Open Letter to Ethnic Nationalists

It is noteworthy how the USA under dictatorship no longer even bothers to claim it is bringing freedom and democracy. They are supporting a violent coup with a foreign miiltary insurgency backed by threats of all manner of violence and supported by unjustified economic sanctions which also no one bothers to even attempt to justify.

Every human on planet earth is threatened by climate change, the production of Food is threatened. Food itself is under attack and we are are having to argue with these fools trying to say Bolivarianism is terrorism(tm) and that there are two countries(I’ll let you figure out which one the other is) who are exceptions to every rule and are allowed to defensively invade other nations and murder without threat of any legal jurisdiction.

And in so doing provide China every potential future excuse and precedent to do much worse. The entire concept of human rights on planet earth is threatened by the experiment in psychological torture that Chinese society has become. The concepts of history, knowledge, truth, and humanity’s special status in comparison to machines is relegated to decorative status, useful only when it is more economic or convenient than spending an un-person’s life, limb, blood or organs.

The Chinese communist party(sic) is an attempt to manage humans like robots and program them like robots and for them to have exactly the same rights as the car they drive or the hammer they hold or the nail they hit with it. And managed by a superclass, the “Inner Party,” which abides only by shadowy internal politics and can freely prey on the rest of society with impunity.

The question that ties all of these ideas together is, ‘what does law mean?’ While we all sit here wondering what it is ‘legal’ to type or download or think or who can be droned or disappeared by which unaccountable government agency, what does law even mean if for every law there is a price to pay or status to have that will make it irrelevant, even the Magna Carta, Geneva Conventions and United Nations mandates? If it can happen to law, then it can be done to history, science, art, anything. There will be a price to make the journalist or artist and their brilliant creation disappear and/or be manipulated into propaganda by any means necessary to maintain the illusions that The System Is Working(tm).

Globalization, like Civilization and not just on Earth but in the entire Universe, yes, the Cosmos, only has reason and purpose and/or justification with a Universal Law, a Global Law, a Natural Law that we can either attempt to discover and live by no matter how difficult and perplexing, or there is no law, just a bunch of fake things people say to control other people. A stack of loopholes to memorize and joke around about, how awful we can be because we are so good at building meaningless, ugly things(that are barely even things) out of loopholes, that let us get away with anything we can get away with. That let us be awful under the right circumstances, but which functionally allows the third and later generations of wealthy families to hold super powers over us. (like serially raping 13 year olds at Mar a Lago, building flying suits of iron to protect the weak and save the world tends not to happen, you do the math)

What is under attack right now on the planet, besides food, is the idea that we can have a global civilization rather than a bunch of subjective national propaganda fever dreams constantly at war(and/or low intensity conflict) over meaningless lines on the ground and arcane academic ideological distinctions, confusing any atttempt at establishing a functioning global society.

Nationalists do not want a functioning global society, nor do they want a functioning national one. They want to be the best, greatest, to prove history shows their genes and books are just the greatest of all time. And power. They want more power and giving the U.N. more power is the opposite of that. (Stooges like John Bolton do not understand this, but their childish view of the world is its public political realization.)

The conflict is obvious. The sides could not be more clear. If you are in one of these national movements like Brexit or Truth and Justice in Poland or AFD in Germany or the National Front in France or Golden Dawn in Greece or Guido in Venezuela or Duterte in the Phillipines or the dictator’s Fox nooz cult in the USA, stop. Every one of your movements is getting traitorous international bribes that make a complete joke of your ideology. The people funding movements are laughing at you and your more intelligent, history-knowledgeable neighbors whose efforts you undermine.

(I leave a couple obvious ethnic nationalisms out here because they threaten the lives of people like me while we ride the bus…after all, in order for the worst atrocities to take place, they have to get anarcho-socialist comedians out of the way, just like in 1933 and always)

So just stop. You are ruining the world. You are breaking civilization in order to make a pointless historical fart while looking absurd, painting your ignorance on a billboard where everyone can see it.

Read my Important Definitions page, look at the Top 60 Memes. It might help you see through some of the mountains of bullshit that are being thrown upon you by people who are only trying to control you and your country. And like I said, laughing at you.

I on the other hand am not laughing at you and I’m a comedian, that should tell you something. I’m fighting for my life and that of my family, I’m fighting for ideas that I have been studying and arguing about for decades, and they hold up. The ecosystem on this planet is on the brink of collapse already and we do not have time for a resurgence of institutional racism no matter what your phrenology diagrams and russian schill buddies are telling you.

We can have a green world, all of our cultures and ethnicities can survive and thrive if we just plant trees, harness energy and invent alternatives to pollution. This is not even difficult or unpleasant. It’s pretty good news actually.

Or we can all die in a pissing contest, our entire species extinct, in the ruins of the United Nations buildings and in a smoldering pile of fucking handheld communication devices.

Make your decision, but you know where I stand. I stand with the United Nations and with globalization based on a federation of Republics converging on a unified legal code of law based upon the Magna Carta, where everyone has the right not to be kidnapped or droned, where civilians have the right not to be attacked, propagandized, infiltrated and experimented upon by militaries and spies.

The world of my vision could be pretty cool. It has a chance to be. All of our heritages can survive.

Or none of them. Which is, sadly, your vision.

Please get a grip.

J. Michael Hudson

I’m with her, what about you?