Some of my music can be separated from my comedy, some of it cannot be. For instance, I enjoy playing cover songs for parties or jamming at an open session. But I realize I will never have an album out or be that guy with my face on the album cover.

I am far more interested in making concept music videos and concept comedy albums, and I have enough material to keep producing for many years.

And I plan to.

You can find my stuff here for now:

First, I would like to make music videos out of Taking Me Away, Go Where You’re Celebrated and All You’ve Got to Do. If anybody would like to collaborate on such a project, just say so! I would have already made them myself if America wasn’t such a disgusting mess and facebork didn’t censor people like me with its bizarro algorithms, among other reasons.

I recorded all of my demos alone with my own equipment that I paid for myself, usually while living around people who yelled at me if I was loud, so if anyone who comes by is too good for demos, just go here for the ultra hi def version well-suited to your unrelenting standards.

Moving Target is an example of what I can do in the studio with a band though if you are curious. I had that song in my head for a year and my bandmates mocked me outright when I proposed it, but it was the best song on the album. I would like to make a music video for this as well.

Good thing I’m not dead yet.