Global Rescue Hotline

This is an art project that will highlight the current failed status of civilization on planet earth due to the extreme danger and the difficulty of people who need help getting it.

A true planetary civilization that could claim legitimacy would be able to provide global rescue services and would be trusted by humanity to do so.

What we currently have is the alternate situation, where the wealthy use their power to prey upon people who need help rather than help them. The poverty and distress of the poor, especially that of the the attractive youth, is used to manipulate many people into lives of depravity or worse, war. Protestors are raped in Africa, shot in Palestine, and in China their organs are harvested as they are literally brainwashed.

On a truly civilized planet, or universe, anyone anywhere who was in distress, such as being raped or shot at a civilian protest, having organs harvested and/or being brainwashed, would be able to call for help and someone would hear and come to assist. At the moment very few people have anyone they can call for help and paramilitary forces are increasingly operating in ways that police can do nothing about.

This also highlights the issue of the ‘scary dark forest’ metaphor of our universe. Any loud calls for help, by our entire species on our planet, may simply attract a larger space predator species.

Authentication over distance is the essential problem of sentience in the universe.

How do you know if the call for distress is real or if it’s just a trap?

This problem reigns universally, so it is one worth working on.