My Friends and I

(apologies for some significant edits 10-19)

My friends and I is an unspoken network of networks comprised of people who know they are not spies or undercover agents for any military, cult, or mafia, who are dedicated to improving the global human condition in general. If you know you are not in any cults, mafias or whatever secret faction, then you are already one of us so no need to say anything about it.

But if you find someone who you don’t think could say that, just beware because they are not one of us.

Do you see?

We are, you are in, an informal self-identifiable-only conceptual non-organization rejecting a world where humans must become like machines and lie all the time, surrounded by liars. We reject a world without trust by intentionally creating new trust. There is no my friends and I besides what you and your friends actually do, saying anything about it as such is meaningless and not something a friend would really do.

The sad fact is modern society is now demonstrated to be having a ‘spy problem’ due to the global proliferation of undercover agents infiltrating human organizations and basic human life. This is a necessary defensive response of the civilian population to governmental and corporate abuse when our habitat and ideaspace are being threatened with a mechanized totalitarian system of oppression that might want to be our roommate, our co-worker, or girlfiriend. There is a clear and present threat of a miserable future for our species while every movement to change it being disrupted in its infancy if this is not addressed by rational people in public.

There has also been a lot of economic dislocation where many people have moved to find work, and so may not even have any friends where they live now. I’ve lived this way most of my life, and I hate it. I want something different. Since people are feeling this emotionally on a grand scale to the extent they are willing to pay for friends, romance, and many hours at the psychologist, we should respond with some obvious plans of action, for starters, reconnecting with old friends and the people we most care about.

Only networks of people who can trust each other will have any chance of resisting, maybe surviving, some very advanced technological and psychological threats that are coming in the near future, in the form of nanotech, deep fake tech, and ai, which are going to push us to unpleasant extremes unless we get together and find a way to handle it together.

It will not work for us all to sit in boxes and each fight our own little struggle, we need to find the people we can trust and work with them together. This also includes recognizing the people who are really helping and protect them, because there are a lot of people who like the world the way it is and anyone sticking their neck out is an easy target in 2019.

J. Michael Hudson