Negative Trust Zone

It has come to my attention that there is a lot of disinformation on the internet.

I am a veteran of commenting on social media and interacting with all manner of shills and non-real whatevers.

I have accumlated extensive experiences which I have used to put together the following collection of untrustworthy sources, and I will tell you a little bit why.

One clue about alternative media and protest organizations, if they are not talking about their troubles being infiltrated or are in any way weak on this subject, they are the police. Some of course go without saying, microsoft, apple, google, facebook, cnbc, cnn fox, washington post, new york times, wall street journal and amazon are essentially integrated with the united states and israeli governments. (see Cultural Hegemony)

All of the sources that simply report, for instance, that Jeffrey Epstein is dead even though the only picture of him post death does not at all match, can be expected to be similarly integrated with this entire mucky muck system. All of the other primary assumptions of these types should be thusly called into question as well.

Another clue that a site is not legit is if you run noscript, privacy badger and umatrix and they list more than 5 or so remote connections.

And anyone or anything whose background cannot be established or which is clearly obfuscated, you should just throw out the window.

And of course, be sure to check out for more details on how and why all this works.

project veritas – BIG WARNING 2020 thank you for revealing how jeffrey zucker dictates cnn’s agenda on a daily basis, and that google is manipulating everything with blacklist, but this is fox news/ trump/zionist psychological operation or whatever this is should be made illegal. No you cannot go on to become a journalist when you are convicted of fraud, and no amount of money can make you credible after that. This is a perfect example, if not the paradigm contemporary case of garbage stooges failing upwards. If you go along with the cultural hegemony, you cannot make an error and nothing illegal or unethical you do will stick, the money will just wash it off. And it is designed to lure alt-right(white) people into racism, which will then be equated with ISIS. So this is a giant psyop trap, extending and extinguishing any non-zionist right wing elements in the united states, according to their long term plan for domination. See decopage 1, a better illustration of this dialectic you could not find. Anyone towing the left hand side of this line will get pallets of money dropped on them by helicopter. Anyone who will not, will be treated like they do not exist. This is a prime example of how plutacracy and totalitarianism, and cults, seek to monopolize credibilty with money and legal trickery, destroying the public interest piece by piece, until everything is lies. And the people involved in this know what they are doing, the google leaker’s interview is some of the most blatant stagey acting I have ever seen. The modern psyop on full display, study the aspects of it so you can recognize it everytime you see it.

jordan peterson – A dangerous, evil charlatan. He will scramble your brain. A word salad artist with full backing of the dominant cultural hegemony. Here are some links you need to see through his batshit reactionary cruft and obvious cultural programming. He believes the soviet union was a pure marxist institution, and uses marxism like a hammer to hit people with as all anti-intellectual reactionaries do who do not want to call unaccountable wealth into question. Also, he does not believe in human rights. You need to prove your responsibility to have rights! Also, to date I have not heard him opine on the Epstein scandal, so he picks and chooses his topics very carefully. Very much like listening to a snake talk. Keep an eye on his left hand.

Rebel Wisdom – Part of the same project veritas push by zionist media to control any attempts of conservatives in america to reject zionism, and redirect them towards a racist culture war over ludicrous but easily caricatured ideas like ‘replacement theory.’ Very well funded charlatans, probably the u.s. or israeli military. Demonstration of ‘man gulch fire’ tactics by oligarchs…when they know people are going to be mad about something, they pre-make your controlled opposition movement for you and ‘flood the zone’ so no others have a chance. This is why the facegag/gorgle/twitter world cannot be safely navigated by individuals anymore, you literally cannot find real people through all of the well funded controlled opposition. And any attempt to go around it or start something else will encounter sock puppet armies to prevent your idea from being heard.

reddit – vast censorship and manipulation, provides jewish and chinese privilege to cover the heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity of those states, as well as ‘to the highest bidder’ censorship and legalized sock puppetry for anyone who can afford it.

twitter – vast censorship and manipulation

slack – owned by mucky mucks, all notes will be read by police

steemit – u.s. government operation

bitshares – u.s. government operation – some sort of propaganda tied to the new zealand green party and Kim Dotcom, potentially russian psyop, potentially zionist or usa, hard to say, but do not trust anything they touch

kimdotcom – some sort of agent

anarchulpulco – government trap

mintpressnews – controlled opposition, likely zionist

freethoughtproject – psychop

collective evolution – psychop

antimedia – psychop

global – some kind of propaganda although some good things, maybe russian.

intellihub – psychop – psyop trap – psyop trap – psyop trap

theconsciousresistance – psyop trap

max spears – psyop trap

thedailybeast – ultimately a propaganda site for zionism. I do not know what the ‘beast’ is, but it is probaly not good.

thinkprogress – propaganda

politico – propaganda

thehill – israeli propaganda

8chan – lol

thepiratebay – probably comprimised

nordvpn – glows in the dark, stay away

torguard – stay away from florida, entirely

I am sure that I will be adding more soon, check back in a few months…