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9/11 Update September 2019 Israel did it, zero doubt, never forget.

It was this fanatical cult, who are also connected to epstein and the “Likud” political party. They are real actual terrorists and they operate freely in the United States and Europe, using all other jewish people and the holocaust to evade scrutiny. I know of no more evil people on this planet and their actions are a declaration of war and treason on my country. They are the true cause and source of all ‘anti semitism’, that you may be unaware of this might be due to the fact that they operate so many ‘news’ channels and have a lot of money to bribe officials, as well as murder people in ways that make it looks like natural causes or accidents.

Speaking of israelis, some of them are operating the U.S. Treasury and that is largely why the United States is almost at war with a distant country who otherwise would mean us well or be indifferent. Wouldn’t you know, the very same woman was responsible for Epstein’s rapey ‘plea deal?’ Anyone who thinks this is a coincidence is an idiot. Oddly, I feel like I have to welcome these people into my government under threat of violence or I am some hateful person. I propose that the United States choose better friends and allies who know the definition of friend and ally. It may be too late. There was a time I was angry at the United States military for going to war, but now I am more angry that they are being bossed around by these unamerican nutjobs to the extent they don’t even bother to defend me, or themselves, at all.