, on my soundcloud page, that will eventually disappear like myspace because capitalism hates art. But for now it is up and I will share it with you, under one condition.

If you laugh, you have to 1. give me some XMR or BTC or 2. turn yourself in to the police for stealing.

Or 3. admit that global capitalism is stupid, take your pick.

And just FYI, this was the first time I ever performed this and I will never perform it again, and I hit my 15 minutes exactly. Try that sometime if you think it’s easy.

Otherwise, my views on comedy are complex and I have been at it my entire life. I wrote two books about comedy that I might post here some day, we’ll see.

And of course, I am available for 3-60 minute performances and if you like I’ll bring the Sheriff.