Tales of My Zerzetzung

Posted on Soylent News 9/25/2019

I have decided to share my record of how the united states government and, I believe, zionist forces in the United States, have teamed up to attempt to ruin my life.

I did not realize most of this until late 2017 when it became undeniably apparent.

This is the best way to sum up my experience with the police state thus far, and the story is not over. If you do not believe this is possible, I understand, but you are living in a fantasy world.

Sadly, this is how it works.

The reason I believe they take an interest in me is because I am a prolific writer and communicator, advocate of psychedelics and drug freedom, anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-zionist, 9/11 truth, posted about epstein on r/conspiracy and steemit long before july 2018, I am very knowledgeble about technology, and have attempted to organize. I also had some high test scores. I have owned a pistol at times but I never waved it about and to my knowledge I have never threatened anyone, and consider both violence and sabotage totally ineffective forms of activism. [Note for clarity: I do not have any guns ffs and haven’t for a long while]

However, the first events that I recall, where in hindsight I now think I encountered undercover subversion of my life, was long, long before I attempted any organization while I was at the University of Missouri and even an encounter in high school. I will write about this at another time, but even these things could be investigated as there is a paper trail.

I have never been accused of a crime or gone to jail, my criminal record is to my knowledge, blank.

Going backwards by year. Any one of these would be bad luck and unlikely. I welcome investigation into any and all of theset things. I need to know why and under what law I am under permanent investigation, and these tactics need to be made public otherwise the existence of public culture, at all, is no longer tenable and we live under totalitarianism.

2020 Germany
-chinese man at local market feb. 4, pointed cell camera at me, used register before me, kindof spooky
-while getting haircut, middle eastern woman came in and sat behind me, did not get haircut and left when I did
-loitering middle-eastern teenager near an event I attended, bright colored jacket fits pattern of several other such stalkers
-several other encounters with unattended children and teeny girls loitering inexplicably near me, which fits same pattern

2019 – Germany
-mysterious 1ft diameter hole in roof over where I am typing right now
-multiple encounters on bus, train and in public with microaggressions, rudeness, nearly all such encounters were with vaguely middle-eastern looking people, but not all
-numerous mail missing from my non-securable mailbox
-followed over a dozen times by the same woman at random times throughout the city
-reported to the police someone following me, police did not dismiss the account which was on a train and in a train station and an investigation has been opened. (Updated Feb. 2020, the city prosecutor did not investigate, the accused was simply asked if he was stalking me and when he said no, the case was dropped. Although he allegedly worked in the same city as I do, I never saw him again on the way to work after I accused him of stalking me. fwiw the name of the 19 year old was ethnically Turkish, and many germans have complained to me that crimes against immigrants are not prosecuted, and no one knows why)
-multiple encounters with unaccompanied children loitering near my apartment
-nordvpn account mysteriously cancelled
-cell phone voicemail mysteriously deactivated after had been working fine
-(false alarm)30 weeks of construction announced in front of my apartment, through winter, in this tiny side street, which will affect my internet, utilities, and likely be very noisy. (update feb 2020, this is one of those things I was wrong about. My sensor was too sensitive. The work could have possibly been disruptive but it was not, so false alarm)

-my bus stop vandalized with red paint, only the one I go to every day and no others in the neighborhood

2018 – germany
-company website hit daily with capcha breaking spam, starting the month I began the job
-bizarre phonecalls to office where I work, starting the month I began the job
-multiple encounters with rude strangers on the bus pointing cameras at me, picking fights
-bank error where my paycheck was 2 weeks late, only affected me
-coworker’s garden vandalized
-company I work for hit with ransomware
-came home to door not being locked
-pizza misdelivered to my room after posting online about epstein with semi-anon account over vpn
-roommate vandalized apartment, lied and stole, in highly manipulative ways and asked questions about my beliefs no one could have possibly just known, very sophisticated gaslighting which I recognize from other similar encounters
-bizarre issues with fedora and os x
-multiple encounters with unaccompanied children loitering near my apartment timed to coincide with my arrival or departure
-extreme difficulty signing up for internet, my application erased multiple times, had to be restarted

2017 – Kansas City – Seattle
-followed and harassed at peace festival
-followed and harassed at Oregon Country Fair
-followed and harassed while camping in Washington State
-long term friend begins gaslighting me, betrays me, threatens to tell my family I am a danger to them
-numerous bizarre encounters while living my car with random strangers of all ages coming near my car for no reason and presenting themselves as potential victims in obvious ways
-got a job as a bartender, owner fires me after three days over the phone and is clearly nervous, unable to explain why
-craigslist roommates turned out to be undercover police and regularly gaslit me, ran dryer with metal in it every night outside my room, extremely argumentative after I moved in, numerous occasions where I had a racing heart condition that is otherwise inexplicable, harassing text messages
-attempt to post these experiences on reddit, erased without reason, swarmed with people calling me crazy
-bizarre facebook encounters before I left for good
-bizarre encounters on steemit, before I realized all steemit is cops
-someone I had just met gave me something as a gift and later I had strange hallucinations while trying to sleep, someone followed me into the campground and was in the camp bathroom all night with the lights on
-unable to cash paychecks at costco, no reason given

2016 Kansas City
-followed and harassed at peace festival
-car broken into in new york
-honda crv computer experiences dozens of random stalls which 3 master technicians could not explain, computer needed to be replaced twice, second time was covered under warranty
-air conditioner mysteriously broke
-squirrel nest in attic over my bed, had to be trapped and removed
-people in the attic at night banging on something
-numerous bizarre cell phone and wifi issues
-met undercover on Tinder who rape-baited me, ie wanted to make out wearing netted dress then suddenly wanted to leave without explanation
-ISP where I worked experienced DDOS on misconfigured infrastructure, where the acl error that allowed the reflection attack had been open to that attack for years before I got there, but just happened in my second month of my job, contributing to me being losing my job for no fault of my own
-during this outage at ISP, massive harassment campaign on fb
-debts on my credit record from Bank of America that I did not take out
-girlfriend I believe was informant

2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, they are all just as bad, but at this time I did not in any way think that I was under any special investigation. I thought I had bad luck, met a lot of jerks, had awful roommates and nothing was going my way and I just dealt with it. Now that it all fits the same pattern, I think this has been going on the whole time.

I have also had plain bad luck, made mistakes, met normal jerks and had normal work problems, I am not in any way saying that this is the cause of all of my problems or misfortune. I have also met nice normal people, had good times, been productive on my own time, played video games, fixed the computer/internet for thousands of people, and done my work. This does not summarize my existence, but it is an important key to why, for all of my work and abilities, I have remained in a precarious financial situation, and until I left the United States, crushing debt.

Last week, I completed a massive VPC project successfully. This year I have published on my own website at my own expense around 50k words, with a day job. I have resolved over 500 dns tickets this year. The one time I called the police to report it, the police verified I was indeed being followed by someone and the case is still open. Last year, I taught over 100 english courses and wrote 5 plays, as well as around 50k words on steemit. The only time I have felt I had to see a pscyhiatrist was dealing with the loss of a parent, I was just sad. I literally came to germany with a backpack and no job, with 3000 dollars from my family, and worked my way up to a job and apartment.

When I say ‘followed and harassed’, sometimes that just means there are people loitering inexplicably, frequently finding ways to have their cell camera pointed at me and/or getting in my space. But also it is frequently some form of a ‘spanish’ prisoner setup, where there is a very obese woman who looks nearly homeless and some child or teen playing 100ft away while she isn’t looking. Someone looking vulnerable, a situation where a creep would do something creepy. A woman sleeping alone in the car with her window rolled down, a man pulls up in my rearview mirror and walks into wal mart but leaves his windows down, you wake up sleeping in your car and there is another car right next to you and a giant winnebego with a dish on the other side of the lot.

Some Takeaways
-facebork is used by cops to be your friend
-craiglist is used by cops to sell you likely compromised computer hardware and lure you into being their roommate
-reddit is used to silence and harass anyone who talks about state surveillance
-twitter will not share what you write with anyone if it doesn’t like you
-google is the police station
-undercovers can trick you into befriending them by pretending to be exactly what you are looking for in life
-gaslighting and spanish prisoner traps are the primary tactic
-children are very much being used as bait
-open mic nights may be operated by undercover police
-festivals operated by the police, overt police presence there simply to distract from undercovers
-nordvpn, iphone, definitely comprimised

There will be no freedom, for anyone, until this shit stops.

I believe this is clearly Cointelpro, but on steroids. Once you are selected as a target, anyone you go, when you go into the new jurisdiction, you will light up on the map and from that moment, every x hours you will have an ecounter with the police. Everywhere they can see you are going on the map, they will already be setting up.

It is as if they take the ‘Trust, but verify’ maxim, usually in regards to spies or politicians, and apply it to politically inconvenient ideological opponents.

It is wildly, wildly against the constitution and to date I have only seen a handful of accounts from people like Barrett Brown, the New Yorker and The Intercept, which confirm what I have experienced.

All attempts to contact these and other journalistic institutions have received no response.

The loudest instance where these tactics were made public, and also the thread in which I saw I was censored when I tried to tell my story on Reddit, was the Stormy Daniels strip club incident in ohio where the undercover police sat on the front row and induced her into breaking an arcane law.

Of note should also be that while I have made no threats, have no assualt rifles, have no history of violence or being reported to the police for such, the parkland shooter, las vegas shooter and alleged boston terrorists, were allegedly not being investigated and were not deemed a threat.

Also of note should be that there are numerous activist organizations in the united states who claim/pretend to be revolutionary, but who report none of these tactics and have worked hard(on steemit and reddit at least) to silence me and dismiss me as someone with a mental illness.

Finally, it should be clear that they select tactics that when described to another person sound like it could be imagined, and since I have lived and travelled alone, they seem to go hog wild on me, knowing I have no recourse.

I write this for my safety, I do not know any other way to interpret this than that I am in real danger and continuing to live my life under this kind of threat and pressure, may not be possible. And it may get worse.

Things that would help me: interview with a journalist on record, investigation into the paper verifiable claims, helping file foia, a lawyer to help me sue the u.s. government for violation of my rights, btc/xmr, community, sympathy, understanding, suggestions for solutions and defense

Thank you for reading if you got this far, it means a lot to me.

I will answer all polite questions, but if you are going to come here to accuse me of having a mental illness, please do not waste your time. Occam’s razor simply does not cut that way here. I am reporting literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of extremely low probility events happening in concert. And you are going to think I could even imagine that if I tried? lol gtfo.

I’m fine. The world isn’t. If I’m right, you’re next in line once I am out of the way and what I am telling you is some of the most important historical information you may hear today. And if so my work is actually fucking important so you should listen to the extent you aren’t a totalitarian, and take my request for help seriously. I would not write this if I did not think I was in real danger, and if I did not think many, many other people were having similar experiences but were unable to discern what is really happening.

I will testify anywhere.

I hope this helps you protect yourself. If however you are part of the american gestapo, rethink your life, you are ruining your country and destroying freedom for your paycheck and godlike surveillance powers.

You are trapped in this maze as well, and now Stephen Miller is your boss, so a worse fate I could not wish upon you if I tried.

Bonus: Consider the article about my Internet Movie Database Entry on the right hand column, which should be included in this report.

Stay safe. Document any similar things you encounter. Journalism is one of the strongest responses of the individual to tyranny, it is not coincidence that is where Winston started. Your primary goal is to protect yourself and your sanity, and preventing everything from blurring together in your memory, and preparing your report to share with others, is your primary goal before we will have any larger successes recovering our rights from those who think we do not deserve more than slavery disguised as freedom.

JMH 2020