Top Smart Quotes

What follows is a collection of the best quotes I can find to explain the times in which we live and the context of my work as a comedian, technologist and writer.

Further study along these lines will be rewarding. Read in order for maximum effect. If someone is acting awful, try getting them to read all of these before continuing with them.

A lot of people have forgetten this, that’s how we got here.
Story of my life.
Story of my life.
Here, here!
Again, a lot of people choose to conveniently forget this and a lot of those people get promoted. You are, of course, allowed to think if you don’t know how or are an invertibrate. Or willing to assist with the atrocities.
Could have been written yesterday.
Never forget this, ever.
lol wish you were here, man.
Whoever wrote this, we can be friends, please contact me.
But the good parts of the bible are pretty good.
David Foster Wallace, c 1990, #wishyouwerehere #nojoke
Would not have expected this from him, when we are however relying on Vince and myself for statements like this, there are a lot of people not doing their jobs.
Never forget. Consider for a moment Jimmy Carter’s contribution to this world if you ever think that nothing can be done.