Human Rights and Art

If the rights of the individual are not protected against the infringement of technology simply because it is easier to implement unethical technology due to public ignorance, then the entire class of leadership has failed to protect their charges and is therefore illegitimate, having demonstrated utter ineptitude at best, and at worst, tyrannical designs. – me

The United Nations is very clear on this issue with the Universal Declaration, perhaps the most inspiring political document written in our time:

None of these rights are possible if all technology is backdoored, weaponized and soaking up constant personal data that will be stored and shared indefinitely with undefined parties for undefined reasons.

None of the “Universal” rights are available in concentration camps for political prisoners. And when I say political, I mean all people being held and tortured for reason of their race, religion, gender, class, ideas, and/or dietary choices. Oh, and political party. Without these rights, there can be no progress, only war and extinction on a scale beyond what I can imagine. Without these rights, there can be no safety. There can be no economy. There can be no society. There can be no art. There can be no science.

Without these rights, there can only be Tyranny. And a lot of it.


China has built re-education concentration camps for unwanted minorities and anyone who thinks differently. Russia is re-educating gays, muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses in prisons that function like concentration camps. Israel has turned the pieces of Palestine they have not yet been able to steal into a giant concentration camp and tortures Palestinian women and children, often for no stated reason.

The United States, where I come from, has escalated beyond simply imprisoning poor people for victimless ‘drug’ offenses to concentrating unwanted immigrants and refugees in prisons and camps, where children are separated, abused and frequently disappear. Often this is done by private corporations with minimal oversight, and represents the complete failure of American law to provide freedom and liberty. The ominously tragic full circle indicating perhaps someone should simply take the Statue of Liberty down and move it somewhere more appropriate. I feel absolutely no complicity as I have spent my entire life grinding against this sad, squanderous system until I found it was even worse than I thought, and that I was in danger from it. That there there would be no balance I could find with it, within it.


The United States had established itself as the arbiter of which nations were part of which ‘world’ and now no one in the entire world trusts the United States to make this decision, and so the entire apparatus for deciding who should be sanctioned for human rights abuses is in disarray. In our time it even appears as if the United Nations itself may become an ineffectual relic, rather than one of the only possible ways out of the mess. Israel and the United States specifically have severely abused their powers here and bear almost all of this responsibility, which as a born American brings me near boundless shame.

As such it is imperative, and self-evidently so, that anyone who considers themselves free or a citizen of a free country must stop helping fascists who hate real freedom(by which I mean any freedom for anyone other than themselves). Fascism is a disease that spreads. Centralized unaccountable power in any land is a threat to freedom, reason and humanity everywhere. As such, I support and hold to the best of my ability in 2019 a boycott against Russia, China, Israel and the United States. I make exceptions for any entities that have demonstrated they are opposed to fascism. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Reddit do not count among them. I admit there are plenty of times where only human-rights-abusing countries produce the product, for example computer processors and this is reason for alarm and urgent action. (as I write this the argument is over Huawei, but everyone is admitting they can’t trust these totalitarian countries not to ‘backdoor’ anything produced in their borders, and how others didn’t see this coming I truly cannot fathom)

This sadly means the lessons of the second world war have been lost after only 2 generations. Which means in the long run, the United States and the Allies Lost World War 2 to the forces of National Socialism, also known as the Nazis. These national socialists wore very distinct clothes so they have become the cliche comparison by which all national socialists are supposedly recognized, which in true national socialist fashion only helps them better obfuscate ‘the narrative’ of their rise.

Many years ago we thought like this….
Who is going to argue the point and who is ready to run for the border?

Fortunately and not surprisingly due to what is at stake, Europeans are not quite prepared to volunteer to repeat the second world war with bigger weapons. As such I find myself here in somewhat better company, although the money pours in from tyrannical lands to create racist political parties here(AFD, National Front etc….) who also want to forget the lessons of the past in new and idiotic ways.

Most performers and entertainment professionals do not speak openly and freely about these obvious issues because the entertainment industry in these countries is completely integrated into the institutions that commit the atrocities, and since this system automatically and secretly excludes everyone who thinks for themselves, it is no surprise that a lot of entertainment culture eminating from these tyrannical countries, has moral problems that often justify oppression, or outright propaganda.

And these performers and entertainment professionals thereby become complicit and thereby reveal their true morals or lack thereof, while at the same time making art that is neutered to the point of utter banality. (no doubt while calling me the asshole or worse…)

Propaganda is not what I am into so I have made certain that first I will have my own independent values and priorities and I will speak freely about them, everything else comes second. This just being an artist and a citizen, but anyone who has spent time in Los Angeles knows that this questions everything about how the entertainment industry works. I have put my body where my mouth is countless times and put myself at risk for my ideas. I have even openly stated the most scary idea which many if not all industry-friendly entertainers in the United States would never even consider uttering out of paralyzing fear, that the American alliance with Israel is ***censored***, by which I mean causing some big problems not just in the United States but in the entire world.


After many years of consciously contributing as little as I could to the American War Machine which “defends” America(tm) by invading distant lands, I have now left the country as my values simply conflict beyond what I can live with, and because I was clearly in danger.

I do not claim to be any sort of perfect person or absolutely moral person. I make mistakes and navigate grey areas just like everybody but I will not subordinate myself and sacrifice my values in order to achieve career goals. And like anything, when at first you set out not to kiss ass rather than the other way around, you should maybe expect to run into unfriendly people, brick walls, misguided public officials, and/or worse.

In this regard I am committed to being the change I want to see. Otherwise nothing will ever change and I would simply be contributing to the atrocitites with carefully-washed jokes, allowed to be an artist by the people whose toes I am afraid to step on. If you stand up against the system, at least you won’t end up in absolute crap written and produced by spy agencies that happens to also be propaganda for war crimes that rewrites history so it is suitable for people born yesterday.

For example, Zero Dark Thirty.

If there are agents, managers and producers who also refuse to work for tyrants and their propagandists, maybe we can work together.

Art, Comedy and/or Drama without morality is advertising to help bullies torture the powerless.

Here I make my stand.

J. Michael Hudson 3-19-19

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” – unknown

“The next real literary rebels in this country might emerge as some weird bunch of anti-rebels, born oglers who dare somehow to back away from ironic watching, who have the childish gall actually to endorse and instantiate single-entendre principles.” – David Foster Wallace, 1993