Cultural Hegemony Killed My Dog

Cultural Hegemony Killed My Dog

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In its purest form, government is one person. One person alone is their own government and consituency, a singular anomaly unlikely to conform to any externally describable law or formula. When humans interact, everything gets expectably more complicated and people have long since demanded the exact ins and outs of their governance in writing.

Many different types of systems have been tried, but two types of systems always eventually form like sand at the bottom of an hourglass. In one, all of the grains of sand have access to the same knowledge and live under the same laws of which they generally approve. In the other, there are grains of sand near the top of the pyramid who have all the knowledge and follow substantially different laws than everyone else, who generally disapprove of the system.

Since we most clearly live in the latter, it behooves us to understand how this works that a few people can operate an entire society for their own selfish, ecologically catastrophic whims. Since one person can no longer directly rule and wield all power directly, the persistent conundrum of delegation is required and this has been the result of much tumult over the centuries. Other systems have attempted to do away with the autocratic ruler in favor of autocratic councils, with varying degrees of success.

People(like me) without wealth, status and power can only ponder what may be at the very top, who or what may be the most powerful and so our best use of resources is to focus on the various institutions, commitees, agencies, congresses, and other human organisational groupings we encounter.

These groupings and their power are difficult to understand and are frequently if not always designed to be opaque to the people over whom they exert power. People frequently mistake one or a few of the organizations for the system itself and in a way fail to see the forest for the trees. Intentionally confusing governance structures are a core element if not The core element of tyranny, so this should quickly clue you into what kind of people or beings you are dealing with.

This commitee of commmitees which meet somewhere sometime where you will never be invited, notified, or sent minutes. Hospitals and transit nexuses are frequent points of contact with the type of organization typical to your time and place, but include almost everything you do in society as well as how laws change. News, entertainment, voting, law, investing, banking, real estate are all organizations which exert power over the people in a society.

A system that has been in existence for multiple generations will always calcify into a long term struggle for the key positions of these organizations, so that eventually there are many invisible secret rules and agreements intentionally kept secret which in a way hold everything in place the way it is and to the extent that the society is corrupt and operated by predatory sociopaths, difficult to live in.

I often hear people say when they encounter propaganda, or perhaps someone in banking or media who makes an exclusionary cancel-culture rule, that ‘this is fascism’ or ‘this is socialism.’ (See the documentary “You Can’t See This”) I contend that if you are not talking about a dictatorship, it is not fascism and if it is asocial, it isn’t socialism(although asocial things always, always declare themselves social, denial is a primary asocial characteristic). Most of the time what people are talking about is Totalitarianism imposed by a Cultural Hegemony.

Totalitarianism Imposed by Cultural Hegemony

Totalitarianism is a system of total control and is well known to be deletrious to humans, in both the cruel, grueling life and mass murder, genocidal death senses. Yet powerful people are clearly still trying to impose it in 2019 through all manner of the usual means, propaganda, the careful direction of hate, legal trickery, and by changing the language itself.

Cultural Hegemony is the summary power exertion of the main or key organizations to the functioning of a society. Hospitals, schools, universities, entertainment studios, banks, modeling agencies, weapons manufacture, law enforcement, legislative bodies, lawyers, energy extraction, soldiers, advertisers, regulators, and many abstract concepts including racism, nationalism, militarism, and religion(especially cults and mafias) are likely if not always part of a cultural hegemony.

People in a cultural hegemony say things like ‘he’s one of us.’ or ‘he’s one of our people.’ Or ‘she’s a very nice lady.’ If you are public about your interests and loyalties, then you are part of a faction or political party. If you are not public about your interests and loyalties, then you are a cult or mafia. Due to the extremely confusing nature of these interwoven yet distinct institutions it is common for people from different backgrounds to experience the force of the hegemony so differently that they have completely different impressions of what it may be.

It is not just that the entire culture of a nation or group is ruled by the hegemony, it is that the generally secretive and opaque shared culture of the people operating the hegemony is increasingly imposed upon everyone else in the society. In a totalitarian system, this is how the ever tightening set of allowed behaviors is enforced. The person or council at the top of society uses the information gathered through all of the lower tiers of their network in order to essentially craft society to their vision, eventually eradicating every trend that is not to their advantage until the intellectual culture is effectively demolished in the lower classes and every independent thought becomes a loud alarm which can be easily dealt with as an outbreak of disorder, terrorism, antisemitism or whatever the cultural hegemony decides on that particular day. If you are not deemed for whatever reason useful to what the culture of those in the cultural hegemony wishes to express and exert, then you will be first ignored, then countered to the extent that you attempt to have a life.

Someone who has for many years experienced these forms of repression is perhaps the only one who can recognize the true nature of the cultural hegemony, someone reading the newspapers and watching the television will be unable to see them at all, as the primary purpose of the media sources of the hegemony is to obfuscate its nature and redirect the energy of its prey towards the enemies of the hegemony.

Using cultural hegemony to analyze Hitler or Stalin shows us that when the effects of the system are felt by someone in the lower tiers of society, it is hardly ever the actual hand of the dictator or personification of the system, it is almost always a willing participant in the cultural hegemony enforcing it.

It may appear as though the system is working, there will be stars made, popular movies, regular tv shows critical of government figures, but on the edges of society, people will be having a very bad time and news of this will seldom be amplified, or everyone will be so overwhelmed that there are so many people having a bad time. Complaining itself will eventually be outlawed through various backhanded, callous means.

In the media, people will be celebrated, then shamed in rapid cyclings, but many of them will think that the specific cause of their downfall is indicative of the entire hegemony, contributing to the confusion and division amongst those who might resist, when it is just the hegemony’s specific expression against them in their specific case. People of all ideologies will be excluded and shamed out of a totalitarian system, because a totalitarian system is not really about ideology. Even if you do literally everything right inside the ideology of a cultural hegemony, it will still say you failed at the some part of it unless you are one of the insiders although some of the temporary rewards will lure many.

The can simply only allow individuals to have power up to a certain point and if they cannot be used for someone else’s organizational goals, then they are just potentially paperwork-creating flotsam in the system, or worse, which will be treated by the cultural hegemony as a virus, witch, terrorist, antisemite, conspiracy theorist, loon, wingnut. The cultural hegemony must decide in every case who can be trusted to expend resources, of course.

Another sign a cultural hegemony is taking over your culture, government or nation is the prevalent use of the word ‘they’ in a ‘The powers that be’ sense.

They is the cultural hegemony, the cultural hegemony is literally the powers that be. But to explain this to someone who doesn’t get the concept, who sees the individuals in various posts of society as actual individuals rather than carefully placed functionaries preselected on account of their consistent enforcement of the rules of the cultural hegemony, is actually impossible.

This is another reason it is so pernicious, how many people are going to read an essay like this or look up Antonio Gramsci’s wikipedia article? ‘They’ is not something that can be opposed, a cultural hegemony is something that can sketched on a napkin and engaged directly on ones own terms.

Isolate the Radical

Since it is apparent to everyone living under the cultural hegemony that everything sucks and is worsening, anyone capable of actually offering an alternative or inventing solutions outside of absurdly narrow hegemony-condoned channels will not be welcomed into high society. A population of 15 million people will produce 2 new comedians a year, there are so few who can pass the lifelong test of never, ever appearing like anything but a fanboy of the cultural hegemony. And those 2 selected will present themselves as rebels, effectively declaring themselves the edge of all rational thought.

The comedy of a society and the nature of the comedy industry says volumes about the nature of its cultural hegemony.

The hegemony acts like pillars holding a platform for the rulers of society to spread their message such that it is always heard first and by the most people. It’s purpose is to maintain the current structure so the wealthiest investors of the hegemony can make their extra .5% this quarter, not make things better for the common good. (Though if asked, the hedge fund managers will swear otherwise, that this is some form of symbiosis rather than parasitism)

The purpose of the hegemony is also for a limited few to enjoy cruel, wasteful pleasures and have military forces that exert their will all over the world, and so the last thing it wants is someone, much less a mass of people in concert, saying ‘hey, can’t we all just get along and share?’

At this point in human history, all forms of opposition to capitalism are essentially different avenues of approaching the problem of capitalism, so anarchy, communism, socialism, ecology and other potentially revolutionary ideologies are unfortunately all divisive ways to express this fundamental protest against a dangerously unstable and parasitic way of thinking that also consistently, habitually, perhaps inevitably empowers the worst of all of the people to make the biggest decisions that effect the most people.

More succinctly, if you are trying to have a planetary civilization the government should not be determined by a game of who can be most thoughtlessly cruel and unsympathetic. Since the game of survival may ultimately in this apparent universal dark forest actually be a game of who can be the most thoughtlessly cruel and unsympathetic, perhaps we should not be surprised that such forces are so empowered after the centuries preceding our births. It is a useful insight to consider in light of this that when the first Europeans came to the Americas, there were thousands of tribes of natives, ranging the full gamut from tyrannical to symbiotic.

Even in the most harmonic society, there will also generally be religious cults and criminal mafias in some combination, they may even have a connection to their home country. This necessitates somewhat extensive undercover policing, the ethics of whom will also demonstrate clearly the true essence of the governing system. And if you aren’t born into one of these secret organizations and can’t be trusted to keep a secret, your career options will also be limited.

Social Mobility

The cultural hegemony, above all things, wants to control social mobility. Who has money, who has status, who has access, must be controlled. Radical inventors and social theorists are the last people who should ever be given these things. People who write and investigate the cultural hegemony are going to have an uphill battle.

Such people will feel like the world is out to get them or that there is some secret club against them ever being happy, and they will be right. Cultural hegemony is at its core a vast gaslighting conspiracy against good, well-meaning independent thinking people. It is in every way inhumanly cruel and morally a mechanization of schoolyard bullying. It is torture incorporated into everyday life as a core component of governance. This is why totalitarian systems and their cultural hegemonies absolutely hate the idea of a separation between civilians and soldiers, everyone must be a potential combatant otherwise it is difficult to point guns in peoples’ faces all of the time to make sure they stay in line for their rations.

Which is to say every child is taught not to do what our governing entities do at the highest levels on a vast scale, bully, fight, trick, cheat, point, use the threat of violence to get your goals. Pick out some kids in the class you don’t like and make their lives hell, start a cult and take over student government, build a network of spies, blackmail the principle, etc.

You could not have a good cultural hegemony, that would just be a public government where the leaders and directors of the institutions were acting in harmony with a well known and understood social contract. The unspoken, secretive nature of the power structure in cultural hegemony is the inherent demonstration of its indefensible predatory wrongness, which is just a fancy way of saying evil or demonic.

The people who are allowed to have, for instance, entertainment careers will generally be allowed to do so because of their lack of originality and independence, not because of it. Gradually, as is evident in America, in 2019, a vast entertainment industry is making fewer films and quality shows, and a vast amount of things no one should watch at all. The range of discussion on central mass media networks is laughably thin, and obviously tilted in favor of wars of aggression. People are being manipulated by dark patterns to accept major changes in their relationship with technology that gives away their right to privacy.

People who step outside of the bounds of what is acceptable will be looked upon with a wink of recognition by those on the inside, who know the unspoken rule that they probably could not even express with words if they had to. New ideas simply stand out to people whose job is to recite and propagate the ideas of others. An actually original thinker in a roomful of people who have been trained not even to try to think originally, will quickly be the most hated person and will also probably prefer his own company to the carpings of people who are actually paid because of their incapacity to imagine.

The Pillars that Hold Up the Negative Energy World

The total effect of the cultural hegemony to the extent that it is totalitarian is the extraction of human energy for the use of people who live lives of leisure.

A totalitarian society may at first start by allowing people to live freely on the fringes if they keep to themselves. But this is not total control, and eventually all ‘fringe’ subcultures will appear on the radar and will be targeted for embrace, extend, extinguish and deny, degrade, disrupt, disinform, consensus-cracking operations. Every grouping of people will be disintegrated, from book clubs to garage bands.

Once you are aware that such a system is at work and realize you are on the ‘wrong’ side(uh oh), you really cannot hide from it and will have to at some point oppose it. It will see all of your relationshiops, especially friendships and romances, as specific targets to attack.

Advanced systems of control will have many defensive layers, and as a person on the outside you can’t expect to be able to see through these. However, Dr. Who’s strategy works for a start. You have to be able to name it and describe its modus operandi.

There is a high probability that whatever you think and whoever you think is most behind the problem is actually someone you are being manipulated into hating, that is the primary tactic of totalitarianism, to make sure everyone is fighting amongst themselves over trivialities while the system’s function continues unspoken, unnoticed even.

In a society that is close to totalitarianism, there will be extensive undercover agent and informant operations that make all organization essentially a direct way to interact with the police, or better put allow the police to interfere with you and put you in danger. No matter how nice agents are at first, everything they learn will be used by a totalitarian system to attack and weaken you, often by bizarre gaslighting.

So this is one of the pillars that must be handled by any organization before any of the others can be confronted.

This is why even the most abhorrent crimes of powerful people can be revealed without any civil unrest, millions of people feel alone because undercover agents have disintegrated all of their community organizations capable of direct action. Because all capable activists feel hunted, and are. Because the people who could do something don’t know you are on their side, and maybe because both of you are so poor as a result of same said system. The struggle for truth, justice and sane government is the struggle first to connect with the people who share your struggle.

If you become aware then that you are being ruled by a cultural hegemony of sociopaths likely infested with cults and mafias exhibiting all manner of treachery and degeneracy in the guise of a holier than thou religion, national honor, ill gotten wealth or scientific superiority, and they are restricting your social mobility, isolating you, and using their extensive surveillance power to harass you, what are your options?

What if I told you I wrote all of this in order to bring you here, to the point where I am at, with the added reminder that historically anyone who even publicly discusses this topic is in actual physical risk from the system, which sees any correct analysis of its behavior linked to any intention of action as a direct, actionable threat. Lookup the life of Antonio Gramsci who was imprisoned, tortured and killed just because the system at the time in Italy did not want to argue with someone who so accurately described their tyrannical plans.

Perhaps if I were to try to improve an already useful term, I might call Cultural Hegemony more accurately, Insider Hegemony, because its primary operational characteristic is the hidden nature of the intentions of those taking and holding the key positions of power. In some way culture is always an insider’s game, so perhaps this is implicit.

I will also add that I am not into dogs, but the existing cultural hegemony in the United States did in fact destroy my car computer remotely in 2017, which costed enough money that I could have bought and fed 20 dogs.

Which is to say these things are getting very real to people like me, and you can only ignore what I am saying here at the risk of intentionally choosing to live in a delusion.


August 2019