I write plays, short, screenplays, musicals and tell stories.

I keep an absolute division between fiction and non-fiction, I do not LARP without announcing.

My IMDB entry and my discussion of the political harassment and zersetzung I have experienced in the United States and Germany are non-fiction accounts that are about some difficult experiences in my life. They are also a warning, this stuff is out there and you might experience it as well. Which is to say, militaries are using spycraft on civilians to prevent certain unwanted people from having social mobility, or worse. They are really trying to keep people like me down, and they are willing to spend some real money to do so. If it continues, I will no longer be able to be loyal to my country any more than I could ever be loyal to Pooh’s China or the GDR/DDR.

I am not kidding about this stuff, for me it is deadly serious. People following you is not fun.

I do not share my dramatic works at this time because I would like to sell these and I am trying to get them published as we speak. Because of my stance against zionism and epstein, this is difficult. Zionists are waging cultural war of censorship and character assassination(and real assassination) against anyone who is not on their side, which is one of the many reasons I can’t stand these people. They pretend this isn’t real, so it is systemic gaslighting and some truly evil stuff.

At the moment I am most focused on producing some short plays I wrote in 2018 and developing stories to be shared in person from the stage, as well as my non-fiction work which has some political significance.

The thing about stories is, good ones are as difficult to find as giant opals and having one puts you into a situation like The Pearl or Old Man and the Sea, you have to protect them otherwise the value will be lost on freeloading sharks and crooked townspeople.

One of the most broken aspects of society is that writers simply cannot get past the slush pile, and for a society of 300 million people the united states produces precious few independent screenwriters. And if all of your screenwriters were executive assistants for 20 years in Los Angeles and everything they write is edited by the executives for whom they worked, you are going to hear precious little of the actual American experience and this is exactly how I describe what regularly is handed down to us from Los Angeles.

I would rather sit on my pile of stories for now and wait for the chance to produce them myself or sell them for what they are worth than throw them all over my homepage. I have a collection of short stories, 2 rock musicals, a space opera, an action cartoon, 5 plays and 2 super low budget features. I did the full internship program for that “Abbott Management” company(whatever that is, I still cant figure it out), provided coverage for actual producers in actual Hollywood and won a lot of points in a contest once.

Screenwriting without a contract or agent though is kindof like hoping you can be god someday. When I was in LA the attitude of nearly everyone I met was that it is something impossible to do so why waste your time, much better to audition for roles with lines you can barely say they are so awful.

Writing plays, movies, films, shorts and cartoons is something I do even if money is not involved because that is just who I am. A lot of people would say because I have no writing credit on my imdb that I am not a screenwriter even if when they stacked my screenplays on top of each other they wouldn’t be able to see over them. But fortunately I do not spend a lot oftime thinking about what a lot of people think. Would a lot of people even read a 5 page contest winner if I posted it here? Nope.

“Do not interrupt the person doing it to tell them it cannot be done.” – chinese proverb

(and I’m not saying the entire film industry is bad just most of it, so if I’m going to produce my stories I have to find people to work with who can at least tolerate this and preferably have a similar view, but how will I ever find people who don’t like Hollywood films in Europe?)

Bonus Link David Simon discussing bizarro company-town nature of the writer’s market.

Bonus Story 1(non-fiction, sadly) Never eat at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Never.

Bonus Story 2(video game story, of love and axes)