Expanded Definitions for Important Words 2020

Illustrations can be found here and this entire work with preface and dedication can be read and purchased here.

Please contribute to the work of guerrilla ontology, or you will be stuck with the intentionally degenerating language you can find on teevee channels run by people trying to ruin the English language and enslave your mind, and the rest of you with it. – JMH 3-21-20

Sense – Something the consciousness of a human being experiences directly through the organs in their physical body. Not to be confused with bullshit. See quality, sense, common sense, human condition

Hats – Things you can put on your head for warmth, fashion, utility or comedy. The list of purposes for hats is quite long. For some puzzling reason however, many if not all religions on Earth believe God or whatever deity takes hats very seriously, if not the most seriously. If, however, the most powerful being in the universe visits you and in the list of most important things headware is included, I would be extremely suspicious of the entire situation. See logogram, cult,

Hat Freedom – The freedom to wear any hat, or not. Note: Hat freedom also implies the freedom of anyone to mock any hat for any reason without fear of reprisal. If someone making fun of your hat upsets you to the point that you would like to respond with violence, that is how you know your religion is false and your god is fictional, as any Supreme Being should be able to handle their hat being mocked without smiting anyone or remotely sabotaging their car’s main computer, as is customary of some cults in 2020. See anarchy, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence

Raw Idea Freedom – The right to think about whatever you want inside your own head. A fundamental human right under natural law. This right is frequently threatened by covert tactics of repression which uses the power of the state to interfere with the targeted person’s ability to think due to the presence of constant external forces, include the threat of physical violence or imprisonment. See symbiotic harmonism, civilization, civil,

Meme Freedom – The freedom to possess and transmit any image with any text on it so long as the picture was taken without infringing upon the freedom of the person whose picture was taken. This also includes the freedom to modify any meme and re-release it to suit the needs of the viewer, and for that to happen until the end of time with any and all memes. All copyrighted materials used become advertisements for the original work, and as such it self-evidently absurd and immoral to censor advertisements of your own work, even if used in a meme of which you do not approve.

Talent – Someone born with an above-average ability to rapidly progress in a discipline. Talent is something that young people generally have. Talent has limited usefulness, eventually an adult will need to have skill. Many people are confused about Talent and believe people have it or do not have it, when the questions is which Talent a person may have. They want to say a person ‘has talent’ as a way of saying they are special, they have ‘It’ or ‘the gift’ or something, making it very subjective when talking about 40 year olds.

Skill – The ability to do something well. An adult human should have dozens of skills. Skill is developed by discipline over time. Skill is the ability to produce Quality. Many people confuse Talent for Skill, because they prefer to disregard the hard work of developing Talent and see it as a gift that was given rather than something that was worked for. This sort of thinking is often embraced by people who abuse and steal from artists and the young. See Quality, Garbage People.

Courage – The virtue without which all of the other virtues would never exist. The ability of someone or something to overcome fear and take risks for the sake of other values. The ability to place other values above personal safety. A preference of death over shame or submission. Everything good humans have ever done took courage, and almost everything bad humans do was a result of the lack thereof. Beware, if you have Courage, Garbage People, who do not have courage, will want to place you beneath them in their hierarchy so you can do their dirty work of ruining everything, thinking you are doing good, based on lies. See Garbage People, Propaganda, Morals, Freedom.

Quality – The Meaning of Life. The Point. The Way. The Tao. The Harmonic Intersection of Art and Science. Why It Is Even Worth Bothering With Anything. Anything that makes you happy, causes joy or satisfaction will have Quality, often many types of it. Quality tends to be the opposite of what Garbage People are doing and visa versa. Quality requires courage, on many levels. Garbage People always take something of Quality and ruin it, often making something hideous and dangerous to all involved. This word refers to no other words, all other words refer back to it.

Wisdom – The sum total of all good, valid, useful ideas that comprise quality. The opposite of nonsense, claptrap, hogwash, propaganda, trickery, manipulation, spin, and bullshit.

Integrity – “The essence of everything successful”, according to Buckminster Fuller. It has been said wisdom is knowing what is right, and integrity is doing that thing. When your actions and ideas are fully in alignment, you have integrity. Integrity is existence absent contradiction, confusion, and manipulation. Integrity cannot be bribed and does not have to lie to young people. Integrity is the basis of credibility, legitimacy, and ultimately all true civilization and progress. Integrity of character and action is the basis for personal and community philosophy in the system known as Symbiotic Harmonism, and all systems of totalitarianism and tyranny always, always seek to silence, impoverish and eliminate integrity and anyone with it from the world, as only the state and inner party are allowed to have even the appearance of credibility and legitimacy. And the basis of all revolutionary movements and all progress is leadership elements comprised organic intellectuals who do not sell out. Integrity is the opposite to the philosophy of stooges, garbage people, sycophants, gaslighters, and their ‘nothing matters, why bother, everything has a price’ wannabe philosophy, which enables every injustice, including epsteining. See quality, public interest technologist, public interest ecologist, audit, symbiotic harmonism, skill,

Morals – A code of conduct that good people follow even if they are not being rewarded to do so. Good people are generally good without being asked to do so and also even when no one is looking. Things that have Quality tend to also be morally justified and catalyze Freedom.

Natural Law – The law everyone could or would agree on absent of sociopaths and mendicants. Note: Everything demonic, for some odd reason, works in a very concerted way against every form of existing natural law. Once you notice this, you start to see it everywhere.

Girl – A female human being of pre-sexual age, who is unable to consent to sexual activity due to the incapacity of the young human mind to grasp the important concepts and long term consequences of sexual activity. Not to be confused with a woman of a sexually mature age. Note: Historically, it has been acceptable to use the words girl and woman sometimes interchangeably, but as of 2020 this has gone horribly awry and so moral people must return to the more strict usage of the word in order to make the job of restraining depraved perverts less fraught with confusion, which they twist in pursuit of their neverending goal to do anything they can get away with. Ideally, the young would be able to hold a youth vote about their desired age of consent, but since voting on planet Earth in 2020 is difficult even in much simpler cases, sane and moral adult humans are called upon by reason and conscience to build greater social value by protecing the weak and innocent from those who would prefer to remove these significant distinctions for their selfish degeneracy. See horcrux, tyranny, uniform degenerate force, cult, predatory exceptionalism, dark psychic energy, epstein, epsteining

Boy – A male human being of pre-sexual age, who is unable to consent to sexual activity due to the incapacity of the young human mind to grasp the important concepts and long term consequences of sexual activity. Not to be confused with a man of post-sexual age. Note: Historically, it has been acceptable to use the words boy and man sometimes interchangeably, but as of 2020 this has gone horribly awry and so moral people must return to the more strict usage of this word in order to make the job of restraining depraved perverts less fraught with confusion, which they twist in pursuit of their neverending goal to do anything they can get away with. Ideally, the young would be able to hold a youth vote about their desired age of consent, but since voting on planet Earth in 2020 is difficult even in much simpler cases, sane and moral adult humans are called upon by reason and conscience to build greater social value by protecing the weak and innocent from those who would prefer to remove these significant distinctions for their selfish degeneracy. See horcrux, tyranny, uniform degenerate force, cult, predatory exceptionalism, dark psychic energy, epstein, epsteining

Freedom – My freedom ends where yours begins and yours ends where mine begins. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom in every case must be evaluated as a balance between individuals and factions in a society. It is self-evident that any increase or decrease in anyone’s freedom in a group is legitimate topic of discussion and debate, and anyone’s attempt to reduce the freedom of another without discussion and debate is self-evidently tyrannical. See quality, symbiotic harmonism

Trust – A very difficult word to define, an even more difficult thing to have. If you do not know what this is, then I will not be able to explain it to you. Nor is it my job, nor should you trust me to explain trust to you. Note: This very website is largely written to help you determine how and who to trust, without directly saying so except here. See quality, credibility

Credibility – A type of trust pertaining to things expressed by a given party. Every entity making an expression and every expression have an abstract rating of how credible they are. A speaker, writer or statement with a lot of credibility will have demonstrated a record over time of previously being credible. Something or someone without any history has no chance of credibility. Everyone and everything without credibility will attempt to claim that they have credibility. In order to have a record over time, a speaker or writer must have to have a consistent identity. A bodyless cloud of electrons with a sketchy backstory could have credibility if everything it says turns out to be true. A well dressed octagenarian with a crown and diploma and army and ten TV channels purporting his impeccable unvarnished credibility, will almost always have no credibility. Credibility and identity are core requirements of civilization. Advanced technology and large crowds make these problems extremely difficult. Without credibility everything in a society is no more civilized than a gang or mafia. Dominant cultural hegemonies will primarily determine their hegemony by who is allowed to have credibility on their platforms. For instance in the case of the United States in 2020, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are given direct access to platforms while anyone who disagrees with them experiences cancel culture or worse. Credibility can be stolen and redirected, as in the case of Alex Jones. See civilization, cultural hegemony, platform, deplatform, cult, suppressive person, superpublic, zersetzung,

Ultimate Law of Deception – The sad fact that any actual honesty and excellence can simply be copied by sociopathic liars and used to appear authentic. See dark forest, mendicant, demonic, defense against the dark arts, cult, mystery school, kabballah, nazi, epstein, epsteining

Human Condition – The all-inclusive experience of having a body with human genetics in the universe. See subjective, polite, rude, antihumanism, dark forest

Dark Forest – A metaphor for the condition of sentience where every individual must be on a certain level uncertain about the true nature of other beings they encounter or may encounter. If you are in a dark forest late at night, you may feel like crying for help, but in a truly unknown environment that is just as likely to bring enemies as friends. A hard universal problem, made far more difficult by the intent of certain parties to obfuscate everything to near infinite complexity. There are very few hints or tips that help with this problem, directly, but the first would be that whoever is making it more difficult for you to learn the truth is likely not your friend. The various attempts by sentient beings to overcome this dilemma is known as “civilization”. Another strong tool in the struggle to get out of the dark forest is called, “Journalism.” Another is “Friendship”. Another is “Local Militia.” Another is “Audited Technology.” See demonic, mendicant, kabbalah, uniform degenerate force, superpublic, evil, discernment, judgement, civilization, civil, cult

Lore – Stories that may or may not be true, but which resonate in the human spirit and expand the range of the possible in the human mind.

Net Lore – Lore about events on the internet. Note: if you look closely around this site, you might just find some.

Legitimate – Something that can be verified and has demonstrated over time to have been worthy of trust. Legitimate things are clearly defined, have a long history of acceptance, and have few or no illegitimate connections to things that lack these traits. The opposite of demonic. Note: Stooges frequently if not always appear legitimate even if they are not, so in every case of determining legitimacy, one must look below the surface. Frequently legitimate things are polite and reciprocal. See trust, quality

Neophibe – A person who generally likes new ideas. See multiculturalism

Neophobe – A person who generally hates new ideas and the source of them. See demonic, cult, antihuman, anti-intellectual, garrison territory, predatory surveillance capitalism, trolling

Discernment – The ability whether by natural gift or developed skill of telling things apart like, what is real and what is fake, what is true and what is false, what is good and bad, trustworthy or not worthy of trust, and so on. If there is one thing you want to have, it is discernment and anyone who reveals themselves to be trying to undermine your ability to discern a situation, is not your friend in that situation. See quality, skill, talent, human condition, intelligence

Judgement – The process and resulting decision determining the true nature of a situation. Gathering evidence and deciding. One exercises judgement when one chooses anything, or seeks any goal for advantage. One judges using discernment to determine the truth about relationships and things people say. The development of judgement and being good at judging situations is the primary goal of wisdom and intelligence. Note: A prevalent manipulative tactic is denying someone’s judgement by calling it a prejudice, in a way calling their reasoned arguments an expression of irrational emotion, while the manipulator either willfully ignores the arguments because their status allows them to do so, or doesn’t understand them because they aren’t very bright. The false accusation of prejudice is just as dangerous as prejudice itself, as tyrants and scoundrels use all means to convince people not to think when it is to their advantage. Which is just about always. Really ask yourself if you are being pushed to have strong hateful feelings in protection of someone or to actually witchhunt someone. In the case of 2019, Jewish people perceive themselves and propagandize themselves as victims while they actually dominate the cultural hegemony, and so in media owned by jewish people, white people, islamic people and immigrants are victimized, and encouraged to hate each other at the same time. As whites are told the blacks and immigrants are the problem, while black people and hispanics are told white people are the problem. When the word dual loyalty is banned in the United States while every single buildiong material is deemed dual use in gaza, and direct ‘former’ ties to the Israeli mossad is ignored while having gone to a pagan festival counts as having ties to the third reich, you have to exercise your judgement and determine who is using words correctly and who is twisting them for advantage. Judgement and discernment are related, discernment is the passive form and judgement is the active form. Hint: the one who is being more manipulative is always the worst bad guy, but there is frequently more than one bad guy in many situations. See discernment, buddhism, defense against the dark arts, quality, skill, virtue

Final Judgment – Saying someone deserves to die and/or go to hell. Figuratively playing with fire. Saying you as a human should have control over death and hell is itself a form of necromancy. See necromancy.

Sufficient Condition – A philosophical category of condition where no single element is enough to make a decision or characterization, but where many elements present an overall picture of the situation which results in the decision or characterization. When you get fired from a job because ‘you are not a good fit’, this is what happened. It is very important to learn to distinguish between this and necessary conditions.

Necessary Condition – A philosophical category of condition where a single element is enough to make a decision or characterization. If you get fired for breaking something, this is what happened. It is very important to learn to distinguish between this and sufficient conditions.

Polite – The opposite of rude. Cordiality, diplomacy, consideration, reciprocity and geniality are all aspects of politeness, although there are nearly limitless ways to be polite. Politeness lacks any form of microaggression or aggression. See human condition, legitimate, quality

Buddhism – A set of techniques for managing one’s consciousness discovered and developed over millennia by meditating monks in southeast Asia. Buddhism is just this practice, although many extend it to include mystical and religious beliefs, such as that the Buddha discovered eternal life through these practices, or that there should be temples to worship The Buddha, etc. Buddhism does not conflict with any other religious belief, and can be used in conjunction with virtually any other positive moral belief system without contradiction. It can also be applied to virtually any other set of techniques and skills, as buddhism functions at the lowest level of consciousness and can greatly enhance one’s focus. See quality, skill, judgement, defense against the dark arts, discernment,

Sankara – A large conflict that resists resolution and results in long term pain and suffering for many people. A fundamental teaching of buddhism is the avoidance of creation of sankaras. See horcrux, interest, kabbalistic fairy tale, deplatform, treachery, gaslighting, tactical undermining, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, tyranny, epstein, epsteining, kabbalah,

Pay It Forward – A social strategy based upon the concept of not paying people back for something but rather inspiring others to help others people in the future as a means of paying back a gift. The opposite of debt and financial interest. Illustrated in a movie of the same name (that would be a lot better without Kevin Spacey in it.) A core element of symbiotic harmonism and civilization. See symbiotic harmonism, civilization, quality,

Bitch – I truly hate this word, I stop watching nearly anything where I hear if used in a way to try to sound casually cool. I once called a woman a bitch in front of the entire marching band, and I will forever, forever be embarrassed by this. I am really sorry about that. This is my least favorite word. It is the ultimate celebration of anti-intellectualism and patriarchy rolled into a very efficient way to trivialize mysogyny. See uniform degenerating force, dark psychic energy, bitch talk, sankara

Bitch Talk – A popular yet degenerate vernacular form of English where the word ‘bitch’ is overused to sound tough and ‘cool.’ The When every paragraph gets the word ‘bitch’ thrown in for no apparent reason except to sound tough, but which results in the person sounding like a misogynistic idiot. Paradigm examples are Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, every Jude Apatow movie, and Zombieland: Doubletap. See uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, social engineering, war talk,

Postmodernism – The neat and empowering idea that artists are not stuck with the orderly, clean lines and unified linear concepts of modernism, we can actually mix up and juxtapose all historical styles and every concept in the universe freely in our work without conforming to an end-of-history approach to how art and ideas should look.

Evil – The idea, no matter how otherwise disguised with ritual and religious woo-woo, that no laws apply to you or someone and that you can and should do whatever you can get away with. (classic example: “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.”) Of course if everyone acted this way, all of the things we enjoy about society would not exist due to all of the fighting and backstabbing. Evil always uses tyranny and so is pretty easy to identify from a distance if you just refuse to let evil people write their own encyclopedia articles. Journalism is the ultimate enemy of evil, as evil beings actually want to be perceived as good for some reason, which is one of the weirder things in the universe.

Necromancy – Worshiping, using, manipulating, or otherwise treating death and things that kill as anything other than the worsts thing ever, and/or for some or another benefit. This also includes everything predatory and parasitic, and applies to many transactions that are largely energetic, such as when an elderly pedophile pursues sexual relations with the pubescent. See predatory exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, epstein, epsteining, defense against the dark arts, demonic, zersetzung, kabbalah, cult, mendicant,

Faction – A group of people with shared goals. Those goals can either be private or public. A faction with private goals is often a mafia or a cult, but all political activity requires diplomacy and all diplomacy requires the ability to keep ones intentions secret prior to their implementation. A faction whose secrecy is not for the purposes of diplomacy, is a cult, mafia or military organization.

Common Sense – Shared experienced used as a reference between people. Something someone considers self-evident, that anyone would see if they would just look, that anyone would agree with if they just were to think. The intuitive type of experience where there is little need for analysis, as opposed to counterintuitive things where the visual or basic logical does not represent the true nature of something. Common sense is not a useful term because everyone believes everything they do is common sense, so it is an inherent cliche. What people mean when they say common sense is they are appealing to your reason, as opposed to appealing to their emotions, in the classic rhetorical senses. Common sense is one of the key propaganda terms used by totalitarian and other tyrannical systems bridge the gap between sense and the biogram into a nonsensical logogram. See logogram, brainwashing strategist, truman show commentary, uniform degenerative force,

Lifeground – The primary environment or habitat for a species. In the case of humans that would generally be what most humans would consider a utopia, a safe and secure area with plenty of food and other pleasant companion species consistent with our genetic past such as trees and dogs and a society that functions as a symbiotic team. Anyone or anything who undermines this type of habitat may not have human interests at heart, making one wonder what their interests might actually be. See landbase, symbiotic harmonism, quality, trust, ecology, Professor McMurtry

Professor John McMurtry – A canadian professor who gives excellent lectures, in stark comparison to the tripe of Jordan Peterson. Note: if you have not heard his lectures, this only confirms how true they are, as you have been literally trapped inside of a bubble where you are not allowed to hear his ideas without even noticing the tyranny you are under. See lifeground, symbiotic harmonism, jesusy,

Ecology – The study and logic of living beings and therefore the most primary and necessary field of study for any The fundamental field in the human organizational system known as symbiotic harmonism. Note: necromancers, predatory exceptionalists and also study ecology, like vampires and/or epstein studies the village beneath it’s creepy castle.

Landbase – The land from which all biological nourishment comes. Without a landbase, ecology is not possible and living beings are then trapped in a sterile environment where their survival depends upon stored or imported food and water. The process by which cities destroy a landbase is considered by some to be civilization, even though this process is uncivilized, degenerate and suicidal. See ecology, lifeground,

Civilization – The attempt by a group of beings to improve themselves over time according to subjective characteristics they consider representative of their values and desires. Based upon the idea that humans are not animals and so can not be owned, herded and slaughtered like animals. Civilization is the belief that there is more than the bare minimum of expectation for a human being, but that the expectation and responsibility weigh heavy for all but the criminally insane. Civilization is the opposite of degeneracy. Civilization requires educated people and continual, ubiquitous learning and education, so every act of teaching anyone, anything, is a direct counter to degeneracy towards barbarism. In human history this generally means the establishment of cities large enough to require the importation of resources, but there is a lower level to this word that simply means a group of people civilizing themselves according to what they think the word civil means. Since civil is another word for polite or non-warlike, this means people and other beings living together without violent conflict in a formal interhuman organizational structure and this also implies some set of agreements between them. Tyranny and civilization are incompatible due to the non-civil nature of tyranny. Frequently non-civilized places appear civil because they relocate their atrocities to distant corners where journalists either will not go or can not go. Cults and fanaticism are the enemies of all civilization, and must always be kept in check or the noble words will become mere labels for atrocity and madness. See symbiotic harmonism, free speech, freedom, quality, trust, credibility, civil, virtue, skill, courage

Civil – Another word for polite. The opposite of a belligerant or warlike attitude or posture towards others. Friendly might be another synonym, but polite is better as one is polite even to people who are not immediately friends or acquaintances as is often the case in cities. Once there is war in a city one can no longer trust that a stranger won’t simply kill them and so at that point is really no longer a city but rather the primal, pre-civilization experience of factional conflict, no matter how advanced the weapons are. The primary means of modern, post-ww2 conflict is the subversion of cities in areas where external forces are attempting to establish control to the point where the inhabitants of cities are in open conflict at which point it becomes fair game for a larger power to intervene and thereby establish dominance through the generally veiled politics of cultural hegemony also known as empire. See civilization, freedom

Free Speech – The idea that a person can say whatever they want without punishment or fear of reprisal. It is almost impossible to implement because cults and mafias operate according to the exact opposite principles, they keep their own ideas almost completely hidden and then secretly attack people who actually speak their mind. Free Speech and the freedom of opinion, and religion, are tied together as core aspects of ‘western’ attempts at civilization and it is no wonder then that eastern attempts at civilization like the chinese pooh party, russian fascism and jewish zionism do everything they can to destroy the idea of free speech at every opportunity. See natural law, freedom, anarchy, symbiotic harmonism

Interest – A financial practice also known as usury by which people are enslaved through deceptive and offensive banking institutions. The presence of interest forces the need in a city or nation for an ever increasing rate of extraction of resources from the surrounding environment and human population. Indefinite growth in every case leads to collapse of either the ecology or the basis of money itself, and so interest is either suicidally ignorant or deceptively predatory. Interest can be turned off with a switch, but the people who ‘earn’ money through it without having to work will say that it is absolutely necessary for the functioning of the system, and without it there would be sheer chaos, but they are in each and every case talking about themselves, because they would have to find a job and do work, which is the greatest fear of garbage people. Financial interest is a key element in the system known as psychotropic leachism and predatory exceptionalism, as its asocial nature breaks down all civil bonds in any society due to the increasing financial pressure and the pscyhological effects of debt burdens on collective groups of humans. Interest is inherently anti-ecological and anti-social and is not allowed on any civilized planet. Note: The primary underlying conflict between Islam and Judaism is the practice of usury, as Jewish people are forbidden from charging interest to each other but use it offensively on every non-jewish person. See psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, uniform degenerating force, tactical undermining, zersetzung, cultural hegemony, sankara

Marketing – When determining how to proceed, you can either become a quality person yourself and create something quality that the market, the people, want, or you can say what you are and what you have is already the best and what people want is wrong, and then going out from this point proceed to use tricks to trick people into seeing things your way. Marketing is a word which should not exist in the English language, it means advertising but with more tricks, when advertising is just sales with more tricks. Everyone you know in advertising and marketing is in sales, and no more dignified than someone who goes door to door, the only difference is how many more dirty tricks they use which pollute society and damage the mind of the people. If I were planning to invade a country, I would first cover it wall to wall in marketing, advertising and sales people first until no one there could think properly. Note: Marketing is a key element of psychotropic leachism, as almost all marketing technics are subtle or obvious mind conrol mechanisms.

Overton Window – Do not get me started on the overton window, but if you are looking for something inside of it, lol, if I were you I’d run. Your language is under attack, the overton window is actually attacking your brain and it is making it difficult or impossible to express the truth in the English language. Fortunately, you have this website as a resource. I would doubt anything that comes from a mass media source operated outside of your own country, or which has nebulous ownership, which is almost all mass media. Which is to say, mass media is useful only at this point for understanding what the rich globalist interests are trying to trick the poor people into believing, the truth has historically been nearly exclusively found outside the overton window in the United States, see my memes. The key to deciphering the code is worry, what do the writers of this tv program want you to worry about and what don’t they want you to worry about at all? Armed with this insight, you take ten leaps towards the truth in a single easy step.

Cultural Marxism – A made up term, similar to ‘cultural bolshevism’, which makes use of the scary-sounding word ‘marx’ in the English language to scare people into hate of minorities and other factions displeasing to the rich. Allegedly what it means when a repressed minority requests that one of the repressive mechanisms be removed, and a majority says no. Cultural Marxism and its sister-term Political Correctness, are amorphous, impossible to define, dogwhistle terms that present themselves as ways for individuals to protect their independence and culture, but they are really tools of oppression to prevent the individuality, independence, economic success and culture of others. Note: The paradigm case for cultural marxism is how Jordan Peterson says that transsexual people defining the language of their culture and requesting it be adapted by the larger culture, is actually authoritarian in nature and that people who want to call transsexual people insulting names are the victims. Cultural Marxism to people in this propaganda bubble means Cultural Authoritarianism, but the actual authoritarians want their primary tactic, authoritarianism, removed from the discussion and replaced with something they can more easily re-define and weaponize. Marxism and culture have little to do with each other, Marxism is about political economy, not culture(these words are separate words for a reason), and so this phrase is very useful to authoritarian capitalism because it puts the language of their opponents in a blender, which is easy for them to do with their mass media networks. Cultural Marxism now means, without any regard to the actual meaning of words or history, when a liberal person tells a conservative person that their culture is outdated and oppressive, whether true or not. This is how propaganda works, and it should be noticed how carefully thought-out this term is and how precise its usage is, which is to say this was not a natural evolution of human culture, cultural marxism is a term foisted upon us by a very well concerted cultural hegemony, which reveals its intentions through such behavior. Which is to say, even though the .01% of trans people are simply defining their own culture and asking/protesting for respect, the cultural hegemony wants to create a conflict where none needs to be and division between liberals and conservatives, which matches the historical pattern of the ‘culture wars.’ “Cultural marxism” then gradually comes to represent every liberal idea, and True Americans are those who resist social change, oppress minorities and worship capitalism, and those threatening income redistribution from the extremely wealthy to the starving and homeless, are repressed and relegated to bickering regarding cultural issues, rather than the accurate political economy of marx. The ease with which authoritarians do this to liberals and the difficulty liberals have doing this back to authoritarians, is one of the primary causes for the present milieu, and will not change until there is an actual liberal mass media and not 5 exclusively conservative authoritarian mass medias. The challenge the conservatives have is in getting their constituents to hate liberal people, who are actually nice, and to turn off all sympathy and empathy, and, for instance, see all transsexual people as the ones being the bullies, making demands, invading their culture when this viewpoint is morally sick and politically inverted. The trans people are an oppressed minority, perhaps the most oppressed minority, and for conservative Americans to see their attempt to create a space for their culture in the English language has nothing to do with marxism whatsoever, until you get to the level of analysis where wealthy capitalists are actually paying to have this done. From this angle it demonstrates how wealth operates to manipulate all struggles against oppression, and to manipulate vast groups of people into being heartless tools of repression on command. This is exactly how marx suggest that capital works, so actually this is cultural capitalism at work. On the other hand, wealthy capitalists can also propagandize liberal people that everyone should try being transsexual or homosexual, and in so doing actually undermine heterosexual culture, AND THEN point to this and say “look at how liberal culture is degenerate in the sense that young couples don’t want to have babies, and masculinity is shamed, we look like a bunch of pansies to the world.” A better term for this is cultural capitalism, how large fortunes and the class of people who controls them, the ownership class, plays us all against each other so that we do not have any time to notice them enslaving us. Since Marx predicts and describes this in his work, to say that capitalism changing culture to suit its needs and whims is Marx’s idea, is outlandishly anti-intellectual and outright ignorant. No intelligent and/or sincere person uses the term cultural marxism, intelligent and sincere people recognize it for the propaganda hobby horse that it is. Cultural Bolschevism was an actual nazi tactic to alienate and murder all of their opponents, so anyone using this term seriously is either ignorant, or an actual nazi. See cultural capitalism, propaganda, cultural hegemony, propaganda hobby horse, zionism, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, predatory exceptionalism,

Cultural Capitalism – When culture is dominated, ruled and/or taken over by rich people. A cultural hegemony of people who have never known what it is like to be poor. The United States in 2019 is the paradigm case for such a plutocracy run amok. Wealthy people use their wealth to surround themselves with a literal army of sycophants who lack the capacity for class based economic analysis, and while the people they are defending are almost always kept from scrutiny, the poor people who criticize them must live under a microscope. Anyone who operates against the interests of the rich people under a cultural hegemony of capitalists will be called names. Note: In 2019, you will be called a “marxist” and “anti-semite.” The dialectic is people who think value is determined by a. what makes society good vs. b. what rich people want, but the mass media owned by people who have never been poor and hate reading criticisms of themselves, who don’t understand the writing of Marx, want you to see it as ‘American vs. Communism’, or really ‘America vs. mean dirty unwanted people who hate america’. When really it is, ‘Rich people vs. America’, and it is a cage match only one of us will walk out of. Note: Communism used to be their goto word here, but now it is Marxism and Antifa, a definite change in the language according to Orwell’s predictions for totalitarian systems. Which is to say, the people doing this know they are trying to institute a totalitarian system and are making a very precisely coordinated effort to do so.

Platform – A soapbox or a digital soapbox, which amplifies the voice of a person to a point where others can easily hear their ideas. This could be a podium, a literal soap box, a loudspeaker, a radio, a tv program or a vast global software product. See technologic cathedral, technologic synagogue, technologic bazaar

Deplatform – Censoring someone by making it impossible for them to use the platform they were once using. A way to silence someone without arguing with them. An inherently uncivil form of censorship and bullying which invisibly accomplishes the goals of the dominant cultural hegemony. A very common tactic used by jewish people on jewish owned media and in jewish owned entities to silence anyone who has anything to say jewish people, and especially kabbalistic jewish people, do not want anyone to hear. In essence, when they know they can’t win an argument with you because you reject all of their snuck premises and false overton windows, they pretend you do not exist and everything you say is outright insanity. In this way tight ideological control over hundreds of millions of people can be maintained, invisibly and unaccountably. See censorship, tactical undermining, anti-movement policing, psyop, 4D’s, 3E’s, crazy, totalitarianism, national socialism, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, zersetzung,

Technologic Cathedral – In Eric Raymond’s essay ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’, he compares forms of technology and the social organizations behind them and categorizes them into two dominant forms. One, the Cathedral(or synagogue, or temple) which resembles a religion, where the secret of how it works is kept hidden and where uses of the technology are strictly controlled. The other is more like an open bazaar or ‘free market’ where strict control and design secrets are of no use due to the freedom of the society and thriving intellectual culture.

Technologic Synagogue – A technologic cathedral owned and operated by jewish people such as Facebork, Twitter, Wikipedia, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Patreon Duck Duck Go, Akamai, Ethos Capital, Amdocs, Rapiscan and many others. See judeo nazi, cultural hegemony, tyranny, slimy lateral power grab, epstein, sociopath, cult, kabbalah,

Technologic Bazaar – A free market of technology where secrets about the designs are difficult to keep and designs are tested in the open so that advertising has a difficult time lying, and special classes of technocrats are unable to form. See free market, raw idea freedom, free speech, civilization, discernment

Sociopath – People who destroy social bonds, often for self serving or institutional reasons. Some sociopaths are actually missing the part of their brain that allows people to feel empathy. Some are simply being paid to do a job, or both. Sociopaths are the enemies of society and should under no circumstances be trusted to implement their self-serving asocial dystopian visions upon other people. Most propaganda is an attempt to make sociopaths and their agenda appear like democratic socialism when it is not. See Evil, Garbage People, Tyranny, defense against the dark arts, necromancy, zersetzung,

Tyranny – An individual or faction using force and other coercive methods to dominate another individual of faction, taking away their freedom and hording all the freedom for themselves. When one group can do anything they want and another group can do nothing at all besides what the other wants, is the primary model of tyranny. Note that in almost all cases, the tyrants will try using all methods of deception no matter how morally disgusting to make their slaves think they are actually free or that they deserve the punishment of slavery. Slavery, propaganda, coercion, and doublethink always indicate the existence of tyranny.

Treachery – Another word for what betrayal, what traitors do. Treachery, tyranny and cults go hand in hand. See President Donald J. Trump, Epstein, epsteining, William Barr, Hillary Clinton, Michael Chertoff,

Mystery School – A hidden school that teaches ideas that you can only learn by swearing to keep them secret and joining a cult of some kind. Mystery schools become the basis of any form of government that does not actively resist them using techniques such as distribution of power, independent journalism, local militias, and the protection of public intellectuals. The ultimate result of rule by mystery schools is a class of people who is above the law and who freely preys upon those not within the cult. Mystery Schools come in all names, shapes, colors and sizes but you must determine on your own if there are any that threaten you where you live. William Cooper wrote and spoke extensively about mystery schools and their danger to civilization and humanity. Terrence McKenna proposed the alternate approach to spiritual matters in that he shared everything he learned. Jesus is another historical person who attempted to share mystery school knowledge. Sadly people who share the secrets of mystery schools(like I am doing right now) tend to die early deaths and have their libraries later burned, as the mystery schools do not appreciate competition or people giving their secrets away for free as it is bad for their business model. Both the ancient and modern nations of Israel and the 3rd Reich under Hitler were governments dominated by a central mystery school. Note: Yes, you should save this webpage right now. See demonic, cult, predatory exceptionalism, epstein, epsteining, kabballah, judeo-nazi, nazi, Nazi

Defense Against the Dark Arts – In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, there is a class at magic school for defending against ‘the dark arts’. This teacher tradiditionally has their own problems with the dark arts, and as such is a potent vehicle for warning the youth about the danger of turning to the dark arts after studying them. In plain language, spending too much time focusing on negative or bad things has a tendency to turn one in that direction, and there is a long history which confirms this danger empirically. Note: The most powerful technique this author has found against the ‘dark arts’ is the core teachings of buddhism. Note: The primary teaching on this matter should come from ones’ parents, in a perfect world and the secondary method should be reading. See buddhism, demonic, judgement, discernment, social engineering, predatory exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, symbiotic harmonism,

Doctor Who – A fictional 900 year old doctor who time travels frequently to earth in order to save humans and other beings from calamity when necessary or when called upon. His primary strategy when encountering a new problem is to identify the parties involved by name. See civilization, lore, catcher in the rye, discernment, judgement, jesusy, defense against the dark arts, dark forest,

Witch Hunt – When a dominant cultural hegemony uses their judicial powers to persecute minorities they find undesireable. See no true scotsman, zersetzung, tactical undermining, uniform degenerative force, kabbalah, tyranny,

McCarthyism – During the [entire time] of the United States history, people who reject the idea of centralized ownership of the country’s resources and rule by the rich have been systematically persecuted and excluded from the cultural hegemony. In the 1950’s this was televised as a purge of potentially ideologically threatening

Mega-mcarthyism – McCarthysism on a vast scale enabled by computing and global networks.

Cancel Culture – A means to deny non-conforming members of society from the dominant cultural hegemony through hypercriticality, proxy shill accounts and double standards and anti-intellectual mob justice. A means by which ideological conformity is enforced without explicitly stating that any ideology is established or banned. The most sophisticated means of repression that has ever been developed, as the true hand behind it is almost always invisible and it appears as if it the will of the public even if it may be the capricious nature of a single part in the dominant cultural hegemony. Note: The first person canceled by cancel culture was Rachel Corrie, or Jesus, or Anaxagorus, or maybe Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the garden, take your pick. See witch hunt, tactical undermining, cultural hegemony, cultural capitalism, totalitarianism, tyranny, free speech, freedom, nazi,

Rogue Intelligence – Someone possessing intelligence who does not use it for the purposes of other intelligent beings, resulting in chaotic results of planned wargames, which require such rogue intelligences to be systematically repressed, controlled and if necessary eliminated, even if they are doing nothing against the law. See anti-movement policing, zersetzung, palantir, wargames,

Outright Propaganda Terms – Terms which are repeated over and over yet convey very little meaning, and in general much less meaning than the actual apropriate English words to use in the situation. Regime Change, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, Domestic Terrorist, No Quid Pro Quo, Insurgency,

Pre-caricaturization – When a person is in danger of going viral due to the quality of their work, and they are a person that the state and/or cultural hegemony do not want to ever succeed, this person’s entire backstory and history are pre-analyzed so that if the person were to ever have their 15 minutes of fame, in that moment the power structure is prepared to strike them at their weakest point and ensure that they are held down, where they belong. Only when the community is strong enough to see through the cultural hegemony’s thinly veiled strategy of continued domination through crypto-class warfare, will there be any chance of overturning it. Note: this writer has likely been precaricaturized, so be ready for it. See anti-movement policing, suppressive person, pre-deselection, zersetzung, cancel culture,

Pre-deselection – When the in-group decides someone is in the out-group prior to audition, interview or even contact. Made extremely easy by ‘social media’ under the command of garbage people like Zuckerberg who are but the figureheads masking the true nature of the invisible hand which operates inside of their platform of deliberately obfuscated status mazes. The word will come down from somewhere up higher, They will say one of the key outgroup phrases such as Nobody Likes them or that the person is an Asshole, and no justification will be necessary because only those higher up in the cultural hegemony know the true nature of the cultural hegemony, and who would ever be of use to them. And who are their enemies. The writer of this was pre-deselected for everything in the United States, so I feel very little(read: no) respect for the dominant hegemony and have no interest whatsoever in its continued dominance, much less survival. Note: Through this process zionists and the u.s. military decide who is allowed to be a comedian, actor, screenwriter or work in the film industry of the United States whatsoever, which has obviously led to the crass hyper-degradation of American cinema into propaganda and psychological degeneracy. Note: this author has been pre-deselected, and you can probably tell why by now. See gatekeeper, cultural hegemony, totalitarianism, tyranny, suppressive person, litmus test, mccarthyism, nazi, national socialism, cult, anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, psychological operations, decultification

Kabbalah – Jewish demonology and communication with demons. Kabbalists believe all spirits and angels are just different kinds of demons, and they actively seek to eliminate or control all other belief systems through proxy occult networks. Note: this is starkly opposed to many other forms of shamanism and spirituality which believe there are helping spirits and angels, and that demons are evil. Note: it is a teaching of the kabbalah not to talk about the kabbalah in public, so many practicioners do not admit they do so. Note: Kabbalists deny the standing or validity of any other religion or teacher and do not believe there is such a thing as a good person. Warning: This is a cult that is at war against everyone else and which practices cultural imperialism, paramilitary warfare and offensive magic, like ‘evil eye’ spellcasting on their enemies which have in the past included Jesus, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and likely many other such figures. Now that this cult is integrated with Israeli state power and so have access to all manner of spy information and assassination technology, and maybe nuclear weapons, they are extremely dangerous, especially to anyone who writes things like this very document. Note: This is who the writer of the book of Revelation in the bible was referring to when he said the “the jews who do not worship god but who worship satan.”(Rev 14:9) See demonic, judeo-nazi, antisemitism, the global war on terror, mendicant, epstein, epsteining, APLEA Rangers, cultural imperialism, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, mystery school, the global war on terror, necromancy, Donald J. Trump,

Kabbalistic Fairy Tale – Anecdotal stories told by kabbalists and/or their proxy stooges to non-cabbalists to manipulate them by placing lies and deceptive images into their minds. Often used in the modern world for propaganda on jewish owned mass media channels. The second most famous example of this is when a teenage girl lied about incubators being stolen from Kuwait in order to justify the war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 1991. The first most famous is that Osama Bin Laden ‘did 9/11’ from a cave in Afganistan. All cults create such things, but as an American in 2020 this is naturally represents my greatest present concern. The ever-expanding definition of Antisemitism and permanent jewish victimhood over the holocaust is another. Note: this is one of the many implementation of the idea known as ‘Society of the Spectacle’ as introduced by Guy Dubord where humans can be easily manipulated through storytelling imagry. See demonic, mendicant, psychotropic leachism, judeo-nazi, anti-semitism, horcrux, necromancy, psychotropic leachism,

Imposter Syndrome – When an honest person doubts their own honesty. Frequently inflicted on someone intentionally, especially in police state operations where thought criminals must be inflicted with self-doubt to prevent them from realizing obvious truths and spreading actual information, or becoming effective leadership in a movement. See zersetzung, tactical undermining, no true scotsman, social engineering, suppressive person, superpublic, anti-movement policing

Catcher in the Rye – A famous book about a teenager who sees everyone as fake and has an inexcplicable deep urge to protect others, because he feels he sees dangers they cannot see. He likens this to a field full of tall plants that he can only barely see over the top of, while children run around blindly despite the nearby presence of a cliff. Popular among mendicants and tyrants, as they also see the world as full of only fakes. See mendicant, kabballah,

Donald J. Trump – The most obvious stooge and garbage person in the history of the world. A zionist puppet. The greatest threat to world peace and human survival in the history of the world. A close friend of Jeffrey Epstein and a member of the New York jewish mafia trained under Roy Cohn. See mendicant, garbage people, stooge, zionism, kabballah, demonic, tyranny, cult, slimy lateral power grab, sankara, horcrux,

Socialism – The form of government or socio-economic system where the observable quality of the actual community in which people live has primacy. All measures and ideas are considered and evaluated by how it affects groups of humans sharing land, cities, planets and ultimately the universe. This simple, powerful, good idea is so simple, powerful and good that tyrants and evil people try to define it in every other possible way than by the literal use of the base word ‘social.’ If it is social, it is good for society and we should do it. Capitalists hate this logic, because the same can obviously not be said about capital. This pisses evil people off to no end, thus all the barbed wire and chaos around the use of this word that we are only finally beginning to untangle in the English language in 2019. Everyone is trying to change Society, this makes what they do Socialism. There are ways to do this that are totalitarian, like stalinism or neoliberalaism, where the societal vision of tiny fanatical religious factions or some batshit individual are imposed by force, and there are ways to do this democratically like Sweden and Norway.

Multiculturalism – the idea that society should be governed by laws and norms that work for a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions and philosophies. Which is to say that no religion or race or whatever has all the answers to dictate how society should operate, which effectively establishes that set of ideas as the basis for all law and culture. The United States has historically been a successful multicultural society that has progressively been more tolerant and accepting of different cultures, but the Republican Party has always attempted to resist this and maintain a form of white christian dominance through the use of the famous ‘southern stategy’ to manipulate flaws in the constitution while claiming to preserve the tradition of the founders. China, Russia and Israel are examples of nations that are locked in the grip of single cultures attempting to dominate the entire society. These nations have every interest in destroying multiculturalism everywhere, and should be suspected of dirty tricks in the attempt to make multiculturalism look like it is not viable. Which is of course, evil and despicable.

Symbiotic Harmonism – An ideology based on maximizing human happiness and catalyzing positive social interactions through design and planning for human priorities. Includes strategies and organizational qualities such as open, verifiable, understandable, clear, fair, and safe. The state of a group of beings in absence of coercion within a functioning society, where each member contributes fairly and benefits fairly such that the total quality of life of the group exceeds what each individual could achieve separately. The propagandized goal of every attempted civilization, even predatory and parasitic social organizations, dishonestly claim to have achieved this. The opposite of toxic, totalitarian, tyranny and cults. (explanatory diagram, please share widely) See quality, morals, socialism, multiculturalism, melting pot, quality, socialism, natural law

Exceptionalism – The insane idea of mentally ill people that some individuals and factions can be excluded from the enforcement of laws or morals because they are in some or another sense so ‘good’ that they are ‘above’ the law. No one is above the law. The definition of Law itself is that it is something to which there is no exception, which applies universally. Exceptionalists believe their viewpoint, religion, group, faction or whatever should be special, and above criticism while frequently at the same time saying ‘everybody is doing it’, trying to degenerate society to their level. Exceptionalism is a great enemy of Multiculturalism and Globalism. See Bully, Gaslighting, Inner Party, Racism, and Antisemitism, garbage people, zionism, judeo-nazi, predatory exceptionalism

Telereader – A way to read from a distance. Another way of saying web browser. A telereader can either be a Free Telereader or a Slave Telereader. In a free telereader, the telereader does not allow or enable tracking of what you read by third parties or by the owners of what is being read. With a Slave Telereader, everything you read and everything you do is used as a means to read your mind and control as a slave. IMPORTANT NOTE: A free telereader is a key element to the functioning of symbiotic harmonism, while a slave telereader is a key element in psychotropic leachism and predatory exceptionalism. See public interest technology, anti-movement policing, tyranny, totalitarianism, psychotropic leachism,

Psychotropic Leachism – An ideology based on the using drugs and hypnosis to trick a large population to let a smaller faction steal the surplus from their work so they do not have to work at all while both ruling over them and preying upon them. Psychotropic Leachism involves hypnotic mass media, pervasive manipulative propaganda, vast hierarchies, unregulated banking, predatory lending, inherited wealth, bribery, murder of journalists, twisted legal codes, corporatism, tyranny and totalitarianism in general. Contemporary corporate capitalism in 2019 is paradigmatic psychotropic leachism. (see my memes page, but this is the explanatory meme) See totalitarianism, trickle down economics, austerity, psy-op, propaganda, tabloid, fascism, diabolic situation, radical debt refusal, bully, predatory surveillance capitalism

Hierarchy – A system of beings whose order is determined by who is better or worse than who, such that a pyramidal chart representing who is on top and who is on bottom can easily be drawn to describe the power dynamic of the group, species, nation or whatever. Hierarchy usually involves numbering, scores and well-defined factions with well-defined or well-obfuscated distinct rights for each level of the structure. The ones on the bottom of a hierarchy typically have no rights and are slaves. The ones on top are typically sociopaths who have no care whatsoever for the difficulties or suffering of those below. Almost always class is involved, upper class, or lower class. Economic status as rich or poor or super-rich or homeless also almost always define the levels of a hierarchy. Hierarchies are the primary tool of tyranny and all of this flows forth from the single idea that some beings are of great value and some beings are of no value whatsoever. Skin color, genealogy and religion almost always plays a role in the establishment of a hierarchy. All militaries use hierarchies. Hierachies are almost always absurd, unjustified and immoral but can in some instances be justified and morally good in order to accomplish noble goals, but only if everyone in the hierarchy accepts their place in the hierarchy voluntarily. The upper echelons of hierarchies hate people most of all who describe their inner workings and structures, or talk about their mistakes, or worse, try to design societal structures that could replace or even mildly threaten them, as it is all about control. Anyone below who tries to order off the menu is under threat of being put on the menu themselves. Capitalism is extremely hierarchical and would rather wipe out species and desertify entire planets than reconsider its fundamental organizing principles. Anarchy is the opposite of Hierarchy. See Exceptionalism, Garbage People, Bullies, Capitalism, Psychotropic Leachism, Authority, Sychophant, Predatory Exceptionalism

Agent – Someone who is not who they say they are, and who is pursuing ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Agents will never, ever, ever be your real friend, even if they are friendly, give you money, and/or have sex with you. See anti-movement policing, demonic, uniform degenerate force,

Control Mechanism – A social, institutional, structural, functional design to control another person. The fundamental basis of all tyranny and slavery. See tyranny, totalitarianism, psychotropic leachism, demonic

Trump – The zionist mafia puppet currently threatening world war in the interest of the expansionist plans of the zionist entity. See garbage people, stooge theater, psyop, illuminoxy

Anarchy – Any time and space without coercion among sentient beings. See Symbiotic Harmonism, freedom

Censorship – When someone is so scared of an idea they want to let everyone know how weak they are by trying to ban an idea from existing. Almost every idea on this page will be censored on the majority of planet earth, as what I describe here cuts through all the bullshit to describe how unjustified power enslaves the population of earth on a massive scale. Censorship is always a step towards tyranny and free societies have no use for it whatsoever. If bad ideas are spreading to the point that too many people are believing lies, there is a problem with journalism not a problem with ideas or facts. See shut it down, cultural hegemony, psychotropic leachism

False Teachings – When bad ideas are spread as if they were good ideas. See interest, mendicant, mystery school, epstein noctae, Jordan Peterson, demonic, uniform degenerating force, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, interest, uniform degenerating force, psychological operation, flat earth, kabbalah, cult

Racism – The belief that your skin color and/or ethnic heritage is the best one and that all the others are trying in the long term to drive your race to extinction if you don’t act more racist by protecting your women from having voluntary sex with people who are the wrong color. Racism is unintelligent and unscientific and appeals to vulnerable people who have hurt feelings about the fact that indeed there exists someone of a different color who is taller, smarter, faster and has bigger genitals than they do. The idea that in a thousand years a single race will dominate and that will have proved something or answered some question is so incredibly unintelligent that I consider it beyond the realm of rational discussion. Like planning the color or religion of the entire human species in a thousand years is a rational use of time and energy, for anyone. Humanity faces the risk of extinction in the next 20 years due to to climate change, we have bigger fish to fry than what color people are, don’t you think?

White – A color that no one is.

Beige – The true color of white people.

Black – A color that no one is.

Brown – The true color of black people. Beige is also brown. Therefore the true color of all people is brown, and we are only lighter or darker skinned. However, no one really minds being called black or white because it is not that much of a big deal. Light and dark-skinned are possible alternatives, but it adds more syllables so it is still a very subjective personal decision how one would like to identify. See horcrux, racism

The n word – after bitch and stupid, the n word is my fourth least favorite word, preceded by my third least favorite word which is the word the n word represents. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has but one very serious request of me that is easy to fulfill through non-action. I doubt the moral judgement and historical understanding of anyone who feels the need to reject this request.

Crazy – My fifth least favorite word. If someone is crazy, calling them crazy will not help them and is an abelist insult. If someone is not crazy, calling them crazy is incorrect. Therefore there is no proper use for this word and it is inherently anti-intellectual. In 2020, crazy is used to exclude a vast amount of ideas from the public sphere, enabling mass media propaganda on a grand scale. Calling something posted on the internet crazy is the all around go-to shill response to ideas they are paid to prevent from spreading. See poison pilling, overton window, propaganda, psychotropic leachism,

Litmus Test – A single question that determines something, for which there can be only two answers. A good example for a public intellectual would be, ‘What have you written in public about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal?’ The answer can only be something or nothing, and if someone has not discussed it they are implicated in the scandal, as whether someone actively covers up or ignores the most shameful event in american history, it has little to do with which side they are ultimately on.

No True Scotsman – A powerful gaslighting technique in which the attacker raises the evidentiary requirements infinitely high. The police state and military also uses this technique against political opponents of the state, who reject the hierarchy, ideology or who do not follow orders, to justify constant surveillance by using the vast trove of already surveilled information to cast aspersions which present the target as a constant threat to order. Another way of saying this is moving goalposts. See demonic, gaslighting, mendicant, kabbalah, imposter syndrome, antisemitism, relativism

Prejudice – Contempt prior to investigation. Note: An informed position cannot be prejudice. For example, not all racism is prejudice. Some people have really thought about it and just believe phrenology after reading a single book and so calling them prejudiced is insulting. When someone was raised by their parents to hate parakeets, until the point the adult figures out for themselves whether or not they like parakeets, they are prejudiced against parakeets and their avoidance of parakeets is irrational, perhaps even pre-cognative. In this way if prejudice is a problem, like everyone in an area has been taught a lie, you cannot treat prejudice like an illness or beat it out of them. You cannot convince someone to stop being prejudice, you can only inform them and expand their world view.

Propaganda – fake journalists telling lies for other people in order to earn money. Often if not always the lies are mixed in with a lot of obvious truths presented with sophisticated manipulative techniques. Many propagandists are not aware of the true nature of their work, as intelligence is not a trait required or sought after in propagandists. Fox News and CNN are obvious examples of classic propaganda. 24 hour propaganda news with the interests of foreign powers at heart is sufficient to bring down an entire civilization without the conquering people knowing that they are conquered. Propaganda is inherently treacherous and treasonous to the target audience.

Mainstream Media – A propaganda term for mass media that unnecessarily aggrandizes the mass media. To date no anti-rich viewpoints have ever been able to afford mass media broadcasting, which is another way of saying that, not surprisingly, no rich people have as yet decided to start a news channel for anti-rich viewpoints, or that will even allow anti-rich viewpoints. If you have been watching the television for your news, there is a very good chance you are actually brainwashed into thinking that your interests are actually quite closely aligned with rich people’s, even though they are alternately preying upon you and leaching off you, if not outright beating you with clubs and infiltrating your neighborhood with undercover police trying to sniff out anti-rich interests(aka marxist, communist, anarchist, anti-semitic, scum). Note: If you find yourself in this predicament, read this entire document as soon as possible and rethink your entire life. See propaganda, capitalism, cultural capitalism, gaslighting, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, rulership, slavery, cultural hegemony, babylon, kabballah fairy tale,

Doublethink – The means by which governments and other powerful interests implement change by using propaganda to alter the terms by which people understand historical events and their own lives. Famous doublethink terms are ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘Insurgency’, ‘Liberation’, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and ‘Exceptionalism’. When Donald Trump was revealed to have obvious poorly-concealed ties to Russia, the word ‘collusion’, a synonym for conspiracy, was used for the first time in the american mass media to prevent the need for the use of the term conspiracy so that powerful factions(who usually benefit from the ban on the word conspiracy) would themselves not be categorized as conspiracy theorists, when they obviously are, and as soon as it benefits them of course. Doublethink leads to extremely tangled webs without basis in reality, which exhausts most people as its intended effect is compliance, not communication. Without a single person making a single page of definitions like this one in order to establish some sort of order, language itself becomes meaningless. This is ultimately what doublethink is, a means by which a dominating faction shreds the ability of the subjected faction to think, at all, which enforces cynacism and negativity on a vast scale, which also only further benefits tyranny. The word that has been used the most for doublethink in the history of the world is Love, followed closely by Terrorism.

Relativism – The rejection of absolute principles and natural laws, the idea that since there is always something worse you could have done and always historical precedent for your crime, it isn’t really that bad, in the big picture. Relativists say things like ‘as long as you don’t do this way more extreme thing, this plainly evil thing can’t be that bad’, until they are murdering people regularly for profit and blaming it on someone else, and never once notice the velocity of their moral change towards depravity. One of the best examples of relativism is when the genocide of the native Americans is used by Israelis as a way to say their genocide of the Palestinians is normal and justified, and that no one whose country has ever had atrocities in their past can ever have standing to condemn atrocities. Alternately the ‘at least you aren’t form is used’, for example, ‘at least you aren’t a nazi and as long as you don’t have gas chambers…’ Put together with ‘it can’t be that bad’, relativism is a devastatingly destructive intellectual concept as deletrious to human consciousness and effective morality as as many brain tumors. Frequently used in connection with religious fanaticism, exceptionalism, racism and national socialism as in the case of zionist propaganda. Note: Garbage people almost always have a strong relativist position, which is why they are selected to be proxy stooges in the first place. Simply stated, relativism can justify anything and so it is summarily anti-thetical to the concept of justice and sane society. The change of a society from a state of liberty to tyranny is paved by relativism. See garbage people, clown world, degenerate, chewbacca defense, whataboutism, demonic, exceptionalism, zionism, stooge theater, totalitarianism, doublethink

Religion – One of the most difficult words to define. A religion is a belief system and social grouping which explains the unknowable, like what happened before time, what happens before birth or after death, what dreams mean and/or what will happen at the end of the universe. As with many things with a long history, religion has been behind many positive and negative things on planet Earth in the time of humans. Because there are too many outstanding questions for science to impress people with authoritative absolute answers to some Big Questions, anyone who just makes up something remotely plausible and repeats it a hundred times can convince millions of people to keep repeating the same things, and then believing them. Religion can fill in some uncomfortable blanks, but putting people in charge who are detached from reality has lead to spectacular failure every time.

Richard Feyman – I promise I am smarter than you so listen close. It is ok not to know. It is far, far better to be admittedly, shamefully, sadly ignorant than it is to be disasterously incorrect. Improve the solutions, pass them on. Watch my lectures if you want to understand quantum physics and realize how smart you are not. I am, sadly, dead but that is entropy and the reality I am confined to. (this is only a quote based on wild conjecture mixed with actual quotes and should be disregarded, probably)

Terrorism – No one can define Terrorism in such a way that they themselves would not commit terrorism under the right circumstances, i.e. every person considers it their right to revolt against tyranny. In 2018 terrorism is all forms of rebellion against the global banking system and system of business defended by the United States military and those forces that have through subversion transformed it into a mercenary organization. There is also no way to define Terrorism such that threatening to assassinate leaders of a faction is not terrorism, and thus implicating beyond doubt the entire United States military’s standard operating procedure for the last 50 or more years. For some reason, when it comes to terrorism, a single individual blowing something up to make a political point is obviously terrorism while large scale implementations of terrorism like the bombing and invasion of Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Venezuela(and..and..and..) is not terrorism. See Propaganda, Doublethink and Tyranny.

Capitalism – Another word for plutocracy, or rule by the wealthy. The form of government and/or socio-economic system where people with the most money can do whatever they want with it, even bulldoze over other people, even if they did not earn their money and only inherited it. Capitalists believe having money proves moral value and other absolutely absurd value equations where inconvenient externalities are simply dismissed because Capitalists censor all journalists with the guts to point out that producing a styrofoam hamburger box has a longer economically effective life than 24 hours. The sane proposition that people should be able to accumulate property and wealth and determine what they should do with it, is taken by Capitalists to the extreme lengths that this is a categorical imperitive that is the ultimate definition of the legitimacy of governance. Also the proposition that it does not matter where you got the money so long as you have it, where money is effectively elevated to the status of a religious idol. Capitalists typically think anyone who makes any of these observations is some sort of combination of dirty person, devilish saboteur and/or supervillain. The best way to explain capitalism would be a person with coins or paper bills completely covering their eyes while they step on other peoples’ faces and pat themselves on the back with someone else’s hand. Or if someone won a game of poker for your soul, and when it later turns out they cheated in the game, you still don’t get your soul back. Capitalism integrates perfectly with nationalism, racism, colonialism and other inherently absurd and tyrannical ideas where people are blinded by their flag, skin color and/or empire. Society, community, ecology and uniform application of the rule of law are the enemies of capitalism, even to the point where it is suicidally unintelligent to ignore these obvious, fundamental concepts governing the physical world. I advocate replacing the words plutocracy and capitalism with rule by the rich. As in ‘I refuse to be ruled by rich people’.

Marxism – A way of life and/or philosophy (like existentialism, surrealism) based on the work of Karl Marx. An absurd propaganda word that should be avoided and that Karl Marx himself would hate. Karl Marx observed that the general and specific problems of society were caused and made inevitable by the hoarding of resources by a small class of extremely wealthy people which dictates their will into reality on the backs of poor people, ensuring these poor people will never have real economic opportunity. In essence, democracy and the republic did not resolve the problem of monarchy, it distributed it and hid it in remote mansions and secret meetings in expensive hotels. To say that this belief is a way of life, is a manipulative insult. To say you are a marxist is also absurd, you do not live a life according to marx or regulate your mind according to his teachings, at most you can say ‘Marx was correct’ or ‘I agree with Marx.’ Anyone attacking Marxism is attacking the idea that the wealthy people and the means by which they accumulate wealth is the real problem, and so it is no surprise that rich people spend a lot of money around the use of this word. ‘Anti-rich’ is the apropriate translation for Marxist, but this will never be used by rich people, as it effectively unites millions of people against them. Note: This is why I advocate use of the term anti-rich, never use the chosen lingual battleground of your opponents. See socialism, rich, capitalism, doublethink, propaganda, psyop

Rich – If you can lose large sums of money without it affecting your material well being, you are rich. To be ‘set’ is different from being rich, in the sense one can plan for retirement and have really a lot of money without being rich. If you lose your retirement savings, you are materially affected. Rich people know they will never have to fear for homelessness or a source of income and very, very frequently got free money the day they were born and pretend that never happened, and that they are self-made. Note: In this authors opinion, the biggest problem on earth in 2020 is that most rich people are awful, and that he system simply rewards sociopathy. See predatory exceptionalism, tyranny, Trump, discernment

Trust Fund – A pile of money designed to manage itself to conserve value over time. Can be used for social or asocial purposes. Note: no trust fund has any value in a system that completely collapses.

Neo-liberal – A synonym for status quo of predatory exceptionalism and psychotropic leachism. It has no discernable relation to the popular word ‘liberal,’ which in contrast means liberated or a general positive attitude towards self-determined human behavior(an attitude hated by many factions of rich people who would prefer an obedient servant class). Neoliberal is not a liberal form of government or society. This deception is intentional. Neo-liberalism is rule of the rich through garbage people and sycophants. See propaganda, doublethink, garbage people, sycophants, predatory exceptionalism, psycotropic leachism

Degenerate – Something that works against health and positive evolution in biological and social systems. When people say that something is ‘cancer’ or ‘a cancer on’ something, this is what they mean. Biologically, an infection or disease degenerates a biological structure, but when many biological structures interact in a society, behaviors and ideologies can be as physically harmful as medical conditions. The police state in totalitarian and authoritarian systems actively degenerates potential opponents and their culture by first analyzing it as a functioning organism, and then determining how best to give it a disease. Frequently this is by eliminating leadership elements, but just as frequently leadership elements are allowed to operate freely to give the appearance of freedom while key members of the community are attacked with degeneracy. This may include over tactics like starting fights, or passive aggressive tactics like flooding organizations with people who are a drain or distraction. These tactics are used by actual police and soldiers, as well as private entities, to enforce ideological conformity on the internet and prevent any consensus from forming outside of the control of the military. See the 4 D’s, Disrupt, Disinform, Deny, Degrade, Drain, Distract, the 3 E’s, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish, garbage people, JTRIG Tactics, consensus cracking, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, demonic, stooge theater

Uniform Degenerative Force – When someone or something with vast powers does not want a species and/or culture it has control over to thrive, they or it may use a vast strategy to undermine that species or subgrouping. A homeowner does this against pests like ants and cockroaches, which he knows he cannot ever truly wipe out, but which can be kept to lower numbers if poison is left out which they track back to their home. From the point of the pests, they just can’t get a break, people just keep dying for no clear reason and it causes chaos in their society, so they say things like ‘if it weren’t for this constant poisoning of our group, we would accomplish more of our goals.’ Capitalism works the same way against the working class, and global corporatism works the same way against poor people. Undercover agents infest all social organizations and poison them with degenerate behavior, as well as preventing new social bonds from forming and removing institutions which enable their opponents to exist. This is an autocratic practice of tyrants, as it is quite simply to order the entire police force to simply make it so that every other person outside of the ruling class is impeded in whatever they are trying to do, no matter what it is. See capitalism, tyranny, totalitarianism, relativism, degenerate, consensus cracking, anti-movement policing, horcrux, dark psychic energy, defense against the dark arts, passive aggressive douchebaggery tactics, big lie, the great constriction

Thought Criminal – In totalitarian socialism, rigid propaganda structures are required to prevent instant rioting due to the awful conditions and hopelessness therefore in any geographic area at any time anyone speaking against the rigid propaganda framework intended to maintain the new ‘normalcy’. Anyone capable of explaining the hopelessness and awfulness, or worse, capable of imagining, articulating and, dread, implementing alternatives, is quite naturally the enemy of any rigid top-down hierarchy and is treated from a top-down view as a sort of dangerous virus walking freely amongst people who are actually valuable to the functioning of the system. If they can drive you crazy, it will prevent the functioning functionary couch potato joe briefcases from ever considering any of the thought criminal’s potentially viral ideas, which include the most articulate and clear explanations of the system they will likely ever have a chance to read, and possibly the only alternatives that would ever actually improve their lives. This way the person trying to help is isolated from the people they are trying to help, and the person trying to maintain power over them both is benefited. It just requires a lot of gangstalking, gaslighting, tyranny, evil, garbage people, sociopathy, and to give up all hope that the police and military people doing this are actually protecting the people they swore an oath to protect, and not just ruining their lives, and so they can buy a bitchin camaro and egotrip all the way to hell. But really it makes the military the bitch of the internatrional financiers who have plans at total odds to the people of the country, so in every case making thought alone a crime, is how police and military personnel absolutely betray their true natures not as protectors, but as mercenary oppressors. To date no one has hurt anyone else with thought alone, unless the people pushing for thought crime believe in telepathy? Which they might, I can only say that I do not value the opinion or beliefs of anyone who believes that opinions and beliefs should be enforceable by any law. This document is an excellent example of Thought Crime for most countries on Planet Earth in 2019. See tyranny, anti-movement policing, potempkin village, deep state event, propaganda, suppressive person, suppressed superpublic, zersetzung, inverse famous, inversiganda, palantir, oligarch platform, invisible blacklist

Big Lie – When you simply cannot believe that they would tell that big of a lie. They would tell that big of a lie. CNN and Fox news lied to us the entire time about 9/11 and then gave Trump free airtime. That is your level of gullibility if you even watch these TV channels for a single second. They are the primary reasons I even have to write this document as they spout degenerate idiocy from a giant firehose on an hourly basis. Everyone associated with these treasonous propagandists should be arrested and imprisoned for life, and made to watch reruns of their lies for the rest of their lives. See propaganda, tyranny, totalitarianisms, hypernormalization, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, potempkin village, deep state event, hot potato,

Audit – A review of something. Frequently used by the public or some other entity to determine whether or not something works as designed and stated in the law or manual. The three primary places audits are useful are elections, finances and machines. Without auditing, any sentient being should assume the elections, finances and machines in their society are worthy of zero trust. Audits can only be performed and published by public people with credibility in the subject matter, which is one of the key reasons why all public intellectuals attempting audits, or journalism at all, under a system that is leaning towards totalitarianism, are generally in danger and require a higher degree of protection insomuch as anyone else cares if they live or die. See public interest technologist, trust, quality

The Great Constriction – The rise of covert and overt censorship under ever expanding sets of pretexts since 2001 on mass media and networked media assets owned by the dominant cultural hegemonies, resulting in the tightly restricted(yet still bot/shill infested) media platforms where nothing is discussed except the interests of oligarchs and those questioning their absurd point of view are systematically excluded by one means or another. Nowhere is this more apparent than reddit, youtube and patreon. Note: The function of these structures seems to be lure in a large market then trim the content until it appears your ideas are the only ones, which is quite evil indeed. See tyranny, censorship, bezos, zuckerbeg, demonic, psychotropic leachism,

Omnipresence – The idea that god is everywhere all of the time. Some call this The Father, The Creator, The Universe, The Material World, Everything, The Great All. Everything you can touch and every place you could be where there is time, is this aggregate, summary Thing. This Thing is known to have Properties which you can discover on your own. Tip: At times this may seem faceless and heartless, other times the opposite and there is no more subjective set of experiences you will have as a living being as the ones you use to determine which you think this is, as it is the subject of such great debate you will encounter without doubt many, many people with every kind of interest to persuade you. Note: it seems reasonable to the author to simply call this everything/all-there-is/universe “God” if you want to, but a lot of people really want to see this entire everything as merely a child’s game and the ‘gods’ or “God” is/are the hands that reach into our daily affairs to punish us or reward us like santa claus. These two meanings generate a lot of confusion and also murder, war, witch hunting, eternal paranoia, and very frequently contribute to the uniform degenerate force which makes it difficult for two people or cultures to live alongside one another without warfare and national socialistic forms which empower fanatical sociopaths. The sad fact even if there are “hands of god” reaching in from a “higher plane”, they are not humans like me, and are therefore as alien to me as any octopus or pasta monster, and implicit trust in them or worship of them, or thinking they wrote us the best manual for life a thousand years ago or came to Ned Flanders in a vision, is (c’mon, at least a little) absurd. See religion, cult, demonic, omnipotence, omniscience

Omnipotence – The idea that a being can have power to do anything without limit. Typically personified in some perfect or exalted being or son thereof, like Jesus, Zeus or Superman, or maybe just The Hand of God coming down for a moment to do Just This One Thing. Clarence has however demonstrated through science that the universe has survived this long, which is quite a while, and no one has yet demonstrated the ability to destroy it, which is quite certain someone must have, this might not exist. On the offhand chance it does, it is so distant and far from the grasp of any human that this is the maximum amount of time anyone should consider discussing the topic. See hobby horse, cult

Omniscience – The idea that a being can know everything. Some call this the “holy ghost.” Some believe it is the illusion we all live inside of, or “The Matrix.”

Public Person – A person with a name who does and says things in public. Public people are a key element in any functioning symbiotic harmonics. See credibility, public interest technology, independent intellect, audit,

Independent Intellect – A person with intellectual gifts who refuses to use them for any government, institution or organization. A good example of an independent intellect might be “Satoshi”, the famed inventor of bitcoin, if all of that is not simply made up. Independent intellectuals are a key element to the functioning of symbiotic harmonism. See credibility, public interest technology, symbiotic harmonism

Inverse Famous – When an individual’s work is so effective against the workings of the police state and totalitarian cultural hegemony that they become known to every single police and military agent prior to any other citizen knowing about their existence. A living hell. An inverse famous person may hold the key to resisting what oppresses everyone but despite 95% of the population wishing every night for such a person with such a key, but the police state infiltrators and agents will have already driven this person to insanity, given them a fast acting cancer, or shot them in the back of the head and blamed it on other enemies of the state. The very abilities that make someone capable of resisting totalitarianism make such people extremely vulnerable to identification and sensitive to psychological warfare techniques that can easily be carried out indefinitely without any risk of discovery, given that in totalitarianism there is no real journalism or ability to investigate any such claims of stalking and harassment. Note: The writer is such a person. Let me tell you, it really sucks. See suppressed superpublic, inversiganda, china, israel, Palestine, saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, russia, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, totalitarianism, tyranny, palantir, divergent, independent intellect

Oligarch Platform – A software product where the owners get to freely abuse the users. See facebook, amazon, bezos, zuckerberg, palantir, demonic,

Inversilebrity – A portmanteau of inverse and celebrity. Another word for inverse famous. When the police and oligarchs know the importance of your work before anyone else, and so they make your life a living hell. See suppressive person, suppressed superpublic, divergent, independent intellect, truman show commentary, talent, skill, oligarch platform

Palantir – The all knowinging electronic monitoring system that turned the united states into a full totalitarian system under the direction of the traitorous oligarch Peter Thiel, creator of paypal. Palantir coordinates undercover agents infiltrating every aspect of american society for the now unified police and military, originally under the intention to eradicate ‘terrorism’, now beginning to move against white people and anyone critical of Israel, as well as continuing to repress every other constituency with anti-movement policing tactics as well. Somehow totally incapable of stopping numerous horrific events such as Parkland, Route 91, San Bernadino, Pulse Night Club, Tree of Life, El Paso, Aurora, sandy hook or numerous other ultraviolent events. while imprisoning numerous poor people of low intelligence who fell for elaborate entrapment schemes. See tyranny, cast iron, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, intelligence, telemetry

Ultraviolence – When a person with a weapon attacks unarmed people by surprise resulting in meaningless carnage. Almost always used by the state and dominant cultural hegemonies to demonize their enemies, and just as frequently ultraviolence is social engineered into existence by the state and/or cultural hegemony which is desperate to distract from its own incompetence, failure and corruption. If the head of state can be assassinated and everyone responsible got away with it, then the state starts to assassinate other citizens in myriad ways in order to construct the most convenient narrative for the imposition of tyranny. This will result in a huge amount of speech activity being labeled as an incitement to violence, and this cycle may repeat with increasing murderous intensity until the population is eventually subjugated, thinking that they themselves and their ideas about verdant government are to blame, when the entire time this has been a cult murdering people and blaming it on their enemies. This pattern will always include suppressing intellectual activity, the disarmament of the civilian population, and subjugation of all media sources not already under control of the state. Note: the surveillance state was supposed to have ended terrorism and violence but we have more than ever, and in nearly every case, such as Parkland and Boston, the police state failed to stop the event, without explanation, yet Epstein was able to rape and pimp children for decades without interference. These contradictions are ignored entirely by the same mass media that refused to report on Epstein, or admit his ties to the nation of Israel. See demonic, uniform degenerative force, anti-movement policing, spectacle, zionist entity, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, sino-nazi, predatory exceptionalism, epstein, epsteining,

Deep State Event – When the mass media obviously cannot tell the truth about something without directly or indirectly endangering the dominant cultural hegemony. Not to be confused with a Dominant Cultural Hegemony Circlejerk, the difference in a deep state event generally people die or other grave crimes are commmited. Modern examples are Route 91, 9/11, 7/7 Train Attack, Boston Bombing, Assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Frequently deep state events are covered by celebrity trials of prominent celebrated minorities, like the trials of OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson were used to cover up the trial of assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and other events like the Seattle and Miami WTO protests. When an independent intellect notices this occurring in their society, that is the moment they must infer that heir governing institutions know, deeply, there is no logical or factual way to justify their possession of the powers they possess, and so their only option is to use repress society with a Uniform Degenerative Force. See hypernormalization, spectacle, propaganda, kabbalistic fairy tale, celebration of degeneracy, neglect of understanding, narrative warfare, the great constriction, oligarch platform, uniform degenerative force, epstein, epsteining

Federalism – The idea that power can and should exist in tiers raising from the individual, local, country, state, country levels to the international global level. This is a sound idea under attack by the death cults known as the Federalist Society and Republican Party in the United States, under the influence of the zionist entity known as Israel. Institutions and companies such as Sinclair Broadcasting, Murdoch-owned media, zionist owned media, Fusion Centers, the legalization of military propaganda and operation of military and/or spy units inside the country, AmDocs, Rapiscan, Carbyne, “cloud” computing, NSA surveillance, McKinsey concentration camps, the “Federal Reserve(sic)” and the proposed national ID card, destroy federalism while pretending to simply be ‘federal’ institutions when they are totalitarian, national socialist, nazi institutions. See hypernormalization, propaganda, totalitarianism, fascism, uniform degenerative force, semantic overload, federal, babelification,

Stupid – A word used to demean someone’s intelligence in a cruel way, or in comedic self-deprecation, or to say an idea itself is unintelligent. Frequently used by intelligent people to abuse people without the gift of intelligence in a demeaning way, or to criticize someone who simply has a little bit less intelligence than them, or who might have more but is simply wrong. So you should not do this.

Idiot – A word used to demean someone’s intelligence in a cruel way, or in comedic self-deprecation, or to say an idea itself is unintelligent. Frequently used by intelligent people to abuse people without the gift of intelligence in a demeaning way, or to criticize someone who simply has a little bit less intelligence than them, or who might have more but is simply wrong. So you should not do this.

Slave Writing – A situation a ‘starving artist’ may encounter where one writes reams of material and remains destitute while other writers gradually steal the portions of your work that can be useful for propaganda and reinforcing the dominant cultural hegemony. They then make money with your ideas while not sharing the money or credit. In effect, by denying a writer a career path or representation in an industry, certain classes of intellectual are excluded from a cultural hegemony by the same pattern in all of the arts and sciences. This manipulation of gatekeeping and mining of the slush pile, now made vastly more simple by bulk data collection, is one of the major ways ideological discipline is maintained in neoliberal totalitarianism and it is an extremely evil form of theft, represssion, perscution, and gaslighting. See gatekeeper, cultural hegemony, demonic, psychotropic leachism, intellectual slave, de-classed intellectual, hidden ideological fence, suppressive person, strategic sequestration, psychotropic leachism,

De-classed Intellectual – A person who studies and learns for a high ranking or highly rewarded job or role but is not given or awarded such a position and must therefore, despite their gifts and knowledge, perform work for their survival that is not well rewarded or in any way desirable. Note: if you find yourself in such a situation, you can at least take some comfort in the fact that you are far from alone. See slave writing, intellectual slave, witchunt, suppressive person, hidden ideological fence

Intellectual slave – Someone who has no claim to the product of their mind. Cultural hegemonies under capitalism enforce ideology by preventing undesireable ‘types’ of person from becoming artists or scientists, denying them the chance to earn passive income. Note: Passive income is a great source of power in a cultural hegemony, a self-directed anti-rich person with passive income is perhaps the most hated thing under a capitalist system and so the agencies and academies which determine who can and cannot be an artist and/or use expensive equipment must be strictly controlled, however secretly.

Detail Oriented – A phrase used to indicate an authoritarian workplace is seeking someone who will not ask questions and follow orders, also known as a submissive drone. In order to fulfill the large number of such positions required by capitalism, schools under capitalism are under continual pressure to teach children not to think for themselves and to reject any analysis of power. See clean your room, tyranny, uniform degenerative force,

Public Interest Technologist – A person who is educated, skilled and experienced with technology who chooses to use their abilities towards goals that benefit the public rather than for private interests. A person who uses their intellect and knowledge to build and maintain trust between humans and machines in order to prevent a dystopian society and build a decent one. A Public Interest Technologist must be the opposite of a sycophant and is a subcategory of organic intellectual. See symbiotic harmonism, sycophant, organic intellectual, public interest ecologist, quality, skill, discernment, audit

Public Interest Ecologist – A person who is educated, skilled and experienced with technology who chooses to use their abilities towards goals that benefit the public rather than for private interests. A person who uses their intellect and knowledge to build and maintain balance between humans and the rest of the biological universe in order to prevent dystopian ecological systems and the extinction of their, and all, species. A Public Interest Ecologist must be the opposite of a sycophant and is a subcategory of organic intellectual. See symbiotic harmonism, sycophant, organic intellectual, quality, skill, discernment, lifeground, landbase

Sycophant – A person who says whatever it is most advantageous to say in the moment. A person without integrity, who can be bought or manipulated into taking any logical position at any time under the right conditions. See stooge, garbage people, clown world, exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, cultural hegemony, Jordan Peterson, Trump,

Clean Your Room – Pedantic tripe flung on society by oligarchics who have never worked a day in their life to shut down anyone attempting power analysis. See garbage people, detail oriented, uniform degenerative force, propaganda, gnostic slavery, jordan peterson, illuminoxy,

Gnostic Slavery – Slavery imposed by lack of knowledge. See list of American soldiers who have died in the Iraq and Afganistan wars, also tyranny, propaganda, psychotropic leachism, detail oriented, clean your room, slave writing, declassed intellectual

Organic Intellectual – A person who does not forget where they came from after they become successful. Someone who does not sell out and who refuses to adopt the attitudes of the elites once they achieve success. Note: psychotropic leachism intentionally and methodically prevents organic intellectuals from becoming successful as mentioning of the leaching is a big no-no in this sort of system, for obvious reasons. See public interest technologist, courage, symbiotic harmonism

Divergent – A person who does not fit into any of the expected categories, who shows marked ability in several capacities and rejects or resists specialization. There is a mediocre series of books and movies about this concept, but it is very applicable to actual human society. A term which originated in the movie series of the same name, the moral of whose story seeks to illustrate the comfort some find in having a clearly defined role and the conflict that sets in motion with those who do not. Another word for Interdisciplinary, but with the added meaning that the person has something special or unique that they bring to the discussion. See quality, talent, skill, superpublic, suppressive person, zersetzung, tactical undermining

Agent – When you meet someone and their agenda is totally different from what they advertise. A person with an allegiance to an agency, which is a difficult to define word, but in general means these people have what is known as ‘authority’ from a government mandate based on the law of the land. Agents can be good or evil. See psyop, demonic, zersetzung, predatory exceptionalism

Authority – The abstract ideal representing and granting the right and duty to do something by proxy for someone or something or of your own volition. Sometimes useful, almost always tyrannical. Note: a lot of people spend a lot of time talking about authority, I would avoid such types. In general, people who talk a lot about their authority need to use their authority because no one respects them and have poor judgement. In English, Boss, Cop, Agent and Executive are main types of authority, but there are many. Blindly trusting authority can be as dangerous as blindly disobeying authority.

Wargames – it has been determined by global central military command that where you are living right now is only ten meters away from a piece of critical infrastructure that will skyrocket in strategic value in the exact moment of any disaster scenario. We have been studying your email, postings, and video games and this has informed numerous, vast simulations which have calculated that in any emergency this infrastructure will become unmanageable if someone like yourself is anywhere near it. Kindof probably, at least that’s what our physically largest computer tells us. This is why all of your neighbors are secret police and are total jerks to you. They, we, it, wants you to move. If best, to leave the country. This will save our supercomputers megajoules of unnecessary calculation. Everyone in this area needs to be at best a couch potato who goes to church on Sunday and sleeps drooling through the sermon. They have run this simulation countless times, and you’re being anywhere near this highway/telephone pole/swimming pool/cave/pet store is a threat to national security and the survival of our generals in their bunkers. But still, we want you to know, you are totally free and your rights have not been infringed upon at all. We are just protecting you, you should thank us for harassing you all day and all night, destroying your car computer both times, and sitting behind to you in restaurants all the time. See Mania, Garbage People, Conspiracy, Doublethink, Tyranny.

Horcrux – A source of great conflict and confusion, which spirals outword like a hurricane of shit, usually as the result of a big lie. A metaphor that describes one of the roots of human misery and all biological suffering. A horcrux is one of the key roots of antihumanism in the same way that quality and its closely associated words are the key roots of positive humanity and symbiotic harmonism. Originally coined in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Note: Searching this page for horcrux will take your right to them, and even reading this page will likely make one of the horcrux’s take a personal interest in you. See zionist entity, zionism, JFK assassination, hillary clinton’s emails, the n word, anti-movement policing, bunker gap, global war on terror, epstein, racism, uniform degenerative force, fascism, doublethink, totalitarianism, permanent war, propaganda, totalitarianism, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, tyranny

Rulership – Rulership and Ownership are almost the same term, whether someone rules you or owns you, does not make much difference to the person who is ruled or owned. If you are owned, you are probably ruled, and if you are ruled over, you might as well be owned. Most would, however, at least prefer to be a subject rather than a slave even if the practical difference is slight. The loss of rights and privileges that would make a subject into a slave, is at that point sadly just a wave of the hand, ‘To the salt mines with thee.’ The concept of rights and law does not exist in systems that are ruled. If you are a slave, the other details of the form of government do not matter. See tyranny, cultural hegemony, predatory exceptionalism, babylon, nazi

Illuminoxy – A person or entity who is merely a proxy for hidden and sinister oligarchic interests. Most lone gunmen are illuminoxies. See Ethos Capital, The Conscious Resistance, The Sane Progressive, Rebel Media(sic), Tommy Robinson, Project Veritas(sic).

Gaslighting – Doing crazy things to people intentionally with the intention of driving them crazy. Named after a black and white movie where a smarmy con man was trying to trick an innocent young woman out of real estate in the most inefficient way possible. In modern times, sociopathy has proliferated due to lack of education, economic factors and active encouragement by totalitarian socialistic systems intent on maintaining easily controllable populations eternally bickering amongst themselves over trivialities. In many cases, people cannot be easily directly physically attacked by governments or mafias and so it is easier to infiltrate their lives and cause problems. Gaslighting tactics include microaggressions and other calculated tactics to undermine a person’s ability to thrive. On the ‘Motivation’ page on this website, there is a picture of a tree. Gaslighters are always intent on preventing you from doing the things you can only do when you are at your best, and they would prefer to see you in an insane asylum, or at least defending some or another personal accusation, preferably from someone who lived with you and can be paid to make things up. In a romantic relationship, which may involve just a sociopath on one side, or maybe a sociopath who is also a government agent, or industrial spy, part of a secret society, someone who at first is the picture of romance becomes a degrading tyrant over the course of the first month of living together. Roommates, coworkers, anyone who undermines the ability of a person or team to do their work, could be doing it by accident or plain inconsideration. But if it is multiple things, and you notice a pattern of precise calculation, if they are completely weasely when confronted, this person is probably an enemy of yours pretending to be a friend. Gaslighting is evil and anyone who does it is a bad person, there is no coming back once a person goes down this path as it is absolutely opposite to the morality of every religion that doesn’t also endorse ever other crime if you can get away with it. In any community or relationshiop, gaslighting should be absolutely forbidden because it is absolutely corrosive. In a culture with pervasive surveillance, the surveilling parties can extremely easily gaslight their targets. This should be one of the primary arguments against surveillance culture, these powers can, could, and are, being used by national spy services on political dissidents as a form of nearly invisible asymmetrical warfare, extremely ironically as a part of a war against ‘terrorism’ that is advertised to be against foreign foes. As if your government watching everything you do and intentionally messing with your life in ways you could never verify to any other person is not abjectly terrifying. See Weasel, Sociopath, Bully, Hippacrasy, Garbage People, Doublethink, Reverse Social Engineering, Clown World

Cultural Apropriation – When a dominant or aggressor culture steals another culture’s best creations and relabels or repackages them for their own use. Frequently used to refer to white people who rap or play reggae music with only token surface level commitment to the actual values of the culture, but more frequently used by the zionist entity to take control of and generate passive income from quality creations of others who have talent, skill, and work. See intellectual dark web, Lyor the Tall Israeli,

Lyor the Tall Israeli – The zionist who ‘runs the rap game’ according to the rapper formerly known as Mos Def, Yasim Bey. Now runs Youtube Music to ensure no musicians can be successful who refuse to be pro-zionist. See zionist entity, illuminoxy, slimy lateral power grab, judeo-nazi

Weasels – people who take no responsibility for anything and always use manipulation. Weasels naturally thrive in loopholes and exceptions, holding other people to high standards and then excusing themselves from any scrutiny or culpability for anything, ever. If after three attempts to explain your frustration to someone, you find yourself on the defensive again regarding a deflecting topic, or some such, you are dealing with a weasel and best to distance yourself rapidly. Weasels are bad people and should be avoided. If something really horrible happens like a nuclear accident, expect to find at least one weasel closely involved. See Credibility, Gaslighting, Sociopath, Bully, Garbage People.

Idolotry – Worshiping physical objects like statues, animals or land as if it were a god and/or as if these physical objects had the characteristics of a person or deity. In any sense, ‘serving’ inanimate objects or valuing non-living things above living things. Any religious imperative based upon a physical object. The best example in the history of this world is the belief of Jewish people that “Israel”/Palestine is a land ‘promised’ to them by the one true god, and that anything they do in pursuit of this land is justified no matter how obviously evil and/or contradictory to their stated religion, including, but not limited to, disobeying the first commandment in their big set of books they study obsessively. Many if not most people alive in 2019 worship money, as they see it as a categorical imperative, e.g. ‘Do whatever it takes’ and ‘I don’t care where you got it as long as you have it.’ This is the root of all of our problems. Some of the Top 60 Memes address this. See Mania, Hippacrasy, Evil and Doublethink.

Hypocrisy – A very difficult word to remember how to spell. (I think the most difficult, so i have some fun with it, dont be bothered) Doing one thing and saying another. Saying one thing and doing another. Not practicing what you preach. Failing to apply moral logic consistently, frequently in a self serving way. Claiming law is universal and fairly applied, and then allowing exceptions or loopholes. All tyrants, sociopaths and bullies are hippacrites. Hippacrasy is the best way to detect someone not suited for leadership or teamwork as it indicates they already have some other priority and that they see you as an inferior, either incapable of noticing what they are doing or deserving of nothing better. A hippacrite could become a credible person if they really tried at it for several years, at least. If unable to find people capable of consistently applying moral rules in regards to agreements, it is better to be alone. Ultimately being around people who apply inconsistenet moral rules or believe they are exceptions to the rules they set for others, is degrading and demoralizing, and often this is the intention of the hippacrite, to grind you down. Note: The numerous misspellings of this word in this document are meant to ligthly troll people who consider themselves superior simply for their ability to meticulously memorize arbitrarily spelled words, and so if anyone points this out I will just laugh at them. See tyranny, doublethink, bully, gatekeeper, credibility, gaslighting.

Never Again – A catchy phrase jewish people used to say to give everyone the impression that they were committed to protecting everyone from the dangers of totalitarianism. In 2020, this has become a joke, as jewish people happily watch in silence while the Uigar people are herded into chinese concentration camps and gaza is turned into the largest concentration camp in the world. Never Again!(but we just mean to us) Never Again is the most disgusting propaganda ever foisted on the human population. See zionism, judeo-nazi, zionist entity, propaganda, tyranny, horcrux, stephen miller, University of Israel, relativism, demonic, zionist entity, hippocrasy

Outsider art – An artist that is performed without and in spite of the ‘art industry.’ Very often artists are not the type of people who succeed in the ‘art industry.’ This is why industrial art from places like Hollywood are so tightly limited in cultural scope and uniform. Only a ‘type’ of person who thinks Los Angeles, agencies, fancy parties, wealth worship, advertising, and etc. etc. is tolerable or The Good Life. There are very few people like this and these people tend to be totally warped, not representative of society as a whole. Also industrial art become socialized by vast fortunes and the interests of their owners as well as government institutions seeking to create propaganda and eliminate any voices dissonant to the propaganda. Artists, undaunted, who have no choice but to be themselves to have any chance at happiness whatsoever, often continue to produce art for reasons the system often finds ‘insane,’ e.g. without be paid. Socialists pretending to be capitalists and seeking ways to make money without working, often tolerate this as they know when the artist dies a lonely death in poverty, they will simply be able to appopriate all of their ideas and steal/find/purchase the copyrights of their efforts and find a way to create long term residuals out of it. The Beatles catalog and the works of Van Gogh are examples of how capitalism treats outsider art. This is one of many ways in which totalitarian socialism expresses hatred for art and artists, while using the generated funds and glamour as a means to reinforce existing hierarchies, ‘make the rich richer’ and ideologically police society. Aspiring comedians will see their jokes stolen and twisted, aspiring songwriters will find their work stolen for jingles advertising things they hate, aspiring painters will die and their work will suddenly become valuable, aspiring writers will be rejected at publishers but their work will become greatly valuable to later historians. The difference between outsiders and insiders is determined by Gatekeepers, which are key enforces of the system in totalitarian socialism.

Grassroots – What oligarchs call organizations when they want to appear like they are more than a single person or that their plans are popular in any way. One of the most condescending and pedantic terms in the English language, as it compares individual humans to blades of grass.

Gatekeeper – Someone who decides whether or not someone else is allowed into some form of group. There are many types of group but the primary ones are social, economic or political groups. In businesses, Human Resources are the gatekeepers. In entertainment, “Talent” Agencies are the gatekeepers. In the military, it is the recruiter. In politics, it is the party. A casting director is the perfect example for a gatekeeper. This person decides who is in a movie and who is out, or who could be throught a process of pre-selection. Hierarchies have many, many, telescoping levels and so for someone to be allowed onto something like a movie project or standup comedy circuit, there are many parties that have to sign off on someone being allowed into what is in effect a small exclusive club. When people say ‘it is good work if you can get it’, they are talking about getting past a gatekeeper. In a place like Hollywood, and any industry that considers itself elite or which is in some other way part of the system, or obviously having to do with the mass media, is going to have a vast maze of gatekeeping events before someone is allowed in. Gatekeepers will always tell those on the outside that they are the only one that matters and generally exaggerate their importance. Many artists get hypnotized into thinking if they just please one gatekeeper they will ‘have it made’ and get lured into all sorts of ridiculous servitude. See NVIXM.

Inner party – In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the governing structure of pure totalitarian socialism realized, will always involve a secret group operating inside of a public one. The inner party and its structure are any of the required functions of a totalitarian system that are unpalatable or incongruent with the necessary illusions generated by mass media propaganda. The existence of something equivalent to an Inner Party in the United States has, since 1963, been absolutely denied in the mass media. Many people who have reported on the inner party in the united states, russia, china and most countries of the world, have been economically blacklisted and died untimely deaths, including but not limited to Michael Ruppert, Gary Webb, and Michael Hastings. This forms the basis for a globally imposed doublethink and threatens to form the basis of a form of global totalitarian socialism in our time. The inner party is always involved with spies and violence, very, very often attempting to blame their atrocities and crimes on others.

Outer party – The official party or parties of a totalitarian system, always imitating to the best of its ability an actual democratic representation, while denying the existence of an inner party. In contemporary U.S. politics, no politicians in the democratic party are allowed to believe any conspiracies, no matter how well accepted actual history of conspiracies becomes. This is the primary purpose of the mass media in a totalitarian system, to allow the dirty deeds required to keep the effort required for the control of massive populations to a minimum. This is why the assassination of journalists is not a very big deal to talking heads on the TeeVee. There is a reason why they reading a teleprompter from a comfy chair and the actual people doing their actual work are dead. The best explanation in any movie of the intersection of inner party and outer party is the scene in David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive with The Cowboy. Intersections between the inner party and outer party frequently result in the eventual premature death of the person in the outer party. The inner party treats basically any interest in historical events as a threat to the inner party and prefers the outer party to be focused on what are considered ‘current events’, and not hold the inner party in any way responsible for previous skullduggery no matter how obvious. In this way history becomes changed and then erased. The Tiananmen Square events of 1989 are the best historical example of an Outer Party attempting to have public interaction with the Inner Party. In the United States, 9/11 is an example of an historical event which you simply must not question at all if you are to be allowed into even the outer party. As time goes on in a totalitarian socialistic structure, or ‘neoliberalism’, or ‘neowhatever’, as resources are depleted and trust erodes completely, the list of lies and things you are not supposed to know grows extremely large and so people with very low capacity for critical thought are the only ones who have any chance of achieving political prominence. This contributes further to the inner party ‘pulling the strings’ and reviling the ‘civilian government’, making dictatorship all but inevitable. See also outsider art, gatekeeper, doublethink, tyranny.

Managed Market – Markets and economics are based on supply and demand. ‘Neoliberalism’ and other forms of authoritaritarian socialism enjoy the delusional fantasy that their successes come from shrewd business acumen when in fact success in 2019 comes from manipulation. The books are cooked, it’s pump and dump all the way up. There could be a soybean or gasoline glut and the price will still rise. People with immense fortunes and governments with money factories have the power to vastly alter reality and so long as there are distant compliant authoritarian socialistic governments to provide raw materials and accept the printed currency, the fantasy can be preserved in a given area, for a given time. The law of supply and demand, the ultimate scarcity of the requirements of human life, will always win. Barring a microwave that can actually construct food out of dirt, which may actually be possible.

Free Market – An oxymoron. Anything that is bought and sold or operates by laws like supply and demand, is not free. It is constrained and for good reason. A truly free market would allow murder for hire, slavery and every depraved thing you can imagine. Capitalists and other people at the tops of hierarchies, in the inner party, almost always craft a different set of rule for themselves where money buys anything they want. It also allows for all manner of anti-ecological transactions, and allows, via freedom!, capitalists to manipulate the flow of their capital such that it completely disregards the laws of nature and economics. Nature is a part of economics, and nature is not free. There are costs and rewards. Anyone who uses the phrase, free market, ever, does not know how to think and should barely be trusted to safely operate a canopener. Or, as is more often the case, this is just part of the propaganda capitalists need you to believe so they can continue to do whatever they want at their midnight Mar A Lago parties. And worse. See Propaganda, Doublethink, Oxymoron, Capitalism.

Oxymorons – A word or phrase that contradicts itself and is therefore impossible. One of the key means by which languages and cultures are destroyed. If you hate a culture and country, buy a TV channel there and put someone on the air for 24 hours a day who uses oxymorons and in a few decades you can walk in with a stalk of paper and take over the whole place. See Propaganda, Doublethink.

Microaggression – A culturally offensive act so small and potentially accidental that it can be exploited to express disgust and symbolically enforce a power structure that may be real or intentionally implied. Attacking someone in a plausible deniable way. The classic example is spitting. When someone walks into the room, if you spit in their general direction one time they may think it is an accident. But if everyone in the entire city does it and it often results in actual spit landing on you, it becomes a very effective form of social, cultural and personal conflict. Microaggressions are very often used by Bullies, Gaslighters and Gangs. They can be implemented to target individuals and groups for precise, calculated harassment in conjunction with stalking and all manner of ideological or territorial conflict. The key advantage to microaggression harassment is the deniability and the bonus is the various negative psychological effects upon the target. The internet and surveillance culture, granting every mafia and spy agency the ability to psychologically profile every human being on planet earth and determine which microaggressions would be most effective against them. Scientology, the FBI, the Jewish Defense League(sic) and other racist groups in general are modern factions known to use microaggression as part of complex douchebaggery perpetrated against their perceived enemies. Other examples of microaggression are, standing to close to someone, pointing cameras at people, talking loudly on the phone next to someone, and other obnoxious behavior. See Gaslighting, Bully.

Bully – Someone or something with a lot of power preying upon and/or abusing someone with much less power. Modern examples include the FBI, the Israeli Defense Force(sic), the United States military, and Vladimir Putin’s domestic policies. There are too many modern examples to list. There was a bully on my school bus when I was in 7th grade, they’re all over. It’s not very difficult to be a bully and they are usually not very bright. We are learning now what bullies will do with nuclear weapons and like always, it is shameful. Eventually the record of Bullies’ actions stacks up and they begin to have to harm more and more innocent people in order to protect themselves and keep their true nature from being spoken of openly, leading to factions forming against them and their downfall. Bullies rather than ever face responsibility for their actions, will commit ever greater atrocities, whatever it takes. Bullies are like The Judge in Cormac McCarthy’s novel Blood Meridian, they hate to see birds fly, or anybody or anything thrive, and will act out in order to bring people to their level of misery. Beyond a certain age, I would not recommend treating Bullies like they are redeemable for reasons of self-preservation. See Sociopath, Hierarchy.

Gaslighting 2 – Plotting and carrying out subtle mean aggressions against an individual and then using their attempt to defend themselves as a means to accuse them of insanity. Gaslighting is uniformly inhumane and evil, and if anyone reading this has ever taken part in gaslighting, you are going to hell and there is no way to save you from burning in immense agony. And you will deserve it. I don’t believe in many religious things but I believe in hell and gaslighters will burn in it. I added this definition twice because this cannot be stated enough.

Garbage People – A type of evil person that is a stooge for more powerful evil people who helps to implement evil as long as they are getting paid. A classic example is The Fukashima disaster which is the fault of Garbage People who cut the costs of the nuclear power plant by limiting the size of the sea wall. The opposite of a garbage person is the person who at great inconvenience to themselves placed large stones where the last known tsunami rose to in order to warn future generations of the danger. There is no better known comparison of good to bad people known in the universe, at some point this sort of thing maxes out and good people are just universally awesome and bad people are just garbage people indistinguishable from all the other garbage people. Note: no human is trash, refuse or disposable, ‘garbage person’ is only meant to symbolically refer to their spinelessness stoogery, absence of noble values and the smell of squandering of value, which in the case of Fukashima is the entire Pacific ocean. A bag of garbage has more value to humanity than someone who poisons an entire ocean to shave 1% of the cost of a construction project, but even this does not denigrate a human being to disposable status even if it means they should be imprisoned so they don’t do any more damage or spread their way of thinking openly in society as it threatens the survival of the entire of species worse than a much larger number of actual murderers.

Conspiracy – This word is supposed to mean anyone who secretly plots to do something, but this never happens so no reason to ever use this word. /s j/k. Most of the world in 2019 is effectively controlled by conspiracies, as indicated by so many violent acts and unintelligent unpopular legislation presented without discussion(see Net Neutrality and Article 13). Corporations, with a secretly meeting board of officers, and secretly held finances, are inherently by definition private conspiracies, as noted by Noam Chomsky, who is somehow not a conspiracy theorist. The term conspiracy theorist was invented by spies to mock anyone who asked critical questions of the mass media in order to cover up the very obvious political assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Unfortunately this effectively lobotomized(read: damaged the brains of) the civilian population og the united states to the point at which in 2019 they are dominated by so many wealthy foreign interests that the entire concept of their representative government(congress) is a global mockery and scandal. See the term ‘Collusion.’

Collusion – Synonym for conspiracy used when a class of people obviously involved in a conspiracy must accuse a different faction of conspiring without being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

Anti-semitism – I cannot define this word as I do not know what a ‘semite’ is, other than a descendant of a biblical character who lived at the time of ‘the great flood’ where allegedly so few people survived that over half the population of the earth would be semites. If the word semite can’t be defined, exactly, this word has no reason to be used at all. I will however discuss it in further detail because it is such a huge mess. In 2019, this word is used by Jewish people to attack anyone who criticizes them, no matter for what. Historically, many people have accused Jewish people to be colluding in a plan to take over the ‘promised land’ and establish a religious government using powerful banks to accomplish their nationalistic goals. As of 2019, Jewish people have used powerful banks to take over the ‘promised land’ and establish a religious government. This government threatens other lands with nuclear weapons and their military regularly shoots and torments civilians in an obvious attempt to ethnically cleanse Palestine of Palestinians. Anyone who points any of this out is called anti-semitic and is silently blacklisted in mass media owned and controlled by Jewish people, and will also face harassment from paramilitary forces in their civilian life(I personally testify to this). There are attempts to make Anti-semitism illegal in several countries, which will result in anyone jewish people do not like being imprisoned based upon rumor and innuendo. If the term were legitimate, then it would be equally illegal to be anti-christian, anti-muslim, anti-hindu, anti-buddhist and jewish people would be equally concerned about these crimes, which they are not. As such the use of the term anti-semitism is inherently tyrannical as it establishes a special class of people that is above criticism, as if Jewish people have earned a special place where they can do no wrong. This is obviously absurd, see Doublethink, Tyranny, Bully, Censorship, Hippacrasy.

Judaism – I do not know what this is. Some claim it is a religion, some say it is an ethnic group, some claim it is a nation. Whichever definition is most convenient for Jewish people in the moment is the definition that Jewish people will force non-Jewish people to use, making this word a key example for the use of Doublethink. The term is supposed to be people who study the torah, which includes myself as I was raised in a church where I frequently had to memorize Old Testament bible verses and because I did not forget a lot of them. The more I have studied however, I now see that Jewish people frequently gatekeep their religion(as do all religions), saying you aren’t Jewish enough if you don’t also study this book, and this one, and wear this hat, and etc etc. It is a well known fact that Jewish people brag about controlling Hollywood, but you are not allowed to mention this if you are an entertainer. See the definition of Doublethink. Also, Gatekeeping, Circumcision, Hippacrasy and Idolatry.

Circumcision – Chopping off part of a man or baby’s penis in order to please a deity and somehow be cleaner and healthier.(?) Circumcision is a key example of Doublethink, as a father and mother letting another person take a knife to the genitals of their newborn child is an excellent example of the things people can do when they believe contradictory ideas at the same time that are reinforced by authority figures and a belief in a certain type of god. A god that looks around that says, “You know what’s wrong with this picture? Baby penises don’t look right to me. Get a knife and fix that bad penis. This is the number one priority.” Circumcision is one of many practices used by rulers and dominant factions to ensure the obedience of their subjects, as if anyone begins to question or refuse their prescribed holy genital mutilation, the tyrants will know who is considering to rebel against the Established Order and has somehow developed a non-servile, independent mind that can think for itself. Such information is used by tyrants to select tall growing grass for cutting. I was circumcised and would rather not have been, as such I claim the absolute right to speak about the practice when, where, and however I like. I will debate anyone, anywhere on this topic gladly. In any other situation a man taking a knife to a baby would be cause for physical violence in order to protect the child and would treat the knife-wielder as a dangerous lunatic. I simply apply this obvious moral imperative uniformly. Mutilating Babies is Universally Evil, genital mutilation to somehow alter erogenous zones to please god is Evil x 10. I can think of no ethical reason, ever, for this practice, anywhere, ever. I support a penalty of life in prison without parole and complete confiscation of all assetts for anyone on planet Earth caught mutilating baby genitals, or anyone else’s genitals without their written consent. On planet Earth in 2019 there are loud factions that see this matter the opposite, and who are seeking to outlaw the practice of criticizing the mutilation of baby genitals. See Judaism. See Doublethink, Tyranny, Gaslighting and Exceptionalism.

Judailogy – The study of judaism and jews. This is being made illegal for everyone but card carrying zionists, as all criticism of jewish people, judaism, zionism and Israel is blamed on outright 3rd reich zieg heiling nazism, resulting in the person trying to understand anything about jewish people, judaism, zionism or Israel being canceled from all culture for even daring as a non-jewish person to understand the depths of judaism/zionism/Israel/whatever. This results in a vastly expanding minefield of incorrect terminology and propaganda which emanates from Israel being broadcast as fact, and zionists being able to manipulate the united states into taking the role of cannon fodder in the yinnom plan. See Yinnom plan, zionist entity, racism, judeo nazi, illuminoxy, never again, antisemitism, circumcision, snuck premise,

Zionist Entity – Using unlimited money, holocaust victimhood, judaism, spies, concerted mass media manipulation(ie complete overton window control), the republican party and brainwashing to ignore conspiracies, this mafia has taken over much of the united states despite it being a tentacle of a foreign government. This fanatical jewish nationalist cult has infiltrated much of the world and it wants total control, it wants to be globalization or the hand behind it. Sadly, what was once the most embarrasing thing to believe is now so obviously true it cannot be denied in any serious analysis of political economy. The best that most apologists can do is convince themselves it is benign and allow themselves to be soothed to sleep by zionist owned mass media, which only wants them to go die in Iran as cannon fodder. The zionist entity refuses to define its borders because it has every intention of expanding, indefinitely. The zionist entity refuses treaties as well and in every case seeks to avoid any higher international authority than itself. Also known as the Zionist Overlord Government or ZOG. Antizionism and any mention of the ZOG are censored on zionist owned mass media. For example, on reddit, anti-zionism is crypto censored by a private group that no one can join or see, used to identify anyone who would even dare to consider the idea, which will be forwarded immediately to offensive paramilitary street gangs in the perpetrators local area. See tyranny, demonic, zionism, judeo-nazi, gaslighting extreme, antisemitism, circumcision, lyor the tall israeli, never again

Intellectual Dark Web – An amorphous undefinable network of websites where intelligent people discuss things in either completely free image boards such as the chans, or in closed communities such as Barbelith. Note: This term has been stolen by the people most responsible for attacking and destroying the intellectual dark web, zionists, who now now claim Jordan Peterson, about whom nothing is ‘dark’, who is outright and justifiably celebrated on the clearweb and zionist mass media, is the center of the intellectual dark web rather than the truth, that the intellectual dark web hates Jordan Peterson most of all. Note: This is an extremely insidious example of cultural apropriation, if not the worst example.

Magna Carta – The foundation of Western Civilization. The first western document outlawing kidnapping. Western civilization is currently less civliized than it was at the time this document was written due to the existence of the Guantanamo Bay prison and the NDAA executive order of 2014, which have legalized the kidnapping of American citizens, and most all other citizens, for secret trial and/or assassination. In 2019, there is no such thing as Western Civlization, there is no rule of law, and the United Nations is an ineffective puppet regime incapable of doing its job. All western legal concepts are in absolute crisis, and no rights or safety of any citizen or governing body can be assured. As a supporter of the Magna Carta, I support the immediate banning globally of any individual being kidnapped or killed without trial, any secret prisons or courts, and prosecuting for war crimes any government or military organization who commits this crime. This is a reactionary stance, and the stance of current governments who are pro-kidnapping when it suits them, represents a wild radicalism often masked by their formal attire. For writing something like this document, I am at risk for someone violating the Magna Carta in order to silence me, in 2019.

Civilization – The hope and belief that humans are better than animals due to our ability to think and that when we gather together, we are better off than hunter gather pre-lingual ancestors with all of our buildings and fancy gadgets. Visual appearance is completely, absolutely, misleading in the estimation of what is civilized and what is not. Barbarians for whom lofty ideals like even the most primitive concept of the Magna Carta is meaningless, continually want to mask themselves in pomp and circumstance. If anyone violates the Magna Carta or (Geneva Conventions), they are slobbering barbarians, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Totalitarianism – A form of government which does not allow any form of dissent, faction or privacy. The real world expression of a system of government where every action in human life must be overtly permitted, rather than a form of government which limits itself to a given set of functions. Without mind-reading totalitarianism can never be absolute and no system can care about every possible action of a human, so totalitarianism is almost always enforcing a territorial or national ideology which is experienced more as a cultural hegemony, where a single type or sort of person holds every office of power. Open systems like republics and democracies are always under threat of infiltration and domination by factions intent on establishing a totalitarian system for people just like themselves and ‘getting rid’ of several sets of people who are ‘causing all the trouble.’ China is a society that has decided for totalitarianism and the United States is a nation that is nearly there. Totalitarian factions and their systems are evil and pernicious, and will stop at nothing to acquire or maintain power, their only weakness is their extreme unpopularity. This is why the independence of media organizations is virtually the only hope a society has to prevent this very unpopular and evil form of government from taking over everything and rounding up everyone not wearing the right outfit, like has happened in Germany in the 1930’s, Israel in the 2000’s and Xinjiang since 2016. Totalitarian systems always mask tremendous atrocities from journalism which are almost always later discovered by historians. If you have anything to do with a totalitarian system, you are a murderer, which is frowned upon by the gods. Human history is essentially a struggle against this form of government and the sociopaths/psychopaths which are its proponents. The inherent militarism of totalitarianism quite simply extinguishes everything that is worthwhile in human life, art, enlightenment, love, play, contemplation, in exchange for distant phantoms, grim isolation and gaslit paranoia, a living nightmare. Most Americans mean Totalitarianism when they say Socialism due to extreme levels of capitalistic propaganda. Any ideology can be twisted into Totalitarianism, the Chinese Communist Party, the American Republican Party, the Ladies Afternoon Tea League. The only way to detect their pattern is a consistent insistence upon an unpopular agenda that the same elements in the new media either censors or distracts from. Sociopaths are generally at least somewhat intelligent so there is always a struggle to point out what is happening to people who like to ‘go with the flow’ or who get their news from non-independent media. The primary basis of education for any form of government other than single party dictatorship should be how to resist Totalitarianism, and you can be sure that every weakening of the educational system in this regard is the direct intention of the supporters of Totalitarianism. Totalitarianism will always seek to monopolize credibility, such that no matter what any underling sees, it will be ‘caught and killed’ before it is actually publicized if the entire happening is not to the interest of the power structure. But if it is useful and the person is not a wrongthinker, they may be held up as an example for a time, until they are no longer useful as a propaganda hobbyhorse. In totalitarianism, any independant values an individual has will be eliminated as only state values, which change from minute to minute, will be allowed and encouraged, at risk of severe penalty. See Doublethink, Tyranny, cultural hegemony, demonic, cult, inner party, outer party, uniform degenerative force, antihumanism, anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, zersetzung, propaganda, dark psychic energy, relativism,

Cult – A social grouping which threatens and punishes those who leave it and/or work against it while seeking to take over key positions of power in society and establish an internal law separate from the law everyone else follows. Cults almost always involve bizarre rituats, often sexual, rigid hierarchies, control and abuse of the powerless. Notable cults in the 21st Century include but are not limited to Scientology, Jewish Zionism, the Federalist Society and Facebook. See dark psychic energy, kabbalah, totalitarianism, tyranny, suppressive person, fanaticism, relativism,

Person of Interest – When an individual person attracts the attention of an army of spies and becomes significant to world events either intentionall or unintentionally. See superpublic, zersetzung, agent, psyop

War – People trying to kill each other. Usually it is obvious when this is happening but not always. When military personnel attack civilians in civilian society, it is often so as not to be noticed or plausibly deniable, so war includes all forms of persecution, harassment, zersetzung, long-term poisoning, economic sanction, sieges and blockades, and otherwise interfering for the worse in the lives of the unarmed citizenry. People who do not respect the rights of civilians not to be in a war are the enemies of everyone, as if this distinction does not exist, then we are all equally in a war with these idiots.

Global War on Terror 2001-2019 – A first of its kind global psychological operation which successfully masked(s) the theft of some of the most valuable land in the world by a fanatical cult of Jewish National Socialists. The Global War on Terror is the absolute stupidest war in the history of humanity and everyone associated with it deserves a prison sentence, if the Nuremberg trials were not a grand historical clown joke on the nazis. It is the most successful example of mass brainwashing in the history of the world. A people who thought all military action should be planned with a concrete finish in mind were taught how to accept and pay for a neverending war because all of their national media were allowed to be owned by people without any loyalty to their nation. The GWOT, which has not accomplished any of the goals of the United States besides a means for weapons-makers to get christmas bonuses, has primarily benefited the apartheid judeo-fascist nation of Israel who has been able to use the resultant anti-islamicism to annex more territory for the never-defined borders, using the thinly-veiled threat of nuclear weapons to annex more of the territory it has been planning to invade since it’s creation by the United Nations, whose every other mandate since they have laughed at. The GWOT is also the greatest racist act ever perpetrated, as the resultant islamaphobia effectively repressed all muslim people worldwide by denying them their rights and killing millions of them without trial. The GWOT is a holocaust in every sense of the word and it is ongoing, and is driven by people, jewish zionist pro-Israeli factions, who claim they cannot be critisized due to a holocaust whose memory they have monopolized and turned into a mini-industry of slander against anyone who tries to point out the obvious situation, that in the name of anti-anti-semitism, anti-islamacism is institutionalized. It may be the most stunning, jaw-dropping act of hypocrasy, the most outlandish mania the world has ever known. I am ashamed of everyone who has had anything to do with it, most of whom absolutely refuse to be questioned about it and seem to think they are on some other moral plane where some people just have to be murdered but it’s ok because of some patch they are wearing or something, or they actually happened to lose someone they care about while they were in a country a thousand miles away doublethinking that means you are defending the borders of your own country, and that you are not invading another country when it is very obvious you are. See Clown World, Doublethink, Tyranny, Capitalism, Yinnom Plan

Islam – I do not understand Islam very well at all. I have downloaded a Koran and I have started studying. The vast majority of muslim people I have known have been pleasant and good citizens of my home country the United States. The islamic people who are being murdered by drones and bombs and whose land is being stolen, are acting rationally in my opinion. They have a right to defend themselves. I understand why they are fighting back a lot more than I understand why people with drones from my home country the United States think they can freely murder people way over there and get away with it. I will probably not be interested in Islam as a personal religion for me because of the entire hat/headware situation or the stance on capital punishment. I think there is a big problem in ‘the west’ about not allowing islamic people to speak for themselves, and to present the entire muslim culture as a caricature of propaganda, which I find disgusting and seek to avoid by listening to voices actually in the region being discussed.

Christianity – I’m not sure what this is exactly but christians, I believe, can all agree that Jesus died and ‘shed his blood’ to save them/us from sins and that if they/we just do what Jesus wants, the sins will be forgiven and we will have a really swell afterlife. But also the book of revelation teaches them to be a death cult hell-bent on the return of their lord and a firey armageddon, in exactly the same place where they are constantly politically agitating for a firey armageddon. Christians have habitually tried to ruin my home country the United States by being racist, militant, homophobic, agist, sexist and puritanical dickwipes, and also allying with zionists fanatics to wage endless racist war in the middle east, er ‘holy land’, in the hope somehow someone’s messiah will materialize and uscher in some kind of eschaton.

Yinnom Plan – Israel’s ongoing conspiracy to continually invade new territory in violation of every promise made at their creation and the United Nations. Also critical to the Yinnom Plan is Israel’s continual refusal to define its borders or admit it has nuclear weapons. The supreme international crime is aggressive invasion of territory, and this has been Israel’s plan all along, all of their talk of peace has been a lie. Conspiracy, Doublethink, NCR, Evil, Horcrux, Dominant Cultural Hegemony, Kabbalah, demonic, evil, mendicant

Clown World – The world of 2019. The people who are competent and doing all of the work are silenced in the political sphere while obvious mobsters are promoted to power by vapid mass media as if they are competent heroes. The system, operated by the 10 percent of people who control 90 percent of the resources, have proven incapable of preventing catastrophic climate change and now the human world is stuck in a state of perpetual war, yet continues to act as if this system were justified and rational. The people with all of the power and responsibility are essentially complete fuckups and the rest of us working jobs every day are being treated like criminals for pointing this out. Preventable tragedies happen on a daily basis and never once are the people responsible for our safety held responsible for their failure. The double standard is so blazingly obvious yet we have to listen to people talk on TV for 24 hours a day without mentioning it. NOTE: as this meme has been useful against powerful stooges so the stooges are now incorporating this term into their entrapment propaganda and redirecting it for use by far right nazis against undeserving people, such as non-heterosexuals. This is indicative of the real struggle we face, anything that is effective at describing the ruling class will be redirected by them to stir social divisions if not cause outright race war. See NPC Meme, Spectacle, Reverse Social Engineering, Propaganda, Potempkin Village, Man Gulch Fire

Telemetry – A trick word used by predatory exceptionalists in organizations like Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, and Google to make it sound as though they are not spying on the users of their products, when they very much are. Any person who uses this word in seriousness is in all likelihood a garbage person from the clown world, practicing predatory exceptionalism and psychotropic leachism, as this word is very much intended to soothe your concerns about your privacy, when those concerns are actually valid and necessary for your safety. See clown world, tyranny, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, totalitarinaism, tyranny, garbage people

Spectacle – Something you can’t take your eyes off. A glitch in the human mind that allows it to be essentially controlled by visual things from a distance and en mass. The way the human species is managed by accumulated wealth and power in 2019. See Propaganda, Doublethink, Babylon, Cult.

Babylon – One of the more credible parts of The Bible is the story of an ancient city that built a tower to reach god. It almost worked and god got angry and destroyed it, or so we are told. More likely is the plan had no chance of working and they built a tower so big it collapsed from its own weight given the crude building materials of the time. ‘Everybody’ allegedly talked the same language, although The Bible has this way of leaving out several thousand other budding concurrent civilizations, but I can understand because god at that time had no way of knowing. j/k, the writer had no way of knowing, as far as he could tell everyone spoke the same language and then when the tower fell that all changed, there were all of these other languages. I imagine the tower of babylon was a lot like our 24 hour nooz channels. Everyone would look towards the tower for prices and information, and there would be different parts of the tower for different kinds of people. It would organize all of their factions. But because everyone was looking, and it was a spectacle, it was the center of everything they knew, it became integral to their entire way of thinking. So when it became corrupt, everything about it diverged from reality. People became divorced from the ecology they depended upon and the logic upon which the actual tower itself stood. Advertising, banking, then politics and religion, all became corrupted. The best tower engineers were burned at the stake for witchcraft by actual witches posing as politicians. The farmers were robbed until there was no food in any of the markets and mobs lit everything on fire, and in the chaos the tower fell and everything got mixed up. Human society in 2019 is such a Babylon System built on exactly the same principles, only this time technology has made it more successful then ever. That success is, however, as always, built upon the parasitic principle, which will inevitably cause such severe ecological catastrophe that the entire system will be threatened, and war. A key aspect of Babylon systems is that the people who make the decisions are utterly divorced from the reality of the world in which they are living, and a large class of people develops who contribute nothing but leach huge amounts of resources due to manipulations of numbers in ledgers. The Babylon system is impossible to justify, so anyone seeking to analyze it and discuss it’s true nature will be attacked like a virus by the Babylon system. Babylon systems love to create fake social nexus’s, ‘free markets’ which are ultimately tools to further establish their dominance and essentially attack all threats. There are always cults at the center of a Babylon system. Wherever you see Propaganda, Hierarchy, Capitalism, Cults, Spectacle and Doublethink, it is probably a Babylon system.

Suppressive Person – A Scientology term for a person who is working against the interests of Scientology, but the term is useful for describing a necessary trait of all such cults. One of the defining features of cults is that anyone who threatens the existence of the cult, especially with the actual facts about the cult which the cult is actively trying to suppress, is defined, ironically, a suppressive Person, who must be themselves suppressed. Cults will expend tremendous resources to harass their opponents using practiced military-grade subversion tactics including FUD(fear uncertainty disinformation), 4 D’s(deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive), EEE(embrace, extend, extinguish) and SSE(Supplant, Silence, Exploit), and tactical undermining to eliminate the person, and the truth, as a threat. Any organization using these tactics is a cult, not a religion, and everyone associated with it should be imprisoned as a public menace. Let me be clear, I wouldn’t care if the CIA does dirty tricks to the KGB, but if either CIA or KGB is attacking Joe Briefcase because he wants to vote for a different political party or go to an anti-war protest, then the system is evil and illegitimate. It must be illegal for spies to sabotage and otherwise ruin the life of a civilian, (like has been done to me) or the form of social organization is simply a well-masked form of barbarism. Western Civilization is based upon the concept of a public forum, and all cults will always seek to destroy the public forum or turn it into a sham. If you are part of such an organization, know that one would only use such tactics if you knew you could not win an argument, so by engaging in suppression tactics against your opponents you admit you do not believe in your own religion. Good luck with that /s. See tactical undermining, demonic, cult,

NCR – An international company that makes checkout equipment for retail stores. All transactions are processed in Israel and the Israeli military could deactivate all of them with the push of a button. No nation using this equipment is independent of Israel, whose pattern since before ‘creation’ has been to spy on everyone all of the time and use commerce for all manners of leverage. This topic really pisses me off. Countries should obviously process their own transactions, not let it be done by spy countries with every reason to use it for their purposes. See Cultural Hegemony

Common Carrier – a technological entity whose entire function is limited to transmission, vindicating the owners, operators and subscribers from any complicity in any criminality conducted using the transmitting abilities of the entity. Applies to phones, internet, wireless, broadcast and social websites. forces of tyranny will always apply bizarro double standards to common carriers. All manner of lying murderous propaganda will be legal and encouraged on their broadcast channels but any other medium that offers any chance to people with alternative views will either be heavily censored, for everyone’s safety, or entire transmission mediums will be outright declared deadly scary harmful and forbidden. piracy is the natural intelligent response to tyrannical elements who assault transmission with idiotic non-sequitor responsibilties. fish are not responsible for what water does, neither are birds responsible for what the air does. the telephone wire owner is not responsible for the crimes which are scheduled on the telephone. but if you just wanted to arrest a bunch of inconvenient people, censor a bunch of things and slow down all social movements in a given area, make the wires themselves illegal. In modern times common carriers bulk transmissions are simply copied in their entirety for later study. Secret lists of words not allowed to be spoken are made to secretly flag everyone who uses them for secret harassment, which allows the government still to appear free, constitutional and friendly.

Social Nexus – A form of commons where a human society enables exchanges between parties. A dance, classified section, social website, fair, are some of the numerous kinds of social nexus. Antisocial forces like capitalism and authoritarianism will always attack these and subvert them because at a social nexus you can easily pick people out individually and then just wait until they are alone. This is to say that any open culture must fierecly defend their social nexuses from infiltration or they become a close authoritarian society, which is extremely difficult because in this conflict the opposing side plays without any rules and has unlimited time to plot. This is a difficult problem and the people who destroy social nexus’s piss me off. See Common Carrier, Movement, Social, Quality, Cultural Hegemony

Jeff Bezos – the biggest clown of all. Uses magic investment money to start most obvious business with state backing, incorporates business with police state, cheats on wife, earns most money ever, too much plastic pollution around and wife is angry and has half of his fortune, builds spaceship, leaves planet, finds another planet, uses magic investment money to start most obvious business……Someone should arrest Jeff Bezos for being awful before he spreads. note: there is a small chance what we know as jeff bezos is some form of time traveler, clone, mutant, or group of people who look similar but who simply represent some or another spy agency. Placing one of his devices, or anything similar, in your home is the ultimate anti-intellectual expression, and is actually treason against your country and a personal betrayal of everyone within earshot. See Clown World.

Voice Activated – This means the device hears everything and if you are interesting in any way to anyone, which you can never know to any degree of certainty. using such devices is a way of saying that you completely abdicate your political rights and are incapable. any human being recorded at all times by another person is effectively subjugated to this person. The work of even the most average intelligence, and often even people who are outright intelligent, can be mined for elements useful to powerful people. The people who are somehow anointed screenwriters by the tyrannical government don’t need any more ‘screenwriters’, they need lots of tragic stories and some ‘raw from the streets’ dialogue which they can harvest from people who believe the hype and go with the flow and run with the herd over the cliff.

Mark Zuckerborg – the second biggest clown. most effective promoter of spy software that secretly nullifies all of its users civil rights and simplifies the task of the numerous overlords whose intention is to manage human evolution for the rest of time. due to the near perfect dishonesty he has exhibited while earning every dollar of his money, and since this has resulted in nearly every person on earth being actually spied on, by spies, and worse, the full damage manifest not even close to complete, makes his life work a thousand times more criminal and damaging than the much more significant work of Julian Assange, even to the united states military which they may not even notice due to the fact they have been so badly damaged.

Intelligence – The cognative ability required to alter the world. Spies want to control everything, or give this impression, and also hate anyone smarter than they are, or who catches them when they make errors, so they just steal the word for being smart and use it as their name as a preemptive mind-game. An ‘intelligence officer’ is just a spy. If a spy agency said there were WMD’s in Iraq, that would have sounded so unbelievable it was silly. But 20 Intelligence Agencies All Agree! Well, let’s commit some atrocities and stop asking any rational questions! How long are people going to fall for this crap in the English language? We need the word for intelligence for a lot more than spying. That I even have to say this….See doublethink, tyranny, gaslighting, clown world, dark psychic energy, totalitarianism, uniform degenerative force, smart, telemetry,

Smart – A word that means intelligent but which is frequently used to mean the opposite, just like the word intelligence itself. Common examples in 2020 are Smart Phone, Smart Meter and Smart Water, all of which are actually unintelligent products on many levels. Note: If you are attempting to dominate and ultimately take over a human population, one of your key goals should be to get them to think idiocy is intelligent, and as such the meaning of these words, as many others, should be closely guarded and protected from subversion. See dark psychic energy, psychotropic leachism, propaganda, uniform degenerative force,

Clown World – The world of 2019. The people who are competent and doing all of the work are silenced in the political sphere while obvious mobsters are promoted to power by vapid mass media as if they are competent heroes. The system, operated by the 10 percent of people who control 90 percent of the resources, have proven incapable of preventing catastrophic climate change and now the human world is stuck in a state of perpetual war, yet continues to act as if this system were justified and rational. The people with all of the power and responsibility are essentially complete fuckups and the rest of us working jobs every day are being treated like criminals for pointing this out. Preventable tragedies happen on a daily basis and never once are the people responsible for our safety held responsible for their failure. The double standard is so blazingly obvious yet we have to listen to people talk on TV for 24 hours a day without mentioning it. The Clown World meme first surfaced on the Dark Net, I only relay its existence to the rest of the world here.

Processor Backdoor – Making a backdoor in a processor should warrant a lifetime sentence and severe international sanctioning, not be the default behavior of government spies. Backdooring processors by design is actually the ultimate indication that the government or some ruling power deems themselves so superior that they have a right to read anyone’s mind, and is an indication of extreme paranoia, greed and psychopathy. It is also indication that all technologies that rely on these processors are ultimately not secure or reliable at all. It could all fall down at any moment, and someone designed it this way. See Doublethink, Totalitarianism, Tyranny, Clown World

NPC Meme – The tendency for real world interactions with people to resemble the extremely limited set of interactions video games allow with fictional pre-programed computer characters. With the rise in popularity of open world immersive video games, comparison between these virtual world and reality have begun. One pattern across all such sandbox games is the interface with which you interact with other beings in the game. Usually a menu is involved as there is no means for a speech interface. With every person you meet in a game, you have a limited set of options of topics with which to discuss with them and a pattern for the dialogue with a hello and goodbye, etc. When you are at the dentist, all the menu options are teeth related, some billing options, you can say one pleasantry, but there is a discrete limit, a small list of communication options. For many people, nearly all interhuman interaction in 2019 fits this pattern. For someone who reads a lot, talking with someone who does not read a lot, who has no curiosity about the world, who doesn’t study the technology they use, who doesn’t ‘do politics’, simply resembles one of these discussions in a video game. As if in a video game you could craft a new, original, attempt at communicating an idea or getting this NPC to be involved in your life, and no matter what, your attempt to reach out would always be brushed aside with a cliche, and back to the normal pattern. The sheer lack of input from other humans most people must deal with, the deer in headlights obliviousness to the meaning of all these repetetive encounters, is at least worthy of note if not outright maddening, contributing to a sort of trapped, isolated, lonely feeling. Despair. The NPC Meme is a specific meme which I will post on this website here in the bright light for a substantial gift of coin.

Cultural Hegemony – In a large complex society where a small number of people desire to maintain control, they accomplish this by establishing large socio-economic institutions and ideologies which effectively enforce control and maintain the stability of the system of wealth extraction and the dominance of the top faction or factions. Gene Sharp’s book on revolution says every system has big pillars that it stands on and that these pillars can be identified and made inoperative. A quick analysis of the United States of America, for instance, could clearly list the 24 hour news channels, the two major newspapers, COINTELPRO, several repressive laws, permanent war, corporate personhood, advertising, the prisons, certain financial things, and the intentional manipulation of the language itself, for starters. Some of the pillars belong to all of the people and some of the pillars belong to the cultural hegemony being enforced by the oligarchy. You will notice that everything that helps the Israeli Zionists has been absolutely allowed and encouraged while everything that hurts Islamic and Palestinian people has been absolutely allowed and encouraged, and that around these topics the language has been changed. There is an absolute paranoia about Islamic people being spies and saboteurs in the United States, but at the same time Israeli spies and saboteurs are even encouraged to operate, which indicates a major aspect of the cultural hegemony ruling the United States. The creator of the term Cultural Hegemony, Antoni Gramsci was truly hated by capitalist fascists and paid for it with his life. You know you are living in a totalitarian police state and have no freedom if even slightly questioning the pillars of the cultural hegemony result in violent police response. The right to assembly and speech, when actual and not propaganda facades, mean that almost any pillar of any cultural hegemony could be eliminated by mass direct action, which is an important safeguard of democracy against tyranny. Gatekeepers are key to the functioning of a Cultural Hegemony as many occupations like academic and artist can be tightly ideologically controlled, so that only classes of people who are approved and controllable are allowed a platform to speak. A cultural hegemony has real power, so they do not have to tell you why you are excluded, what the traits of the hegemony are or even that the hegemony exists, it always appears like you failed personally when you are cast out. Most suicides are caused by this subtle gaslighting effect made inevitable when industry gatekeepers all join the same cult and systems that advertise freedom gradually turn totalitarian. A cultural hegemony can be good if it operates according to symbiotic harmonism, but it will be tyrannical if it operates according to predatory exceptionalism or psychotropic leachism, also known in the classic sense as a Babylonian system(where you build this stupid tower and turn language into meaningless jargon then collapse the whole thing for fun and profit). Note: Those outside of a cultural hegemony will always be reviled and belittled(and maybe hunted as witches…) as unintelligent, dirty, no-good, asshole, ‘nobody likes them’, out there, wingnut, crazy, and I know this from direct experience. Dick Cheney was quoted as describing everyone outside of his ‘neocon’ cult as ‘quaint’ for believing in human rights and international law. In American culture in 2020, Antisemite is the thing you cannot be in the dominant cultural hegemony, and so everyone within it is thus pressured to approve of murder of civilian protestors. People within the cultural hegemony are always described the opposite, ‘everybody loves them’ and [big player in cult number 1] loves them. Of course there is no real love in a cultural hegemony or cult, and anyone pointing this out will be the first one they call asshole. Sadly the world we live in is build on this modus. Symbiotic Harmonism attempts to establish a legitimate cultural hegemony of trustworthy, quality people who are capable of wielding power without such petty and cryptic games. Sigh. See totalitarianism, clown world, tyranny, cult, demonic,

Cultural Hegemony Olympics – When certain events happen and hidden truths regarding otherwise obfuscated cultural hegemonies and power structures become apparent. Like when lightning strikes sometimes, you can see the cultural hegemony in motion moving like a giant in the distance. During such times, read everything you can and take a lot of notes. See epstein, psyop, agent,

Strategic Sequestration – When a cultural hegemony, police state or other elite interests determine that a poor and powerless person must never be allowed to acquire power and so they plan an operation to blacklist them and tactically undermine their life. Strategic sequestration, for example, is when you think you have an agent, job or business investment lined up and then the next week your agent or investor gets a mysterious call that tells them they cannot work with you anymore with no specific reason given. Tactical undermining will then limit the person from ever getting to that point again. This will only work to a point in the cost/benefit analysis, if the person resists sequestration they may have to be silenced through other more overt means. Note: Anyone doing this is by definition ball-less, as they are admitting they know they cannot win a fair argument or contest with their their superior so they cheat. Also, anyone doing this is working in direct violation of any constitution that grants the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as strategic sequestration effectively ends their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. See zersetzung, low intensity conflict, algorithmic discrimination, demonic

Tactical Undermining – Part of a campaign of strategic sequestration to prevent a person from thriving by disrupting their lives with micro-aggressions and micro-sabotage, through infiltration and covert action. Sabotaging air conditioners, automobiles, appliances, plumbing, communications devices, noise disturbances, smell disturbances, spreading rumors, stalking, silo-ing, algorithmic discrimination, harassment, hypercriticality, trolling and picking fights are all typical tactics to keep someone in life from thriving. See tyranny, totalitarianism, gaslighting, zersetzung, strategic sequestration, algorithmic discrimination, demonic, zersetzung

Zersetzung – The german word for undermine. See Tactical Undermining, gaslighting, tyranny, totalitarianism

Potemkin Village – When the state needs to convince someone it is something it is not, it creates an elaborate illusion. The term comes from Catherine the Great, a Russian ruler who had commanded her subordinates to provide for the people. When the subordinates were corrupt and the people were starving, Catherine requested to be taken out among the people to see for herself. The subordinates had to demonstrate how the people were thriving when they were starving, so they made a single village that was thriving for a day to demonstrate to her that they were not robbing the country blind. Frequently authoritarian systems destroy the basic components of open culture, like music festivals, regular demonstrations and intellectual exploration. Famous examples of a potempkin village are the Full Supermarket in Hanoi that visitors are taken to see and anything resembling 1960s culture in the United States post 1970, e.g. Woodstock 99, Coachella and Burning Man. Dictators who have fake opposition parties, visiting dignitaries who are shown dancers and orchestras, and many museums are Potempkin Villages. A Cultural Hegemony will use hundreds of undercover agents in elaborate costumes to give the illusion that it hasn’t destroyed a culture, to spy upon, entrap citizens and prevent the idea from cropping up again under uncontrolled circumstances. See Man Gulch Fire, Propaganda, Hypernormalization.

Benefit of the Doubt – When you award trust for no reason other than the absence of reason not to trust. The extent to which this strategy is successful is the extent to which your society is healthy. If no one trusts anyone and no one gets the benefit of the doubt, and every time you give the benefit of the doubt you get hurt, then your society is sick and you should protect yourself. But also recognize that this is the result of intentional action by those in power. For example, the list media sources who covered for epstein and weinstein were noted and no one rational person trusts them at all any more. See trust, psyop, zersetzung, agent, tactical undermining,

Shut it Down – The new phrase for censorship, meaning to turn off part of the internet that one finds desireable. See censorship

Radicalize – A totalitarian system must constantly introduce radical changes as it warps society, and it must in all cases make these changes appear sensible and as the course of normal order rather than the radical impositions that they are. An efficient way to prevent criticism is to label the people trying to preserve open culture and the decent heritage of their historical systems as the radicals. Since angry people are also their primary enemy, anything that makes people angry will be declared as ‘radicalizing’ or responsible for radicalization. It is a very effective way for an authoritarian system to present itself as normal in a program of hypernormalization. Classic examples of how the term radicalize is used in propaganda regimes is how the United States and Israel describe Islamic people whose families have been bombed and assassinated while their land has been stolen and governments overthrown. Even though countless atrocities have been done against them, a pamplet describing the atrocities is what is evil because it is ‘radicalizing’ people, and so should be censored. This is a new word that was not in use when I was a child, it is indicative of intentional modifications of spoken English, the same reason I am writing these definitions in the first place. See Propaganda, Cultural Hegemony, Hypernormalization

Hypernormalization – The process of imposing rapid national socialistic changes to a mass of individuals by a dictator or inner party who has taken power through the use of propaganda and cultural hegemony, constituting an inhumane attack on many human psyches at once. Sentient beings rely on a set of ideas about the world which allows them to feel well and safe. People who feel well and safe can think and act rationally, including but not limited to concerted democratic social action, which dictators and other forms of national socialists would like to prevent. In 2019 some hypernormalizing trends to keep an eye on are banking interest, immigration policy, climate policy, war in syria and africa and south america, international relations between china russia Europe turkey iran saudi arabia and the united states, the size of Palestine the rights of Palestinians, concentration camps in china and the united states border. People like Kushner and Kavanaugh being elevated to high status are examples of extreme hypernormalization.

Ironist – An intellectual clown who takes no serious position on anything and is impossible to ‘pin down’ about their actual own beliefs. In authoritarian systems, ironism is the only form of comedy allowed even though it represents only a small subset of comedy and is very limited in scope. There is nothing an ironist won’t joke about and nothing they won’t pretend not to care about, and these things can be funny but heartless and amoral in the face of immorality, and after a while a draining source of despair. Many Americans in 2019 believe Ironism is all that comedy can be. Daniel Tosh is an ironist. In an authoritarian or totalitarian society, comedians will often pretend to be ironists for survival and economic purposes, but then they generally become propagandists and it stops being comedy and starts being part of the tyranny.

Spook – Another word for spy or secret agent. When you encounter someone or something unbelievable, it is like seeing a ghost, you will never get the satisfaction of confirmation from other people. Spies and secret police have access to all of the scary surveillance apparatus and so their special knowledge is like that of someone from the other side, and combined with their power to use violence and disappear makes people justifiably afraid of them. A corrupt and/or totalitarian society will have these sorts of pretexting characters all over the place operating local restaurants and trying to be your roommate or pretending to sleep in the parking lot with their window rolled down, hoping you attack them and can then just be put in jail and forgotten about. Almost all bizarre acts of outlandish violence are the result of spooks and the only way to really tell is by the general unbelievability of the cover story.

Social Engineering – When someone tricks you into giving them 20 dollars, that is social manipulation. When everyone in the bar you are in is a paid actor, informant or undercover officer, then you are being socially engineered. Note: Social engineering is a key tactic being used in the united states and probably other places to eliminate all resistance to totalitarian nationalism and tyrannical forms of globalization. Note: If social engineering is successfully, you are never aware of it. In my experience, I am able to determine I was socially engineered only after the fact because in the moment, it would be far outside of social norms to try to pull somene’s wig off and accuse them. This is why it is gaslighting, they take advantage of how nice you are to hurt you badly. Note: The author is unaware of any other living human known to have survived the extent of social engineering that I have reported in public. To date there is no journalistic interest in my story whatsoever, which is a profound error in the judgement of journalists, who themselves are very likely facing social engineering themselves. See zersetzung, reverse social engineering, demonic, gaslighting, tyranny

Reverse Social Engineering – Deducing the nature and intentions of someone from the observed social engineering they have executed. Someone who realizes at the time or after the fact that they are the target of an undercover investigation or program is able to derive from numerous details what the investigation was investigating, and if any offensive actions were taken what their goals and limitations may be. And if you know what they want to know and their motivations, you actually know a whole lot about the people who are on the other side of the one way mirror. The same methods can be applied to all hierarchical structures, propaganda, governance, organizations and virtually anything where society is being engineered without the awareness or consent of the population. Without the ability to reverse social engineer psychological operations, human beings are essentially helpless therefore a society which does not teach this in schools is deeply unethical and is likely preying upon their youth in various ways. Note: Ronan Farrow mentioned his use of Reverse Social Engineering in determing the nature of the psychological operations waged against him in reporting the Harvey Weinstein scanda. Not to be confused with the tactic of entrapment where you pretend someone to be in need of aid in order to build trust with the target, which is called the same thing sometimes in error. This tactic should be called an inverted victim attack or something like that. See zersetzung, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, predatory surveillance capitalism, mendicant, spook, potemkin village, psy op, stooge

Thought Criminal – Someone whose very existence threatens an authoritarian state. Most people can only be a threat through violence, but violence can only threaten the state en mass. The only thing that can motivate people en mass is organization and the only thing that can organize masses of people are ideas. So the ideas are actually more scary than violence to national socialists, who are desperate as to prevent their vision of society as the only concievable one and the best one. Cultural Hegemonies, national socialists and cults will enforce rigid ideological thinking, any examples of capable happy people thinking outside of those lines are outright threats who must be made examples of. Thought criminals should expect all manner of entrapment strategies as before escalating to overt methods they will try to discredit and demoralize the thought criminal. Authoritarian systems will avoid saying they are outlawing an idea because it makes them look weak, even though that is exactly what they are doing, and they are weak. In advanced late stage totalitarianism, this can get exceedingly grim as even the most obvious thoughts identify one as disloyal worthy of punishment. Outlawing ideas and speech is a primary tool of evil, if not The Primary Tool of Evil. See Cultural Hegemony, Tyranny, Enforced Evolution

Enforced Evolution – A process of ordered assassination by which an authoritarian socialist entity kills off its opponents. A form of genocide, except instead of a race, you are killing off the political leadership of a faction or ideology. Sociopathic fascists in many countries identify the strongest proponents of democratic socialism at a young age and murder them. In other cases, a movement forms organically or is briefly allowed to exist and then all of its leadership is killed or imprisoned by the authoritarian state. With the most effective voices silenced, history can be altered such that no other voices existed and that the vision of the authoritarian state is supreme and unchallenged, but across much longer stretches of time than if ‘tall grass is not the first chopped.’ This is one of the primary tools of evil, if not The Primary Tool of evil and has been for generations of human history. It is also a potent form of gaslighting. It is no coincidence that a vast number of people who would agree with the definitions on this page have been murdered by governments. See Gaslighting, Propaganda, Tyranny, Evil, Thought Criminal.

Thought Terminating Cliche – A primary mental tool, if not The Primary Mental Tool, of the totalitarian state. wherever you find mind control, you will find thought terminating cliches. Sociopaths and psychopaths and tyrants in general know what they are doing and what the beginnings of such contemplation sound like so they prepare phrases in advance which are like shortcuts around large swaths of solid reasoning.

Organic Intellectual – A member of the upper class who refuses to sell out. Anyone who uses privilege, wealth and status to work for the interests of the common good rather than those of an unjust cultural hegemony, hierarchy and/or system.

Sell Out – A class member who achieves more power and status but afterwards santizes their work so that it does not cause conflict with an unjust cultural hegemony. A person who aids, abets and/or tacitly condones oppression in order to make or keep their wealth or status, even though they know it is morally wrong and hurting their real friends.

Spin – In the beginning of mass media, spin was conducted to convince specific reporters that specific real time events that may even have just been televised, had a different meaning than what people probably originally themselves perceived. Everyone who would watch something would get a general impression, but then what was repeated on the ‘news’ would be what everyone talked about and how the event was remembered. People were, are, ‘spun’ away from their own impression of events quite easily if they are unaware that is what is being done. If the event is already televised and it is narrated to you by people who are there to in a way babysit your intellect, the spin takes place in real time and so any uncomfortable or difficult aspects that may seem contradictory or out of synchronization with the narration can simply be ignored and no one is there in the studio to spurt out the obvious idea that is being suppressed. This process is inherently manipulative, and for this reason watching ‘news’ on the television is not something intelligent people do, unless they are checking up on people they have paid to manipulate, or ‘spin’ for them. A person without sophisticated education and/or training will simply be unable to trust their own eyes if someone who appears trustworthy is repeating lies in the ear.

Spin Cluster – In 2019, the internet and extensive market testing has allowed media companies to upgrade their tactics to include groupings of spin operations designed to target specific segments of the population rapidly and in coordination in response to real time events. The Epstein scandal is the perfect case study. A wealthy child abuser with direct ties to a major corporation and national security agency is arrested and allegedly dies in a high security prison in the world in the middle of New York City. First, the people who believe that he is dead and the people who don’t believe he is dead are split, and targetted with different media. The people who criticize the ties to Israel are linked to a discredited person. The people who don’t believe he is dead are categorized and dismissed as truthers, even though these are also the people who predicted this story years in advance. Pro Jewish stories appear regarding some jewish people doing completely unrelated activism. The president picks multiple irrelevant fights with small neutral countries. A lunatic is arrested who was about to attack Jewish people. There is an argument over congresspeople getting into Israel and presidential candidates threaten aid. The fundamental question of Israeli backed spies trafficking our 13 year old girls for decades while law enforcement is told, by someone, to overlook it is nowhere to be found, except here. And the threat of ‘white nationalism’, obviously being instigated by the same government, is exageratted and given a Bannonite platform so that any non-racist like myself who just wants to end our alliance with a corrupting, parasitic, backstabbing country has no place to speak without being attacked by 12 different people for 12 different reasons anywhere I go. See Tyranny, Doublethink, Gaslighting, Propaganda, Epstein, Bannonite

Steve Bannon – One of the most useful idiots in the history of the world to totalitarianism. He is leading a shadowy, fuzzy-ideology campaign funded and coorddinated by zionists in order to destabilize every European country with ignorant racists movements who do not realize they are being funded by a foreign country in order to weaken their country. At the same time, zionist paramilitaries are provoking violence to infuriate and radicalize potential anti-zionists in the multicultural center, into cartoonish nazism that can be easily manipulated by the Bannon’s puppet masters.

Jeffrey Epstein – A wealthy jewish Israeli spy who traffics underage girls and operates the fortune generated by Victoria’s Secret while working with Ehud Barak, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to blackmail people and create a super race of his own genetics, among other things. The biggest scandal in the history of the world. Until 2019, it was never quite fact that wealthy people were involved in child trafficking but now for the rest of human history no one will be able to deny it. Jeffrey Epstein also inspired The Day that Every American Vomited. Jeffrey Epstein is the biggest traitor in the history of the United States. The reports of his death could not be confirmed except by stooges and believed by the pathologically gullible.

The Day That Every American Vomited – The day Jeffrey Epstein was arrested after returning from Paris and no one could deny that the stories about him were true. Also, the height of the alliance between the United States and Israel. After this point in time, the nation of Israel was an international pariah and every Israeli was placed under intense scrutiny for ties to Israeli mafia syndicates and terrorist cults.

Antihumanism – I would like to sum up the agenda of the usa’s Republican(sic) party of the last 50 years(and most religions) something like this, “Get back in your cage, labrat. We are going to abuse every loophole in the outdated legal code until the constitution is shredded, then we are going to take over. We call ourselves Republican but this is because we are trying to kill the Republic and it helps us confuse everyone.” This a paradigm case of an anti-human political platform. The needs of humans are ignored, the living spaces are boxes of dead things, our ideaspace gives everyone panic attacks, and bizarro economic pressures are heaped on the individual who has only the most tenuous, casual connections to any other humans unless you can afford to pay for it. Humans thrive when living in open spaces with other living things and a community of other humans with which experience can be shared and navigated in an ideaspace full of freedom, warmth and artful expression. We are a lot like horses, they don’t like to be spooked. We are a lot like raccoons, we like to snuggle at night in cozy places and roam freely around. We like to live with a group of friends and hang out, and work together for elders who we can trust in emergencies. We like to find a mate and provide for each other over our whole lives, although some people really just like to have a string of romantic affairs, and others prefer solitude. When we have children we like to do so in stability and peace, with economic, financial and community security. In our society, all of these basic needs are and have been under assault. And we need clean air, water, minimal poison and minimal radiation. I don’t know for certain where this uniform, carefully plotted, daily advancing agenda comes from, but for the last thirty years the developments in human systems have been distinctly anti-human. Amazon, Jeff Bezos the clown’s company, is a paradigmatic example. Humans now do seldom build things from their environment or go find them, they are mechanically delivered by highly mechanized, plastic-based packaging systems which are essentially robots telling humans when they can pee, and the financial result of the accumulated increased efficiency of the mechanized system are accumulated by Jeff Bozos the clown, which he is using to have extramarital affairs and leave the planet because the environment is catastrophically doomed due to the system that he epitomizes. Antihumanism is frequently the result of humanity being ruled by a villain(like Anton Chiguir or The Judge) from a Cormac McCarthy novel. Such sociopaths and psychopaths thrive in totalitarian systems and will always rise to the top, so it is in our interest to not live in totalitarian systems. Antihumanism, in the subjective and limited human condition, is the polar opposite of Quality and as such this is the root of everything humans do not like, by definition, a priori.

Atomization – The primary lifeground of the symbiotic human condition is social, a society, a tribe, a community, and every antihuman and/or tyrannical force always seeks to divide those groups which it deems irrelevant or obstructive to the goals of the inner party, hierarchy, and/or cultural hegemony. See antihumanism, dark psychic energy, totalitarianism, predatory exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, tyranny, zersetzung, gaslighting, anti-movement policing,

Sacrifice Zone – Capitalism and other forms of predatory exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, antihumanism and tyranny divide the land they rule over into places where everything looks wonderful and beautiful, and other areas where the ecology and natural beauty is strip mind, blasted, poisoned and otherwise ruined, and the inhabitants removed one way or another into an area where they are more easy to control. The work of public interest ecologists and public interest technologists is to unify their ideologies and efforts in order to prevent utter desolation, moral depravity, imbalance and extinction under the power of short term, selfish, exceptionalist leaches, garbage people, stooges and sycophants. See antihumanism, predatory exceptionalism, psychotropic leachism, garbage people,

Spin – A key tool of psychotropioc leachism where every fact and event in history is twisted after the fact on mass media propaganda outlets. In televised culture, the first thing that is said after something happens, effectively manipulates the discussion in the direction of those who own the mass media channel itself. The most egregious example of spin in the history of the world is when on the morning of September 11th the close Epstein associate and former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak told the world on the zionist-owned channel CNN that the crime was perpetrated by islamic people, when it was in fact perpetrated by zionists and traitorous American stooges. Similarly when Epstein was arrested for serially raping underage non-jewish girls as part of his work for Les Wexner and Victoria’s Secret, the spin on all jewish-owned media was that Epstein was just a corrupt white guy. See psychotropic leachism, garbage people, stooge, logogram, propaganda, antihumanism, demonic

Surveillance Platform – Networked Software whose purpose is not to help you network with other people, but to help the police, military and spy agencies network with you. In a surveillance platform, you are advertised limitless potential to become popular and even famous, but the truth of a surveillance platform is that if you ever even appear to have a chance of succeeding at your goals, everything successful about your profile will be copied and used by someone else who the system can control. Something like facegag or an appstore will detect when your profile or creation is popular, and then they will buy it or steal it, to prevent someone from outside of the desired cultural hegemony from gaining any net power or wealth. A surveillance platform is a form of social control whose primary purpose is to literally ‘keep you down,’ despite any gold, glitter or promises to the contrary. If a government is involved in any way it is a surveillance platform, but fanatical religious cults, mercenary capitalists and all manner of other awful people build surveillance platforms and veiled surveillance platforms. Who owns and operates a social media platform is key information and you should always know their real and operational values, or you are basically handing your brain and your whereabouts to a potential mafia who will then decide at a later to date when or if or how to make your life a living hell. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Steemit, Youtube, Google, and many others are surveillance platforms and to the extent that you aren’t obedient and completely boring, you will encounter undercover agents who want to be your friend and happen to know all about you ahead of time. See Tyranny, Doublethink, Totalitarianism, Gaslighting

Instagram Likes – The aspect of instagram people like the most is being able to see how many people and who liked what they posted. It is a simple and understandable joy, but for some reason this is the feature that instagram is most keen to take away. Any feature that empowers the user will eventually be removed by these platforms. The ability to see what and when things are popular and to infinitely analyze this information is a power that belongs to those behind the veil. In times like this the intentions of some to use the internet for population control and the mass restriction of social mobility is undeniably apparent.

Truth in Comments – The idea that the main story is always mostly spin, and most of the top rated comments are always spin, but that if you scroll down far enough, someone will blurt out the obvious truth of the matter and no one will be able to censor it in time.

Edgy – Hunter S. Thompson said you can’t know where the edge is until you’ve crossed it. The edge is the point of conflict where the masses of humans are uncertain where to draw a line and when to get angry about something. The edge is where the police are actively considering right now whether to outlaw the thing you are about to say or do. The edge is where certain cults and mafias might actually kill you for saying that thing. The edge is where your morality may be forever altered if you say even one word incorrectly. The edge is where you are mocking the king to his face and are not quite sure how the queen of spades will react.

Syndicate – A fancy word for team so we should use that word when possible because it has fewer letters. Teams are a fundamental unit of human society and they are also the most non-hierarchical human organizational structure. Teams frequently have a leader but they do not need one. Any group working towards the same goal can form a team. Beware, governments hate any teams that are up to anything that they do not know about or which is against their interests. Totalitarian systems frequently do not allow teams and require all organizational structures to be strictly hierarchical and directly managed, or force everyone to be on the same team and restrict the forming of any new teams. Other words for syndicate are union, organization, club and so on. Teams don’t have bosses, they have managers and coaches. A secret team is a conspiracy.

Suppressed Superpublic – Someone whom powerful people will expend resources in order to handicap because their ideas are undesired or heretical to the ideologies the powerful wish to impose. If you are a powerful speaker or otherwise effective artist who refuses to accept the propaganda of the day, generals, politicians and wealthy people don’t want you out there offering alternative ways to look at the world or anyone they can’t easily control. Frequently the military sees the civilian population as food and/or a nuisance and the military is not going to let mere civilians have a voice in which countries it can invade if it can be avoided by simply dispensing a few undercover agents to 521 Maple Ave. If you are a contrary person to whatever imperial agenda, you will be unable to start a career as a comedian, musician, painter, dancer, storyteller or basically anything but instead must run in fear for your life to the extent that you live in such a totalitarian system. All societies want to convey the idea that anyone can become an artist and that there is class mobility, but the truth is that only a very select group of ideologically sympathetic and somehow controllable people are allowed into the club. Given this sort of system, there exists many cases where extremely gifted and talented people are intentionally excluded and isolated, struggling to get by in the face of direct and indirect state oppression. Their gifts make them stand out in any situation, but this makes it impossible for them to hide and thus easily to target. Already impaired in social situations due to their inherent eccentricity, the state can play cruel games with them and pretend it isn’t happening. See Tyranny, Cultural Hegemony, Gaslighting, Zersetzung

Strategic Sequestration – When a cultural hegemony, police state or other elite interests determine that a poor and powerless person must never be allowed to acquire power and so they plan an operation to blacklist them and tactically undermine their life. Strategic sequestration, for example, is when you think you have an agent, job or business investment lined up and then the next week your agent or investor gets a mysterious call that tells them they cannot work with you anymore with no specific reason given. Tactical undermining will then limit the person from ever getting to that point again. This will only work to a point in the cost/benefit analysis, if the person resists sequestration they may have to be silenced through other more overt means. Note: Anyone doing this is by definition ball-less, as they are admitting they know they cannot win a fair argument or contest with their their superior so they cheat. Also, anyone doing this is working in direct violation of any constitution that grants the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as strategic sequestration effectively ends their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. See zersetzung, low intensity conflict, algorithmic discrimination, demonic

Tactical Undermining – Part of a campaign of strategic sequestration to prevent a person from thriving by disrupting their lives with micro-aggressions and micro-sabotage, through infiltration and covert action. Sabotaging air conditioners, automobiles, appliances, plumbing, communications devices, noise disturbances, smell disturbances, spreading rumors, stalking, silo-ing, algorithmic discrimination, harassment, hypercriticality, trolling and picking fights are all typical tactics to keep someone in life from thriving. Anything that undermines the lower part of this tree in such a pattern that the top part of the tree stops to function, is an attack on you that is probably not an accident. See tyranny, totalitarianism, gaslighting, zersetzung, strategic sequestration, algorithmic discrimination, demonic,

Thymos – According to Francis Fukayama, the motivational factor in some humans which inspires them to great sacrifices and risks for the sake of their ethnicity, species, class and/or ideas. If we accept Mr. Fukayama’s definition, his premise follows that this aspect of humanity that causes people to ‘stand up’ for something and not take other things ‘sitting down’, or to reflect that their name and identity may become permanently associated with ideas and so it is very important to carefully choose these ideas. Geronimo, Che Guevarra, Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are a handful of individuals exhibiting above average thymotic tendencies. Along with this definition and premise follow the analysis that if one looks around carefully, the human worlds of ideas and material things is built by, or under the inspiration of, people with thymos.

Absolute Meme Freedom – A global movement started in 2019 by J. Michael Hudson to ensure the absolute freedom to create Memes and post them on the internet. A literal Meme is differentiated by a figurative meme by capitalization in spelling but in general only literal Memes result in an image file with text across them. A figurative meme is ‘cargo shorts are unfashionable’ while a literal Meme would have something suitably snarky posted across the image of a man illustrating the concept. The justification and motivation for this movement is the clear tendency and threat of powerful business forces to fiercely limit the use and re-use of images threatening the safe harbor status of internet platforms as well as the freedom of artists. essay

Slimy Lateral Gain – A key tactic of abusers of trust. The new roommate who goes through your things. The new executive in your company who decides to change the security procedures and move the base of operations to their home country without discussion. The process of granting trust from one human to another is informal and imprecise, whereas a trained infiltrator is using formal and precise methods to manipulate the targets ability to regulate the details. This creates in practice a huge difficulty for civilian organizations in a time where the law allows the police and military to freely attack the people they are trying to protect. A key example of this is the people who trust windoze 10 because it is all they know, and now all of their data is being mined by a cloud computing operating that is nothing more than an extension of a spy agency in a different country. People signed up for Windows xp-like personal computing software made in Redmond washington, but they get windows 10 that allows anyone with a security clearance in Tel Aviv to take administrative control of your computer at their whim. The same has happened with Apple, Amazon, Facegag, and Gorgle. This probably represents the most immense asymmetrical power grab in the history of the world, and most people still don’t realize what this means. The complexity of computers creates such a vast number of potential slimy lateral gains that the vast majority of the human population has no chance of recognizing what is being done to them. For example, consider if you are monitoring someone for being potentially violent but while you are scanning their computer for their plans, you find instead a screenplay that is pretty good, and so you steal the good ideas from the screenplay, and anything else of value in a way the target has no idea they lost. So far. See gaslighting, totalitarianism, trust, cultural hegemony, demonic

nazi – Someone who must have their way all of the time and enforces their will in cruel, creepy and murderous ways often similar to the operational modus of the 3rd Reich in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany. On the Seinfeld TV program there was the “Soup Nazi” and this term can be used humorously on rare occasion, but it is and always will be a cliche term meaning simply ‘rude, crass and tragi-comical authoritarian.’ Anyone of any belief system can be a nazi if they try hard enough to boss everyone around, and have no sympathy for anyone but themself or people very similar to themselves. All nazis hate and try to subvert any functioning attempt at a multicultural society with separation of powers. Note: Some nazis frequently actually attempt to subvert other kinds of nazis, as the actual Nazis and afro-nazis might have a street fight or propagate forms of multicultural advertising that humiliate the other enemy races. The basis of the United Nations is to prevent the rise of people like this to power as in every case it results in war and genocide. Note: in 2019 these people are nearly totally in charge, while they send shill armies to convince the world people like me representing the old system are the real nazis here because we don’t accept and tolerate their nazi-ism enough. It is a real mess, thankfully you have this document to help us put the pieces of the English language back together and remember why we started this whole enlightenment, rennaissance, internet thing in the first place.

Nazi – A member of the “3rd Reich” as established by Adolf Hitler in Germany in 1933, but a continuation of a celebration of nordic, teutonic and saxon racial superiority and purity at the expense of all others. These are the neo-nazis, who believe the 3rd reich just made a few mistakes and so we need a 4th one. See clown world, organizations that are just cops

Afro-nazi – A black or african person who uses some or all of the Nazi tactics and strategies to perpetuate a celebration of black and/or african racial superiority at the expense of all others. Any ethnic group can be a nazi if they try hard enough. The Hutus, for example, did many Nazi things to the Tutsis. Note: The goal of the fbi is in all cases to make organizations like the black panthers into afro nazis via infiltration and information warfare.

Sino-nazi – A chinese person who uses some or all of the Nazi tactics and strategies to perpetuate a celebration of chinese racial superiority at the expense of all others. Any ethnic group can be a nazi if they try hard enough. The Chinese are being extremely nazi to the Uigurs, Falun Gong and anyone who resists totalitarianism.

Judeo-nazi – A jewish person who uses some or all of the Nazi tactics and strategies to perpetuate a celebration of jewish, Israeli or judaic racial superiority and purity at the expense of all others. Any ethnic group can be a nazi if they try hard enough. The “Yinnom Plan” which is a global conspiracy of jewish zionists and their stooges to covertly destabilize and dominate other countries, as well as bring about the jewish messiah or apocalpyse depending on who you talk to. Judeo-nazis might be actually just crass capitalists making use of jewish stooges, this is unclear. I believe many jewish people themselves do not know and can’t stand this aspect of their culture and religion but in my life I have not encountered any in person. Note: I am being stalked by judeo-nazis for my support of BDS, the ‘jewish defense league’ is actually quite an offensive one threatening everyone who does not conform to Israels offensive agenda and zionist cultural hegemony masking itself in the jewish religion. Note: This is a real mess, I would suggest any jewish people reading this consider the play Nathan the Wise, and how the jewish protaganist suggests that religions must prove themselves by the justice and beauty they bring to the world to be considered true, and if in contrast your culture is the one causing the most trouble, it does not look good for the veracity and value of your ancient tomes and hours of ritual. I am available to talk if any jewish people find this confusing or difficult to handle, but Israeli zionism, due to its overwhelming nazi tendencies, has become impossible for me to tolerate, accept or say a single nice word about. The historical comparisons to the holocaust they want to never forget, have now been completely forgotten by a vast swath of the Israeli population and there is a vast propaganda industry which exists to prevent this fact from being acknowledged.

Whatever-nazi – Really, anyone can be a nazi for their special club of people if they try hard enough to be awful and destroy multicultural institutions and norms.

Americanism – The social and political idea that race, religion and all factions are subject to the elected constitutional government and not the determiners of it, and a rejection of monarchism and aristocracy. Traditionally Americanism has been considered in the hearts of the American continent from north to south as an appreciation and bare minimum of reverence of literal and figurative frontiers, the natural world, bold initiative, social mobility, candor, skillful fighting and hard work, and a general comedic dislike of inherited aristocratic wealth and status. Americanism has always had at its core, however, a dire conflict with whether society and poltics should be subject to financial wealth which threaten the ability of the government to resist racist and fanatical religious factions. This conflict is represented in 2019 by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren vs. the Trump Organization, who is essentially selling out the entire United States government to racist and religious foreign leaders like Israelis, Ukrainians and Russians. This struggle over whether there should be an oligarchy or plutocracy is woven directly into the American system. America, however, is not limited to the United States, it includes two continents that are actually not really separate. The United States is of something bigger, and that bigger thing is America including Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Chile. America was once like a new planet and the people who went there left the ‘old’ world behind, and as such has historically been receptive to change and progress which had been for many hundreds of years locked up by a rigid, corrupt aristocracy that had no use for things like change or social mobility. In 2019 this has largely been forgotten, and a lot of my work as a writer and comedian is to remind people where we came from and who we are, because a lot of Americans including President Trump and his Zionist supporters think America should be inseverably tied up with their apocalyptic death cult of land worship and ethnic mafias represented by degenerate aristocrats like Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Jared Kushner and the the southern capitalist stooges who are their surprise losing, like the remaining Koch brother. Americanism should be diametrically opposed to nazism, but unfortunately the tide in this battle in 2019 is strongly in favor of the nazis, which is why I am writing and also why the cultural hegemony tries to excludes me with such force.

Melting Pot – The vision of a harmonious multicultural society where everyone is able to date and procreate with whoever they like, without regard to race, religion, economic class or ethnic background. This paradigm historical moment for this vision was Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech at the Civil Rights March in 1963 which led to the end of many, but not all, of the laws designed to maintain a system of white superiority and a black underclass. This vision has been under direct and indirect assault since the death of John F. Kennedy in 1963 by what is known, by misnomer, in the United States as ‘conservatism’, which is a deceptively-advertised unity party for alleged christians and jewish racists who are also fanatical zionists and crass oligarchic capitalists. The melting pot concept for american society was and has been championed by Public Broadcasting with programs like All Things Considered and Sesame Street, and began with Mr. Rogers. A melting pot works so long as no one of the races or cultures tries to dominate all of the others and establish a cultural hegemony where their culture gets all of the advantages. In the United States, since 1963 there has been a Jewish cultural hegemony that is actually enforcing judeo-nazism in many cities and in the mass media and the primary purpose of this is to motivate naive 20 year olds into joining the military and killing strangers who happen to be on land Israel plans to invade. It has been difficult to confront this because it is both covert and overt at the same time and anyone who mentions it is themselves called a Nazi and excluded by the cultural hegemony, as I have been. (but in my case this started long before I ever cared whether there was a zionist cultural hegemony, I believe because I have never seen the advantage for me personally to any of the 9/11 wars and because I consider them morally evil war crimes) See Multiculturalism

Mccarthyism – The original cancel culture of guilt by association combined with a xenophobic and ideological panic. The idea that you cannot support or even watch a movie made by someone if you don’t ‘like their politics’, to the extent that a faction actively seeks through covert and overt means to ruin or prevent the careers of people of whom you do not approve because of something they may or may not have said or believe. McCarthyism is the normal state of affairs in much of the world, it only received this new name because of very public outbreak of it lead by the Senator of the same name in the 1950’s. American consensus has been, on the surface, since then that this is compatable with American freedom while it has been actually covertly institutionalized. You cannot be an artist in the United States without passing an increasingly limiting ideological test, but the decisions where this is made are now completely hidden and managed by ‘talent’ agencies all controlled by China and Russia. Note: I only say China and Russia here admittedly farcically because due to actual McCarthyism enforced by a specific ethnic and ideological identity, I am effectively censored from stating who it is common knowledge controls the entertainment gatekeeping agencies, indicating a severe disease in western intellectual culture and its imminent irrelevancy if action is not taken.

Anti-humanism – A faction that does not represent human interests, starting from the point where if it is good for humans then first it will not be done, and second, existing things that are good for humans must be destroyed. If one were to imagine a utopic human society, with an honest and fair government, with honest journalistic sources, with uncorruptable public officials who prevented the ecology from being destroyed or poisoned, with sane and wise judges, social mobility and vibrant artistic nexuses, free from coercion and nonsensical advertisements, antihumanism is the elimination of all of these things to the point where humans live in miserable, confined prison under constant fear, and in a swarm of lies. The situation on planet earth is fast approaching anti-humanism, where having a human concern or need makes you a ‘snowflake’ who is not tough enough to live a life of isolation and ideological conformity in a grey concrete prison where you are expected to work until the day you die. In 2019, the republican party in the united states and the united states military are deeply committed to anti-humanism in all but word and they are drastically trying to introduce new words like ‘snowflake’ and ‘politically correct’ in order to demolish any aspect of the system that represents humans. If aliens were to come to earth and try to covertly take over, anti-humanism is what it would look like as the civilian leadership of the planet realized they could not defeat the superior power and were forced to incrementally, perhaps almost imperceptibly, the will of our new cylon, or whatever, masters. Venezuela is an example of a country that is attempting to implement human policies and is facing a global conspiracy against their attempt to do so. Small northern European countries, New Zealand, and Canada have implemented human policies which are being dismantled, generally by the same forces that are globally supporting the republican party in the united states, capitalists and zionists. For the record, capitalists and zionists can do very pro-human things in specific cases, for themselves and people like themselves, but they are not pro-human in any real sense because they have no regard for the billions of other humans out there. Like the millionaire who keeps his child from going homeless but refuses to address that the very system that gives him his wealth is killing his child through bureaucratic, economic or another aspect of anti-human cultural hegemony.

Communism – Institutionalized and/or informal sharing among beings without coercion. Works on small scales when trust is a minimal issue. Only works on a large scale for a select group of goods and services like water pipes, phone wires and national parks. Small communal structures can exist within many different other kinds of systems covertly or overtly by many different names. To commune is also a real thing you can do, meaning that you will truly share something with someone or another being.

Cancel culture – The idea that in order to be a public figure there must be a mega-consensus of millions of people who each have a veto over your career based on everything you may or may not have said or thought. This process of being canceled or struggling to exist as someone who contributes to public culture is often mediated by large corporations and their a-social media companies forcing debates over very serious issues to be handled by essentially mob justice in tiny blocks of text that are subject to censorship and ‘deplatforming’. Cancel-culture is just a new updated form of McCarthyism, which is itself just an updated form of censorship.

Deplatforming – Once a platform for speech has been established, censoring someone from it. A soapbox in Hyde Park was once an actual physical platform where people would freely speak, and a mob of people could actually push you off of it, physically de-platforming you through violence. In 2019, large corporations are using asocial media websites to herd the thoughts and beliefs of billions of people and after a 10 year period where everyone was welcomed, cancel culture is gradually eliminating anyone who is not a capitalist or zionist, reflecting the ownership of these companies.

Death cult – Any religion that believes anything that sounds like ‘the end is near’ or ‘Magavalo The Unvanquished will soon return and put an end to all of this, but first the prophecy must be fulfilled of the chartruese penguin, that is the REAL reason I bought this penguin farm and have been conducting genetic research.’ See cult, zionism, necromancy, paramilitary

Necromancy – The manipulation of life or death for gain. Anything having to do with blood sacrifice or apocalpytic prophecy. Parasitism is also a form of necromancy as it is the theft of life energy. Necromancy and unrestrained Capitalism have no conflict. See Death Cult, Zionism, 2nd Coming of Jesus, Nazis, nazis, judeo-nazis

Stringer – A low level member of a paramilitary cult who is sent to harass and monitor ideological opponents of the cult in public. A cult will always develop a force of expendable low level fanatics who the upper ranks will spread throughout society, so that public figures they do not like will always be provoked, know they are being followed and burdened with microaggressions in public. For instance, Police might develop an informant who is a transsexual and send them alone to hetero-normative parties when they want to break it up and drive everyone away. At Occupy Wallstreet, the police released known criminals and insane maniacs into the public gathering. Casino owners use a similar tactic known as a ‘cooler’ who interrupts good luck, but the government uses it to degenerate large groupings of people which it does not find controllable or useful. If the gathering is of university students who are mostly caucasion males in their twenties, they might send some mexicans, older married women with small children and/or elderly creeps/kooks might be sent to every meeting to and coached to ask disruptive questions or worse. Note: These tactics are the fundamentally destructive to the functioning of public governance and society in culture. Everything resembling a classical agora, forum or effective political movement is being subverted through these totalitarian, anti-american tactics in the United States in 2019, and perhaps in Europe as well. See Demonic, Anti-humanism, Cult, gaslighting, bribery, paramiltary, Nazi, nazi, judeo-nazi, totalitarian, predatory surveillance capitalism, cultural hegemony, zersetzung, gaslighting

Demonic – A set of tactics, strategies and traits which one expects to find in a hell or dystopic anti-human world. Classically, these are known as the 7 deadly sins or everything that can be described as the opposite of virtue. This word comes from the base word ‘demon’, which is the opposite of a genie or angel. Genies and angels come to help and grant wishes, demons come to harm you and make sure your wishes never come true. Demons are not proven to be ‘real’ in any empirical sense just like all ‘spirits’ or spiritual things(good vibes, bad juju, etc), but most human cultures believe in them from inuits to hindus, which I believe it is overconfident and arrogant to assume is just a coincidence due to foibles in human nature. Even if there are no demons, we are stuck with this word demonic and this describes the real behavior of some humans. A psycho mass murderer in Chicago in the late 19th century for instance once even claimed in a court under oath that he thought he was possessed. Ted Bundy and many other people who enjoy murder are accurately described as demonic. The first and primary trait of demonic beings is a very fundamental commitment to deception in all of its forms. The second is a rejection of work or any real contribution, a basic parasitism off of others and their life energy. Third is a lack of empathy and sympathy for humans and other creatures, a fundamental anti-humanism. Fourth is a desire to infiltrate and rise to the top of otherwise non-demonic organizations and control them, essentially acquiring power without working for it, a dedication to shortcuts and loopholes as a way of life. Fifth they reject that any law applies to them, demonic beings manipulate every law such that they are an exception to it. Sixth, bullying is demonic and anything that mocks the victim of a situation. Seventh, pomp and circumstance, uniforms, rituals, maximum bureacracy and any form of ridiculous formality. Eighth, they prey on children and the innocent any way they can, as well as practice sexual assault at every opportunity. Ninth, any attempt at discussion of debate of their actions will result in endless manipulative games and anything that you successfully accuse them of will be used against you even if the accusation is absurd. Tenth, demonic beings always organize themselves into cults and groupings of cults. If there were a single credo to the entire demonic horde it would be, ‘do whatever you like that you can get away with.’ Eleventh, demonic is the opposite of creative and they are not going to solve anything, they want to steal the creative work of others for their own vanity and passive income, as well as profit from things that are broken. Demonic beings do not ever think about a judgement coming later or anything like karma, they do not believe what goes around comes around. They believe they should and can control what goes around and comes around. Demonic beings are allergic to symbiosis, sympathy, sociality, originality, community, harmony and all of that stuff. Many undercover police and stooge functionaries like paid internet shills are trained to be demonic and do demonic things even though they became police or writers because they wanted to help people in need of help against demonic things; these people should rethink their lives. Demonic people and organizations frequently require ‘detail oriented’ behavior so that you don’t ask questions about what is actually going on. Other aspects of demonic behavior are the absolute refusal to admit any wrong doing, general vanity, voyeurism, eavesdropping, interrogation, torture and a general zeal for corrupting and preying upon innocence. Also, refuses to believe anyone is actually good, to the demonic everyone is just a bad person waiting for the right opportunity, and their entire relativistic worldview is based on the concept that there is no point in trying to be good anyway, and as such everything demonic is at base degenerate to open culture and any attempt at distribution of power in governmental structures. Tip: If there is a light in the darkness, something demonic will be looking to extinguish it, so lights in the darkness should plan ahead for this. Synonyms for demonic are: diabolic, atrocious, cruel, damnable, demonic, devilish, hellish, impious, infernal, monstrous, nasty, nefarious, satanic, serpentine, shocking, unhallowed, unpleasant, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked. See Republican Party, Zionism, Nazi, sino-nazi, nazi, gaslighting, propaganda, bully, hierarchy, detail oriented, predatory surveillance capitalism, capitalism, cult, Alan Dershowitz, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism,

Militia – a local neighborhood general defense unit that is capable in emergencies of operating like a military unit. Any national militia or ‘guard’ is a fake militia with state interests and historically these bastardized types of paramilitary units have been used for genocide on a regular basis throughout history. Militias tied to specific religions or foreign countries are not also not real militias, they are cults and mafias. A good example is the American Private Law Enforcement Rangers who ‘train with’ Israeli spies and promote a foreign country over any local consideration. A zombie outbreak or virus panic would not be dangerous to any system with functioning local militias. Authoritarian, centralized, fascist and totalitarian systems hate militias and attempt at every opportunity to turn them into informant networks and goon squads, before disarming and then killing all of their ideological opponents. The entire gun crisis in america over assault weapons and the bizarro pattern of inexplicable ‘mass shootings’ could be easily solved if the country would establish a reasonable policy for people to organize and train at a local level under local authority in a sane legal framework, but this is the very last thing the plutarchs operating the government want. They benefit in every way from mass shootings, disarming the population and atomizing them. That these obvious solutions with solid historical foundations are systematically excluded from the discussion, leaving on the false dichotomy of ‘let every crazy person arm themselves to the hilt’ or ‘only the government is allowed to have guns’.

Paramilitary – When soldiers operate secretly in civilian society to achieve military goals against enemies of their state, religion or faction. A good example is judeo-nazis who purchase all of the property in a given area then establish their own police force which covertly coordinates with Israel, as well as numerous plain-clothed operators who will harass their enemies people in the city. That zionists take so easily to obviously nazi tactics illustrates exactly the real actual attitude they have towards the holocaust as a propaganda tool, and they would gladly commit another holocaust so long as their enemies were the victims. Another example is Cointelpro in the United States where actual government spies infiltrate every civilian organization. The Jesuits and Templars were technically paramilitaries. Scientology operates a paramilitary, as do most cults. See Cults, Bully, Totalitarianism, Nazi, nazi

Detail Oriented – What employers say in job advertisements when they are looking for slaves and order followers who will not ask any questions about what the business is really doing or how. Nazis and nazis are very detail oriented. Requiring or enforcing ‘detail-oriented’ obedience is anti-human, because humans are by nature not detail oriented and this attitude in large doses is mentally harmful. Detail orientation is also a standard requirement of cults, and is a brainwashing method in general. See cults, tyranny, antihuman, bullshit

Mendacity – When someone continues to lie and manipulate facts far beyond when it is openly apparent that they are doing so. Commiting 110% to a lie against all odds. Even when caught literally red handed over a dead body, a mendacious person, or mendicant, will claim they were painting and the red liquid isn’t blood. See undercover, demonic, mendicant, republican party, zionism

Mendicant – A person who traffics in, profits from, and/or engages in mendacity as a matter of habit, business and/or tactics. Note: mendicants generally say mostly true things to garner credibility so it is more likely you believe the carefully placed lies when it is important, so in analysis it is very important to gauge the significance of the thing being reported along with the accuracy. Reporting 10 high school basketball games correctly does not grant credibility to report on the supreme court. See garbage people, stooge, propaganda, JTRIG

CNN – A mendacious zionist propaganda platform that has, in 2019, almost completely turned the United States into warring client states subservient to the fanatical racist state of Israel. The most successful propaganda entity in the history of the world, responsible for countless murders and the theft of the entire American economy. See propaganda, cultural hegemony, mendicant, slimy lateral power grab

Fox News – A mendacious zionist propaganda platform that has, in 2019, almost completely turned the United States into warring client states subservient to the fanatical racist state of Israel. The second most successful propaganda entity in the history of the world, responsible for countless murders and the theft of the entire American economy. See propaganda, cultural hegemony, mendicant, slimy lateral power grab

Republican Party – One of the only two political parties in the United States. Since the 1960’s, this party has continually sought to dissolve the Republican government of the United States by representing aristocratic and foreign interests at the expense of the population. Republican voters are the most ignorant people in the history of the world, as they are waving the flag of their country as they gleefully destroy it. Republican leadership has been demonstrated repeatedly to abuse children and engage generally in sexual assault, as in the scandals of Dennis Hastert, Epstein, Trump, Larry King, and many, many others. See Doublethink, Mendicants, Propaganda, Epstein

Democratic Party – One of the only two political parties in the United States. Since the 1960’s, this party has continually sought to appear democratic while actually serving the interests of the aristocracy and the foreign country of Israel.

AIPAC – The American Israel Political Action Commitee. An organization that enables a vast conspiracy of bribery and fanatical allegiance to the foreign entity of Israel at the expense of the population of the United States and to the advantage of traitors who they continually place into key positions of power. An example might be purchasing a company and then moving its headquarters to your home country or inventing a social media platform and then once everyone is using it, manipulating the software to silence your opponents. See Mendicants, Propaganda, Bribery, Demonic, Parasite, Slimy Lateral Power Grab, deplatforming, cultural hegemony

Slimy Lateral Power Grab – A strategy where one uses the pretext of trustability, nepotism or ideological conformity, real or otherwise, to rise to positions of power and then using that power to break the rules of that trust to gain more power for your faction. An example might be purchasing a company and then moving its headquarters to your home country or inventing a social media platform and then once everyone is using it, manipulating the software to silence your opponents. See Zionism, AIPAC, Republican Party, Mendicants, demonic, cultural hegemony

Victoria’s Secret – An underwear company that is a front for child abuse, human trafficking, spy agencies and Israeli Zionism. Sane people (such as this writer)are advocating for this company to be shut down due to their direct implication in the Epstein scandal since the owner of the company and modeling agencies used by the company were best friends with Epstein during the height of his crimes and only an idiot would believe that they did not know. See Zionism, Mendicant, Demonic, Cult, Slimy Lateral Power Grab, creepy, supercreepy

Neoliberalism – A made up word with no possible clear definition that is intended to convey the sense of liberation while gradually imposing the radical totalitarian agenda of a cultural hegemony. See propaganda, cultural hegemony, aipac, totalitarianism

Neoconservatism – A made up word with no possible clear definition that is intended to convey a sense of saving the best of the past against the tides of change, resistant to new ideas. Frequently abbreviated ‘neocon’, these people have no clear ideology and in 2019 are essentially lackeys of the state of Israel whose primary role is to keep a steady stream of expendable american soldiers and military hardware headed to the middle east. In recent history this party has mainly represented the white, capitalist and jewish zionist establishment while seeking to present itself as the perfect picture of classic american patriotism. See permanent war, mendicant, demonic, Epstein, anti-humanism, nazi, anti-human

Middle East – A made up word that has no clear definition. Admiral Mahan, an early 20th century American military stategist referred to this region as the ‘World Table’ and argued that whoever controlled it would eventually control the world. Since Israel’s U.N. facilitated invasion of Jerusalem in 1948 this region has been in a war over whether Israel is allowed to continue to expand and over whether or not the Israelis can commit genocide against the Palestinians and other occupants of the region. Israel continually projects its own plans onto its neighbors and subverts all of the government in the region through spycraft and the often unwitting assistance of ‘western’ powers like the United States, UK, France and Germany. While actively campaigning to incite a war with Iran, it accuses Iran of the same thing. This framework is the basis for what is now known as the Permanent War, and at the same time a daily threat of Armaggedon. See Armaggedon, Judeo-nazi, 9/11

Permanent War – The situation of the world in 2019, which has now expanded into the Drone Wars. Started with the creation of the Israeli state in 1948. By stealing military control over the best regions of former Palestine, a permanent conflict with a billion people was created. Israel claims the United Nations recognized it and this gives it legitimacy, but the dozens of other United Nations mandates since have been ignored, effectively leaving the conflict open, which Israel has used at every opportunity, to expand its still undeclared borders while pretending to the victim under their monopolized and unjustifiable claim as sole victims of the Nazi genocide known as the Holocaust. See mendacious, demonic, Epstein, anti-human, 9/11, drone wars, global war on terror, horcrux

Islamo-nazi – An islamic person who uses some or all of the Nazi tactics and strategies to perpetuate a celebration of Islamic religious superiority at the expense of all others. Any ethnic group can be a nazi if they try hard enough. Frequently Islamic nazis are heavily infiltrated and manipulated, or are simply mercenaries tricked into working for the United States and Israel, as in Egypt. While Islamic culture can and has frequently been historically accepting of other culture, it has also frequently been totalitarian and fascist in nature. Since Israel began operating the American media channels, all Islamic culture in the United States has been presented as Islamo-nazism, more frequently called Islamic fascism.

Prejudice – Contempt prior to investigation. If, however you investigate something as much as you can and then you have contempt for it, it is no longer prejudice, it is just making a judgement which is the right of every human.

Bigotry – Someone who refuses to see any positive aspects of another faction, race or religion and who is covertly or overtly seeking to eradicate or subjugate this group. See Nazi, nazi, racism

Racism – The belief that your genetics classification is superior than all of the others, usually resulting in a fanatical celebration of heritage and involved plans for future domination of an area, planet or perhaps the entire Universe. Also usually results in covert and overt acts to undermine the races found to be inferior, presentation of the desired race as a victim, infiltration of key positions of power through conspiracy, as well as the formation of cults. See microaggression, paramilitary, Nazi, nazi, cult, permanent war, anti-humanism, conspiracy, aipac, horcrux

Alt-Right – A madeup word. Somehow usually means neoconservatives who don’t like to wear suits and agitate for anti-intellectual concepts like ‘pro gun’, ‘pro life’ and ‘anti-terrorist’, while completely overlooking the cultural hegemony they unwittingly serve.

Rebel Wisdom – An attempt to brand the words rebel and wisdom by zionism, who are in no way rebels as they established this media platform as part of a dominant cultural hegemony which in no way has a monopoly on wisdom and is in no way rebelling against anything. The branding of the word ‘wisdom’ is something the writer has been expecting, as for the culture to become completely idiotic, the word describing the opposite of the idiotic has to be made a cliche.

Intellectual Dark Web – The concept that the most intelligent people can no longer exist in the clear net and so have taken to discussing things in heavily encrypted forums.

Clearnet – The original form of the internet, lightly encrypted and heavily surveilled.

Dark Net – Using onion routing and other similar protocols, hidden web pages can be created which cannot be easily tracked, allowing, it is believed, some level of anonymity.

Overton Window – The range of allowable ideas on a topic, usually tightly enforced by mass propaganda. For intance, on the topic of Israel, the overton window allows people to express that Israel should keep the land it stole, or only have a little more. Giving all of the land back, permanently defining borders and/or giving all Palestinians citizenship will not be heard on channels controlled by zionists, and anyone who speaks outside of this window will face blacklisting, censorship and paramilitary undermining of their life and livelihood.

Controlled Opposition – In late stage capitalism and totalitarian systems in general, undercover secret police establish fake political organizations which effectively channel the anger of the population into ineffectual activity, and electoral loss. See mendicant, propaganda, totalitarianism, demonic, capitalism, tyranny

Globalist – Someone who believes humans on planet earth are and should be working to form a functioning global government. When people say someone or something is the best or worst or whatever ‘on the planet’, they are admitting a conscious or subconscious devotion to the basic precept that we are all on one planet, which is indeed difficult to deny at this late date, 2019, and getting later. Note: For some reason zionists, I’m not sure about all Jewish people, but zionists think when people say ‘globalist’ everyone is referring just to all jewish people and it is a ‘trope’. The writer takes offense at this because he is himself a globalist. There is good and bad globalism. The relationship between the United States and Israel in the late 20th century and 21st century is absolutely one of the most catastrophic disasters ‘on the planet’ for human freedom, peace, justice, virtue and well-being, and as such is an excellent case of ‘bad globalism.’ Note: For this reason, in case anyone is wondering, I am disgusted and appalled with the state of Israel and I am absolutely opposed to any alliance with or relationship with this country. I see them no different from Hitler at this point, I actually find them worse. They attacked my country on September 11, 2001.

Speech – Just saying or writing things. Totalitarian and other tyrannical systems make lists of what you can and cannot say, essentially prescribing what you are allowed to think. Ethical governance that fosters happiness and mental health in humans allow a vast range of ideas and speech in public and private culture, with hardly any ways you could receive reprisal or punishment from the state for thinking or being part of a faction.

Pre-pre-crime – The insane, self-serving idea that if someone may someday cause you harm, at all, you are allowed to attack and/or kill them. Cults, mafias, spy orders, totalitarian governments, fascists, oligarchists and plutarchs, who frequently have advanced knowledge of private individuals due to the general failure of the rule of law in 2019, to know which citizens are their strongest debate opponents. As simply as it can be put, the bad guys know they are bad and can’t win any debates, true fact. They don’t want debate, they want control. All speech restriction laws are the criminalization of thinking itself and essentially give the state the legal right to claim to read minds, which is insane.

Tribute – When one country is coerced or tricked into giving money to another country. Classic examples are Ancient Babylon and Israel, Rome and Gaul. Due to the ‘vagaries’ of international finance it can become very difficult to tell who owes money to whom and this is a crisis of capitalism in 2019.

The Bible – An important book about the history of several cultures and religions in conflict on planet earth. This book contains many testimonies of spiritual events but sadly contains massive amounts of human bullshit. It is not capable of providing any human with sufficient wisdom to understand their own bodies or to understand the world in which they live, so anyone who wants you to live your life entirely and/or primarily by the principles of this book is trying to make you stupid and keep you that way. Bible is also a synonym for book, and as such is a weird mind trick that makes you automatically think it is super-special and authoritative in a very manipulative way. It is like the great book of 1001 snuck premises. If I were to put 15 of my favorite books into a superbook and call it the megabook, then teach it to children as the most important book, it would be a similar tactic. Then after I died, someone would throw a pamphlet from Anton Levey in there and that would be it for my ideas. Christians who believe in Jesus should really make an expirgated version with only the parts with Jesus in it, and maybe Acts, and cut out the pen pal writings of Paul(who was in my opinion a jewish infiltrator that pretty much subverted every idea Jesus ever had) because almost every christian church service I have gone to in the last 20 years has focused on every other part of The Bible but what Jesus actually said and did. In the same way Jewish people are supposed to study the Torah, but they have this whole other set of books and sets of books, that they consider more important. Note: A couple things…Jesus drank red wine, not grape juice, and he wanted to end blood sacrifice, not make it into a new ritual…’this do in rememberence of me’ means what he is doing at that very moment, which was hanging out with his best friends eating dinner and drinking wine, not going to church on Sunday morning wearing a suit and drinking grape juice….and when a guy hangs out with twelve dudes and of those twelve dudes he ‘Loves’ one of them and calls him ‘beloved’…….you do the math. Note: Also if someone makes a book of prophecy, someone else can later just do those prophesied things to freak you out and it becomes self-fulfilling, and proves nothing, but freaks people out with maximum woo woo effect according to the Society of the Spectacle but with holy rolling steroids, so please stop being manipulated so easily by the teevee, they are playing you christians like a fiddle. Note: Really think hard about it, would a child in 2020 be better off with a copy of this page of definitions to guide them through life, or a copy of the bible? I rest my case. And I pile this on top. NOTE: This does not mean I can’t stand or hate christianity or that I am out to end anyone’s beliefs, the ideas of Jesus are clearly not the problem with this world but the misguided aspects of christianity are however sadly are. see cult, doublethink, propaganda, mendicant, discernment, demonic, credibility, death cult, apocalypse, kabbalah, lore, zionist entity, anti-zionism, horcrux, final judgement, neglect of understanding, blood sacrifice, narrative warfare, logogram, neophobe, reverse menu, anti-semitism, zionism, babelification, fanaticism, slimy lateral gain, suppressed superpublic, organic intellectual, babylon, religion, circumcision, hats

Knownothingism – A mental illness undiagnosed by capitalist systems which causes a person to never on any occasion have new ideas and at the same time no capacity or willingness to do anything active, a passive person who is unable to alter their environment, either witlessly or as an intentional attempt to waste another person’s time and energy. Many people are ground by capitalism down into tiny passive versions of themselves and this natural results in this form of mental illness. This is also a tactic undercover agents use to infuriate, isolate and exhaust their targets, as the undercover agent is there to gather information, not get any, and truly has no other plans than to find a way to arrest you, or worse. Note: This is also a survival tactic in totalitarian systems, keep that in your hat. See propaganda, tyranny of the masse

Tyranny of the Masses – Capitalism and many other authoritarian, fascist and/or totalitarian systems cultivate a large culture of ignorance which they use to sway any requirements they have to demonstrate the legitimacy of their power. See propaganda, cult, spectacle, professional sports, “professional” sports, knownothingism, tyranny, capitalism, zionism,

Participatory Economics – One of the best ideas there is to the extent you are not a sociopath, anti-human, or just outright evil. Participatory Economics is an economic system based around the principles of non-coercion, non-hierarchy(anarchy!) and full transparency in work relationships. Capitalism is based upon the exact opposite of those ideas so it is no wonder that capitalists hate this idea. Participatory Economics is basically teamwork or syndicalism, they are synonymous but have different formal and informal uses that can be used to in the future catalyze such a system. See socialism, anarchy, syndicalism, symbiotic harmonism,

Categorical Imperative – Something you have to do no matter what. Like save a child before getting hit by a car or oppose totalitarianism with all of your life energy. Sociopaths have only one categorical imperative, themselves, which can be very profitable but turns everything into a living hell if you don’t keep them in check.

Subverted Categorical Imperative – When someone redirects your categorical paradigm for their own selfish purposes, like the United States military’s assistance with Israel’s expansionist plans for aggressive territorial expansion and elimination of unwanted ethnicities. A country defending itself by traveling far away and killing people. The Vietnam War is another classic example. Also, anyone doing anything because they ‘need the money’, which is routine under systems such as Capitalism See mendicants, cults, tyranny, capitalism

Epsteining – The act of wealthy human traffickers abusing children and manipulating systems of justice and governance to make themselves above the law, including all of the acts required to cover up and silence any testimony of their true nature, especially using jewish victimhood to ask for special priveleges. Note: For some bizarre reason, in the Bible, in the book of “Revelation”, the most batshit book of the bible, these people are referred to as the “Jews who do not worship God but rather Satan”, which I think is the most fitting description of them; I don’t really believe in Satan, because evil is just a bunch of nutjobs vying for the constantly rotating top spot, but because of things like Epstein, I think the jury is leaning towards demons being real. Note: Only jewish people can truly epstein, all other ethnicities, races and/or religions can only be ‘like epstein’ or part of the epsteining. This is necessary because of the concerted effort by Jewish people, likely mostly zionists, to portray Epstein’s crimes and immunity as part of some sort of ‘white privelege’. This writer can assure you that there is no such white privilege. See Epstein, cult, mafia, demonic, sociopath, judeo-nazi, David Koresh,

David Koresh – A christian preacher who was murdered and along with all of his friends and family, many of whom were killed with nerve gas and/or burned alive, on their private property in Texas after being demonized by the entire country based on the improbable lies of a single girl who claimed to have had sex with Mr. Koresh when she was underage. Note: This story stands in stark, stark, ghastly comparison to that of Jeffrey Epstein. That I even need to point this out is evident of rampant madness and stupidity at the highest levels of our society and culture in 2019. See propaganda, subverted categorical imperative, pre-pre-crime, cultural hegemony

Jesusy – A form of christianity that requires no action, sacrifice or deep belief. Essentially a self-serving belief one is ‘saved’ and going to heaven when one dies that will however shatter in the face of death itself. Note: can also describe a person who looks a little like classic images of Jesus and wares sandals etc, or also someone who exudes positive energy, good news and confronts unjust human authorities, hierarchies and systems, to the point actually faces the risk of having to pay the ultimate price for only helping people and telling the truth. Note: One verse in the bible that holds up over time that may help when evaluating jesusy seeming people and organizations is, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” The forces of tyranny will always seek to co-opt and propagandize the weak form(see Kanye West’s album Jesus is king) while isolating and murdering the anyone actually being jesusy(primary example being, of course, Jesus) Some notable historical jesusy individuals: John Lennon, David Foster Wallace, Rachel Corrie. See knownothingism, tyranny of the masses, the bible, propaganda, demonic, cult, discernment, uniform degenerative force, suppressive person, tactical underming, 4E’s: Embrace, Extend, Exploit, Extinguish, potempkin village,

Blackboxification – When an accessible, repairable and auditable technology is turned into a device that only specialists with special, often secret, knowledge can access. Changing an understandable technology into one that cannot be understood with the intent of preventing the user of the device from understanding the true nature of its operation, to their detriment. Classic examples are modern car engines, the cloud, ‘smart’ phones and the ‘intel [backdoor] engine’, also known as the Intel Management Engine(IME). See trust, audit, public interest technologist, antihumanism,

Intel – Another word for knowledge generated by spies. Unironically used by the Intel corporation to create backdoored processors which put the functioning of the entire world at risk. These processors are now designed in the nation of Israel and are being used to subvert the government and military of the United States, as well as many other countries, who are continually surprised how easy their systems are infect with ransomware, especially when run on the microsoft platform. See cult, mafia, zionism, blackboxification, tribute,

The Fart – another way of saying ‘the cloud’.

Catastroprofits – When for many years a person or organization profits off of something that harms the greater good. A functioning society reclaims the profits to help society recover and redistribute them to the victims of wealthy people who do not respect society. An excellent example of catastrophits is the company Exxon. See capitalism, tyranny, predatory surveillance capitalism, exceptionalism, parasite

Redistribution – The great nightmare of all capitalists, so we should do it. If your society is beset by rich jerks running amok, and has been for hundreds of years, this is the key to your survival and future societal prosperity. Note: Redistribution without transparency and equity is simply a reformation of capital, which as a last ditch effort capitalists and other sociopaths will attempt, as always, in every situation.

Marxism – There is no such thing as Marxism, Karl Marx did not found a religion or social movement, he wrote books. Marx wrote a book about how capitism doesn’t work and is the root of the failure of human society to care for humans. Capitalists use Marxist like a curse word, but what they mean is ‘poor people who don’t respect the categorical imperative of my wealth,’ which doesn’t sound as good. Note: In the English language ‘marxist’ has a harsch sound to it, and so it used frequently to villify everyone who criticises capital or capitalists also because ‘communist’ actually sounds friendly, because everyone likes to commune with their family and friends and has horrible experiences with capital. Capitalists never refer to capitalism, to them it is invisible yet if they were for a moment without their capital, they would pick up the works of Karl Marx immediately. Most capitalists would rather die than be without their capital

Predatory Surveillance Capitalism – These three words together signal severe trouble. Capitalism refers to people with vast wealth, which they use to surveil all of society, and then pick out weak victims to be preyed upon according to their pleasure and displeasure. A wealthy person with unlimited money and surveillance data on the population, is effectively capable of identifying and eliminating potential enemies before they have a chance to establish themselves in society, as well as identifying vulnerable youth to be seduced and/or kidnapped. This is essentially a system based on a vampiric model of society, a way of turning the world into a dystopia for the many but a smorgasbord for a few sociopaths. See Epstein, Epsteining, Surveillance Platform, capitalism, zionism, catastroprophits, Nazi, nazi, judeo-nazi, tyranny, cults, antihumanism

Anti-zionism – The belief that god has not granted any holy land to anybody and by corollary that god doesn’t do things like that becaue it is a patently ridiculous thing for a god to do. The converse of the belief that god gave me and my friends this land and so I can kill you for it. Zionists are actually out in the streets and on mass media channels trying to eradicate the existence of anyone who questions this idea. Note: Rather than outlaw questioning this idea, they have branded all anti-zionists as anti-semitic nazis(and/or Nazis) and threaten them will street violence for ‘delegitimizing, demonizing and singling out Israel’. Anti-zionists are also aware of the zionists attempt to establish cultural hegemony over other countries and to some degree with the world by moving cloud processing centers to their country, like NCR, Microsoft Azure, Intel, Google and Apple. See zionism, judeo-nazi, tyranny, predatory surveillance capitalism, racism, fanaticism, cults, exceptionalism, 9/11, epstein, epsteining, demonic

Fanaticism – The belief that you are right and everyone else is wrong, that no laws apply to you but your own, and you can break them whenever you want in order to further your beliefs. A lack of self-inquiry, self-awareness and general knowledge of the world which leads the fanaticist to think there is no other way. See zionism, Nazi, judeo-nazu, cults, exceptionalism, capitalism, predatory surveillance capitalism, catastroprofits, tyranny, scientology

Detail-Capable – A person capable of detail-oriented work, but who is also able to see the ‘big picture’ elements of design, ethics, efficiency, purpose, duty, virtue or lack thereof among other aspects of a task. Capitalists hate detail-capable people who will not ‘stay in their lane’ or who speak ‘above their pay grade’, yet this is a universal human trait which one cannot deny or repress without becoming an anti-human tyrant. See stooge, truman show commentary, nitpicker, naysayer, weaponized hypercriticality

Stooge – A person with no backbone who simply serves another person or faction. Stooges are generally traitors who accept bribes, and to some degree good actors, as they must frequently say things in public they know to be ridiculous. The Trump Administration is an excellent example of stooges, perhaps the greatest concentration of stooges in the history of the world. In the saying ‘It is better for a thousand sheep to be led by a wolf than for a thousand wolves to be led by a sheep’, the sheep are stooges. See cult, tyranny of the masses, anti-intellectual

Scientology – a brute force brainwashy expensive way to fabricated fear based conflict oriented superiority-complex mentality mascarading as enlightment, attached to a history of the Universe that was telepathically received by a perverted meth-head on a boat. Scientology is a scam and a cult, it is a threat to every government and society it is a part of. Like most cults, it should be eradicated through education. Scientologists are just plain nazis. Some people use and enjoy the ‘tech’ independently, and why not, in a collection of the worst ideas there is often a single very good idea buried. Any organization that engages in paramilitary harassment is demonic. See bible, cult, paramilitary,

Experienced Patriots – People who have spent time in service of their country and sacrified for it to the point their country and allegiance to it is a deep part of themselves. In times of tremendous distress, every country relies on these people to survive. Demonic and antihuman systems frequently abuse true patriotism and if experience patriots detect that the veterans of the country who were given promises are betrayed, should start to suspect the intentions of their government and leadership. Experienced patriots are also those a country relies on to detect infiltration and subversion, as well as things that undermine constitutional law.

Focus Group – When a small number of people are selected for propaganda testing. A deeply diseased society ruled by stooges who have no idea what they should really say requires pre-testing of all ideas under controlled circumstances to compensate for the utter lack of ideas of their leadership. The democratic and republican parties of the United States rely exclusively on focus grouping. See Babelification, tyranny of the masses, propaganda, doublethink

Chopper talk – Giving remarks and answering questions while in the process of boarding a helicopter. A method for authoritarian tyrants to avoid long discussions and giving reporters any facetime, while giving them the chance to talk at full volume while conveying they are really very busy when they are not. And to ostentiously waste fossil fuels, which conveys contempt in and undermines the beliefs of their opponents.

Trolling – Bothering someone with a fake name and celebrating ruin. See anti-intellectual, tyranny of the masses, rude, babelification

Trolling Liberals – aka ‘trolling the libs.’ Gaslighting as a political strategy. Doing intentionally infuriating public negations of liberal beliefs in order to hurt the country with divisiveness and catalyze potential street violence, and demoralize people in general while dog whistling success to a core group of anti-intellectual fanatics. See doublethink, tyranny, tyranny of the masses, propaganda, cult, babelification

Anti-intellectual – A person prejudiced against thought, and who will hate any idea in direct proportion to their difficulty understanding it. Anti-intellectuals operate on the cliche level and generally are very enthusiastic about slogans, mottos, chants and political street violence. will always sound like someone telling someone else to be less smart and stop doing smart things, be less educated, think less, say less, just keep your head down, stay in your lane, don’t speak out of turn, watch what you say, don’t ask dumb questions, no one has time for that. Totalitarianism and all tyranny seek to get those abused and preyed upon by the system so broken down that they are unable to even see the walls of their own cage, or to outright love their cage. See tyranny of the masses, cults, trollin the libs, chopper talk, doublethink, tyranny, label culture, language attack, uniform degenerative force, totalitarianism

Poison Pilling – A common propaganda tactic where a writer or artist has the early responses to their work in a way poisoned with comments or bad reviews about their weakest argument, biggest mistake, or most unpopular view in a way that is misleading and taken out of context. If you notice the top comments on a thread are poison pills, you should actually pay close attention because someone does not want you to keep reading. It is extremely easy in the curren state of the web to create fake accounts or ‘personas’ and then use them to interface with real people to bother them and modify their behavior according to institutional goals, while effectively silencing voices which question the desired narrative. Note: Nearly everything I have ever written or posted online has been poison pilled by someone or other. It is extremely difficult to write a document like this, or a collection of plays and stories, but it is extremely simple for a properly tuned predatory surveillance capitalism enterprise to exclude any individual from the cultural hegemony with truckloads of bullshit. The internet is not a dumptruck, but in this aspect it is very much like one, in that people with a lot of money and/or state power can smother out anyone with whom these institutions woudl rather not argue. See anti-intellectual, troll, trolling the libs, tyranny, tyranny of the masses, capitalism

Illuminati-ish – Any person, event or organization which demonstrates the characteristics of being above the law, depraved, murderous, controlling, cultish and other mysterious traits. See epstein, epsteining, judeo-nazi, Nazi, entangling alliances, stooge, zionism, predatory surveillance capitalism, capitalism, stooge, spooky

Babelification – If you purchase two or more mass media platforms in a different country than your own, you can effectively divide that country into two or more groups of people nearly completely unable to understand each other, by modifying the language itself. See Tyranny, predatory surveillance capitalism, zionism, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, epstein, epsteining, Babylon, propaganda, gaslighting, poison pilling, doublethink

Externalities – In a cultural hegemony, the dominant ideology takes control over what has value and what is real, which things are taken for granted and which observations are not allowed to be made. In a system that forces or intimidates you into ignoring the obvious, ridiculous situations develop that no one is able to mock out of fear, or because it is simply too tragic to be funny in any way. The spare time of the poor people isn’t valued, they are expected to wait in lines, use things that don’t work properly, fill out unnecessary paperwork, while the time of those at the top of the social pyramid is held very valuable with things like red carpets. Ecology is the best example of how capitalism treats what accountants find it difficult to count, the land base required for actual food and water is destroyed so that the life cycles of products do not need to be fully calculated, for short term gain. See garbage people, cultural hegemony, capitalism, tyranny, predatory surveillance capitalism

Cultural Hegemony 2 – If everything in society is not working for you, you might want to consider whether or not you are dealing with a cultural hegemony that is excluding you. First, find out about the people who own all of the big institutions and who are the heads of all of the political factions. Who has the most money? Who seems to always get away with crimes? Who gets their movies made? Is there any cultish behavior? Does there seem to be an unspoken law that no one has told you? If you can’t start a business, can’t get a job, can’t get services, can’t get help, and are being actively chased by the police, this clearly means the cultural hegemony does not like you, and probably knows you very well by name. The United States may have a zionist and white christian cultural hegemony, but Haiti has a United States cultural hegemony. For an United States citizen to help Haiti escape it’s United States cultural hegemony, the citizen first has to take on the cultural hegemony in the United States, or any of his work to help Haiti, in this example, would be ineffective.

JTRIG tactics – The bag of tricks used by institutions of cultural hegemony to generate a sense of hopeless despair in their opponents using armies of paid sock puppets on the internet. The release of these documents and the clear implication these tactics are in use in many places indicates much about the true nature of the people trying to rule the world through tyranny. The deliberate prevention by elites of consensus and leadership developing in the lower classes. Never encourage, always discourage. Never acknowledge or reify the point the opponent is making, nitpick, distract, misdirect, and in every possible case mention a non-sequitor escalation of physical violence or criminality so that the conversation will be categorized as ‘extremism’ even though it was only expressed by the agency making the classification just through the deniable sock puppet.(Note: This particular tactic is extra demonic, tricking non-violent people into being categorized as violent, putting people on watchlists for things you yourself said in full knowledge your target does not believe them) Attack and undermine any form of social bond or trust that may be forming outside of your social bonds and trust. Even if the comment or contribution is brilliant, and a true gift to the world demonstrating genius, it will be negated, criticized, mocked, dismissed, because it is coming from the wrong ideological source. The intellectual property will then be stolen, modified to suit the ideological needs of those with the means of production and the income generated will go to those who are part of the cultural hegemony or cult. Note: As a long time user of sites like reddt, fb, twit, and steemit, I consider myself an expert on recognizing this activity. The people who do these things are true sociopaths who know they are making money by destroying society and destroying the lives of good people, waging a covert paramilitary war on open culture and human society. See antihuman, zionism, demonic, man gulch fire, cultural hegemony, clearnet, reverse social engineering, tyranny, gaslighting, bully

Peak Falsifiability – The moment when digital, holographic, vr and intercranial technologies become powerful enough that anything can be faked with ease, and so it is, resulting in a form of totalitarianism no human being will be able to even discern if they tried, or even if it were explained to them. See propaganda, garbage people, mendicant

Clearnet – The part of the internet that is publicly visible and searchable, in no way hidden, obfuscated or secured. A globally available web resource. The clearnet is frequently manipulated by algorithms which enforce the ideologies of the powerful, almost always in defense of capitalism, centralized power, unlimited corporate bullshit and any other viewpoint someone is willing to pay to see expressed, or censored. The clearnet is centralized and therefore easily controlled in this way, giving the people who use it access to only a limited range of viewpoints that is, however, still impossible to tightly control so it is controlled in such a way that ideas can be ‘caught’ and redirected before ever ‘going viral’. Since the very beginning the power to manufacture a viral event has been the primary concern of corporate marketing departments and propagandists. A very large portion of the clearnet is propaganda and fake persona accounts of agents.

Think Tank – The way that propagandists make their propaganda look legitimate, academic and official. If you work for a think tank at the whim of a capitalist, you were actually chosen for hire due to your ignorance and should take that as a sign you should rethink your life.

Greyed Out – On a website, when there is a list of options, but one or more of them cannot be selected, frequently graphically conveyed by making the option look grey or being a lighter color. Under capitalism, the vast majority of workers make most of the right choices for advancement in wealth and status, but the option is greyed out arbitrarily with no explanation. Cultural hegemony functions by advertising economic advancement as an option as a result of simply hard work but then establishes gatekeepers with infinite other requirements, leaving anyone who has tried for 20 or so years to use the system according to the advertised rules angry and unwilling to be quiet about their knowledge of how the system really works.

Multi-stakeholder Organization – A form of oligarchy whose true nature is to difficult to describe and/or is being intentionally hidden. The domain name system of the internet, as well as other core features of the function of the internet, is managed through something that is only described to outsiders as a ‘multistakeholder’ organization.

Reverse Menu – When you go to a restaurant and you are the one on the menu. You can ask for anything on the menu, but there are things you can be punished for selecting certain items or asking for anything that isn’t on the menu. Totalitarian societies tend to develop in this direction, where life isn’t something you can live without constantly keeping a list of restrictions in mind and what you can’t say is more important than what you can say. See totalitarianism, tyranny, grey out, clearnet, propaganda, capitalism, cultural hegemony

Backdoor War – A virtual and physical conflict over which entities can sneak carefully designed vulnerabilities into hardware and software in order to enable global sabotage abilities. Every computer user in the world is a combatant in this war, unfortunately, and they are not trained in the use of their weapons, so in most cases their devices are used against them.

Drone War – A war in which no one is certain who fired any of the weapons. Started by the United States, as of 2019 there is no end in sight. Every drone attack against a civilian is a war crime and everyone involved with each of these crimes must be prosecuted, otherwise the Geneva Conventions and United Nations is a cruel joke. See exceptionalism

Censor’s Hobbyhorse – When mass media seizes upon a single concept like Willie Horton or ever-changing and expansive definitions of Antisemitism, and uses it to batter ideological opponents. Classic victims, if not paradigmatic victims of both of these hobbyhorses, are the democratic and labor parties in the USA and UK. This is only indicative of the ownership of the TV channels, not any useful application of principle or journalistic morality. The distortion of issues such as these are the primary reason why private mass media must be regulated.

Privilege Work – Work you need to have an agent to have. Usually pays around 100x more than non-privilege work. Cultural hegemonies always seek to tightly control who is allowed to have privilege work. Frequently people are allowed to have it because they have extreme talent and the youthfulness required to completely fail to understand the nature of their work and why they are being paid for it. Privilege work centers, invisible to most, around gatekeepers who have tremendous ideological power over those for whom they generate work. Until a society allows scientists and artists to produce work and earn an independent living, if not wealth, independently of gatekeepers, a society will face the tremendous invisible force of the cultural hegemony’s indirect pervasive censorship manipulating society on a grand scale. Note: This is also why more money is spent on regrowing hair than research into many illnesses.

Means of Production – Tools used by sentient beings to build, make and do things, frequently for commerce.

Marketing – A madeup word intended to replace the phrases ‘commercial propaganda’ and ‘demographic manipulation.’ Largely responsible for turning human society into a maze of bullshit. See Focus Group, Propaganda, antihuman, garbage people, stooges, clearnet,

Wildcat – An independent production or operation. Wildcat operations can be bad, in the sense of hidden factories that illegally pollute, or good wildcat operations like Robin Hood or Banksy. Note: Once you determine a cultural hegemony is tyrannizing you and your society, it is in your best interest to establish alternative means of production and defend them using all wildcat means at your disposal.

Robin Hood – The most subversive story to capitalism which is why in our late babylonian tyranny we have seen so many retellings of Robin Hood which leave out all of the best parts and in general ruin it. See capitalism, propaganda, natural law,

Truman Show Commentary – When someone responds to creativity and thematically exploratory remarks with non-substantial, trivial, stylistic observations. If you give someone an essay and they say it has typos, is too long, and needs an editor but mention not a single thing about its themes or contents, even though the entire purpose of amateur writing and having your friends look over your work is to prepare it for submission for the chance to be one of the lucky writers who has an editor. The same happens in all fields of art, the band’s demo doesn’t sound ‘produced’ and the short film’s resolution is ‘different from what we are used to.’ This is how ‘gleichschaltung’ starts, or mass mania’s where people accept the present as a matter of fact and close their minds to new ideas, at first by demanding of anything they watch that it has the specific, expensive production characteristics of what they are accustomed to from state propaganda. Sheeps and wolves both use this tactic, however, in the sense that an undercover agent who is there to undermine your life is naturally going to find every way to avoid actually engaging your ideas, because they also have nothing to say and anything they said they would have to remember. Eventually in a culture that has been undergoing this kind of systematic homogenization will in a way automatically suppress anyone with actual creativity stands out and is immediately surrounded with undercover police while sheepish and cowlike people are scared away. Note: This is also why undercover police and gleichshaltet people reject marijuana and psychedelics, because self-reflection and perspective is not what they are looking for, they have their viewpoint already carved in stone whether they admit it or not. For some odd reason, even the most closed minded person devoutly believes they are actually very open minded but they will read an essay and have absolutely nothing to say about it. See sleepwalker talk, naysayer, nitpicker, uniform degenerative force, gaslighting, label culture, suppressive person, novelty, habit, semantical novelty, inversilebrity

The [blank] Gap – The gap between the weapon capacities of two sides of a confict, i.e. the fighter jet gap, if one side has more or less than the other. A continual struggle of military types during times of peace is to simulate conflict and this results, so far always in human history at least, in limitless weapon production. The classic example of this is the ‘cold war’. See paranoia, garbage people, Global War on Terror, zionism, Nazi, nazi,

Deplatform Isolation – When a person realizes that all of the people they would like to see again are only available through a platform which they must boycott or are outright excluded from. Note: the most classical example of this is how anti-zionists and anti-capitalists are algorithmically silenced on platforms like facebook and twitter. See antihuman, capitalism, cultural hegemony, zionism

Guerrilla Ontologist – A person capable of defining words and concieving of new ones. Someone who protects language against totalitarians. Note: I am a guerrilla Ontologist and one of the best there’s ever been, as proof I submit this very document. Note: I first heard this term mentioned by Robert Anton Wilson, a writer whose work I admit has been an influence on my own. I heard this term about 20 years after I read some of his books, and now looking back I realize that some of the concepts, like neophobe and neophibe, and biogram and logogram, have over a long term affected me greatly. Note: The work of a person like Frank Lutz, Republican party strategist, is the opposite of guerrilla propagandist, also known as a propagandist or brainwashing strategist. See neophibe, neophobe, biogram, logogram

Brainwashing Strategist – Another word for propagandist. Notable examples are Frank Lutz and Israeli Hasbara, as well as the integration of Hollywood movies with the CIA. See dark psychic energy, uniform degenerative force, logogram, common sense, truman show commentary, JTRIG Tactics

Neophobe – Someone predisposed against any new ideas. A neophobe has generally very little confidence in their own ideas and social status. See propaganda, zionism, nazi,

Neophibe – Someone attracted to new and different ideas. A neophibe is generally confident in their own ideas and social status.

Biogram – What your body tells you directly through your nervous system. Often in conflict with the logogram. See Logogram, human, quality

Logogram – What your mind tells you through the process known as thinking. See Biogram, totalitarianism, doublethink, antihuman, dark psychic energy, quality,

Novelty – A general term for new things. The opposite of habit or normalcy. See quality, curiosity, neophibe, jesusy, timewave,

Habit – A general term for things that are not new. The opposite of novelty. All forms of tyranny and especially totalitarianism always seek to control every introduction of novelty into society, and prevent anyone in the outer party or proletariate from ever ever introducing anything novel outside of their control. See neophobe, dominant cultural hegemony, anti-movement policing,

Timewave – An attempt by mathemeticians to find a pattern to human history which describes in graph form the relationship between novelty and habit over time. The primary assertion of the Timewave Theory is that around 2012 there was going to be a long prophecied paradigm shift towards novelty on planet earth. Note: There is a certain mysterious set of relationships between the following terms: biogram, logogram, neophibe, neophobe, novelty and habit. Notable authors who have written about this are Terrence Mckenna and Robert Anton Wilson. Question: In your life have you seen any dramatic changes in the rate of new things happening since 2012? See paradigm shift, novelty, habit,

Friend – Someone who will not betray you. A friend may not be able to assist you in any way, but they will still never betray you. Someone who understands you and still likes you, and is happy to have you in their life. Anyone who helps you with every aspect of your life as represented in this diagram, . Tyranny in general seeks to destroy all friendship of anyone outside of the inner party as a means to prevent people from forming effective oppositional factions. It is very difficult or maybe impossible to completely define what a friend is, it is a very expansive term. It is a lot easier to define what a friend is not, as is generally case when defining terms that represent the diametric opposition of good and evil. See quality, trust, discernment,

Bad friend – do you know someone who assumes everything must be your fault, only cares about work you do for money and when you encounter obstacles defaults to thinking it was due to you being crazy, weird, or lazy? Do they ignore every question you ask them and ignore your explanations for why things are difficult? Does the conversation go like this, You: ‘I have had 50 jobs and all of them told me I was not right for the job, and so I wrote this book, that is my real dream.’ Them: ‘So have you got another job yet? What if you can’t get a job? What then?’ Notice how your book does not exist to them, and they seem obsessed with your relationship with your ‘superior’ and your relationships to ‘authority’ and monetary income. Or if you hand them a draft of something you wrote, they only mention typos and say it is too long. And every time other people or systemic factors get in your way, if you dare mention it they say you are making up excuses. Anyone who undermines your life is a bad friend, and they may actually be your enemy disguising themselves to attack you as part of a larger plan. In this picture, someone who in any intentional way causes problems with the lower half of this tree picture. See pretexting, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, suppressive person, discernment, anti-humanism, uniform degenerative force,

Meme Train – A collection of memes on a single page, ordered to reproduce a train of thought and either a reflection on one’s values or a challenge to them. A train of memes, or a chain of memes, maybe a collection of memes. Meme Trains are one of the key communicative methods of symbiotic harmonism and non-violent communication. Note: Meme Trains are an enemy of totalitarianism as totalitarian agents, due to their strict programming, are unable to be very creative, and so their memes suck and they can’t hang, and must resort to censorship at risk of incurring the dreated streisand effect. See censorship, absolute meme freedom, symbiotic harmonism,

Meme Potential – The raw memetic value of a given idea, image, or anything that could be in any way elevated into meme form. Elements in a given thing known to increase its meme potential are famous people, choice facial expressions, anyone getting hit in the gonads, dinosaurs, large square monochromatic spaces, dramatic intensity, spiciness, freaky-deaky-ness, informative-ness, sass and/or extreme obscurity. See neophibe, absolute meme freedom,

Hidden Ideological Fence – In totalitarian, babylonian, leachist, exceptionalist, and vassal states, the dominant cultural hegemony restricts ideologically significant work to the inner party, but to the best if their ability, invisibly. A thin veneer or elaborate facade of legitimacy is left in place to make it look as if every new book proposal is picked out of the slush pile by a perfectly objective and ideologically blind gatekeeper, but every possible way to earn money by thinking is reserved for the upcoming generation of the dominant cultural hegemony, regardless of how banal or incorrect their work may be(See Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson). As long as the money stays inside of the hegemony and the equally or more skilled opponents are kept working restaurant jobs while their submissions to the slush pile are silently(or with condescending mockery) burned in the trash can after the best parts have been incorporated into the work of an ideologically friendly stooge, the power of the dominant cultural hegemony will only be strengthened by every new creative work. Note: This is a pernicious means of totalitarian social control as it locks the ideological world of the target population in place, unable to adapt, as all of their best thinkers are flipping burgers while sycophants print money firehosing garbage on society at large(encouraging the youth to go fight a war they have no good reason to fight…). A key tactic in the evil form of globalization, or any attempt by one nation to subjugate and enslave another. The covert operation of literally and figuratively starving(and mocking) your enemies most effective communicators and forcing them to rely on your least effective communicators. Then when the covertly blacklisted complain, they are called nazis, or worse. Note: True story, this has happened to me. (Ever wonder why fewer and fewer good american movies are coming out? This is why. Not only do they not want someone like me adding any of my values to the culture, they want to impoverish their opponents and make them look like are just inferior)(this work is largely a demonstration that I am not inferior, and if someone like me has trouble getting by in this system, and I am so prolific, and capable enough to see through their gaslighting, how many other people must be starving who otherwise would have been good enough to succeed if there were not covert restrictions to their success set in place before they were even born. This is not the american way, this is someone else’s way.) See gaslighting, demonic, cultural hegemony, cult, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, sino-nazi, totalitarianism, cultural imperialism, suppressive person, anti-movement policing, strategic sequestration, uniform degenerative force,

Money Changing – When you need to have a different kind of money to do something or another, you need someone who has a lot of both kinds of money, and that person gets to charge a fee for sitting there moving slips of paper around while another man must dig 100 ditches to earn the same amount of money. A key element in any degenerate culture based on slavery and parasitism, and is prevalent in every babylonian, or psychotropic leachist or predatory exceptionalist system. Note: Always notice people who make their living by benefiting from disfunction and avoid them. Note: Calling money changers into question has been known to get a lot of people killed by money changers as in the situation of the Panama papers(and the basis for our calendar…) all of the myriad shell companies that allow criminals to live luxury lives free from accountability. Note: Many types of economics ban money changing and usury, or highly restrict it, as mathematically it results in dangerous imbalances, such as giving lazy, ignorant people tremendous fortunes. Anyone asserting such ideas will encounter hidden ideological fences, or be outright accused of witchcraft, nazism and everything else. Such economically pathological and inherently predatory systems require propaganda and doublethink in order to coerce society to continue to allow being continually scammed, and ultimately brought down as in all systems based on mathematical instability and human mania rather than reality. See petrodollar, hocrux, quantitative easing, psychotropic leachism, dominant cultural hegemony, lore, jesusy, hidden ideological fence, suppressive person, witch hunt, starvation writer, tactical undermining, zersetzung,

Petrodollar – A financial system based upon the premise that petrochemicals can only be sold for one currency, the dollar. This has led to the the dollar being a reserve currency, and increased demand for dollars at the expense of other currencies, giving USA citizens and the USA military fantastical purchasing powers. This arrangement is held in place by large banks, old money, unjust international sanctions, vast propaganda institutions owned by zionist Israelis, a mountain of lies, complacency of Europeans, epsteining and the threat of nuclear war. Note: the petrodollar is coming to an end and the petroshekel may be next after the united states descends into civil war. Note: Anyone who does not go with the agenda that gives the petrodollar its power, will find it increasingly difficult to earn petrodollars and will inevitably encounter anti-movement policing. Anything that threatens the petrodollar, threatens the entire house of cards, and will increasingly be treated as a form of violence even if it is mere words and memes. See money changing, quantitative easing, horcrux, matrix, dark psychic energy, uniform degenerative force, anti-movement policing, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, demonic, doublethink, weaponized conflation, dominant cultural hegemony circlejerk, epstein, epsteining, toothpaste murder

Quantitative Easing – lol, this just means printing electronic money so that the rich people and joint chiefs of staff don’t have to admit they broke western civilization. Those affected are told this is normal, necessary, and the details are obfuscated, and the nation doing this is of course, an exception, so only they are allowed to print money like this, and no one else. Note: such people no doubt believe supply and demand, and ecology, and fairness, are ‘quaint’, and that people will accept being shit upon forever. See horcrux, psychotropic leachism, predatory exceptionalism, hypernormalization, doublethink, money changing,

Pretexting – A common infiltration tactic where using previously acquired profile data on an individual, a pretend friend is crafted from an agent trained in the craft of acting, to infiltrate that person’s life. The best example in fiction of this is when the FBI befriends Adriana in The Soprano’s, which ultimately leads to her terrifying murder. Another more recent example is in the show The Girlfriend Experience, season 2. Note: the author has been the target of pretexting in his life several dozen times due to his activism against tyranny in the United States between 1993 and 2020, and it is not fun to look back on your life and realize most of the people who wanted to be in your life were bad friends. See anti-movement policing, zersetzung, succubus, person of interest, permanent person of interest

Curiosity – The general desire to know more, as opposed to an acceptance of ignorance. Curiosity without Courage is however impotent. Note: A key goal of dark psychic energy, totalitarianism, tyranny, and everything demonic is to trick or coerce people into remaining willfully ignorant of their reality, especially the power structures which dominate and enslave them, often invisibly due to the covert nature of cults and dominant cultural hegemonies. A prime example of tricking and coercing a population into deactivating their curiosity is the use of the word anti-semitism to describe all criticism of judaism and zionism, even if it is cases of blatant demonic and tyrannical behavior. Without curiosity however, quality will be impossible to find in your life and you run the risk of being enslaved and not even knowing it, which is a fate worse than death. The general attitude towards curiosity, inquiry, and critical thinking in a society is very indicative, if not the most indicative factor in determining the overall freedom of a society. A quick test is if this classic sentence is true for your society: “Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise”, or if this one is, “We are not descended from fearful men.” A society that is truly lost will violently attack all forms of actual curiosity and attempts to acquire knowledged outside of channels approved by the inner party. A person with exceptional curiosity and courage may discover real truths, and frequently will run the risk of becoming a suppressive person to the dominant cultural hegemony, and with that the risk of dying an unusual early death or being rubbed out. See courage, quality, educated person, discernment, the sad rule of truth, the happy rule of lies,

Shell Companies – Fraudulent companies whose only purpose is to shield guilty people from their guilt, and to assist in the reduction of real world commodities into ‘liquid’ financial resources that can be consumed without any connection to the means by which they were generated. Fraudulent companies are a core component of predatory exceptionalism and dominant cultural hegemonies under this form of governance. Note: In a truly evil system, even good people must use fraud just to survive, and this can be used as an indicator. See clown world, horcrux, predatory exceptionalism, uniform degenerative force, slimy lateral power grab, dominant cultural hegemony

The Sad Rule of Truth – The truer something is, the more forces are at work to make you believe it is a lie. The object of all tyranny is that those enslaved by the dominant cultural hegemony and inner party are unable to trust their own judgement at all whatsoever, to the point they do not believe their eyes, and say things such as 2+2=5. Someone with no curiosity and no courage can expect to encounter very little truth in this life, and runs a near 100% likelihood of being enslaved, at least under the dominant conditions on Earth in 2020. See discernment, trust, gnostic warfare, zersetzung, curiosity, courage,

The Happy Rule of Lies – The detection of a lie is itself strong indication of truth somewhere lying around nearby. See discernment, propaganda, anti-humanism, uniform degenerative force, anti-movement policing, propaganda,

Educated Person – A person who has learned the effective conventional wisdom of their society, enabling them to be a functioning member in the society, fulfilling a fair social contract while performing their duties as a citizen. Education is not the same thing as training, which teaches a focused subset of information. Education is about general knowledge and understanding reality. The primary function of education is to prevent an individual and society from being tyrannized and enslaved in a totalitarian system or by any other factions or individuals, while the primary function of training is to perform a given set of tasks. Education is difficult to define and will always be subjective to a specific local culture, but here is a short list of traits educated people should be expected to have: See quality,

Paradigm Shift – When an individual or society goes through a large change in perspective, either towards novelty or habit. All forms of tyranny always seek to entirely control paradigm shifts through anti-movement policing for the day to day needs of the dominant cultural hegemony, and will actively attack all other kinds of paradigm shifts outside of their control. One example in recent memory of the struggle between a population seeking to update its paradigm and a society seeking to repress that same shift is the Happening known by the phrase Dark Psychic Energy. See dark psychic energy, anti-movement policing, uniform degenerative force, hypernormalization,

Snuck Premise – When establishing an overton window, you must phrase your sentences in such a way that between the lines the actual message you are trying to convey is hidden, in such a way that it frequently tricks the human consciousness, or programs them through the manipulation of the subconscious. After your premise has been snuck a dozen times, this premise will be effectively considered so far outside of the bounds of the rational that it will seem like a very good idea for an american in nebraska to want to fly to iran to fight in an illegal, immoral and impossible to win war. No true journalism uses the snuck premise technique, so if you detect someone using this tactic, you can know they are just a propagandist trying to convince you to act against your own interests. See propganda, overton window, hypernormalization

Blackwhiting – A late stage hypernormalization tactic where to cause chaos and confusion, you simply state obvious falsehoods to muddy the water of discourse and manipulate the minds of those already broken down by the propaganda that 2+2=4, Epstein isn’t jewish, anti-zionism is anti-semitism, Trump is playing 4d chess, the Trump administration is white supremacist, etc etc etc.

Gaslighting Extreme – When someone is unsuspecting merely because the extent of your insanity is so extreme. The Truman show is gaslighting extreme, in the sense that the extent to which the television show around Truman exists is singular and extremely elaborate. No one would, no one can expect it because it has never happened to anyone before. So the job of the gaslighters is very easy and cruel, cheating at life in the purest sense, yet they consider themselves so smart and dominant, as they exemplify incompetency and yet get away with it. If you go to a music festival and the entire event is a police set up to catch people buying drugs, you are experiencing extreme gaslighting. See potempkin village, social engineering

Gonzo Investigation – When a person who may or may not be an actual journalist actually participates in an event in order to truly understand it for the purposes of journalism, rather than attempting to remain outside of it in the potentially futile pursuit of objectivity.

Stay In Your Lane – Something upper class people say to enforce their class priviliges on those in lower classes. Note: This website is one of the most grand exercises in not staying in one’s lane in history, enjoy. See detail oriented, garbage people, stooges, propaganda, thought terminating cliche

Lean In – The life strategy that when you are facing the most resistance to your goals is when you have to in a way insist on them and stand directly against the obstacles in direct confrontation. Note: You are currently reading what happened when I decided to Lean In.

Common Carrier – A public service involving the transmission of signals, allowing all people near-equal access. See Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor – When someone operating a public service is legally protected from crimes committed with the use of their service, in order to protect the commons and prevent unreasonable burdens on commerce. If you don’t know a crime is being discussed in a letter, you are not culpable simply for delivering it. Note: Totalitarians and cultists hate this idea, and will always seek to make every aspect of communication surveilled and fraught with legal peril. See common carrier, socialism,

Weaponized Autism – Highly intelligent people with uncomfortably mutated brains capable of incredible feats of pattern recognition are often hired by governments to solve difficult problems, especially of encryption and data analysis. There are, of course, numerous independent autistic people who use their skills for good or bad.

Brony-nazi – A male fan of my little pony cosplay culture who enforces their way of life on others and seeks to establish a brony dominated cultural hegemony over all of society, using standard nazi tactics of propaganda, political corruption, paramilitary violence, occult symbolism, eradication of unwanted minorities and crass authoritarianism. See nazi, Nazi, totalitarianism, postmodern

Postmodern – When an artist mixes everything up to the point at which no other school of style fits at all whatsoever. Postmodernism can have meaning, because of wild ideological juxtaposition, or might be just for effect, because something looks cool.

Dark Psychic Energy – Bad vibes. Bad juju. Mean people doing mean things. Dishonesty, anger, hidden motives, threats, intimidation, insecurity, confusion, and of course fear. Notably mentioned by Mariane Williamson in a presidential debate sparking a happening on the internet. See demonic, toxic, zionism, judeo-nazi, nazi, Nazi, Republican party, anti-humanism, predatory surveillance capitalism, psychotropic leachism

Happening – Something big that happens on the internet. An event in internet history, frequently not in any way noticed by mass media foistcasts, or outright sabotaged. The greatest internet happening to date is Pizzagate, which experienced the greatest astroturf disinformation/misdirection campaign of any internet happening to date. Wikileaks October 2016 events were a happening associated with pizzagate which are still shrouded in darknet controversy. Happenings frequently bring the high down low, uncover big secrets and reveal how the world actually works, before becoming lore. They are often reacted to in real time with postings from whoever is nearby. Note: Digg was once where happenings were revealed, then reddit, then 4chan, then 8chan, then endchan, and all of these websites have now been completely co-opted and any attempt to discuss or document a happening, anywhere, is reacted to in real time with various denial of service attacks coupled with intense surveillance. It is apparent due to this that extremely powerful forces are trying to eradicate citizen journalism and anonymous commentary on any platform that reaches more than a few hundred people, which is also supports the assertion that there is a vast conspriacy against open culture globally. See netlore, epstein, epsteining, zionism, cultural hegemony, totalitarianism

Netlore – A past Happening on the internet. Frequently reposted and xposted with sauce. Sometimes true, sometimes myth. Note: Epstein was once Lore and became Very Real. See sauce, epstein

Sauce – When people say pics or it didn’t happen, they are asking for the sauce. Sometimes known as bread. Bread and sauce can sometimes be spicy. See spicy.

Spicy – Information that might be illegal in some jurisdictions, not to include globally banned things like banned porn or talk of violence.

Foistcast – A broadcast of topics someone else decided you should care about today. See propaganda, CNN, Fox, totalitarianism, narrative warfare

Narrative Warfare – Fraudulent journalists selecting which events and facts they can report to ensure it supports an overarching story that is to the advantage of their faction, institution or cult. See propaganda, totalitarianism, zionism, cultural hegemony, nazi, Nazi, demonic

George F. Will – The worst writer in the history of the world. See clown world, stooge, garbage people, propaganda, snuck premise, illuminoxy, hypernormalization

Temperature Taking – A set of tactic of undercover agents to determine someone’s mental state, how inclined they are to anger and violence. See anti-movement policing, zersetzung, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, JTRIG Tactics,

Complicity Autoforce – You send an agent to a meeting with orders to sit down in a large group and immediately suggest something illegal that implicates the entire group in pre-crime activity which will legalize the eternal surveillance of everyone there. At a peaceful gathering, a small group starts to play music so you send a child to dance and a nudist, and then the entire group is implicated in exposing a child to sexual activity and surveil them forever labeled with ominous terms which will cause prejudice in other agents who read the file in the future. This tactic is largely in use in the United States and I suspect in every authoritarian society. See garbage people, anti-movement policing, stooge theater, clown world, totalitarianism

Consensus Cracking – The art and science of dividing people.

University of Israel – A university that sends its red-hoodie wearing students on spy-supported field trips to locations where they might be able to instigate an example of anti-jewish violence for propaganda purposes. See gaslighting, gaslighting extreme, zersetzung, tactical underminng, zionism, judeo-nazi, passive aggressive douchebagery,

Toxic – An antihuman environment. Frequently hostile, annoying, bickering, nitpicking, backbiting, dishonest, oppressive, demoralizing, difficult, degrading, unconstructive negativity, grinding repetition, generally unhealthy if not also literally poisonous. Roman slaves who were convicted to the mines experienced a toxic environment. Note: Toxic environments are generally created by stooges, totalitarians and garbage people, often under the systemic pressures of capitalism. See totalitarianism, capitalism, gaslighting, sociopath, dark psychic energy, demonic

Zionism – You are allowed to believe god gave you land, but this premise is not going to be what the rest of global society is based upon or any kind of law for the rest of us. We are even allowed to ridicule you openly for believing god gave you land. God gave me a 500m square plot in jerusalem and a can of beans too, where’s my global categorical imperative and free stuff? God even said he gave it to me directly, while you clowns are relying on it having been given to someone five thousand years ago when there is no way of proving that ever happened, or that you are in any way related to those people in any meaningful way. Believing anything like that is inherently anti-intellectual and esoteric, so don’t let anyone who believes this in any way parade as an intellectual or rationalist. See anti-zionism, propaganda, narrative,

Anti-Zionism 2 – The refusal to believe that there is holy land given by god to jewish people, or anyone, on which to establish a racist, apartheid, totalitarian state based on fanatical jewish nationalism, or whatever else. Anti-zionists believe either the entire planet was given to humanity and the animal kingdom to share, or that none of it was. Antizionists believes people can claim and own land, but never because it was given to them by a deity. Note: Zionism is intentionally misconstrued by zionists to just mean ‘Israel as a jewish state as it now exists’ and as such represents an extremely manipulative presentation of their actual ideology, as is often the case with fanatical cults. Note: The holocaust of world war 2 was against jewish people, gypsies, communists, socialists, anarchists, the homeless, and the disabled(and whoever tried to help these people). The Jewish people who were killed were the largest collection of anti-zionists in the world at the time, as most European and Russian Jewish people did not believe in relocating to Jerusalem or Holy Land. Note: The Global War on Terror is also a new holocaust against primarily against anti-zionist muslims. Whether or not you believe or do not believe in God giving land to Jewish people, is the primary religious and ideological boundary in the world of 2019, and is sadly tied directly to the question of the true and actual perpetrators of the crime of 9/11. Note: Harvey Weinstein, Les Wexner, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Larry Silverstein, Ehud Barak, Jeffrey Zucker, Mark Zuckerberg, Jared Kushner, Michael Chertoff, Mort Zucker, Rudy Guliani and Jeffrey Epstein are all zionists, and these networks clearly exist to corrupt other countries in the interest of zionism. To be a zionist is to be firmly on the side of these people, who are murderers, rapists, child abusers, terrorists and human traffickers. Note: This author has been searching for the worst people telling the worst lies and causing the most trouble, and the answer to this question after a lifelong search is these zionists, epitomized by Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Ehud Barak, Michael Chertoff and Les Wexner. Any jewish people who support these people demonstrate a very degenerate form of religion where any and all laws are subjugated to a truly mad categorical imperative, that in every morally significant way resembles the 3rd Reich’s view of Germany as a Fatherland. Note: The Yinnom Plan is an actual secret plan of Zionists to subvert, destabilize and dominate their neighboring countries over a very long time with pervasive, covert, false flag operations and is the primary cause of the current escalating war in the middle east. As such, zionism and the yinnom plan are the greatest threat of global war and the annihilation of our species in 2019. The world may however already be at war because these people are attacking everyone on the internet with pervasive digital spying, e.g. NSO Group phone hacks, ‘Black Cube’ harassment of journalists. Note: Zionists are also absorbing computer production, software production and networks into the territory of Israel as a means to exert covert dominance over other countries, and as such anyone who truly wants there to ever be a personal computer and privacy of electronic communications must by definition be an anti-zionist. Which is to say, you cannot be a zionist and pro-human rights, pro-democracy, pro-privacy, pro-peace, pro-free-speech, or any human rights whatsoever. Note: Zionists represent the greatest betrayal to citizens of the United States in our history. We helped form the country of Israel and saved them from destruction, and in turn they subverted our country and attacked us on 9/11. This will never be forgotten, we Americans have a long memory. Note: CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Twitter, Facegag and Fox News are zionist channels so if you are not on board with the tyrannical and batshit zionist plans, you should avoid these channels. Note: Saudi Arabia is now a complete Zionist puppet, so anything Saudi Arabia is doing is actually Israel. This should help to explain why this islamic country is obsessed with going to war against other islamic countries and repressing its muslim population with fake Islam. Note: Zionists want to confuse anti-zionism with antisemitism, which is perverse and should be rejected at every opportunity. Antizionism is not a hatred of middle-eastern-ness, jewish-ness, all judaism, jewish genetics or all jewish culture. Jewish people should be polite and give people the benefit of the doubt as their religion and culture are incredibly confusing and opaque, but frequently they do not and use every opportunity to exclude and censor people who are saying things they do not like, and as such jewish people have lost the respect of a lot of people, rightfully. It will be very difficult for them to earn this respect back, except by concerted action for justice, truth and other ‘western’ values like the rejection of bribery, conspiracy, aggressive war, invasion of cultural hegemony, propaganda, extrajudicial, child abuse, and many other morally reprehensible aspects of zionism. The disarmament and limiting of Israel’s offensive arsenal, especially all nuclear weapons, will effectively stop the war. Note: The realization and recognition that zionists were the primary perpetrators of 9/11 is the key to understanding the world of 2019, and this knowledge provides all the moral motivation required to disempower zionism everywhere. It would be best to outlaw the idea of holy land outright, it is completely antithetical to the progress of western civilization and the human species, as are the zionist tactics of paramilitary street violence, zersetzung, invasive cultural hegemony and covert infiltration of civilian societies. This is, naturally, the reason they are attempting to outlaw criticism of themselves, because beliefs this awful can never be allowed to be discussed in the light of day lest they wither under the slightest scrutiny. Note: The idea of anti-zionism is harschly censored in the United States by the dominant zionist cultural hegemony, much worse than communism was under mccarthyism. People have a real fear of being ‘branded’ an antisemite. McCarthyism actually ushered in the era of Zionist censorship, which has successfully censored any attempts to discuss it, until recently. This is why the anti-zionist position sounds outlandishish, because it literally was thrown out of the country through a decades-long covert campaign against it which also nearly erased the word zionism from zionist owned channels. Some Americans, however, do not think that the country of Israel should decide what Americans are allowed to think or who we should go to war against, which crimes can be blamed on islamic people, or which wealthy chabad jewish men are allowed to pimp out 13 year old girls(as long as they are not jewish girls), among other crimes. The impeachment argument in 2019 boils down to factions led by Chuck Schumer and Jared Kushner, both fanatical zionists, demonstrating the current treasonous state of affairs making a mockery of all law enforcement and military personnel in their service, giving an untrustworthy foreign power the ability to make them shoot each other on command or erase surveillance footage of their assassins and saboteurs. See cult, tyranny, racism, holocaust, judaism, Nazi, nazi, judeo-nazi, settlers, demonic, diabolic situation, low intensity conflict,

The Second Holocaust – The Global War on Terror’s murder of millions of arabic Islamic people as retribution for a crime they did not commit: 9/11, a crime actually committed by zionists and american traitors. Zionists and other jewish people who claim that they would ‘never’ let the holocaust happen ‘again’ have already failed, proving they only mean ‘never again’ in reference to themselves and that other genocides actually don’t really count in their eyes. The biggest lie and the biggest moral evil in the history of the world in our time was perpetrated by jewish zionists, principly Larry Silverstein and Michael Chertoff, blamed on Islamic people and used to murder them by the hundreds of thousands which has led to a permanent state of war, matching the state of conflict between zionist Israel and all of its neighbors. Any jewish person who refuses to admit this fact is a zionist, no matter what else they say. Note: The evil of these zionists continues, in that they will no doubt claim that anyone stating their true acts will confirm antisemetic accusations about them and inspire people to hurt jewish people, so they must silence and if necessary kill everyone who reveals their true actions. ‘I am allowed to, no, god wants me to punch you again to silence you because if it gets out that I punched you last week, it will hurt the reputation of my people and one of us might get punched’ is such wildly twisted logic it is difficult to fathom but it is very useful to the believer as it justifies everything, makes jewish people the exception to every rule and is nothing more than self-perpetuating, self-serving, tyranny based on a moral absurdity which is also quite contagious among any group of otherwise lazy thinkers.

Stormfront – This and other national socialistic channels(i.e. many of the chans) for white ethnostates or crypto-fascists like the AFD in Germany, are understandably angry about zionism and the dominant global hegemony, but incorrectly think that creating another zionism with another form of apartheid will be able to protect their ethnicity better than creating a new cultural hegemony within their existing constitutions. All of these movements, especially Trump and those fostered by stooges like Steve Bannon are being funded by zionists, and will be herded towards idiotic actions like Christchurch and Halle, which serve zionist interests perfectly. Anyone in these movements should be made are how much their efforts hamstring the people actually working against zionism in many other movements and divide them from literal armies of people of all ethnicities who cannot stand the Israeli state and its corruption of the United States. Also, how their cartoonish ideologies are easily mimic’d by foreign and police infiltrators.

Superpublic 2 – The upside down world a creator, like myself, finds themselves in, when extremely powerful forces discover their work before they are in any way popular, and so while hundreds of spy analysists have to analyze your daily output, you technically have no readership whatsoever in any real sense, despite the fact that in point of fact every single letter you type is treated like gold by the most powerful people in the world, who do everything they can to prevent you from economically existing as a writer, because with every keystroke you are also demolishing vast glass houses of total bullshit which were very expensive to build in the first place. In this way an oligarchy in the late stages of a failing situation eradicates the very people who are most capable of contributing to solutions, in order to protect lazy rich people who make money primarily from passive income and trading underage females, i.e. epsteining, with police protection. A good example of a superpublic person would be one of the up and coming public speakers or writers in the socialist movement in Germany in 1932, who history has likely forgotten about after he or she disappeared. Sophie Scholl was superpublic and was beheaded. I can promise you this is one of the most evil things that can happen to a person. See gaslighting, cultural hegemony, paramilitary, zionism, demonic

Anti-semitism 2 – I still don’t understand this, do I have to believe a deity gave jewish people real estate and that it should be legal to mutilate baby genitals? Is it illegal to believe the Irgun exists and state that Rahm Emmanuel is probably in it? Can I legally question whether I want Israelis to own and control the entire security apparatus of the united states? If I ask these questions is a cultural hegemony going to covertly attack me? Because I think we Americans have tried out this ‘let Israeli spies and military operate our security’ and it hasn’t worked out, security is total shit and epstein. And weinstein. I want all private spies and former spies of any other countries out of the united states, is it anti-semitic to give Israeli people special treatment? I thought Israelis didn’t like being singled out? This word is surrounded by a mountain of demonic bullshit and anyone who is unwilling to admit this is benefiting from it or brainwashed. Liking jewish people is not a prerequisite for legitimacy, the standard viewpoint for a religion you are not part of is tolerance and dislike. No one has to like muslims, hindus, or buddhists, but we all have to like jewish people and judaism, and under threat. If you are unwilling to call this into question or are actively enforcing this, I want nothing to do with you.

Blood Sacrifice – Quite possibly the worst idea, ever. The concept that if you kill something and do something with its blood, god will like you more, you will have good luck, it will rain, etc. See demonic, necromancy, jesusy

Evangelical – A type of Christian and believer in the redemption of sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Evangelical the word comes from spreading the gospel, or good news, through preaching. I find the word generic, deceptive, and not useful. What is considered evangelical covers a very wide swath of theological viewpoints, sometimes puritanical and other times very relaxed. There is a general belief among evangelicals that Jesus is coming back any minute now and in something called the Rapture, as all believers in The Bible are continually spinning in their heads over the bizarro ‘Book of Revelation.’ Many evangelicals are simply Jesusy, they like singing and listening to a sermon once a week, and generally thinking they are saved, this hardly qualifies as a religious movement as they are not moving anywhere besides to vote for republican candidates. Note: I really wonder if Evangelical is not just a fashionable word for neo-christian, or new, updated christian. Note: for some reason Evangelicals are almost all fanatical zionists, prejudiced against islam and support the U.S. military regardless of how many countries are invaded or warcrimes commited. See Jesusy, zionism, sycophant

Austerity – The idea that government spending is inherently shameful, a superstitious siege mentality that if the elites are taxed the entire economy will collapse, and therefore all manner of societal failure and misery is tolerable. Note: This faux ideology that is just basically the rich repressing and preying on everyone is trotted out again every few years like a diseased cat in a different sweater under a new name. See anti-intellectual, cliche, propaganda, faction, strategic undermining, trickle down economics

News – I don’t know what this word means, as such I prefer not to use it and think it should be retired. Bill Moyers defines it as the information we need to keep from being enslaved, although he says the converse, that it is the information we need to keep our freedom. I prefer in all cases to use the word journalism, as people have come to include tabloids and propaganda in the definition of news. News just means new information, a place you get new information, the new information you got. There is good news and bad news, on many levels. News inherently means information, and information is one of those words that is filled with heavy, heavy meta. So you can get news about news, have new news, and so on. A word that is said so often and used in so many ways it may lose its meaning entirely.

War – The opposite of peace. War is better described as when peace ends, because there are so many ways to go to war without weapons being involved. But someone under attack knows they are under attack because they can no longer be at peace. You know there is no peace when there is daily news of people dying in weaponized conflict. Another sign is how many weapons are being bought and sold, and if some nations are helping other nations defend each other, because they must. Another indicator is when the Global governance body tasked with maintaining peace is so overwhelmed that their statements begin to seem farcical. Note: Such is the state of affairs in 2019,

Civil War – A misnomer, no war is civil. When a faction of a country takes up arms against the government or another faction. It might better be referred to as an Intra-national War as opposed to an International War.

Low Intensity Conflict – A state of neither war nor peace, where paramilitary conflict is waged in the absence of journalism, accountability or rule of law. The state of affairs an empire likes to see on its borders and in lands it intends to pillage, because its resource and technology advantage allows its operatives near complete freedom. This is how Syria is being dismantled as part of the Yinnom plan, as well as how Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Eastern Ukraine, Africa, Venezuela, and Iraq, and to some extent Hong Kong, are being dismantled over the long term. Once Israel, the United States, Russia and/or China, or really any tyrannical government, have decided to take resources from an area or change the government of a state that refuses submission to a predatory economic system, rule of law, journalism, essential services and medical care in an area are attacked by paramilitary means, blamed on various opponents, and then changes are made, through murder, to modify the area into the desired shape. Note: The control of intelligence is the most important aspect of control, so the most intelligent leadership elements as well as the most organized military forces, will be gradually eliminated until the only people in the area with an IQ over 110 belong to the foreign power, and all of the most beautiful women have been successfully trafficked. Meanwhile people on television will see pictures of babies being rescued from burning rubble and of the local resistance committing extreme acts of pointless brutality. See demonic, propaganda, zersetzung, gaslighting, slimy lateral power grab, zionism, anti-zionism, settlers,

Settlers – A group of people inhabiting previously uninhabited land. Note: This term is frequently used by invaders, especially in the case of Zionists. By using the term settler, they imply the land is uninhabited, meaning no human occupants, which is a blatant lie indicating the settlers consider the current occupants are less than human. Note: Zionists attempt to liken their ongoing invasion of Palestine to the colonization of the western states of America, indicating they can only attempt to justify their atrocities through previous atrocities. This is a paradigm case of willful reactionary thinking, as zionists claim they are on the cutting edge of progress while re-enacting some of the worst atrocities of history. See zionism, doublethink, propaganda, Nazi, nazi, judeo-nazi, fascism, slimy lateral power grab, anti-zionism, diabolic situation

Prison Intercom – A communication network for prisoners, characterized by complete recording of all transmitted information between cells and a strict ban on actual, real, encryption. A prison intercom system gives all power to the guards and owners of the prison and is entirely incompatable with a free society. If your networked systems are a prison intercom, you are not free and all of your ideas and actions must be permitted by the governing powers, and you can not in any actual sense even know the laws that apply to you. See totalitarianism, slimy lateral power grab, fascism,

Panopticon-tech – Technology where privacy cannot be verified in a system where the authorities are recording everything. See totalitarianism, tyranny, bully, fascism, diabolic situation, fusion center,

Civilization – When a given group or nation has incorporated all of the learned knowledge of the past into a system of being and interaction that represents the forefront of the species’ knowledge and capabilities.

Fascism – A system where an individual or oligarchy wields power over a weaponized society organized specifically to follow their orders. Frequently involves the near worship of a charismatic leader, required membership in a political party, and fear of harsh physical punishments, frequently brainwashing, hard labor, and/or death, for ideological crimes. Fascism is experienced by a human as an attempt by the ruling class to turn them as near as possible into machines who are prepared to deny all of their biologically based wants and desires for what is always described as the ‘greater good’, but which is always in point of fact the wishes of their rulers. Fascistic systems are also almost always in a permanent state of war, as peace threatens the control mechanisms of urgency, fear, militancy, fanaticism and death. Fascism is the epitome of an anti-human system. See totalitarianism, zionism, Nazi, nazi, judeo-nazi, sino-nazi, anti-humanism

Diabolic Situation – If you actually try at length to understand what happened in a situation where all you have to work with is what you can read from a screen with an internet connection, and you determine after much effort that something is very wrong and/or someone is spending a lot of effort to make everything so confusing no one can tell who is to blame for what is wrong. Diabolic situations resist discernment due to extreme interference by factions with the capacity to multiply and amplify their voices on an exponential scale. They indicate the existance of a Big Secret someone is spending money, time, effort and potentially violence to keep secret and maybe by multiple parties who are spinning alternate narratives. When you are unable to figure out what happened or what the facts are and at the same time detect every tactic of information warfare known to exist, you can at least say something is rotten in Denmark. Diabolic situations are proliferating at a rapid pace and have had major geopolitical implications, primarily due to the general instability of the united states as a result of the tremendous corruption of the republican and democratic parties, but especially the republican party. Diabolic situations always involve deception requiring vast efforts to overwhelm any attempt at knowing a single fact. People within a dominant cultural hegemony are trained like dogs to avoid these topics at risk to their entire status in the cult, or worse. A list of known diabolic situations as of 2019: Eztv admins, lori handrahan’s daughter, r/conspiracy admins, r/vegan admins, max spears, Wikipedia’s Fram, the chans, Jacob Appelbaum, Arjen Camphuis, Wikileaks October 2016, Hillary’s emails, Snowden Documents, UFO’s, 9/11, Las Vegas Route 91, Missing 411, and of course everything having to do with Epstein/Israel/zionism.

The Destroyers – A short story by Graham Greene in which a group of neighborhood children tear down the only house to survive the bombing of a previous war for what appears to be no good reason, but which is understandable in the sense that the children would rather have a fresh start.

Forest Gump – A fun and poignant movie about a man on the lower end of the IQ spectrum who lives an adventurous and full life despite his intellectual shortcomings and innocent nature by remaining true to himself and his values, and finding friendship and love.

Video No Longer Available – A new form of book burning where a once thriving and extremely open platform for content gradually becomes a ghost town after ideological conformity is gradually enforced. See lyor the tall israeli, intellectual dark web

Whataboutism – An antintellectual practice and tactic used to disrupt intelligent thought and processes by injecting meaningless non-sequitor relatavistic comparisons into conversations. See relativism, chewbacca defense, degenerate, garbage people, demonic

Lori Handrahan – Listen to her story and it will change the way you think about the united states. She is an academic who was researching child trafficking and her daugher was legally stolen from her. See superpublic, suppressive person, tactical undermining, zersetzung, epstein, epsteining

Stooge Theater – When corruption and subversion is made to look like a ham-handed accident in order to facilitate evasion of responsibility by the guilty parties. The greatest demonstration of this in the history of the world is the FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the subsequent escape from from prison with use of a body double. See garbage people, tyranny, uniform degenerative force,

Passive Aggressive Douchebagery Tactics – Many tactical undermining techniques used by the totalitarian police state involve actions that would in any other context only be performed by a complete douchebag. Sabotaging air conditioners, slashing tires, breaking car windows, releasing pests in a person’s house, starting fights in ways that look like the other person started it, and numerous other dipshit microaggressions that might be expected from a drunk and angry 19 year old ex-girlfriend are exactly what the police state orders salaried agents and cult paramilitaries to do to their enemies, no doubt as part of the farcical ‘global war on terror’ and the protection of zion. Note: if you are in any way assigned any of these tactics, See stooge, garbage people, anti-movement policing, zersetzung, tactical undermining, zionism, nazi,

Stephen Miller – Crypto jewish zionist race provocateur and now giving orders at the department of homeland security and handling all the children and young women arriving and disappearing at the border. In essence the least trustworthy creepiest person with the most ties to oligarchic foreign subversives in the united states now has a tremendous amount of power over a unified police state. This, the result of decades of careful consolidation of federal agencies under a single director, is extremely bad for America and the concept of freedom on planet earth, and in the cosmos. His claim to fame is he wrote in defense of a fraternity of white college students who sexually assaulted a black stripper at a drunken party, and for some reason gained national attention. Stephen Miller is a zionist who is trying to make the work of the trump administration appear to be the work of white people, so that if/when their plans fail, they can say the Trump Administration was the responsibility of white people, even though they are all zionists trying desperately to hide their obvious ties to epstein and other crimes. Note: that Stephen Miller and the Trump administration are a ‘white supremacists’ is the most obvious falsehood that has ever been passed as truth on the american mass media, which is sadly controlled by zionists. See garbage people, stooge, judeo-nazi, zionism, zionist entity, passive aggressive douchebaggery, gnostic slavery, gnostic warfare, horcrux, never again

Dunce Farm – An entity that exists by enslaving the unintelligent for the purposes of the more intelligent. Garbage people, stooges and tyrants are always, nearly by definition, seeking rubes willing to die for them although they themselves never touch a weapon. See gnostic slavery, garrison state, uniform degenerative force,

Garrison State – A region that is considered by the oligarchy only to be useful for the production of raw materials and obedient citizens, primarily useful as soldiers or for weapons research. In a garrison state you will find abortion illegal, foods that make people grow big, militaristic high school sports, secret police, propaganda and discouragement of curiosity and/or any analysis of political economy or class division. Note: I am from the garrison state of Missouri, and this is why I believe my divergence resulted in my long life of anti-movement policing tactics and zersetzung in my life. See tyranny, totalitarianism, zionism, nazi, clean your room, gnostic slavery, dunce farm, detail oriented, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, bunker gap

Ethos Capital – a proxy arm of zionism that is in the process of purchasing admin rights over every .org domain on the internet, under the management of ‘Erik Brooks’ who is not known for anything besides managing a children’s concert series where adult content themes are sung by children with minor and quite ineffective changes to the lyrics. See illuminoxy, garbage people, stooge theater, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, anti-movement policing, strategic sequestration, epsteining

Algorithmic Discrimination – When you are too scared your own beliefs cannot withstand scrutiny so you secretly manipulate the social media of your opponents to give your own ideological allies an advantage. Can also be due to bribery, such as pay for play on the radio, but on the epic global scale of the internet. This explains why many mediocre things are considered popular, as well as why any sane course of action face impossible promotional obstacles. This existed prior to the internet, but the internet has made it incredibly easy to manipulate masses of people with clicks of buttons. See zersetzung, tyranny, capitalism, cultural hegemony,

Radical Debt Refusal – When someone says they will never pay a debt, because they have good reason not to. When the workings of the system become to odious, you sometimes have to throw yourselves on the gears to slow them down as the only moral way to continue. See natural law, direct action, protest

Fusion Center – A new phrase invented in order to prevent having to loudly declare that there are secret police in the United States post-2001. Another word for Secret Police Headquarters. Known in literature as the Ministry of Love from 1984. Historically in the United States, there have been clear lines kept between local, state and federal police agencies, which is a democratic, republican and socialist feature, Fusion centers have changed this policy so that now policing has been nationalized and intergrated with the military and spying apparatus. The Republican party(sic) has always sought to nationalize and centralize power and authority, while disguising how it is doing so. And this See Secret Police Headquarters, Totalitarianism

Secret Police Headquarters – Where police spy on, investigate, interrogate and secretly manipulate society for the benefit of the dominant cultural hegemony. See Fusion Center, Totalitarianism

Regime Change – Another word for invasion used when invasion sounds too much like you are the aggressor, because you are the aggressor. See invasion, doublethink, propaganda, bully,

Squander – When you have something of quality and you waste it. See Garbage People, Capitalism, Demonic, Civilization, Austerity,

Credit Rating – A number given to people based on how profitable is to lend them money. One of the core control mechanicms of a capitalistic, babylonian or in general tyrannical system. Any formalized or centralized credit rating system for individuals, especially one that is mandated, is inherently tyrannical. See radical debt refusal

McCarthyism – A public purge of non-capitalists from Unites States media, which is alleged to have ended in the 1950’s but has obviously continued until 2019. Anti-capitalists, anti-zionists, critics of the military, proponents of alternate ideologies, and anyone not useful for propaganda reasons are all now precluded entirely from entertainment careers by algorithmic discrimination and concerted blacklisting, there are no need for hearings or investigations, judgement and verdict happen in advance and silently, which is sadly more like a cult than a business or industry.

Thundertheft – The rhetorical shilling tactic of modern propaganda similar in nature and scope to the poison pill, where someone takes a surge in the popularity of someone else’s idea and redirects it for their own purposes, frequently resulting in the ultimate subversion of the original concept. Note: revelations regarding deep state/spy related events tend to almost always result in authorities using this tactic to redirect rage towards something that does not actually threaten anyone powerful, or is part of some struggle between powerful people. e.g. Parkland, Epstein, Weinstein See Poison Pill, Propaganda, Psy-op, reverse social engineering

Barrier to Entry – The primary means a cultural hegemony uses to exclude poor people and ideological opponents. Barriers to entry are enforced by carefully selected gatekeepers who are part of a generally unspoken ruling elite culture that is ultimately an actual cult. The difficulty of getting an agent, finding an investor, publishing a book, getting your work into a gallery or anything produced, all involves at some point impressing a gatekeeper unless you are independently wealthy. Even if you can afford to produce your own art, a gatekeeper must approve to promote it. Note: If you determine there is a cultural hegemony that you do not like taking over or controlling your society, you should look around for other people who are excluded by it so that you can work together and make your viewpoint heard. See cultural hegemony, gatekeeper, demonic, diabolic situation, toxic

Spam – Figuratively on the internet, The ultimate weapon of corporations and nations against free and open communication and the ultimate weapon of the masses against anything on the internet they do not like. Literally in the physical world, jellified cow parts that are otherwise inedible.

vegeTV – 95% of broadcast televised video content is intended to put the brain into a vegetative state to prepare for advertisements, generally by showing the viewer a fantasy life they will never have a chance to lead due to harsh economic realities dictated by the very companies advertising to them. See psychotropic leachism.

Foistcast – Jumbled news where random events and topics are presented out of context in rapid succession, in order to sell advertisements and manipulate the audience into passivity. Might also be called a chaos-cast or a jumble-cast, but foistcast implies how it is thrown at the user like a cafeteria worker dishes out slop. A foistcast will always tell the viewer they are well informed and that there is no reason to be upset about the current power structure, frequently using hypnosis. See psychotropic leachism, propaganda, vegeTV, news,

Clean your room – If anyone tells you this besides you dad and you are over 16 years old, they are pulling some bizarro patriarchal bullshit on you and you should tell them to shut the fuck up. Note: This is what Jordan Peterson says and he is awful. See propaganda, demonic, sycophant

Rebel Wisdom(tm)(sic) – lol gtfo anyone who brands the word wisdom is a dangerous idiot. These people are intentionally trying to destroy the English language, they are neither wise or rebels. Who is funding this crap? See propaganda, demonic, psy-op

Mainstream Media – American English term for a handful of mass media broadcasters which represent the propaganda interests of the oligarchy ruling the United States. Note: This term is not useful as it describes many different things for many different people, not unlike the term Political Correct. In 2019 these channels are highly manipulative tabloids which no one can watch for even 5 minutes without damaging their mind and their ability to clearly perceive reality. Note: Donald Trump is a pure mass media creation and is a paradigm case for what this sort of propaganda can do to a nation if foreign and traitorous interests are allowed to own and operate mass media. See propaganda, slimy lateral power grab, narration, tabloid, think tank, demonic, news, fascism.

Narration – Telling a story. Every story has a narrative derived from a viewpoint which determines the characteristics of the narrative. A narration differs from a description in that it fills in or colors facts missing from the description with other things like conjecture, analysis, derivation, innuendo, outright lies and other things. Journalism is about declaration and description of facts with as little narration as possible. The details of any journalism must always be corroborated to confirm that any intended or unintended narration is limited to useful analysis and logical derivation, and kept from being innuendo and outright lies, which then becomes a culturally undesireable and thus into a degenerative tabloid or propaganda narrative.

Tabloid – A strange word indeed. Degenerative fraudulent journalism based on innuendo and outright lies. In a functioning society, tabloids would be required to have large warning labels like cigarette packaging, saying something like ‘This Publication Catalyzes Mental Illness and Delusions’ and be kept in the pornography section alongside pornography and publications of think tanks.

Think Tank – A propaganda term used to describe propaganda generating pseudo-academic institutions useful to capitalistic and nationalistic interests in legitimizing their batshit ideologies which always turn out to be a form of trickle down economics, austerity,

Austerity – The idea that government spending is inherently shameful, a superstitious siege mentality that if the elites are taxed the entire economy will collapse, and therefore all manner of societal failure and misery is tolerable. Note: This faux ideology that is just basically the rich repressing and preying on everyone is trotted out again every few years like a diseased cat in a different sweater under a new name. See anti-intellectual, cliche, propaganda, faction, strategic undermining, trickle down economics, toxic, anti-humanism

Trickle Down Economics – Same thing as Austerity. TDE gives the impression that one understands the great inner workings of vast economic systems, that one has heard all the experts and if one just holds out for little while longer one will finally see some improvement with a payoff. Austerity gives one the same noble view of oneself, before with TDE we were shrewd but now we should be austere, strong and silent, stoic even, and to even think of improvement would be a luxury undue a person of such stature. TDE is exactly the type of bullshit ‘Think Tanks’ produce by the ton. See austerity, propaganda, mania, think tank, anti-humanism, predatory surveillance capitalism, psychotropic leachism, think tank

Ops – Administrative rights over a networked or multi-user software platform. See slimy lateral power grab

Op – Short for operation. When you notice an operation is going on, there must be a plan for it and that plan must have an intention. Reverse Social Engineering will be rewarded with insight. See low intensity conflict, zersetzung, reverse social engineering, propaganda, psy-op

Psy-op – A psychological operation intended to change the mind of a person according to an intention and plan. See low intensity conflict, op, social engineering, reverse social engineering, toxic, anti-human, gaslighting, tactical undermining, zersetzung

Pournelles Law – Any organization eventually prioritizes its own survival and institutional interests over its actual purpose. See slimy lateral power grab, faction, psychotropic leachism

Bagman – Someone who makes special deliveries. See epstein, epsteining,

Actor – Someone who pretends to be someone they are not for entertainment purposes or for outright deception. There is a second less well known definition used in the police and military world in which an actor is someone capable of action in a ‘theater’ of conflict, compared to civilians who are so predictable they do not significantly alter the outcome of simulations. This is how someone who is merely intelligent, capable and knowledgeable can become a threat to the police and military, by annoying them and costing them resources during their operations. Note: this is copspeak the author learned by watching tv shows, any non-cop usage would simply refer to a normal actor of stage and screen. See NPC Meme,

Asset – Something that belongs to someone. Someone who is considered useful to spy agencies or the police state for something or another, and is therefore kinda-sorta protected and heavily surveilled.

Michael Chertoff – The jewish zionist who operated the United States ‘justice department’ during and after 9/11 who ensured that the actual perpetrators were never investigated so that it could be blamed on muslims to start the global war on terror. See demonic, treachery, epstein, epsteining, kabbalah, irgun, kabbalistic fairy tale

Irgun – A jewish mafia affiliated with the state of Israel with a long history of political violence and cultural imperialism. Their public arm is the Jewish Defense League. See paramilitary, treachery, judeo-nazi,

Victoria’s Secret – An elaborate front for child sex trafficking owned by Les Wexner the jewish zionist of Ohio and operated by the jewish zionist Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile and close personal friend of the jewish zionist Ehud Barak, leader of the Israeli Mossad. See treachery, asset, demonic, cult,

Epstein Noctae – An de-evolution of an historical form of institutional rape known as Primae Noctae where instead of the ‘Lord’ of the kingdom raping a bride on the night before her wedding, the pre-pubescent and post-pubescent girls are traded around the oligarchy of the kingdom for use as disposable sex toys. See epstein, epsteining, creep, degenerate, uniform degenerating force, demonic, necromancy,

Circlejerk – WARNING ADULT TERM CHILDREN STOP READING HERE I PROMISE IT IS NOT THAT INTERESTING -When a bunch of men masturbate in a circle facing inward. Also a general metaphorical comparison for the life work of stooges, garbage people, mendicants and other people whose entire professional occupation is degenerate and farcical in nature. Note: it is a rumor that cults sometimes require such rituals of their initiates. See the life of William Barr. See stooge, garbage people, psychotropic leachism, psychological operation, uniform degenerate force, cult, dominant cultural hegemony circlejerk,

Dominant Cultural Hegemony Circlejerk – When a bunch of people who think exactly alike and in alignment with the dominant cultural hegemony get together to have a discussion about the big problems caused by the cultural hegemony and discuss only the enemies of the cultural hegemony. Notable instances of this phenomenon in full swing are the post 9/11 coverage on Fox/CNN/NBC and post-epstein-fake-suicide coverage on same. This is a good example. Watching one of these is literally like watching people in a burning house discuss why the smoke is caused by the next door neighbors which is then used as justification for some or another form of otherwise unjustifiable atrocity against said neighbors. See propaganda, psychotropic leachism, doublethink,

William Barr – A prominent and recurring stooge and garbage person in recent United States’ history. Note: I will bet money William Barr has been in a circlejerk before. See epstein, epsteining, stooge, garbage people, clown world, circlejerk, mendicant, uniform degenerative force, cult

Butthurt – A core term in the generic, degenerate subculture known as ‘bitch talk’. Implies the target is sad because sexual violence was perpetrated against them and that is the motivation driving their assertion, so it can be ignored. A truly sad, ly bullying, misogynistic word. See bitch talk, bully, anti-movement policing, uniform degenerative force, predatory exceptionalism,

Snowflake – A key term in the spread of national socialism, which seeks to enable a ‘gleichshaltung'(same-switching) of the entire population for the purposes of the cult at the center of whichever flavor of nazi party is behind the centralization of power and mass media propaganda. The fact is all humans are indeed as individual as snowflakes, and this is the core fact tyrants must eliminate from the vocabulary of the population in order to turn the population into a machine under their command, which will also kill undesireables without hesitation or remorse. See clean your room, butthurt, bitch talk, propaganda, uniform degenerative force, anti-humanism, tyranny, bully,

Cast Iron – A term which may or may not be accurate, but which nonetheless must exist inside a totalitarian system, by which certain individuals are deemed high value by the surveillance of the police state, which causes all surveillance mechanisms in the vicinity as well as agents to be dispatched wherever this person goes. Note: the author of this page has seen beyond any shadow of any doubt that he is such a person, and as such he is concerned for his own safety and mental health, which to date has been completely ignored by every other human being. Note: this meme. Note: All NSA data is shared with Israel and the zionist entity, which will be available to all of their agents globally. See tyranny, totalitarianism, demonic, independent intellect, public person, public interest technologist, public interest activist, anti-movement policing, the great constriction, inverse famous, palantir, truman show commentary, strategic sequestration, tactical undermining, zersetzung, weaponized douchebaggery, dominant cultural hegemony circlejerk, inverse famous, inversilebrity, weaponized douchebaggery, passive aggressive douchebaggery tactics +metalocalypse meme,

Weaponized Douchebaggery – Another word for Passive Aggressive Douchebaggery Tactics.

White knighting – Making a habit of always coming to the rescue as if this is your entire point of existing, turning you into a rube for every trap and in a certain way a caricature of goodness who is incapable of having a good time. Really wanting to be the good guy so bad that you kindof become the bad guy. Considered by women to be a “turn off.”(until they actually desire to be rescued…which may or may not ever happen) The opposite of edgelord. Also known as a ‘boy scout’ who won’t ‘get his hands dirty. Note: And warning, frequently used by relativists to discourage anyone from being good, ever. A relativist will scorn someone as a white knight for returning the money with a lost wallet or not participating in a sexual assault just the same without blinking an eye. See jesusy, robin hood, edgelord, demonic, discernment

Edgelord – A personality characterized by speaking as if one is teetering on the edge of the final abyss, while negating every form of positivity with hyperbolic absolutes and extreme provocation. Example: You: I think I’d like to eat a sandwich. Edgelord Response: “DIE FAGGOT I HATE YOUR DICK SANDWICH” Consider, in this exchange the edgelord may very well if not probably be himself a gay man eating a dick sandwich in that very moment, and in that way this can be hilarious and a genuine, deep, subculture where no one is getting hurt and language is a playground. However, this can also be used to poison any intellectual forum as part of consensus cracking, or worse, jtrig tactics and anti-movement policing, for example: You: I think we need to get rid of the electoral college. Edgelord response: “DIE FAGGOT EAT A DICK SANDWICH.” In this second example, you can see how this takes a high level discussion about ideas down to a low level level shitshow, and has zero culture as this was cut and pasted into 20 forums at the same time by a paid fbi agent or other paid shill, and therefore is the opposite of culture. See uniform degenerate force, anti-movement policing, jtrig tactics, weaponized douchebaggery, the great constriction, consensus cracking, shitshow, tay

Faggot – A scornful, hateful term for a gay man used by degenerates in the subculture known as ‘bitch talk.’ The writer’s sixth least favorite word after bitch, stupid, n word, the n word, and crazy. See uniform degenerate force,

Bunker Gap – In any system characterized by the dark forest and/or mutually assured destruction requires the parties to dig deep underground to make sure they cannot be simply killed in a surprise first strike. In this way the size, depth and capabilities of these bunkers become just as important as the capabilities of weapons. Then bunker-busting weapons are being developed at the same time, meaning the weapons, the bunkers and the bunker countering, and then of course the counters to the bunker countering weapons….This creates an infinite squander of value and ultimately madness. As once you are in the deepest bunker with the best weapons and ten layers of defenses, Kafka writes in “The Burrow”, that is when you will start to hear your true enemy burrowing from the other direction, into your bunker from below. And it never ends until you are completely insane. Bunker Gap thinking is inherently national socialist, nazi, thinking. Made famous by the famous film Dr. Strangelove. See crazy, cult, nazi, defense against the dark arts, demonic, necromancy, uniform degenerating force, anti-movement policing, secret police headquarters, regime change, fusion center, diabolic situation, fascism, civilization, low intensity conflict, psy-op, trickle down economics, psychotropic leachism, blood sacrifice, netlore, dark psychic energy, weaponized autism, neophobe, backdoor war, garrison territory, human condition, sankara, categorical imperative, subverted categorical imperative, catastroprofits, permanent war, mendicant, death cult, potempkin village, spook, clown world, wargames, deep state event

Shitshow – When you go to the opera and when the curtain is drawn, several people smear shit on themselves and squirm around in their own shit on stage while babbling and eating shit. After a few minutes of this you leave and say to yourself, ‘What a shitshow! That was false advertisement!’ See shitshow, horse and pony show, jtrig tactics, consensus cracking, anti-movement policing, uniform degenerating force,

Shaggy Dog Story – Well I am going to get around to defining this right in a second, but this dog just ran over my keyboard, and stole my cup of tea. Did you see where it went? It was really shaggy, like with beige and gold hair, that curled at the end, and the friendliest eyes, only three legs though, so you’ll recognize him for sure if you see him. The floppiest ears and he barks not really loudly, kindof a quieter bark for a dog. I wish I knew his name, let’s call him Charlie. Did I mention his hair? See shitshow, horse and pony show, jtrig tactics, consensus cracking, anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, uniform degenerating force,

Horse and Pony Show – I am going to introduce this new definition in just a second but first, I a horse and pony show! Da da da da da da (circus music) and a big horse, then small horse, then a pony, then a shetland pony, walks across the stage, leaping and doing tricks, with dancing women in leotards. There is a trapeze and a ring of fire, then a dog dressed to look like a horse, and they all prance around in a circle, and then this just keeps going. After around 15 minutes of this you say, ‘Wait a minute, wasn’t I here for something else?’ See shitshow, shaggy dog story, jtrig tactics, consensus cracking, anti-movement policing, anarchulpulco, tactical undermining, uniform degenerating force.

Celebration of Degeneracy – When a dominant cultural hegemony achieves the level of dominance where their power is so invisible to the people they rule and prey upon, that they poison culture to an extent that is an outright mockery of its former non-degenerate form. See Saturday Night Live, mean comedy, MTV, reality TV, the history channel, NBC Nightly news, shit show, horse and pony show, hypernormalization, uniform degenerative force, worry free, Clarence Thomas, Zuckerberg,

Semantic Pollution – A core element of the/a uniform degenerate force in a campaign of hypernormalization against a civilian population using oligarchic platforms, propaganda and other forms of psychotropic leachism. Advertising plays a key role in this, leading to babelification. See babelificiation, hypernormalization, propaganda, tyranny, semantic overload, uniform degenerating force, celebration of degeneracy, anti-movement policing,

Semantic Overload – When a single term or set of terms in language become overloaded with multiple conflicting meanings and inferences, causing confusion, degeneracy and vulnerability to tyranny. One of the key techniques in fascism, totalitarianism and tyranny. Modern examples of this See hypernormalization, babelification, anti-movement policing, consensus cracking, JTRIG Tactics,

Stoogiciary – When the justice and jurist systems of a country are taken over by stooges, and often cults, or outright foreign institutions. See Federalist Society, William Barr, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, dominaant cultural hegemony circle jerk, horse and pony show, shit show, traitors, treachery,

Worry Free – Just get a job at the amazon fulfillment center, and an apartment at the amazon fulfillment center and get all your food at the amazon fulfillment center, and all your worries will be over. First coined in the movie ‘Sorry to Bother You’, which everyone should watch as it is an accurate satirization of the gradually imposed totalitarian system for the poor class of Americans that is now underway. See totalitarianism, tyranny, slavery, uniform degenerative force,

Invisible Blacklist – A key tactic a dominant cultural hegemony uses to maintain its power, by making sure that no one who is not part of the cult or pliable to the interests of the cult has any chance to exist in society. Used by all forms of national socialism and cults, always. The penultimate example of an invisible blacklist is when the crowd of zionists called for Barabas to be released so Jesus would be killed in the work known as The Bible. This is used to lock the progression of history in place, regardless of how horrific the current conditions are. See uniform degenerative force, cultural hegemony, talent, skill, gatakeeeper, zionist entity, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, epstein, epsteining, weinstein, celebration of degeneracy, jesusy, kaballah, anti-movement policing, mean comedy,

Hot Potato – A potato that is too hot to hold, so people throw it to someone else to prevent it falling on the floor, because someone has to hold it, just not the person holding it. A metaphorical term for when an issue becomes so difficult to discuss that knowledgeable, intellegent people pretend that person, topic or thing does not exist. A key trait of an oligarch is that they leave the room whenever they are asked to go on record about something, their wealth means simply they do not have to answer questions. Meanwhile, the poor and powerless will be harangued at every opportunity by impossible, divisive, minefield issues at moments when they are not allowed to evade the question. In this way people like Mitch McConnell hold power without ever having to say a word and people like Bernie Sanders have to personally throw back a hundred mudpies thrown at them by anonymous people. This is also what Hillary Clinton meant when she said one must as an oligarch have a ‘public and private position,’ or outright lie to poor people and laugh at them with the rich people. See dominant cultural hegemony, tyranny, tyranny of the masses, oligarch platform, big lie, deep state event,

Mark Manson – A famous mediocre writer and who teaches people how ‘not to give a fuck'(but not really) because he and they are too weak-minded to confront the problems facing the world and their culture, largely due to the minefield their culture has become due to the uniform degenerative force described on this webpage, of which Mark Manson is a willful participant whether he knows it or not. Note: I have found some useful ideas in Mark’s work, but must warn everyone that the FBI agent who wanted to be my best friend highly recommended his work. I might be a little more positive towards his work if I was not on an invisible blacklist that he appears not to be on. See uniform degenerative force, worry free, celebration of degeneracy, invisible blacklist, edgelord,

State-backed Avatar – When a totalitarian system decides to create potempkin village movements as part of a way to prevent civilian movements from forming. Modern, ongoing examples of this include, The Conscious Resistance(paradigm example), Disobedient Media, @V4Vapid, Kenny’s Kitchen, Anarchulpulco, Anarchidelphia, Rainbow Gatherings, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Danny Sjursen, Zerohedge, Norml, Oregon County Fair, Burning Man, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, Veterans on Patrol, APLEA Rangers, Debbi Lusignon, Anderson Cooper, and many, many others. They can be identified by their unlimited money, lack of real jobs, lack of actual background, interest in everything and everyone, constant filming of things, silly org names, futile yet wildly provocative actions, and absolute ignorance of the actual workings of the police state. In a state where there is free speech and freedom of assembly, the state can simply send hundreds of undercover agents to every gathering of people and say so many unintelligent things that the assembly dissipates, after which what was learned at the assembly can be used to apply tactics to the actual members of the movement. Frequently some accident, like Heather Heyer’s death, results in all ideas involved being tarnished, except the police involved who are in every way totally responsible for the violence and results thereof. Meanwhile organizations within the dominant cultural hegemony, like Epstein and Weinstein in the case of the United States in 2020, are protected. Reverse Social Engineering and long term analysis are the only ways to identify who is controlled opposition and who is not. Hint: Anyone using facebook post 2017, any activist still using smart phones, and if their website has major tracking built into it, and if they are published by other known controlled opposition such as ‘Mint Press News’ or ‘Activist Post’ or ‘The Free Thought Project.’ Once you identify one, you can see they operate in nests to build on each others’ credibility. Some will ‘go dark’ when they are no longer useful like Debbie Lusignon. In a truly totalitarian system, all protest or resistance is criminalized, but with modern technology and tactics, this repression can be made nearly invisible to large factions of the population. See tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, invisible blacklist, anti-movement policing, zersetzung, JTRIG tactics, consensus cracking, demonic, totalitarianism, tyranny, dominant cultural hegemony, epstein, epsteining, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, cult,

General Soleimani – The greatest geopolitical error in this history of the world, an extrajucial murder and warcrime gaslighting the entire United Nations in the interest of only Israelis. See yinnom plan, judeo nazi, stooge, garbage people, global war on terror, predatory exceptionalism, mendicant, gaslighting,

Memestability – When there is justice, the memes are happy and their rate of creation is steady, leading to an enjoyable experience in a culture and civilization.

Memeinstability – When there is injustice and major problems,

Jude Apatow – A very mediocre writer who became very popular and rich because studio executives were trying to make the entire population of the United States enjoy mediocrity, as well as to completely ignore the war crimes of zionism and the idiocy of the war on terror. Mr. Apatow has internalized these values so he was an easy choice for who the helicopters should drop money on. People within the dominant cultural hegemony often have no idea it exists, and are the real high level stooges that hold it in place and ensure tyranny. See uniform degenerating force, psychotropic leachism,

Flat Earth – A bad idea, suggesting that the entire round nature of the earth is but a fantasy that we have been lied to about for hundreds of years. Note: This is a carefully orchestrated propaganda operation to split any investigative interest in the civilian population according to the divide and conquer strategy of the dominant cultural hegemony. See propaganda, mendicant, psychological operation, mystery school, cult, uniform degenerating force, demonic, anti-intellectual, anti-movement policing,

Token Positive Zionist Role Model – In jewish owned media there is very frequently if not always a representative of zionism in a glamorous and trusted role. For instance, after epstein escaped from prison several TV shows introduced new jewish characters who were portrayed rescuing teenage white girls. This is especially the case in world war 2 history movies, which uniformly portray the ubiquity of jewish soldiers in leadership roles. Band of Brothers, Inglorious Basterds, Generation War, Fear the Walking Dead, and even Stranger Things are examples of this phenomenon. See propaganda, cultural hegemony, dominant cultural hegemony circejerk, pscychological operation. social engineering, cult, judeo-nazi, kabbalah, epstein, epsteining

Too Many Secrets – Watch the movie Sneakers. Note: If I am finding out about your spies or your spy plans, then you should not be a spy because I am not trying very hard and have almost no resources. See predatory exceptionalism

War Talk – Where everything is a war on this or war on that. One of the primary propaganda tools of fascism, totalitarianism and mililtarism in general is for everything to be a war in the sense there is no place for civil disagreement, civil disobedience, See anti-intellectual, propaganda, sociopath

Buy In – A proven commitment to an institution. Note: One of the great lies of capitalism is that this is possible without money. No one will invest in an idea if no one has spent money on it prior to them, because the ideas of people without money are inherently worthless under capitalism. You cannot start a business with just drawings and plans, even if they are the most perfect and obvious ideas in the world. Capitalists have capital and follow capitalism’s unspoken laws, which are that you judge people primariily by how much capital they have and people without capital are inherently worthless. Which is to say, all business incubators are fake and are there to assist companies who are already incubated with money and no incubators exist for homeless people or the working poor. If a poor person did have a good idea, it would just be stolen by someone who does not need an incubator because in the eyes of the rich the poor would not have the skill to run a company like they do, because those are only skills that the rich can possess, by definition. In this way social mobility is eliminated and a permanent aristocracy is enforced, and thereby all of the absurdity, squanderance and child abuse that comes along with creating a class of people which is above the law. Which, of course, spreads the karmic burden for these compounding atrocities over everyone who knowingly enables functions and structures within the system that they know deep inside to be broken, absurd, cruel, and evil.

Quentin Tarantino – For some reason the older some people get the more juvenille their written dialogue becomes. True Romance, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are timeless classics, perfection personified in film. I have nothing nice to say about any of his other work, so I have already said enough. Some people, once they are in the system, lose their voice in the whirlpool and end up making coffee table book movies that look edgy but really aren’t. I will always be thankful to him for turning me on to Dogville, which is from another director who fits the same profile.

Incel – Anyone who uses this word is an easily programable drone and should rethink everything about how they get information. We do not need a word for people who want to have sex but can’t find a partner. There have always, always, since the literal dawn of man, been people who want to have sex but can’t and it is not a social class or psychological condition, it is just another way to divide, confuse and demean poor people. It is a designation meant to degrade and incite pointless rage about normal things in life, so that people focus their political rage on women and femininity. As a way to blame femininism and the struggle for women’s equal rights and basic protections. This word’s introduction to propagandized English is a very similar tactic to the ‘clean your room’ trope, to redirect rage from the systemic disfunction and squandering of the elites back on the individual, whose problems must simply be because women are ‘being bitches’ and work life balance, much less happiness, is near impossible under this regime.

War on sensemaking – Sense is not made, this was established in the case of Stop Making Sense 1984. The belief and reification of the manufacture of human sensations that are not real is a big problem, we should discourage making sense in all its forms. There is only sense. Note: this is a way the self-described ‘intellectual dark web’ of ‘rebel wisdom’ uses to shred the English language and refuse talking about mass media as propaganda made by rich people who do not share american interests. See sense.

Neglect of Understanding – Rejection of depth in conversation in mass media, redirection as the secondary form, misdirection as primary form. A subtle psycho social mass media amplified attack on the intellect. It is like being in a room with 2 people and one person keeps hitting you and the other one refuses to admit it is happening and the two pretend they are not on the same team. See gaslighting, tactical undermining

Mean Comedy – Where comedians who are successful and making good money make fun of poor people, their relatives, activists, focus on sore cultural faultines, impaired people, sick people, homeless people, ignore powerful people, mock anyone having any goal in life, and any idealism. Everything is bullshit in mean comedy. Generally also completely overlooks and dismisses the complete mess of oligarchic capitalism and rewriting of history before our eyes, mocks any critical view of history or current events, which is to say a general worship of power and demonstrated participation in the dominance of a mean cultural hegemony, with all of the attendant karmic ramifications.

Lightning Rod – The handful of tolerated countercultural academics that help psychologically identify dissidents for attention by the secret police, possibly including surveillance and undermining of their life. Notable lighting rods are Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, who likely live without any harassment while everyone who agrees with and supports their work is lit up by undercover infiltration because these two and others would never believe it is happening, never having experienced it themselves.

Inversiganda – When your memes are so good they have a chance to convince the police to stop harassing the people they are supposed to be protecting and catch epstein. Subversion of tyranny by writing things the police and system functionaries must see which criticize the state or dominant cultural hegemony so severely that the motivation and sense of moral purpose of anyone working for it must be drained. This is an effective way of expressing loyalty to your country and throwing a wrench in the system, as somewhere within the system, your subversive expression of truth must somehow exist in absurd juxtaposition given the always inherent absurdity of going to war against ideas.

Fake Hero – A tactic of deliberate undermining of a population by only allowing popularity past a certain point only if the hero is trafically flawed in a way the population finds morally reprehensible. This secret is then used to control them and create long public court cases which has the same effect as sports.

Anti-movement Policing – When government uses its investigative and policing powers for evil, treating people who have undesirable views as enemies of the state either through public accusation and trial, or covert undermining of their life. Anti-movement policing is where ideas are treated as an ecosystem of social activity, which is analyzed like a machine, and then attacked with a long term strategy, usually costing a lot of money. This makes some degree of reasonable sense when pursuing a mafia of human slavers or murderers, but it can be applied unjustly and abusively to every association of humans and individual humans. It is difficult to believe these things happen, but they do. Which is to say, under a tyrannical system, your organization of 5 people will be targeted the second you express any of a huge, unknowable list of terms, or to the extent that you have noticeable power. Also, younger and younger targets will be selected to prevent certain personality types of succeeding in the cultural hegemony, meaning what once oppresses college students will eventually oppress kindergartens(see kids in cages 2020…). Anti-movement policing seeks to identify potential leadership elements of opposition groups in their near infancy, which is psychopathic, sociopathic, degenerate and inherently tyrannical. A dominant cultural hegemony will seek to either co-opt intellect for its own purposes or to eliminate it so that it can rule over a subclass of workers who are less intelligent, but no threat to any real power. See lightning rod, zersetzung, tactical undermining, cultural hegemony, suppressive person, suppressed superpublic, independent intellect, public person, hot potato, big lie, deep state events, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, anti-humanism, totalitarianism

Subversion of the dominant paradigm – see this page. Note: if you do not like your current dominant paradigm, try a new one on for size. Keep your eyes peeled, who knows where you will find one.

Doublethink Hunter – A subset of Public Interest Intellectual who hunts contradiction in public. The writer of this work is a self-avowed doublethink hunter, which should at this point be abundantly clear. See guerrilla ontologist.

Public Interest Activist – May refer to a technological, medical, or any other intellectual focus area. Someone whose work is for everyone and not for any private interest, like a company, or any specific interest, like a government. If everyone shares something, maybe needs to share something for survival, some people speak for this thing at a primal and primary level, whether or not any individual interest or ruling party sees the importance of that thing, or maybe even seek to actively destroy it in order to accomplish other goals. A true public interest activist will avoid being wealthy or rich, and any ostentious ornamentation in their life. They will have a history of not being egomaniacs, and an open history without mysterious connections. They will have a history of having a consistent position in public on the issues, and there will be clear explanations when those change. If one is going through major life changes, one should step back from their Public Interest Work. Public Interest Work requires dialogue with the public and responding to significant questions, and recognizing the significance of questions. The main purpose of Public Interest anything is to resist the negative aspects of private interests, which include infiltration, sabotoge, manipulation and all manner of spying. So someone working for the public interest must take an interest in counter-infiltration, counter-sabotage, counter-manipulation and counter-spying, which although ironic, is ultimately why the defense of the public rests upon very moral people who are capable of having secrets and being what is known as ‘tricky’ in a very well-balanced, publicly defensible manner. Without public interest action there is simply tyranny and totalitarianism, especially beyond a certain point of technological development. Note: the writer of this page is a self-avowed Public Interest intellectual.

Overton Window 2 – the range of allowable discussion within a cultural hegemony. Clear evidence of brainwashing, propaganda, cultural capitalism, psychotropic leachism. The overton window is the ‘box’ people think inside of, and when you accept its existence and reason for existing, you give up trying to ‘think outside’ the box. Most people do not know the overton window or the box exists, and this is what is figuratively known as ‘The Matrix’, which is actually built out of language in our time. It may develope into a virtual reality world, but it would seem to me someone within an overton window will always worsen their situation by descending into deeper levels of unreality. The best example of a linguistically and culturally based overton window programed deeply into a population is the English speaking world and the word ‘anti-semitism’, which is an undefinable weaponized term designed to mask the actions of a mafia of jewish people within a broader otherwise friendly culture of jewish people. Another one is about the redistribution of wealth, where wealthy people are allowed to prey and leach off of poor people, even breaking the law, but any discussion of taking huge piles of wealth and using it to solve society’s problems is treated as a form of witchcraft. When the jewish mafia and extreme wealth intersect, you will find epsteining. Which is another overton window, despite there being rumors for literally ages that the aristocracy, monarchy and jewish zionists are human trafficking young people and children, and despite Epstein, Prince Andrew and himself having proved it beyond any doubt, you are still not able to discuss this issue with any candor or investigative intent on channels owned by jewish zionists and other wealthy people. See epsteining,

Mass Demoralization – This is what the FBI and other secret police forces really do in modern times, and they are doing it to everybody. Epstein demoralized white people, Weinstein demoralizes women, gay preachers demoralize christians, fabricated islamic plots demoralize islamic people, all of the ‘shooters’ demoralize everyone who trains with guns, potential leaders get personalized plans of repression preventing anything ‘moralizing’ from ever actually happening. The long term plan appears to make people completely dependent upon their television and then manipulate the country through this device, like on 9/11 and many times since. See zersetzung, anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, social engineering

Blue Church – Psychological mass programming operations such as Rebel Wisdom, Project Veritas and cheerleader Jordan Peterson’s way to attack all even slightly liberally oriented mass media and create a segment of the population who is completely resistant to actual liberal ideas, as well as which cannot be reached by anything outside of outright propaganda channels such as Fox and Breitbart news. Do not use this ridiculous doublethink propaganda term, it is a key example of the semantical attack on the English language. See psychological operation, hypernormalization, doublethink, tyranny,

Magsafe Connector – The most brilliant device connector ever created. A demonstration of how corporations subvert design for accounting objectives, as this connector was phased out for ones that are inferior while the patent was buried deep in a vault never to be spoken of again. See garbage people, psychotropic leachism, doublethink, knownothingism, quality, doublethink, clown world, anti-humanism,

JTRIG Response – ‘Joint Task Force for Internet Group’ or something leaked from the UK’s secret police agency describing the tactics they use to attack online discussions that are considered wrongthink, by sending paid soldiers and consultants to do asocial things to people according to a standardized metric and calculated psychological payload. Can come from any authoritarian source of automated bullshit, but only authoritarians would ever use this tactic. A standard response meant to disrupt, disinform, deny and degrade the forum you are in due to its content that is not to the liking of some or another authority which mechanizes offensive responses to things one or another oligarchy disapproves of. Note: This will often be personalized to your pscyhology, so in my case, knowing that I am actually seeking dialogue, they will deny dialogue, degrade dialogue, disinform dialogue, distract dialogue, and disrupt dialogue. For Example: youre an antisemite, i cant open the link, your memes have too many words, this text is too small, this is a wall of text, you’re crazy, remember that wierdest thing you ever said way back when, random weapons talk, that incel went loco last week, tell me your biggest secret but then I disappear, here is a huge rambling paragraph about something insignificant, comment to someone who responded with actual dialogue with something denigrating and/or obscene. Note: One of the overarching feelings one gets after years of this is a profound anti-human, anti-social force, like a steady wave of disruption to the English public dialogue itself. As if it is not just the dialogue and information being affected, but the girders and cables of the language itself, as every cliche is overused a thousand times more, as every extreme thing you could blurt out is mechanized back upon us like a firehose. As if the very global nature of English has made it very easy for all of the most negative aspects of the internet to keep us from having anything, well, sacred, or at least revered. See mass demoralization, tactical undermining, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, tyranny, totalitarianism,

Language Attack – Sometimes foreign countries decide to take over other countries from within, or subjugate people into slavery by redefining the words of their language by taking control of their media channels. A paradigm case for this is how the English language is being attacked by everyone on planet earth who think the English speaking countries need to be taken down a few notches, or worse. I do not think it is a side effect, I think it is part of a longer term plan. Think about it, the two English countries go into near civil war due to social media catalyzed right wing nutjobs and cold calculating oligarchs. This new word brexit confuses and divides everyone. 50 years of professional wrestling prepared the united states for a professional wrestling president. The entire center of world power that was existent in 1995 has been entirely disrupted, while the military of the united states overthrows governments and drone bombs people with impunity. These governments are failing, but it is intentional, someone wants the English speaking world to look a lot more like the spanish speaking world. They don’t just mean that we should have less power, they want to see us reduced to warring city-states and the best way to do is to jack with the meaning of our words so we can’t agree on anything. Reduce our language to babel…there is that word again. Language Warfare underlies Knowledge Warfare(aka Gnostic Warfare). Note: This page could be seen as a largely a defensive measure in the struggle to keep a coherent English language over the very, very long term. I did not understand the scope of the project at the outset, I just knew at a deep level something was wrong with the way words were being used. It is my hope that others see the value in this effort, some day. See babel, JTRIG Response, tactical undermining, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, totalitarianism, tyranny, outright propaganda term, uniform degeneratvie force, dark psychic energy,

Fearism – A way of thinking based in fear. Fearism is the basis of all militarism. There are many other words upon which one can base a practical life philosophy and no one should ever allow a single one to dominate their entire existence, especially not fearism or any of its juicier sounding synonyms, of which there are many.

Militarism – A way of thinking based on war. A very useful way to fight wars, but militarized entities always threaten every other pursuit with obliteration. One of the most difficult questions in existence is the extent to which one’s life should be military in nature and when someone can really relax in the dark forest. See dark forest, bunker gap,

Terrorism 2 – A way of thinking based on terror. No one thinks this way, literally no one, and so at one point this word had no use in the English language. However, because it means the same thing as Fearism, but sounds scarier, it became, probably by design, the go-to way to denote one’s enemies. We should go back in time and stop this, it is causing nothing but trouble and a lot of murder. (Saying a person is a terrorist is the same as saying they are a fearist, which sounds patently aburd, doesn’t it? Hm, you should look into that inside your own head perhaps) The militarized police state is looking for any possible way to make it look like unarmed civilians are worthy targets for their advanced lethal weapons and general darth vader appearance, so they need scary words and mountains of legal justifications to declare ever-larger swaths of human ideas inherently dangerous. This has the reinforcing effect of giving people the clear signal that they are being erased from the universe and from history, including all of their friends, relatives and ancestors, and so it makes people mad. This anger itself is what the state wants to declare illegal and eradicate, it wants the population to accept the dictates and mandates happily, smilingly, and not with this unpleasant anger. People rebel against unjust authority and unjust authority labels those rebellions “terrorists” and finds ways to legally justify murdering its own citizens in their sleep, or imprisoning them forever or driving them crazy, depending on the general power dynamic involved. See outright propaganda terms,

Oxymoron – A contradiction self-contained within a single word of phrase, free market, neo-conservative, Israeli security, domestic terrorism, belongs to intelligence, SJW

Rampage – When out of anger someone causes a lot of damage and/or kills a lot of people. Not to be confused with terrorism or domestic terrorism, as is fashioniable of late. Someone who says, ‘There are two many of x people’ and then goes on a rampage where random x people are located, is exhibiting an illness and mania, not a concerted plan to commit political violence. If a society has a problem with angry people losing their minds, the problem is not the fault of inanimate objects, it is the fault of the entire system and those at the top of it. Rampages are good cause to arm yourself in defense and get to the root of the psychological problems in your society and perhaps disarm those who independent doctors say are unhealthy, not a cause to disarm the population and pretend you were born yesterday. Note: The random use of rampages under control of the state or foreign spies is a real tactic that is actually in use on planet earth, as the handful of people running the show frequently need to distract and cause panic to call attention away from their illegitimacy, failure and general evil. Which is to say a crazy lunatic let loose on society is in every interest of many kinds of oligarchs and foreign paramilitaries, as there is little chance of a crazy lunatic roaming into their private, gated neighborhood. Pushing someone to such deeds is also one of the desired outcomes of a long pattern of infiltration and zersetzung. Note: Numerous such shootings in the United States fit this pattern, and the pattern known as MK Ultra is a program that was verified to exist to create convenient antagonists for such purposes. See demonic, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, illuminoxy,

Assholocracy – A form of government based on selecting the biggest asshole and putting them in charge. The way most hierarchies operate in nature, where the biggest sociopath or psychopath claws their way to power through demonic tactics. The entire concept of republican government, and western civilization, is to create a form of government that is not an assholocracy. Yet here we are. See tyranny, totalitarianism, cultural hegemony, anti-movement policing, palantir, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, alpha-stooge, cultural hegemony meatshield, William Barr,

Nobody Likes Them – The ways in which a cultural hegemony excludes and gatekeeps are numerous and myriad, but the most common and low class one is by spreading rumors about them which often includes this phrase, “Nobody likes them. The cultural hegemony always wishes to define who ‘everybody’ and ‘nobody’ is, they believe they are ‘everybody, that matters at least.’ while everyone else are ‘nobodies, or, at least they aren’t one of us’. Many people are actually killed this way, as the effect on their careers is devastating and eliminates their means of earning money, and thus surviving within a capitalist society. This is a literal means by which rich people starve the poor people who they either do not like, or who disobey them. The most notable use of this phrase in history was when Hillary Clinton used it to describe Bernie Sanders in 2020. Another popular phrase is that someone is ‘difficult’ or ‘hard to work with.’ Or simply that someone is an ‘asshole’. When this comes from someone who you know has actual ‘sway’ or real power, the person lower on the totem pole does not bother to ask why and spreads the rumor freely among everyone at their or lower levels, which is what Hillary Clinton is doing, for her masters. Gary Webb, Michael Ruppert, Bernie Sanders,

Hillary Clinton – The greatest female clown and most incompetent politician of all time. “Spirit Cooks” with a kabbalistic high priestess and emails about owls with the Rothchilds. See cultural hegemony circle jerk, epstein, epsteining, kabbalah, cultural hegemony all-star, cultural hegemony meatshield, illuminoxy

Cultural Hegemony Meatshield – Stooges and garbage people the cultural hegemony places on mass media and into representative positions of government to do the bidding of their puppet masters. The two best examples of this are Mitch McConnell and Rudy Guliani. For their time of usefulness, they can do literally no wrong within the cultural hegemony, no accusation will ‘stick.’ When used effectively meatshields diffuse opposition because no one can agree on which hidden hand or puppet master to attack, and those individuals don’t make public appearances. So everyone seeking to get information or confrontation is stuck interacting with an ignorant stooge, who humiliates themselves without being asked to, to the point it would be mean to hurt their feelings. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the Acosta guy are examples of meatshields who had a time of usefulness. President Trump is obviously exactly such a meatshield. See cultural hegemony, cultural hegemony circlejerk, Hillary Clinton, epstein, epsteining,

Cultural Hegemony Allstar – Stooges and garbage people the cultural hegemony places onto mass media teevee shows to justify things that should not be justified. These are people who know they are lying and know how to lie, or they are outright brainwashed alpha-stooges. Famous allstars of the current failed, yet still dominant, cultural hegemony in the United States are Alan Dershowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Ari Fleischer and George F. Will. See George F. Will,

Alpha-stooge – An authoritative, manly stooge, like Charles Krauthammer or Mike Pence.

Everybody Loves Them – When the dominant cultural hegemony likes you, everybody loves you automatically and you can get an agent, run for office, get a million dollars on patreon, publish a book, be president, or abuse and traffic children. It is easiest to achieve everybody loving you if you are born into it, rich, or are willing to follow any order. Modern examples are Mike Bloomberg, Jeffrey Epstein, and Chelsea Handler. See cultural hegemony, illuminoxy, illuminatosaurus, alpha-stooge, Hillary Clinton, Cult, Nobody Likes Them, garbage people, stooge,

Belongs to Intelligence – Another way of saying someone is a spy. In the famous case that made this term popular, the Epstein case, the cultural hegemony’s meatshield who said this, was trying to create a euphemism for the term, “Israeli Pedophile Spy Who is Above the Law of the United States,” which is kindof a mouthful, and which is a fact that one is not allowed to say within the dominant cultural hegemony, in which all criticism of jewish people is excluded prior to consideration. Note: For years, it was the edgiest conspiracy theory of the most nutty wingnut that rich jewish people were allowed to be pedophiles, then like the flip of a switch, rumor was confirmed and it became real, normal, cliche even. Note: This is a key semantical trick to prepare the English speaking world for a 2 tiered society, where one class is permanently rich and considered to be superintelligent, and where everyone else is just slaves. See intelligence, oxymoron, dominant cultural hegemony circlejerk, hypernormalization, sociopath, horcrux

Cormac McCarthy – The greatest horror novelist of all time. These are the real problems discussed. You should not read these things unless you have good reason, don’t try to prove how tough you are by reading these books. They can really hurt and change you. Curiosity is healthy but not everyone needs to plumb the depths of madness. But some do.

No Credibility Day – The day in January 2020 when the entire united states mass media reported that no one thought they were credible.

Illuminatosaurus – A wealthy powerful person from a long line of wealthy powerful people who realizes that the world no longer needs them and that their wealth and status no longer give them power, after the point is crossed where everyone knows that they have power without responsibility and riches without labor or contribution. See illuminoxy, Hillary Clinton, Ethos Capital

Chiseling – When after a deal is made, someone attempts through various means to change the terms to their advantage after the facts. Certain groups of people do this as a matter of habit, compulsion and sense of superiority or entitlement. Note: Beware of these people and avoid them at all cost, as having any arrangement with them is expensive in both time, effort and bullshit. Zionists are the most noted chiselers in the history of the world. See garbage people, stooge, slimy lateral power grab, ethos capital, epstein, epsteining, zionism,

Invisible Hand – Rich people once told everyone that if we let them rule society, an invisible hand will improve everything for everyone, but instead we got the invisible Epstein. See bullshit, propaganda, dominant cultural hegemony circlejerk, epsteining, plutocracy, capitalism, evil, tyranny, demonic

Grass Roots – When rich people talk about the followers of their non-profit organizations and political movements, you are a blade of grass to them. Without personality, identical to millions of other blades of grass. The true expression of modern neo-feudalism, where the lords of society see themselves as the only real people that there even are. This results, naturally, in the levels of wild, maniacal out-of-touch-ness experienced by people like Hillary Clinton. Anyone who uses this word is an asshat, and you should not listen to them. It indicates a deep misunderstanding about reality and the nature of human politics, or simply the desire to eradicate human politics and reduce everything to a farce. In the sense that they are not trying to convince people to follow them, they are trying to manipulate blocks of grass-turf into doing things they would not otherwise do since you know there is no way anyone would help you do what you actually want to do. Which is tyrannize everyone of course. See anti-movement policing, tyranny, invisible hand, snowflakes, uniform degenerative force,

Snowflakes – Did you know every snowflake was unique? Every grain of sand too. Yet somehow, humans are all identical and there is a huge pressure to institute one-size-fits all institutions that disregard every non-standard thing about a person. Then when you do not fit into their plan, rather than admit their incompetence at making a dictated plan that does not function well, they blame it on everyone else but themselves, mocking them, calling them a ‘snowflake’ who demands ‘special treatment’ and ‘entitlements.’ Anyone who uses this word is an asshat, and you should not listen to them. See bitch talk, uniform degenerative force, bullies, tyranny, dark psychic energy, SJW, neo-liberalism, fascism, nazi

Pizzagate – I will only say that the people who do not believe this theory have as yet, to a person, been unable to accurately restate what the scandal even is, including the wikipedia article. Hint: It is not that Hillary Clinton was abusing children in the basement of a pizza restaurant. Hint: If you thought it was, you are the one that is deep in the rabbit hole. And I mean deep. See big lie, psychotropic leachism, epstein, epsteining,

Pournelles Law – The science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle wrote that all institutions begin populated by people who believe in them and end populated by people who believe only in perpetuating the institution itself. A very difficult problem in the dark forest. See slimy lateral power grab, demonic, decultification

Flat Earth – A very-well funded and organized movement of people who do not believe that we live on a spherical planet, but rather we live within a circle of territory surrounded by Antarctica that we are not allowed to see past. Basically, a rejection of the last 500 years of science, and a no true scotsman approach to human space travel and exploration, often mixed with belief in the holographic universe or other esoteric theories. Note: if you want to dissolve a country from the outside and they have strict free speech laws, flood the entire country with bullshit and see what sticks. This movement really started to take off just about the time Epstein was arrested. See psychological operation, anti-movement policing, illuminoxy,

Contact in the Desert – Same thing as flat earth. This happened exactly after Epstein was arrested, splitting off the weaker-minded elements from any actual investigation into oligarchic child abuse and Israeli cultural hegemony in the united states.

Pokemon Go – A game based around finding and collecting monsters for a dueling game, that mixed with reality/meatspace by overlaying the real world map with the game. Note: multiple agents and informants who I later discerned were part of my personal repression plan mentioned this game at odd times. I believe it is very similar to the way palantir operates. Someone like myself who has a giant, vast file of harassment and stalking, lights up the night sky when I walk into a new city or town, and the only people who can see that are the police. This makes you stand out quite a bit in comparison to other people who have never said anything political in their entire life, and who know almost nothing about the world. This makes it very easy to dispatch undercover stalkers to your location, to make sure the ‘monster’ doesn’t expand its network and is kept under observation. This is how Rogue Intelligence is handled in modern totalitarian neo-feudalism, and it is quite evil. See demonic, anti-movement policing, zersetzung, tactical undermining, tyranny, totalitarianism,

Salmon Rushdie – There was once this writer who wrote something that angered muslims all over the world, and so they threatened to attack him. So everyone in the western world protected him and gave him credit for having the guts to write something even if it made people angry. In 2020, anyone who writes anything that jewish people do not like is under the exact same danger that Salmon Rushdie once was, but the same people who demanded his protection are on the side of the paramilitaries hunting the BDS movement and anti-zionists, using every nazi tactic there is. This change represents the steep degeneracy of western civilization under its current dominant cultural hegemony of zionists. See hippacrisy, epstein, epsteining, anti-zionism, jewish defense league, paramilitary, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy.

SJW – An acronym for social justice warrior always used to denigrate anyone who believes laws should be changed to protect minorities and subcultures from persecution in the name of fairness and justice. An intentional oxymoron as social justice cannot be won through war and the forces who hate social justice and want us all to be blades of grass, not snowflakes, want to militarize the discussion over social justice because they know they can’t win it; the people against social justice know they are trying to eradicate social justice, and they want to fight about it, not argue about it because they know they are imposing tyranny. This is a weaponized term and should not be used. The overwhelming desire of oligarchs who want to take over is that no one should care about anyone else’s rights or life, they want to see us all atomized so they can tyrannize us all one at a time. See psychological operation, anti-movement policing, bitch talk, uniform degenerative force, Jordan Peterson, outright propaganda terms

Cop Shop – In totalitarianism, everything must be controlled and nothing can be left to real chance. In order to accomplish this, even local businesses cannot be trusted to exist independently as they might be the source of revolt or who knows what. To prevent freedom, the military and secret police infiltrate local businesses, especially centrally located restaurants and festivals, to take over and operate as part of the state, while appearing to be operated by local citizenry. This gives the state an edge infiltrating all potential activities, like parties or unionizing, while investigating and repressing state enemies. Note: This is in full effect in the united states, many local restaurants are simply fronts for the police. They must have at one point realized, in the 60’s, that intellectuals who worked for freedom movements tended to work part time restaurant jobs so they could do their other activities. As part of the man gulch strategy of denying resources to your enemy(even if the enemy is someone you are paid to protect, I know this is fucking mentally twisted, but that is who they are. I could hardly believe it either.) You have been warned. See demonic, totalitarianism, anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, dark psychic energy, uniform degenerative force, tyranny, man gulch fire,

Ratchet Maneuver – Changes that go only forward and never backwards. The primary modus operandi of tyranny and totalitarianism. If you are not getting new rights, then you are losing them. Lost rights are never returned without a fight against the ratchet. See anti-movement policing

Credibility Monopoly – When a dominant cultural hegemony and/or cult seeks to destroy true journalism by presenting fake journalism that excludes unwanted ideas by design and careful practice. This is a primary tactic of all tyranny and a core trait of totalitarianism, so if you see this happening you can be 100% certain you are being enslaved. If the same kind of people own and operate all media institutions in a society, no one will report it when their paramilitary comes to round you up. See nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, zionism, anti-humanism ,anti-movement policing, tyranny, cultural hegemony,

Traveler’s Dilemma – A famous problem curious people face when after they go to the ends of the earth to acquire knowledge, no one wants to listen to their long and boring stories. And secret police and cults stalk and maybe murder them for knowing too much. See curiosity, novelty, quest

Man Gulch Fire – In the 1950’s, there was a forest fire in Wyoming that killed several firefighters and became a case study in leadership, tactics, strategy and trust. A team of approximately 10 firefighters in remote and difficult terrain was fighting a fire when the wind changed direction. The fire began to move rapidly towards them and everyone wanted to run but the leader of the group. 7 men ran and all but 2 were overcame by smoke as they tried and failed to outrun it in a difficult uphill climb. The other two stayed with the leader and they all survived, but not before a lesson in trust. Upon reaching consensus the fire was coming and they were in danger, the leader began to light the grass under his own feet on fire, and said something like trust me. The other 7, being too distant to hear any long explanations, must have assumed he was crazy and had a death wish before making a break for it. The other 2 were either close enought to hear the explanation or had actual trust in the most experienced person in their crew. What the leader knew that the others did not is that they were in no danger from the flames he had just lit at their feet and that once the little fires burned all their fuel, there would be a large section of land without anything that can burn on it. He created a safe zone and the 3 then sat down and watched the rest of the fire pass by around them from a position of safety and clean-enough oxygen. See anti-movement policing, discernment,

Succubus – A woo-woo mystical term for a woman who ruins a man. Most notable case study to date is Amber Heard. See zersetzung, tactical undermining, sociopath, garbage people, diabolical situation, horcrux,

Glitch in the Matrix – In the famous 1999 movie The Matrix, the main character sees the same cat twice in two different places and mentions it to his team. This tiny, nearly imperceptible ‘glitch’ indicated to his team that the program they are inside of reloaded for some reason, and gave them a head start in their escape they otherwise would not have had. As a phrase in culture, a glitch in the matrix is itself in some cases a glitch in the matrix. Consider the propaganda work by David Fuller of the same name focusing on Jordan Peterson’s problematic interview with a BBC television personality. There was nothing glitchy about an oppositional interview, if anything the glitch is that a truly oppositional interview even appeared on the BBC, but the propaganda piece suggests that this reporter is evidence of a large conspiracy against Jordan Peterson and the ideas he is trying to forge into a movement, and this interview somehow shed light on this. The actual glitch is that this useful English phrase has now been semantically overloaded, trivialized and affixed to a propagandized meaning for a subset of the target demographic. A glitch in the matrix is much more apropriately used to identify undercover agents, censorship operations, disinformation operations, and in general lies, as everything dishonesty and illusion tends to be imperfect, as it is in fact not reality. Note: As the people in this video are tied to Rebel Wisdom, Project Veritas(sic), the intellectual dark web and Jordan Peterson, this ‘documentary’ is in every way a veiled attack on the English language and reason itself, as is everything these people do. Note: When hypernormalization is occurring, you will see a huge spike in the number of glitches in the matrix, which has been the case since approximately 2012. See trivialization attack, semantic overload, language attack, cultural imperalism, cult, propaganda, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, cultural hegemony, sense, rebel wisdom, intellectual dark web, hypernormalization

Cultural Imperialism – When one culture seeks to dominate and/or eliminate all other cultures through covert and overt means as a means of intranational warfare against those they know they can never convince through reason and dialogue. The primary operational mode of all forms of tyranny, nazism, totalitarianism and everything demonic. See rubbed out, multiculturalism, americanism, racism, nazi, Nazi, judeo-nazi, sino-nazi, afro-nazi, anti-semitism, anti-anti-semitism, zionism, cult, anti-movement policin, zersetzung, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, social engineering, hypernormalization

Label Culture – A form of anti-intellectualism where individuals refuse to consider and analyze anything, seeking always first to learn the correct label everyone else will apply to something, even before reading, watching or perceiving something at all. When judging a book by its cover becomes a way of life. The primary operational mode of what is known as ‘Closed-mindedness’ in humans. This is evidence of a subjugated mind in every case, as the person is actually in a submissive role to the cultural hegemony to the extent they are scared to think any wrong thing or being associated with enemies of the cultural hegemony, resulting in intellectual paralysis and ultimately following the herd of lemmings over the edge of the cliff. The ultimate victory for propaganda, tyranny and totalitarianism, when no person trusts their own eyes or their own internal reasoning outside of the tyrants and inner party, label culture will be the dominant culture of the lower class and outer party. The paradigm case for this in the history of the world was at one point in time ‘Witchcraft’, but in 2020 it is ‘Anti-semitism.’ The goal of tyranny and totalitarianism is always to program the subjugated population into treating every potentially new thing as ‘crazy,’ an outright expression of insanity, no matter how well reasoned or supported by evidence. See sense, anti-intellectual, uniform degenerate force, gleichshaltung, language attack, anti-movement policing, propaganda, antisemitism, bully, dominant cultural hegemony,

Gleichshaltung – A German word meaning ‘same-switching’, implying a group of things, often people, can be activated and deactivated with the flip of a switch. A properly programmed member of a subjugated population will treat everything that is not within their programming as a form of disease or insanity. See tyranny, nazi, Nazi, label culture, propaganda, habit,

Red Belt – An excellent film by David Mamet that is nearly impossible to watch in 2020. A demonstration of passive censorship, as content that has no value, or is not in alignment with, the dominant cultural hegemony, is passively excluded. See Video Unavailable, censorship, quest, quality, bad friend, boon, tactical undermining, courage,

Dying Young of Unlikely Cause – A phenomenon where the most effective voices against tyranny die mysterious deaths at young ages. Notable cases are Jim Henson, Bill Hicks, Terrence McKenna, George Orwell, Chris Pirsig and Kobe Bryant. Note: In an odd coincidence, the proponents of tyranny tend to live extremely long lives, as in the case of Alan Dershowitz. Note: two proven conspiracies that have generated dozens if not hundresd of such deaths are 9/11 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Note: any successful investigation of such an incident will result in extreme propaganda from the dominant cultural hegemony to misdirect attention, as in the case of the Michael Jackson trial being used to distract from the court case that proved a conspiracy by the United States government to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. See jesusy, anti-movement policing, courage, sense, suppressive person, tyranny, totalitarianism, nazi, zionism, diabolical situation

Rubbed Out – A native American term for when the forces of tyranny, cults and cultural imperialism not only destroys another culture, race or religion, but erases it from history. Notable examples are James Padfield, Paul Wellstone, Gary Webb, The Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, Terrence McKenna, Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Henson, and Michael Ruppert. Note: Due to the extreme lengths the forces have tyranny have already gone to undermine my life, and the nature of this document and other aspects of my work, I do not expect to reach 50 years of age due to this tragic phenomenon, or demonic modus operandi of tyranny. When you are being rubbed out, nothing you can do, no matter how great, true or high quality will be acknowledged by the dominant cultural hegemony, ever and when you are dead they will eventually come to destroy all record of your work. Note: Sometimes when a person is rubbed out it will appear they were not, as certain aspects of their work will be incorporated into propaganda and ‘rebooted’ to propagate the desired programming of the dominant cultural hegemony and erase the aspects of the rubbed out culture that subverted it in the interest of quality and humanism. See anti-movement policing, cultural imperialism, demonic, permanent person of interest,

Alan Dershowitz – A zionist lawyer who hates americanism and actively subverts the united states in the interest of tyranny, including the normalization child abuse. Asserts he ‘kept his pants on’ during all of his massages at Epstein’s mansion/plane and argued in the impeachment hearings of January 2020 that the United States constitution does not apply to the president of the United States. See demonic, epstein, epsteining, judeo-nazi, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy,

Amber Heard – The woman who infiltrated Johnny Depp’s life to drive him insane, steal half his money and silence him, likely for his association with Hunter S. Thompson and to subvert the political power inherent in the greatness of his artistry. See cult, succubus, suppressive person, tactical undermining, anti-movement policing

Infinite Jest – An immense and brilliant novel that very, very few people read but many people keep on their bookshelf as a sign of erudition. The best thing David Foster Wallace could think to work on between the years 1993 and 1996. See quality,

The Hero’s Journey – The pattern ascribed to the likely occurrences and difficulties one faces when one attempt to accomplish anything substantial in the universe, which is apparent not just in nearly all narrative fiction, but actual reality. See courage, discernment,

Quest – A long term mission, the goal of the hero’s journey. Usually to do something great that must be done, and requiring great sacrifice. In 2020, a good of example if not the best in the history of the world is Bernie Sanders. A good quest may not be immediately apparent in your neighborhood today, very often they do not appear until later in life because it takes a lot of knowledge to determine what needs to be done. A good quest will much more accurately resemble the work of a surgeon than a butcher. See jesusy, hero’s journey, boon,

Boon – The reward for completing a quest. It may not be obvious at the time it is received, but this is one of the great satisfactions in life, and more than a little mysterious how this actually works. A boon is always something of quality. See quality, karma,

Low Quality Students – The students who won’t stop talking in the back of class and make messes in the bathroom, engage in gluttony, laziness, disrespect, and all around lack of decency. The Buddha(s) complained that once the word got around that what he was teaching was truly great, large masses of people came to learn, who ended up causing a lot of chaos and disruption as they could not regulate their own behavior to any reasonable extent. This resulted in the formulation of rules and a formalized religion, that led to low quality Buddhism. This is one of the difficult problems, and has led to terms like ‘casting pearls before swine.’ However, it is important to realize that the forces that work against all quality frequently send low quality students and in general disruptive people to their enemy’s places of worship or meetings to spy and prevent progress as a means of anti-humanism, anti-movement policing, and enforcing the uniform degenerative forces that tyranny always employs. See tyranny of the masses, demonic, anti-movement policing,

Permanent Accusation – When the dominant cultural hegemony determines that a given person is inherently destabilizing to their plans, they can permanently investigate that person based upon inuendo, algorithms, hunches, and/or outright fabrications, and in so doing never admit that there is such a thing as political repression in their shining city on a hill. See gaslighting, demonic

Semantical Novelty – The overall new-ness of a given set of words. Note: Under totalitarianism, a high semantical novelty will attract bot and ai attention on the clearweb, and potentially agents of one kind or another. See neophobe, neophibe, novelty, anti-movement policing, netlore,

Cowalogue – Inane dialogue. Conversations cows might have in the field, or on the conveyor belt headed towards the rotating knives. Note: undercover police default to this level of dialogue, they are just there to wait for you to say something that is not cowalogue. If at any point you look back on your time with someone and realize they never had any original thoughts or ideas, and everything you remember they said fits into cowalogue, they may be an agent. Note: Frequent topics of cowalogue, and agents, are diet and fitness, as one can talk about these things forever without saying anything more ideologically significant than cooking recipes and “reps.” The opposite of semantical novelty. See tyranny of the masses, anti-intellectualism, jtrig tactics, npc meme, neophobe, habit

Sleepwalker Talk – Programmed responses, usually inane, redundant, cliche or worse. Frequently about time, money and your boss. ‘You have to get a job.’ ‘What if that doesn’t work out, then what?’ ‘How much did that cost you?’ The opposite of semantical novelty. See tyranny of the masses, anti-intellectual, npc meme, uniform degenerative force

Saarlac Talk – A sophisticated online troll tactic, where the agent lures the target into a comfortable, friendly, sympathetic conversation to get you to reveal more and more information, while revealing none and eventually arresting you, or worse. The Saarlac was, is, of course, a monster from the Star Wars universe that is just a giant mouth in the ground. If it could talk, this is what it would say, ‘Come closer, just a little closer, I can’t hear you well enough, but your voice is so interesting, don’t worry, it’s safe, you can talk to me, on don’t worry about all that, tell me more, I’m here to listen, just come closer…’ See jtrig tactics, discernment, dark forest, 4 D’s, 3 E’s, anti-movement policing

Weaponized Conflation – When propagandists in a dominant cultural hegemony disallow the correct use of words and reduce ever larger troves of meaning into oversimplified, overloaded terms. See terrorism, antisemitism, censor’s hobbyhorse, horcrux, jtrig tactics, propaganda,

Nitpicker – Someone who prioritizes the discussion of trivial flaws, frequently as a tactic to prevent discussing substantial issues as a tactic of ideological suppression, or may simply also be the act of a small, ignorant person who lacks the basic respect for the ideas and work of others. See uniform degenerative force, naysayer, pissant, weaponized douchbaggery, JTRIG tactics, weaponized hypercriticality

Pissant – Another word for nitpicker, but much more perjorative. Like an ant came by to piss on your newly crafted 20ft tall statue. Also a tactic of ideological repression, as a person who the dominant cultural hegemony seeks to repress will encounter a million operatives on their way to their goal telling them there is a fleck of dust ruining their painting, or a misspelling in their 60k word book, and of course that their work is futile and that there is no point to trying to do anything, etc. Weaponized hypercriticality. See JTRIG tactics, anti-humanism, uniform degerative force,

Naysayer – It will never work, I don’t think what you are doing here is really groundbreaking, or necessary, I mean if you dig a ditch that doesn’t mean someone has to pay you for it, it might not be as good as you think it is, this would be better if it were more like a ted talk, nobody cares anymore, don’t quit your day job, why bother? etc etc etc See weaponized hypercriticality, cowalogue, sleepwalker talk, tyranny of the masses, jtrig tactics, uniform degenerative force, suppressive person, zersetzung, tactical undermining, dark psychic energy, sleepwalker talk,

Weaponized Hypercriticality – The frequent tactic of shills and trolls in real life and online, to flood the actual work of quality people with pissant nitpickers to delegimize their work. See demonic, anti-movement policing, uniform degererative force,

Sublime Madness – When people get angry and rise to the occasion to oppose and fight their oppressors. A good example of sublime madness is Paul Revere’s famed ride and to some extent Greta Thunberg’s solo protests that inspired a climate sanity movement in 2019. There is no clear definition for all forms of sublime madness, but in all known cases of victory over horcruxes, sublime madness was required. See jesusy, quest, defense against the dark arts,

Barrabas – In 33 A.D., the crowd of jews who, according to jesus, used social engineering to ensure that only they were present for the public trial of Jesus so that they could vote to have a known murderer and rapist released and have Jesus murdered. Pontius Pilate likely set this up to see the true moral nature of the jewish community revealed in broad daylight, as well as to appease them as part of Roman subjugation. Frequently bad people who seek to tyrannize another population will release known evil people into the population of their enemy faction as a tactic of cultural warfare and an established uniform degenerative force. Note: Zionists and their cult stooges are using this tactic still inside the united states, as in the case of Epstein and many other child abusers. See antihumanism, uniform degenerative force, demonic, dominant cultural hegemony, zionism, judeo-nazi,

Guts – Another way of saying courage, but another good term is ‘true grit.’ See quality, courage, quest,

Glib – A nonchalant attitude towards something that should receive more care and attention. Frequently appears in bad, lazy writing, notably in modern bitch talk. See bitch talk, low quality students, uniform degenerative force,

Person of Interest – A term to describe any individual who is becomes important to the dominant cultural hegemony and/or inner party, in such a way that they are isolated and must face these forces alone. The primary modus operandi of anti-movement policing, totalitarianism and tyranny. Note: there is a tiny, tiny chance that in some cases some people of interest are followed and stalked by the police as a form of providing a bodyguard to someone for whom some or another cult has issued a murder order. See suppressive person, zersetzung, anti-movement policing,

Permanent Person of Interest – Someone who the dominant cultural hegemony flags at a young age as someone who is a problem to their future plans, and so applies zersetzung tactics to them their entire life. The famed Harry Potter series is about such a person, as is the bible. Perhaps a permanent downside to being gifted in any way, but especially in the craft of writing. See jesusy, antihumanism, zersetzung, suppressive person anti-movement policing, tactical undermining, strategic sequestration, demonic, horcrux,

Crystals – Supposedly it is esoteric and silly to believe in their power, yet there is a near 100% chance you are reading this document directly on a display made of crystals in a computer containing crystals as core operating components. See doublethink, anti-humanism, discernment,

Trivialization Attack – When the dominant cultural hegemony sees a threat in a different culture, they will trivialize the most holy, sacred or respected aspects of that culture. A paradigm case of this is the work of the propagandist known as Ari Schaffir, who started his comedy career answering phones at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, who in the first half-assed bit of his “comedy” special trivializes psylicibin usage and the poetry of Robert Frost as a means to attack neophibe and psychedelic spirituality in the United States, as zionism and U.S. Mililitarism are seeking to destroy this culture via Man Gulch fire tactics, as it threatens an unwanted paradigm shift. Once one sees this the first time, one will see it nearly everywhere in 2020 as the uniform degenerative force is in full swing against all cultures. Kermit the Frog and Luke Skywalker were also attacked in similar ways, but the work of Terence McKenna and Bill Hicks are the most suppressed ideas in the world in 2020, if it has not been this way for all of human history. Note: historically the Nazis used this to trivialize and mock jewish culture, and in 2020 jewish culture uses the same tactics in the interest of jewish nationalism and zionism, while claiming to be against nazism. See uniform degenerative force, language attack, semantic overload, propaganda, neophobe, tyranny, strategic sequestration, glib, bitch talk, weaponized hypercriticality, rubbed out, label culture, cultural imperialism, zionism, kabbalistic fairy tale,

Garrison Territory – When you grow up in a section of your country that is designated for food production, weapons construction and the birthing of soldiers, and little else. Anyone attempting to do anything else in such a state will encounter zersetzung from the state. A key source of the forces of neophobia, antihumanism, antimovement policing and the uniform degenerative force, and a universal trait of tyranny, totalitarianism and nazism of all kinds. In the case of the United States, American soliders are raised to be fodder for the zionist project of the Yinnom plan in the middle east, as well as to perform mercenary security for private financial interests of oligarchs such as Jeffrey Epstein. Note: beautiful girls and women in a garrison territory will be horded and treated as chattel by the upper classes, resulting in the extended cuckulding of all soldiers naive enough to go on the offensive on the other side of the world for a slightly higher than average paycheck and of course, a “bitchin’ camero”. See uniform degenerative force, antihumanism, tyranny, nazism, anti-movement policing

Bitchin’ Camero – A famous Jello Biafra song. Your letdown of a reward for murdering on behalf of the state and dominant cultural hegemony because all of the girls you liked in high school are busy dating and/or being trafficked by the wealthy who profit extensively from your risk of life and limb in distant minefields for them. This is in no way related to the boon one may receive by completing a quest, it is in fact the opposite, a sad participation trophy for obeying tyrants and drinking their koolaid. Note: As tyranny becomes more pervasive and it becomes clear the soldiers are not fighting for freedom to get their bonus hot rods, inflation, interest and ‘cutbacks’ will gradually impoverish soldiers rather than reward them, as the dominant oligarchs give themselves all surplus capital, and as the other options for getting through life appear ever more miserable. Soldiers can and should deserve to be compensated and rewarded for defending the country. The only known apropriate use of the word ‘bitch’ as it is ironically intentioned as a mockery of someone else who said it, and is simply irreversibly ingrained in human culture forever, and ever. See: cutbacks and https://archive.is/ZinJT Note: it is adviseable when being offered shiny trinkets for your soul, to be overcautious, but no one listens to me. See chump, garrison territory, epstein, epsteining,

Mental Shillness – What you have when someone else pays you to represent their interests as a sock puppet. https://archive.is/UNdBi See uniform degenerative force, jtrig tactics, garbage people, stooge, bitchin camero

Wingnut – In a bucket of nuts, the one that stands out as one with ‘wings’ used for hand-turning. A term used by fascists and nazis of all kinds to refer to individual multiculturalists. Similar to the term snowflake, wingnut is used by the dominant cultural hegemony to exclude people in similar ways to ‘asshole’, ‘crazy’, ‘nobody likes them’ etc. In all cases used by totalitarians and nazis to refer to anyone who is resistant to propaganda and points out ‘glitches in the matrix.’ Nearly synonymous with the term Conspiracy Theorist. Note: If however someone would like to ignore the truth and faux-believe obviously false historical narratives, there might be a bitchin’ camero in it for you. Note: The Feynamn quote ‘The first principle, don’t fool yourself’ applies. Illustrated: https://archive.is/Ljm4X https://archive.is/rvZTo See tyranny, snowflake, suppressive person, antihumanism, uniform degenerative force, horcrux, weaponized hypercriticality, gnostic warfare, zersetzung, anti-movement policing, dark psychic energy, the sad rule of truth

Out There – When someone is no longer constrained by what is considered conventional wisdom or typical views of the world, they are considered a “space cadet” and everything they say is taken with a “grain of salt.” This is how programmed people maintain a context inside of the overton window, by only listening to ideas presented by those who they have given responsibility for defining their context by use of an overton window, which is all invisible. To the person who is brainwashed, it simply looks like the person saying something that has never been said on the TV does not exist, or is fuzzy, and they become more nervous until they are returned to their overton window. To a person deep inside of a cultural hegemony, the people outside of it do not really exist in a way that is significant, so their work can be skimmed and dealt with in platitudes and cliches. Often, another way of saying ‘nobody likes them’ as a means of warning others that they are not ‘one of us.’ Other similar terms are conspiracy theorist and wingnut. See neophibe, neophobe, cultural hegemony, propaganda, overton window, tyranny of the masses, anti-intellectualism, npc meme

Quaint – A triviality that is of only minor, passing interest. Note: This is what the republican party considers the Geneva Conventions and Magna Carta to be, indicating they are in no way representatives of western civilization since 2001. See uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, tyranny, anti-movement policing, totalitarianism,

Click Off – On odd phrase that had to be invented in order to instruct the user of a computer interface to click on something other than what they last clicked on, usually in order to change the focus or frame in which the clicks will be interpreted. The importance of clicking and clicking on things increased by several hundred orders of magnitude post 1990, which no one had predicted.

John Mayer – The worst ever. Epstein was a fan. The Kanye West jr of rock and roll, shaming white musicians everywhere with mediocre inanity write large. ‘There’s no such thing as the real world, its just a lie youve got to rise above’ is the worst lyric in the history of music in the universe. Note: Someone tell him to stop, just please stop. Note: When someone is attacking your heritage, one of the things they might do is raise sub-par artists to the status of cult hero using propaganda, cults and corrupt gatekeepers. See tyranny of the masses, uniform degenerative force, dark psychic energy, cultural hegemony,

Toothpaste Murder – When you are someone the nation of Israel does not like, they do things like poison your toothpaste. Note: this is a fact. See judeo-nazi, suppressive person, anti-zionism, kabbalah, demonic,

Smurf Word – A heavily overloaded term, that should either not be used, or which should be analyzed with the intention of developing new and more accurate terminology. Smurf words are a key tactic of totalitarians and propagandists, and are frequently indicative of deeply integrated doublethink and institutionalized mass psychosis. Famous English smurf words and phrases are socialism, liberalism, conservatism, neocon, neoliberal, regime change, insurgency, no-fly zone, settlers, terrorism, antisemitism,

White Male Rage – The new meme introduced in zionist propaganda to frame any anger white people may have against the dominant zionist cultural hegemony responsible for epstein and the continuation of epsteining, as irrational and based on fantasy. While the zionist media and hegemony continues to pretend epstein was just a white guy, and did not claim jewish victimhood to acquire fraudulent passports, while targeting primarily white, non-jewish, girls for rape and trafficking. Also, while white people who are not given any privilege in the system because they may not be enthusiastic enough for zionism and plutocracy, are still considered by others as a privileged and oppresive class, which is absurd and legitimately infuriating. Note: This is an extreme example of cultural hegemony warfare and gaslighting, and is so brazen anyone unable to notice it is exhibiting a real mental deficiency, or some real evil complicity. Note: What was once just criminalization of islamic rage, is now white, black and hispanic identity extremism criminalization as well, as actual zionist terrorists, rapists and child traffickers operate freely in the united states. Note: if you want to know who rules you, who can you not criticize, and who is trying to divide and conquer who? See anti-movement policing, gaslighting, reverse social engineering, horcrux, yinnom plan, totalitarianism, judeo-nazi, propaganda, dominant cultural hegemony, zersetzung, epstein, epsteining, doublethink,

The Right to Defense Against Enslavement – If someone is trying to enslave you, you have the right to defend yourself with lethal force under universal natural law. The people enslaving you or who claim to own you will almost always indicate their true relationship towards you when you state this law openly in their presence, although some are very sly to keep their enslavement shrouded in obfuscation, trickery and bureaucracy. See freedom

Word Salad Artist – A fraudulent intellectual is often able to browbeat and hypnotize a captive audience starved of actual thinking into believing that patronizing tautologies are profound, often for huge piles of money, if you are a part of the dominant cultural hegemony and/or inner party. See Jordan Peterson, garbage people, sycophant, stooge, mental shillness

Streisand Effect – What will happen to this book if anyone ever tries to censor it, lol.


A “+” symbol indicates this is to my knowledge a term of my own invention.

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Cultural Marxism
Tyranny (Horcrux)
Trust fund
Neo-liberal (Horcrux)
Exceptionalism (Horcrux)
Censorship (Horcrux)
Racism (Horcrux)
Doublethink (Horcrux)
Capitalism (Horcrux)
Thought Criminal (Horcrux)
Wargames (Horcrux)
Gaslighting (Horcrux)
Outsider Art
Inner Party (Horcrux)
Outer Party
Managed Market
Free Market
Gaslighting 2
Garbage people
Magna Carta
Global War on Terror (horcrux)
Yinnom Plan(horcrux)
Clown World
Suppressive Person
Common Carrier
Social Nexus
Jeff Bezos
Voice Activated
Mark Zuckerberg
Clown World
Processor Backdoor(Horcrux)
NPC Meme
Cultural Hegemony
Potemkin Village
Hypernormalization (Horcrux)
+Reverse Social Engineering
Thought Criminal
+Enforced Evolution (Horcrux)
Thought Terminating Cliche
Organic Intellectual
Sell Out
+Spin Cluster
Steve Bannon
Jeffrey Epstein (Horcrux)
+The Day That Every Real American vomited
Surveillance Platform
Instagram Likes
Truth in Comments
+Suppressed Superpublic
+Absolute Meme Freedom
+Slimy Lateral Gain
nazi (horcrux)
Melting Pot
Antihumanism (Horcrux)
Cancel Culture
Death Cult (Horcrux)
Necromancy (Horcrux)
Demonic (Horcrux)
Detail Oriented
CNN (Horcrux)
Fox News (Horcrux)
Republican party (Horcrux)
Democratic party (Horcrux)
AIPAC (Horcrux)
+Slimy Lateral Power Grab (horcrux)
Victoria’s Secret (Horcrux)
Neoliberalism (Horcrux)
Neoconservatism (Horcrux)
Middle east
Permanent war (Horcrux)
Racism (Horcrux)
Rebel Wisdom
Intellectual Dark Web
Dark net
Overton Window
Controlled Opposition (Horcrux)
+The Fart
David Koresh
Subverted Categorical Imperative
Categorical Imperative
Tyranny of the Masses
Predatory Surveillance Capitalism (Horcrux)
Human Condition
Entangling Alliances (Horcrux)
Garrison Territory
Experienced Patriots
Focus Group
Chopper talk
Trolling Liberals
Poison Pilling
Natural Law
+Babelification (Horcrux)
Cultural Capitalism
Externalities (Horcrux)
Cultural Hegemony 2
JTRIG tactics
+Peak Falsifiability
Think Tank
Greyed Out
Multi-stakeholder Organization
Reverse Menu
Backdoor War
Drone War (Horcrux)
+Censor’s Hobbyhorse
+Reverse Social Engineering
Privilege Work
Means of Production
Robin Hood
Truman Show Commentary
+The () Gap
+Deplatform Isolation
Guerrilla Ontologist
+Brainwashing Strategist
Gonzo Investigation
Stay In Your Lane
Lean In
Common Carrier
Safe Harbor
Weaponized Autism
Dark Psychic Energy
Narrative Warfare
Zionism 2
Superpublic 2
Blood Sacrifice
JTRIG tactics
+Peak Falsifiability
Think Tank
Greyed Out
Multi-stakeholder Organization
Reverse Menu
Backdoor War
Drone War
+Censor’s Hobbyhorse
+Reverse Social Engineering
Privilege Work
Means of Production
Robin Hood
Truman Show Commentary
The Blank Gap
+Deplatform Isolation
Guerrilla Ontologist
+Brainwashing Strategist
Gonzo Investigation
Stay In Your Lane
Lean In
Common Carrier
Safe Harbor
Weaponized Autism
Dark Psychic Energy
Narrative Warfare
Zionism 2
Superpublic 2
Blood Sacrifice
Trickle Down Economics
Common Sense
+Psychotropic Leachism
+Symbionic Harmonism
Common Sense
Pournelles Law
Mainstream Media (Horcrux)
Think Tank
Free Speech
Holocaust 2
Civil War
Low Intensity Conflict
Prison Intercom
+Diabolic Situation
Algorithmic Discrimination (horcrux)
+Radical Debt Refusal
Fusion Center
Secret Police Headquarters (horcrux)
Regime Change
Credit Rating
Organic Intellectual
Pulic Interest Technologist
+Public Interest Ecologist
Sacrifice Zone
Barrier to Entry
Clean your room
Rebel Wisdom
+Strategic Sequestration
+Tactical Undermining
Hat Freedom
Meme Freedom
Overton Window
War Talk
Buy In
Quentin tarantino
War on Sensemaking
+Neglect of Understanding
+Mean Comedy
Lightning Rod
Fake Hero
Anti-movement Policing
Subversion of the Dominant Paradigm
Doublethink Hunter
Public Interest Activist
Magsafe Connector
+Mass Demoralization
Blue Church
Litmus Test
Final Judgement
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Richard Feynman
The N Word
Uniform Degenerating Force (Horcrux)
Detail Oriented
Clean Your Room
Gnostic Slavery
Horcrux (horcrux meta lol)
Cultural Appropriation
Lyor the tall israeli
Never again
Zionist Entity
Entellectual Dark Web
Snuck Premise
Gaslighting Extreme (horcrux)
George F. Will
Temperature Taking
Consensus Cracking
University of Israel
+Complicity Autoforce
The Destroyers
Forest Gump
Video No Longer Available
Lori Handrahan
Stooge Theater
Passive Aggresssive Douchebagery Tactics
Stephen Miller
Dunce Farm
Garrison State
Ethos Capital
+Bitch Talk
+Raw Idea Freedom
Net Lore
Necessary Condition
Sufficient Condition
Pay It Forward
Technologic Cathedral
Technologic Synogogue
Technologic Bazaar
No True Scotsman
Professor John McMurtry
Donald J. Trump
Catcher in the Rye
Imposter Syndrome
Doctor Who
+Kabbalistic Fairy Tale
Doctor Who
Witch Hunt
Token Positive Zionist Role Model
Flat Earth
Jude Apatow
General Soleimani
William Barrr
+Dominant Cultural Hegemony Circlejerk
+Epstein Noctae
Victoria’s Secret (horcrux)
Michael Chertoff
Inverse Famous
Oligarch Platform
Palantir (Horcrux)
+The Great Constriction (Horcrux)
Public Person
Independent Intellect
+Cast Iron
Weaponized Douchebaggery
White knighting
Bunker Gap
Shaggy Dog Story
Horse and Pony Show
Deep State Event (Horcrux)
Celebration of Degeneracy
Semantic Pollution
Semantic Overload
Worry Free
Invisible Blacklist
Hot Potato
Big Lie
Mark Manson
State-backed Avatar
Terrorism 2 (Horcrux)
+Outright Propaganda Terms (Horcrux)
Rampage (Horcrux)
Nobody Likes Them
Hillary Clinton
+Cultural Hegemony Meatshield
+Cultural Hegemony Allstar
Everybody Loves Them
Belongs to Intelligence (Horcrux)
Cormac McCarthy
No Credibility Day
Illuminatosaurus (Horcrux)
+Abundancy Subeconomy
Invisible Hand
Grass Roots
Pizzagate (Horcrux)
Rogue Intelligence
Pournelles Law
Flat Earth
Contact in the Desert
Pokemon Go
Salmon Rushdie
Cop Shop
Ratchet Maneuver
Bad Friend
The Sad Rule of Truth
+The Happy Rule of Lies
Educated Person
Paradigm Shift
+Credibilty Monopoly
Traveller’s Dilemma
Man Gulch Fire
Glitch in the Matrix
Cultural Imperialism
+Label culture
Red Belt
+Dying Young of Unlikely Cause
Rubbed Out
Alan Dershowitz
Amber Heard
Infinite Jest
The Hero’s Journey
Low Quality Students
Weaponized Hypercriticality
Sublime Madness
Person of Intersest
+Permanent Person of Interest
Trivialization Attack
Garrison Territory
Bitchin Camero
+Mental Shillness
+The Right to Defense Against Enslavement
+Word Salad Artist
+Meme Train
+Meme Potential
+Hidden Ideological Fence
+Permanent Accusation
+Semantical Novelty
+Sleepwalker talk
+Saarlac Talk
Weaponized Conflation
Money Changing
Quantitative easing
Out There
Click off
John Mayer
Toothpaste Murder
+Smurf Word
White Male Rage
Streisand Effect