Decultification is the concerted effort of a civilian population to remove cults, mafias and secret societies from positions of power and cultural hegemony so that they can live normal lives in a functioning representative government and trust their police, military and representatives.

This includes the effort to maintain civilian control over the military so that wars are decided based upon popular will and not the whims of individuals and people who profit from weapons manufacture and sales.

Unfortunately, one of the Democratic candidates for president Elizabeth Warren, whom I support, has started with a misguided half-effort called ‘denazification’ which is just going to muddy the waters, so I created this meme to explain:

Any questions?

The first job of any decultification effort should be the fostering and protection of civilian journalists who have the courage to report on the true background and history of people involved in any event.

The second job is supporting and protecting artists and representatives who are known to be independent and openly against the control of society through plotting and conspiracy.

The third job is educating younger people so that they can tell the signs of a cult and learn how to resist them as well as operate in public as a public person with a public reputation.

The fourth job is developing communities who resist infiltration by spies, undercovers and other secret figures.

Society will always have cults, spies and undercover police, there is nothing inherently or absolutely evil and dangerous about these ideas if they are kept to a limited role and not allowed to take over.

Because once they have taken over, it is very difficult to resist them,

Such is our problem in 2019.