These Systems are Failing

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” – George Orwell

Keep this in mind as you scroll, especially if you have power. I don’t have any power so I can only point out that the people who do, and have had power, have left things in this condition. For this, I will always hold them responsible, and you should to. Power without responsibility is madness, and that is what this page is warning you about. Approaching madness.

Consider this short introductory video from Moby(who does not know me)for musical accompanyment.(with youtube-dl or shelltube if possible)

(Last updated 11-2019)

Although I only like some of his music, I could not agree with him more, these systems are obviously failing. Suspect the judgement and intentions of anyone who does not agree.

Capitalism and the wealthy people, for whom the system is generally not failing at all, are hording their resources while benefiting from the destruction of the ecology of the planet, and they clearly intend to do nothing about it but helicopter in from their yachts to purchase property from distressed owners once we are devastated, or worse.

The government systems are overrun with cults, mafias, spies and religious fanatics with a hidden agenda, even the most obvious crimiinals like Epstein live without fear of any more than inconvenience from the ‘Justice Department.’

There is no functioning social contract, just an implicit half-explained one that crumbles under the slightest scrutiny, that no fool would even attempt to defend or explain. It is difficult to motivate high school students to care, somewhere on this site is a letter from a college student I can’t find it at the moment, who says that given the short term crises they say there is no point to their entire education and they refuse to pay any and all debts back to the people ruining the world.

The journalists that would give us any chance of responding to the actual system as it exists in practice are being either killed or captured by spy agencies. Writers such as myself face paramilitary reprisals globally, nowhere is safe from hybrid asymetric warfare that treats speech and pre-pre-crime as equal to violence.

A cultural hegemony limits the scope of all art with a secretive gatekeeper system which intentionally excludes anyone actually critical of the system, essentially absurdly making conformity a pre-requisite for talent in order to aid the enforcement of the dominant anti-intellectual paradigm which cheers on the failed system.

Mass media propaganda channels integrated with aggressive state powers are intentionally stirring a race war to distract from their corruption and incompetence.

Banks like the ‘Federal Reserve’ and large institutions like the American military cannot audit themselves, no one believes the money is real and the only thing anyone knows for sure is that if the debt doesn’t keep growing, the entire system will come to a stop.

Disaster capitalism has so far been the best answer from those who actually have power, although this is a secret passive plan. If rich people simply wait for disasters to strike rather than try to prevent them, they can never make any mistakes and can simply scoop up the cheap real estate after all of the humans who used to live there have been wiped off or out. Then they can build a shiny new system engineered for total control using whatever newly developed technology.

This will work in isolated cases, but globally it is a long term plan for genocide, the intentional removal of a specific group of people.

In this case, the poor. Worse if you have to not be white, and worst of all if you are a Palestinian.

It is imperative to anyone trying to be good, trying to be a responsible person with virtue, that you cease empowering businesses and the wealthy people who control them if they are demonstrated sociopaths who do not care about the common good of humanity.

This space will be where I post articles and discuss this phenomenon, where the people with the most money and most power use it for stupid, selfish things while the planet burns.

With much power comes much responsibility. This is a universal law, there is no escaping it. This bill will always come due.

The converse is also important, if you don’t have much power, like me, then don’t go around kicking yourself for the world’s problems.

Section 1: Symptoms

Stated as simply as possible, the system fails to provide human needs, and as such it is more of a death-accelerator than a life-catalyzist.
Zoom in and spend some time with this, I sure have. This is your world. This is why so many people have ‘money problems’ or ‘can’t make it’. They are not lazy, they are not bad, there are massive systemic forces at work against us that are only invisible to people who own banks and undersand their arcane babbling and their house of card theories.
The current state of affairs, december 2019. We are supposed to think that the real problem here is the attempt of minor states like Bolivia, Venezuela and Iran to remain independent, and have alternative governmental structures to what is known by the weasel word ‘neoliberalism’, but which is juste a single centralized oligarchical control mechanism for the entire planet Earth. Rather than improve upon the existing federal and republican institutions that have always worked, all alternative sources of power, authority and credibiltiy are being ripped apart such that at the end we beg for an oligarch-designed world that we will have little choice but to accept, given the shambles left of our nations. As I write this, the United States, the UK and Israel are paralyzed, while the militaries of all three countries run amok. Rather than reform existing national institutions, crisis plutacracy is underway where disasters are encouraged to happen, and disfunction is catalyzed at the highest levels, in order to create the conditions under which their new order can be imposed. It is scary stuff. 24 hours news channels are their main weapon, please stop getting your news from TV or just admit you are on their side and want the world to be like everything described on this page.
We should not expect any sane result anyway if our media system is so incapable of investigating basic facts and in every critical case defaults to officially endorsed propaganda, which has nearly always proven to be misleading the public.
I made this to show that, despite the clear need for creative solutions, this is the intellectual atmosphere we encounter, dictated upon us by the same powerful people whose power created the problems. Meanwhile someone spends 100k boosting Donald Trump Jr.’s book which will chop down 1000 trees and not a single person will read in earnest.
Riddle me that.
Sounds better coming from her.
But….it kindof is a meme though….
Lets just poison the whole ocean, what could go wrong /s garbage people sigh
No commentary necessary.
True story.

Go figure.
What time is it?
Stay classy quickbooks.
Sounds legit.
Time travellers, you have your orders.
Israel always there to help the United States be more awful. Good job well done. An embargo is an act of war. I’m an American from the United States and I understand the history well, but I still do not understand the justification for this. Not even close. Nor does anyone even try to explain it at this point, it is an absurdity we have just adjusted to.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day….
So Nato is attacking Nato in a country they are invading as part of a defensive alliance to fight terrorism inside of Turkey by attacking the United States? How can any one even have a straight face about this.
Can you spot the failing system?
wtf ‘gag orders’ can’t be a good thing for yaknow civilization if you think about it…
Yeah being enslaved is one of those things that makes people upset, who would have thought.
Resource allocation at its finest.
Answer: yes
I did not see the connection between this meme and the preceding one, I downloaded them seperately. They go hand in monstrous hand don’t they?
indeed. It also records your life and sends it to people who want to hurt you.
Credibility -> zero
Money does not determine class. When the rich attack you it is often by anonymously preventing others from helping you. A very indicative case study.
phone also spying on the user at same time. user can also be kidnapped and held secretly without trial and tortured.
republicans are stealing everything, there have never been worse people.
Almost like the rulers of the society want people not to be taught and hate teaching itself. No, it is not like this, it is this.
Self-evident is a thing. q.e.d.
Just a snippet of how ‘news’, even from the most reputable source, ‘Associated Press’ is distributed in a jumbled schizo manner. Meghan Trainor updates next to updates about war and people dying. This is not what journalism looks like, AP.
This is what it looks like when no one has any rights. This could have been an intentional hit and we would have no way of knowing. They can say oops at this point and no one can hold anyone accountable.
meet the internet in 2019, this is broken and all the kings horses and all the kings men can’t fix it. Well, in this *system*, perhaps in another one we would have a chance.
With drugs that make pain and depression impossible, you be able to create value until the very moment you die. Having a heart attack at your desk is a success story for capitalism, indicative of one of its many necromantic, vampiric features.
Speaking of vampires and necromancy…
This is not a qualified human leader of any organization much less the United States of America. The oligarchy which supports him are the worst people in the world, any rage directed at this person is a waste of time, he is a meatshield for rich criminals responsible for everything you hate about the world.
This does not belong next to this.
Indeed. Sewage doesn’t lie, your PR dollars don’t work down there.
Most people mean totalitarianism when they say Fascism. This is totalitarianism. And the roundups have begun.
NBC will not help you. Sadly neither will billionaire NGO’s protest organizations.
fail fail fail

Part 2: Diagnosis

I call the system we live under predatory exceptionalism, or psychotropic leachism, but really it is all of these things in one big mess of tyranny. You will see this pattern throughout all of the memes in part 1 and part 2.
Yes, pro-human, what an idea!
kindof makes you angry dont it
This this this this this this this
never forget, never forget
Fact check: true. If you doubt this, you have been living a sheltered life.
Stare at this until you get it. 30 u.s. tanks sent to Syria the day I wrote this. Afganistan was bombed this year, the most ever.
lol yup
Sometimes we do not deserve our political cartoonists
The fancy brands and their colorful bs serve a clear purpose, giving the illusion of choice in a nearly choiceless world. As the system fails this will become increasly more difficult.
Get it through your head. Islamic people did not do 9/11 and the owner of the building must have been in on it. The same guy now owns ‘freedom tower.’ You cannot be a patriot and let people attack your country and blame it on other people, the word for that is traitor.
I have spent my life trying to get through to these people and I have failed. The skulls are tooooooo thick. This is scratching the surface of the logical absurdity of these people.
Any good idea can be subverted by a corrupt government who is intent on oppressing the lower classes to the point where they are guinea pigs.
They know exactly what they are doing which is the scariest thing about it. This is something I would expect from alien invaders, except maybe not so obvious and crass.
Do you understand?

Capitalism cheats and it is pretty f#ing demonic.
QED capitalism is slavery by a different name.
this this this this this this
When people are attacking you, protect yourself and take action. If they come for your rights their next step is to always come for you.
Dont be fooled.

Part 3: Paths Towards Solutions

First, consider changing the way you think about the world and make sure you aren’t a part of these problem. Only then do you have a chance to be part of the solution.

Then they tell us it is immoral to get free money. That is some evil shit.
Idk, maybe. But whoever it is, we should stop paying for them to oppress us with interest.
I can tell you 160 would make a big difference for me this month. And everything has to be indexed to inflation, or maybe we could end inflation?
There are real conspiracies and we must be able to discuss them intelligently. Dismissing them is anti-intellectual and makes your country weak and stupid, which is the intention of your enemies, foreign or domestic. Also, epstein is not dead.
It’s not just white men. A money shortage is not the problem, it is a problem of unfair distribution built into the foundations.
It is demonstrably possible.
Change takes effort. If you want a different prize you have to change up your game.
There is no such thing as holy land, the entire concept is crass idolotry.
Meanwhile, the people who think the ‘tea party’ still is a great idea have unlimited funds to tour the globe dividiing the world with anti-intellectualism and jingoism.
I think this belongs here. This is one of my big suggestions for improving things, striking at the root. Although I do not want to think people and their fancy cults can’t or shouldn’t exist, they just shouldn’t rule the planet. I know, tough case to argue, but I’m tryin.
Stop listening to known bullshiters.
Never let them forget.
HONG KONG – AUGUST 24: Protesters attempt to pull down a smart lamppost during an anti-government rally in Kowloon Bay district on August 24, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy protesters have continued rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June as the city plunged into crisis after waves of demonstrations and several violent clashes. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologized for introducing the bill and declared it “dead”, however protesters have continued to draw large crowds with demands for Lam’s resignation and completely withdraw the bill. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images). Inspiring, consider the possibilities.
Living in totalitarianism is torture anyway.
lol but still.
Remember the first meme I made at the very beginning of part 1?
Smartest man on the world, maybe the histoiry of the world, happened to agree with wealth redistribution AND think it was worth mentioning as some of his last words.
In this spirit, I created this meme to provide a vision for an alternative world, one many people are already working to realize although we call it many different names. I call it Symbiotic Harmonism.

I hope this helps you align yourself to the real world of evidence and sanity, and that you now have a few more ideas how to help us improve this mess.

We will not achieve a different world by acting how we always have, and letting the people who are in power now keep doing whatever they want, and making ourselves into malleable drones for them, that is for certain.

J. Michael Hudson 2019