Dinner Invitations

I would like to invite the following people to dinner.

Or simply put, these are the people I would most like to meet who are on Earth right now and who I wish I could tell how much their work has enriched my life.

David Simon

TV on the Radio

George Saunders

Nancy from LCD


Abby Martin

Matt Taibi

Thievery Corporation

Sarah Bareilles


Roger Waters

Steve Earle

John McMurtry

James McMurtry

Robin Upton

Adam Duritz

Zach Delarocha


Keanu Reaves

Charlie Kaufman

Jim Carrey

John Cusack

Jim Caviezel

Michael Emerson

Armin Shimmerman

Wil Wheaton


Omar Barghouti

Ilhan Omar


Bernie Sanders

Anyone whose work appears on my site in any capacity(althought there might be exceptions to this…idk)