For Hire

I lost my day job, I am looking for my next thing. But I would like not to have a day job and work on my projects full time.

My projects have potential to improve the world, decultification, these systems are failing, global debate, global rescue hotline, meme curation, archiving, music videos, storytelling, essays, end disposable packaging. A lot of people are working on some similar things, but I think I demonstrate here that I have something to add.

Please let me know if you find something that makes all of this redundant!

I would love to find a job where I could work in the public interest, but there is something about being an outspoken advocate of privacy and other dicey topics that makes it inappropriate for you to administer systems, and you bring attention to those systems undermining their security. This is some of the conundrum, the people who could help with public interest technology, have no place in an economic system that itself is designed to avoid the topic.

Something needs to be done, and if you have money, this responsibility is yours. I do not have money, yet I challenge you to find someone who has contributed more in their life without compensation than myself, excepting mothers of course.

Things I will could do for the right amount:

-Operate a Tor node or other decentralized network infra like a software respository

-Play for your corp in Eve Online(when i get a better rig)

-Investigate or write about a topic

-Moderate or mediate a written debate or argument

-I teach comedy, music, english and personal computing

-Commissioned dramatic and musical works. For instance, I could write a story or song for you, about you, starring you.

-share my archive of open license material on a seed server