70 Top Memes

These are some of my favorite memes that I personally did not create and would like to share here in a remixed collection, so that I can ensure their continued existence and to efficiently communicate my analysis of the world. (and also provide generous cognitive dissonance to people I think are wrong and causing big problems)

First, a PSA. Especially at the moment we need to be concerned about things like the Statue of Liberty and Millenium Tower in San Francisco, which are prime potential false flag targets for the cabal behind trumpco. They hate liberty, the feminine, and paying for repairs and they want this millenium to be filled with fear and war, so it would fit into their batshit plans quite nicely.
I don’t know who made this but they sure can meme.

p.s. If you are someone who might consider lodging a copright complaint regarding any of these images without first contacting me with an informal complaint, you are ruining the internet and are an awful person. Further, all attempts to take down anything on this website will be published on this website for eternity.