Rated Soylent Comments

I once read a site every day called slashdot and I thought, it would be a great accomplishment to one day have a comment rated 5 like the witty ones I was reading.

Then that site was purchased by a different concern and started suddenly believing everything in Microsh$ft marketing materials and I had to go elsewhere.

Luckily, I found another group of people who felt the same way and so I lurked this site for many years as one of my several anchors to rationality on the internet. I thought, if things ever got really wierd, I would make an account at this site and these people would get it.

In 2019, this happened. All of my other attemps to communicate and be part of an online community had failed. There were and still are many other options I am working on, but for now I am proud to contribute regularly at Soylent News(and accept the consequences of being a loud anti-capitalist anti-zionist personal computing advocate.)

Since it is difficult at SN or any site really to see anyone’s highlights real, I have decided to post them here so that they will receive perhaps more attention. I am still working on the correct ordering, at the moment it is chaotic but I think the most important one is in the correct top position at the moment. (download if you need to magnify or use your browsers magnify feature)

Note: If some of the things I am saying here seem far out or radical, consider how far normalcy has moved just since 2010. I can tell you it have moved a lot further since 1990, and not in a good direction. I hope the information here widens your view of the world.

Some of my best work.
When your car computer gets remotely destroyed, you definitely have this feeling.

If you think this is easy, give it a shot. Let me know how it goes.