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I decided to meme, so here we meme. David Tennant and friends helped with this one, but they needed my skills to push it over the top.

This is a space for memes I created myself. There are also a few spread out on other pages.

Consider also my topical meme collections, motivational memology, 4 drawings, top info-memes, top smart quotes, 70 top memes, anti-zionism, and of course these systems are failing. The ones with content that is a little more copyright protected are at the bottom of this page. In general the spiciness will increase as you scroll down.

If you are interested, here is one of my favorite, and prophetic David Foster Wallace quotes on the subject of ‘televisual content’. #wishyouwerehere

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Painting myself onto the canvas.
This is my operating system in civil society. If you can’t reciprocate, best keep your distance.
Anything that undermines your roots below, may be an attack to prevent your flowers from blooming up top. I can promise you that undercover police in the United States are doing this to anyone who effectively opposes capitalism, militarism and zionism. Sociopaths do this for fun and laughs, but if the state does it then the state is a sociopath too.
This is going to piss off all the right people and is admittedly somewhat big-headed. You may notice this is a prevalent theme at this website.
My standard response when people call me an antisemite.
Please warn everyone, this is serious and for people like myself a matter of survival.
Palantir and the people behind it want everyone divided and isolated, atomized, and so they will attempt to disrupt anyone and anything that is actually healthy, other than themselves and their cult.
If you were trying to take over a country by undermining its people, you would want
everyone’s life to resemble the right hand side.
This is how my life has looked and I am trying to heal my life.
Right click, download, magnify, study, then #pickaside and share. Star Trek meta companion meme:
Go back and forth between this one and the preceding meme for best effect.
True story.
Pass it on.
Some of our best work.
This is a very bad situation.
This will change the world. So far, I have challenged everyone, no takers, so I am reigning champion.
I did not notice the link to ‘’ website, I cannot endorse it. The mafia controls and has full access to the tools of law enforcement, so that is a bad thing.
The surveillance and ubiquitous undercover FBI is not keeping anyone safe, so we should
disarm ourselves so we are completely defenseless. /s
You cannot justify this social system.
Alptraum=Nightmare, aka Predatory Exceptionalism
Erwunsch=desired. Aka Symbionic Harmonism
See the struggle of 8chan to exist, and it is just data. People have posted manifestos to facegag before going on a rampage, why is facegag not taken down? Words and images are not the problem with the internet unless you are a corrupt elite.
Please pass this on.
Note, I do not say anything here about who might do anything like this, if it sounds like anyone to you, that is coming from you not me. This is simply a standard, off-the-shelf plan for taking over a country from the inside. Historically it has been very successful.
There it is, the dialectic of our time. I should win an award, but instead I just get stalked and harassed. Good times. 2020.

Message to all shills, trolls and paid internet posters everywhere.
Some of my best work, share widely.
True story.
You threw the kitchen sink at me yet here I still be. If I am to toot my horn for just one second, that I made it this far is alone an accomplishment. And they are going to work hard to say that I am the problem here, me and my teensy website. mhm.

The following memes are much more elaborate and some of my best, but they may bother copyright trolls, so they must sadly go straight to archive where they cannot be tampered with.

I am hoping that this is fair use. Will I get a takedown for The Last Starfighter? If so, would that be justice? Or am I helping them advertise their ancient mediocre white knight fantasy movie? Hmm only time will tell.


Person of Epstein

Kung Fu Hustle

Mona Lisa Smile

Matrix and 300


Little Big Man


Wag the Dog, Epstein edition

Star Trek Decopage 1 Meta-meme

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