Two Types of Globalization

Some things should be global, like a law that applies equally to all humans and an organization which can mediate conflicts. Other things should be local, like emergency services, militias, elections, commerce, and general administration. What we are seeing with the current bad form of globalization is these sets of things completely reversed, where distant international forces want to use the magic of fiber optics to control local things in distant places and for small local areas seeking to enforce their tiny minority viewpoint on the global stage with the help of vast sums of money, military intimidation, bizarro corporations, and paramilitary spy operations.

In a sane world, every layer of federalization and internationalization would require a justification for reaching in to every more local layer and every individual would have a chance to be heard on the global stage if their ideas were good enough. But again, we get the opposite of a sane world, where the means for tiny numbers of people to affect the lives of vast numbers of people are being rapidly deployed, yet where individual voices are effortlessly silenced by the same tiny numbers of people.

This is the most significant struggle of our times and it is the most efficient rubrik with which to study the progress of technology, economics, politics and culture in our time and the most effective way to frame the defense of your rights. Every single human is effected by this, and if this is not addressed, any other attempts to reform technology, economics, politics and culture in our time will be subverted and made ineffectual if not itself part of the system of oppression.

The propaganda is a real mind-f/(= on this issue, you think Bannon is really pushing for nationalism, but he’s actually pushing for subservient nationalisms which are part of an international hegemony of control. You hear various nazis and zionists rambling brainpan superiority theories and obsessing over racial purity but few of them are concerned about what is going on over fiber optics, software platforms and with cpu factories, like why the NSA shares all data with Israel. National entities are losing control over critical infrastructure to other countries, in ways that are undemocratic, opaque and dangerous yet mass media channels which are part of this process treat it like a non-issue.

I know I am particularly concerned that huge swaths of American infrastructure, administration and intellectual property are being offloaded to management Israel, because I am American, but I don’t want anyone to think that’s all I care about. Southeast asian countries and especially Hong Kong at the moment, and maybe all of us, have the same problem with Xi the Pooh’s Totalitarian Nightmare China. The UK has it with the EU as we speak. India has it with Pakistan. Actual warfare is underway enforcing global ideology against Iran and Venezuela, Kurdistan is actually being invaded by a NATO member with genocidal intentions as I write this. No yet invented word describes the political status of people living in the Gaza strip, but it is horrendous and absolutely immoral, a living death imposed by people drinking cocktails on the other side of a fence while they claim they are superior because God declared it so.

The ability to pool our resources to establish mutually beneficial commons for mediation and enforcement of any rights for any humans is not even on the table, as it once was during my adolescence in the optimistic years when walls were coming down and not just being built, but celebrated.

Yet at the moment only wars are on the table.

Civil wars, low intensity wars, drug wars, trade wars, cyber wars, terrorism wars, information wars, religious wars, race wars….

‘They got a war for me, they got a war for you’-Michael Franti.

In all of these situations, a global mediating body would be able to step in, declare a truce, establish boundaries, begin creating an orderly process for deescalation and rebuilding trust. For all of the ‘globalization’ we are seeing with banking, finance, paramilitary spying, journalism, communications and package delivery, we get none of the most important and desperately needed aspects of it.

And in all of these wars there are a thousand gaps that a thousand spy agencies are desperately trying to close, recklessly researching all of the technologies that are dangerous to our species, the ones that most threaten our extinction, e.g. the C02, emf, pesticide and fukashima radiation experiments currently underway in which we are ourselves the lab rats.

This pattern holds globally, so we should address it globally. Since various climate protestors at the moment are justifiably, righteously trying to establish a global political movement, and since all of the aforementioned problems are about to lead to its subversion, negation and dissolution, I believe this problem supercedes the climate issue.

There obviously needs to be global enforcement mechanisms for certain rules about, for instance, what you can dump in the ocean, but what we will get within our current political framework is an oligarchy that subjectively enforces mad rules that make small businesses jump through ridiculous hoops while the BP, Fukashima spills and extrajudicial drone murdering continue unabated.

Suggest whatever you want about a way forward, but we will not get very far making any real improvement without justice, the lack of which is the true source of all of the anger(aka extremism and terrorism). I personally cannot see any way forward without admitting the tremendous failure of the current system to distribute wealth fairly or even sanely. One word, Wexner, case closed.

If at the end of the game everyone at the table discovers you were cheating the whole game, do you get to keep your winnings? Does this affect your reputation? Will there be punishment?

No, yes, and yes, is what any human would say, but our current system operates exactly the opposite. Winning at a rigged game is not honorable, those yachts just announce to everyone you are the ones causing the problems at this point and we wonder where you are ‘hiding the bodies.’ You cannot in the same sentence claim that you earned your massive fortune through sheer brilliance and that you were the last one on earth to realize your financial manager Epstein was a monster.

The beautiful thing about a movement to redistribute ill-gotten wealth, eradicate poverty and reinvigorate a pro-humanity form of globalization that is more than a predatory control mechanism creating and rewarding epsteins all day, is that it seeks to silence no one, impoverish no one, and make things better for everyone here, in our lifetimes, not in some fairy tale.

Really, so much of it is virtual and in the realm of business. There is something everyone can do, especially the paid trolls, shills, paramilitary mucky-mucks who have to be on notice that they are ruining our most brilliant and beautiful technical advances for everyone(and are not nearly so invisible as they think they are) who just have to stop what they are doing to make the world a better place.

Unmuddy the water. Shine the light. Scatter the cockroaches. Build stable and fair systems. Don’t trust strangers, the government or a corporation with your password. Don’t let sociopaths in distant buildings read your mind. Figure out who the real journalists are and protect them.

Consider the perceptions of other people and seek dialogue with those you don’t understand, prioritize those causing the most pain.

Say something intelligent about the problem.

Find the people you can actually trust.

Build what is missing from the world.

Stop wasting, start solving.

And Quit Your Cult.

JMH 10-2019