Global Debate

Challenge someone within 48 hours of seeing this then tell them they have to do the same. If you dare.

When I graduated from the University of Missouri, barely, in 2001 I was obsessed with the idea that our society was facing an illness of platonic media information while the socratic or dialogic impulses of humanity were starving.

I had to give up on my projects because they were, are, too big for me to chew right now and live my life. However, through a comment on some site I learned there was actually a philosopher who thought the same thing way back in the 1970’s before he tragically died in a car accident.

Vilem Flusser also thought that the human urge to discuss, debate, argue with each other was not being served by our media. I think the situation is somewhat worse, the desire to have debates with your opponent is just gone. It’s not even a consideration. It seems people would rather screenshot pithy 2 sentence exchanges then run away.

So I have created this space on my static home page to start chiseling on a solution.

Here I will post debates I host on a number of topics. These will include the most difficult, edgey, topics in the world.

Is Epstein alive or dead?

Should the United States end its alliance with Israel due to a conflict of values and repeated stabs in the back?

Is Victoria’s Secret a cult, mafia or spy organization?

Is the United Nations legitimate if its human rights council is full of countries who do not believe anyone should have any human rights?

Should governments be allowed to send undercover agents to infiltrate the personal lives of citizens and gaslight them?

Should foreign companies be allowed to own local journalism?

What is the best way to ensure that foreign money and foreign agents cannot freely operate in our country’s political system?

Do you really believe the official story of 9/11?

Is this computer/website/service legitimate and secure?

Is there any legitimate reason, ever, to mutilate the genitals of a child?

Can computer hardware and software manufactured in Israel be trusted?

Should Israeli spies be able to freely operate above the law in the United States?

Is there such a thing as holy land?

Does god want us to wear hats?

Is the constitution in effect in the United States?

Are there any executive orders that the public does not know about?

Should the United States military be allowed to propagandize american citizens and manipulate them via social media, aka soldiers on military bases friending you pretending to be someone else? Or infiltrating civilian institutions like businesses or organizations?

Is my life in danger because I talk about these topics?

What is the appropriate response in 2019 for a citizen who repeatedly encounters people following them and harassment events? How will we protect our public intellectuals from retaliation and abuse from mafias, international spy agencies and other paramilitary organizations?

How can we best stop military forces from using military weapons on civilians?

How can we best end the permanent war?

Is the Republican(sic) party trying to incite a new civil war?

Is Israel executing the Yinnom plan, forcing permanent war until they are satisfied thymotically with the size of their nation?

I will accept debate challenges on any of these topics and more, and post them all here.

I recognize that a lot of the things I want to argue about as an American and ‘westerner’ have to do with the nation of Israel and jewish people, but these are people who are affecting me and my country a lot.

Who and what is affecting you and your country more than any other?

I will debate and discuss with anyone for a very long time, but if you want to silence me or dismiss me, then we can’t be friends and our interests will just have to be at odd.

I refuse to have an internet without robust debate between radically opposing views, as a means to mitigate and mediate conflict before it turns to violent.

If you want to stop the problem of violence in the united states, we should start by letting people find a creative outlet for their rage. Both sides of every debate have things to learn from each other and I believe, but can not yet prove, that our divisions are more often in our mind, created, designed and installed by mass media organizations like CNN and Fox, two channels whose telling of events has only the barest semblance to reality.

If we start from there, that these ‘channels’ have been hurting all of us in different ways for the last thirty years, then we can all kindof admit we are a little messed up, and have a lot less to lose than from this stance encouraged by the channels themselvse, that we are actually almost completely right most of the time, if not always the victim here. And from that point, everyone is at each others’ throats permanently and it is really more like CNN has us like dogs on leashes and they have to hold us back from each other so we don’t notice our true common enemies.

So here’s the concept I mentioned at the top: Within 48 hours, start a d2500 with someone you disagree with and tell them they have to do the same with another person. It won’t be long before we get to everybody.

Send your debate to me too if you’d like, in text format, and I will post it here until for as long as I can.



From SN argument.