My Memes

This is a space for memes I created myself. They are also a few spread out on other pages.

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This is my operating system. If you can’t handle this, best keep your distance.
Anyone who exibits the tendency to disrupt your tree is at the very least someone you
should distance yourself from, at worst they are your enemy. Never live with anyone
who makes your tree sick.
If you were trying to take over a country by undermining its people, you would want
everyone’s life to resemble the right hand side.
This is how my life has looked and I am trying to heal my life.
This is the system we live under. It is scary and we are having a bad time.
This is a system that would work, we need to replace the pillars of our current system with these.
In a totalitarian system, there is the illusion of choice, but every child is destined for one of these results without exception. If none of the results are good, then it doesn’t matter that the abuse happens once they are adults, you are feeding children into a meatgrinder.
This will change the world.
I did not notice the link to ‘’ website, I cannot endorse it. The mafia controls and has full access to the tools of law enforcement, so that is a bad thing.
The surveillance and ubiquitous undercover FBI is not keeping anyone safe, so we should
disarm ourselves so we are completely defenseless.
You cannot justify this social system.
Alptraum=Nightmare, aka Predatory Exceptionalism
Erwunsch=desired. Aka Symbionic Harmonism
See the struggle of 8chan to exist, and it is just data. People have posted manifestos to facegag before going on a rampage, why is facegag not taken down? Words and images are not the problem with the internet unless you are a corrupt elite.