I write about technology, especially as pertains to ethics, history, geopolitics and human rights.

I consider myself a public interest technologist, meaning I fiercely protect my independence from government and business interests while I use my understanding of and experience with technology to… the world? Protect humanity? Stop skynet? Actually all of the above, there is a near unlimited scope to public interest technology. The public can clearly not count on current government and business interests to protect us from the dangers of technology or even inform us when there is danger, and they are running the risk of turning the world into a really difficult and unpleasant place to live.

I have some suggestions and ideas for things that might help us out of this milieu, I invite you to consider them.

Global Debate There is a crisis affecting the internet and all human communication where socratic dialogic is being eliminated from the public sphere while everyone listens ad nauseum to manipulative rhetoric. We can change this by having well mediated arguments with people who disagree with us, using computers and the internet. (and sites that are not tracked or influenced by the state or mass shilling) I participate in many discussion at Soylent News, a tech and geek/dork/nerd culture news site that I have read for a long time. I started posting myself this year, including a journal where I anchor my work here to a community and resilient servers. I argue in public with my real name about very difficult and dicey topics, and as yet this has not been a financial success plan. But here I am able to ask the questions only I would think of, and I have received some upvotes at least in exchange for my efforts.

Asocial Media Refugee Why I left most social media sites and discussing my experience over many years on sites that I must now boycott for ethical reasons.

Smart Phones and Wild Bears To explain the danger inherent in black box technology whose inner workings we are not allowed to understand.

4 Important Drawings To explaining the actual physical and mental danger faced by Public Interest Technologists as efficiently as I can.

These Systems are Failing The System we live in can no longer be separated from technology, which means neither can our physical bodies, so discussion of the entire system as a whole is important. This is the best I can do for a complete analysis of the problems we are facing, with some hopefull potential solutions.

Anti-Zionism Unfortunately and to the detriment of the world, Israel has proven itself to be untrustworthy in regards to all technology. This is the best explanation I can make for why not to trust israeli and zionist technology. I also believe this is a clear and present danger to the constitution of the United States.

Global Rescue Hotline A fanciful thought experiment that demonstrates despite what we have yet accomplished with our fancy gadgets, how far we have left to go.

For Hire I am available for presentations, consulting and other stuff. Asking the most difficult questions about the cultural hegemony is not always the best way to make money so this is an area where

Favorite Places, Must Read, and Top Info-memes are full of important technical information