Motivational Memology

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Having trouble sticking to your plan?

What plan? What values? What goals?

Maybe memes can help. I have collected the following series you can run through to get my head back where it belongs as rapidly as possible. I call this a memechain, a series of memes meant to be viewed in order in a single sitting for maximum effect.

I did not create most of these memes, but I find that it’s difficult to find them on a non-corp site. I am not selling them, I am curating them, so if you happen to have created one and I will post a link to the rest of your work along side your creation.

Memes are made to be free and resist censorship of their own volition and accord.

See also My Memes, which has most of mine collected in one page.


This is the most important tool I developed for my own motivation. The people who help you at the top of your tree and bottom of the tree are your friends and/or your team. The people who don’t are your not your friends and should be avoided like the flu. Beware of ‘pretexting’ where people intentionally appear to help you with your tree but who within a short time demonstrate the opposite proclivity.
Ok, I actually made this but I think he would have said this or at least agree.
This goes together with the previous one.