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You need to know this. I encounter it nearly every day.
Almost all of my art has been made while collecting unemployment benefits, at the poverty line, while I wonder how I will be able to feed myself in three months if I do not start working for someone else. This collection and entire site is self-directed work, which should not exist, because no one has yet paid me to do it. If you know an artist who has demonstrated dedication and is tied to their work, as I am, it is the most human and ethical thing you can do to help them exist economically with their craft. This is currently where our system is totally failing to keep up with the times, and people are really dying, inside and out, because only 1% of the people who want to be artists are allowed to be, and there is simply no middle ground offered outside of censored platforms integrated with the police state which only allow the status quo and propaganda. Especially if things like this collection are things you have difficulty finding elsewhere, you really owe something to me and the other creators whose work I am curating. If you are not poor. If you are poor, and have no savings, and debt, then we are in the same boat so I gladly share these ideas with you, they are some of the best I have found.
Consider yourself warned.
I will never be a nazi, of any kind, neither should you. Nazis however sadly come in all sizes, shapes, religions, and nationalities so dont be thrown off by appearances or always expect swastikas.
Awesome. The point at which Hong Kong people take the lead in the struggle for freedom on planet earth, and a shameful moment for all Americans who have to watch our clown president appease tyranny and bring the same threat to our country.
I love Bernie Sanders, I don’t care what anyone says. I also love native Americans so this one really gets me.
Tips on securing your stack.
This. And don’t let them go to space until they have gotten things here to a somewhat decent situation. WallE, Elsyium, Altered Carbon, would not be worth it.
Alternative book sources if you are boycotting amzn like me.
Why would google do this? See my anti-zionism page for answers. But really spooky stuff. At same time same people at google say there is a problem with nazis, hmm. ‘give us barabus’ comes to mind.
Well stated.
Hearing this story from all over, all illusions that america deserved to be an exception for its protection of freedom. This is also America.
State of reddit. Sad.
How we look to the police state, military and corporate overlords.
I am not a flat-earther.
There can be capital, but life cannot be designed around the concept of money and/or wealth without parasitism and predation.
This goes together with the previous memes. Very well stated point.
Socialism is not any less american than one of our greatest presidents.
We are against a totalitariam system.
This is a pattern among bad people, they dodge questions. Pretty clear cut case of a bad person. ‘give us barabus’ comes to mind.
Please tell this to the zionists, thanks.
The father of the El Paso shooter is a very well respected healer who uses new spiritual therapy to help people through trauma. He claims his son met people who influenced him, but to date no one has investigated who these people are. I believe this is a mistake, I do not believe in ‘lone gunmen’ because I was not born yesterday.
How the world actually sees the united states.
Give this to all your capitalist friends as soon as possible. Also thanks to mr clark for a truly useful and wonderous meme.
This is the level at which technologists like myself are under attacked.
Good advice, from
It can not, I can also testify at length about the no-care system in the usa.
Some people who need to read my website.
What is going on in china is scary and we should all be scared, the government is decreeing that people have to give their organs or be raped. I do not think I have heard of an atrocity this great in human history. It changes everything.
Identity politics is a bad idea. It is here to divide us.
8chan was shut down because one person posted something, same has happened to fb why was it not taken down? Reread the 8chan meme directly above in this light. 8chan was also where people argued against nazis, it was/is not a nazi propaganda site. But 8chan was/is the center of criticism and debate over zionism and all conspiracies, it is no wonder it is the target of conspiracies itself, we should expect it. Who were Mr. Crusius’s friends? Send me an email if you find out.
Pro-Trump == pro dictatorship
Never forget.
And it continues.
I am with her.
A meme can say more than a thousand words.
Yikes! Psychotropic Leachism, see my memes.
Post this everywhere until there is Freedom in china, meaning no more concentration camps, no more government rape, no more disappearing, no more harvesting organs, and religious freedom.
Taxing government benefits is evil. So evil.
Exceptions wow. So much evidence of degeneracy in one set of headlines.
This is the idea behind public interest technology and my
I mean, if a single shark spotting is news to you, then you are in the wrong profession, CNN. What are they trying to distract us from? Why do they have a need for this filler? Are they just talking about random scary things in between propaganda for a 4th dimensional emotional effect? In a moment, news on bernie sanders new plan, but first, look at this shark!
None of this makes any logical sense. Shutting down the website will have the opposite effect desired, but appears like someone is clamping down. But notice how suddenly fashionable censorship has become, and how all of these shootings have the hallmarks of covert operations. When was the last time you watched Invasion USA?
Ill just put this here.
This is a sample of 8chan, one must decide if the objectionable language is worth the important facts. On 8chan, even white straight guys refer to themselves as f***** and n*****, because the anons there recognize and acknowledge they are all equally powerless in our current system and all subcultures revel in their status as outcasts. You have to understand this culture is different than anything you have ever heard or seen, or that has ever existed in recorded human history. If you like hearing new ideas, it is a wonderful playground and a lot of fun, but if you do not like new ideas, you will go get your pitchfork because you have to hear lots of things you don’t like. Tolerance is about being able to tolerate things, and someone can clearly not tolerate 8chan and it is a true sign of weakness to be afraid of mere words. Lots of people have announced crimes on facegag and the site itself is a monstrosity of illegal data harvesting. They want to say the shootings are caused by this website, which is obviously self-evidently absurd, because they don’t want to acknowledge the real problems with society, the failing systems and foreign subversion. So re-read this next one again, I am posting it here twice because it is so important. Thanks to MNGrrl.
This is me.
Now that wikileaks is fully comprimised, it goes after states that have the most freedoms. I doubt we will ever get another wikileaks about the united states, russia or israel. Pay close attention to the enemies they choose, it will be indicative.

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